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In Cuba, then a Spanish colony, angry nationalists known as the insurrectos began a revolt against the ruling Spanish colonial regime. When Spain sent in General "Butcher" Weyler to stabilize the situation in Cuba, he put much of the population in concentration camps. The US, which had many businessmen with investment interests in Cuba, became concerned. The American public was stirred into an anti-Spain frenzy by the yellow journalism of men like Hearst and Pulitzer. By the time President McKinley came into office in 1897, the uproar over Cuba was continuing, even though Weyler had left. In 1898, the US dispatched the USS Maine on a "friendly" mission to Cuba. The ship was to wait, ready to rescue US citizens who might be endangered by the conflict in Cuba. On February 15, 1898 the Maine mysteriously blew up. The US blamed a Spanish mine. By April, both the US and Spain had declared war. In order to assure the world that it was fighting only for the good of Cuba and not for colonial gain, the US passed the Teller Amendment, which promised to make Cuba independent after the war was over. Once declared, the US fought the war on a number of fronts including Cuba itself. Upon the commencement of hostilities, on the orders of Assistant Secretary of the Navy Theodore Roosevelt, Commodore Dewey immediately attacked Manila harbor in the Philippines. On May 1, Dewey destroyed the old, decrepit, and rotting Spanish fleet at Manila, and the US prepared for an invasion of the Philippines. The US also invaded Guam and Puerto Rico, other Spanish island colonies, during the war. With heroics from the famous Rough Riders and other units, the war was never in much doubt and the US defeated the Spanish with relatively little difficulty. On December 10, 1898, the Treaty of Paris was signed, ending the war. The US liberated Cuba, and got Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines as colonies for itself. After the war, the US made improvements in Cuban infrastructure and educational systems, and prepared to leave. But in 1901, before leaving, the US forced the Cubans to insert the Platt Amendment into their constitution, which gave the US a military base on the island (Guantanamo).
Source: Sparknotes (accessed 2/17/2016)

Spanish American War Veterans of Adams County
Source: The Peace Monument - 100 Year Celebration
updated 8/11/2019
Andrews, John D Cutting, Arthur P Knoff, Benton Rich, Joseph E
Andrews, Lewis E DeVoss, Arlie Lee, Jasper C Roop, Chancey
Andrews, Lesslie B Edington, S C Lenhart, John M Roop, Jesse B
Ashbaucher, Henry S Everetts, George H Lipes, Robert B Roop, Lorin
Ault, Charles E Fisher, Amos Lord, Charles Ruby, Frank
Ault, John C Fisher, Jonas Lord, Michael Russell, Arthur
Baker, Jason P Foreman, William Macy, Edward B Russell, Millard
Barber, Edward Frank, John L McIntosh, Lloyd Sampson, Louis
Barnett, Edward Fuller, Burton McKenzie, Leonard Schiedegger, Samuel
Barkley, William A Fulton, Edward Miller, Arthur Simms, Samuel L
Barnhart, Charles E Gass, John Miller, Craig Smith, Frank L
Barthell, Roman Galt, William Miller, Edmund P Smith, George R
Bell, Harry E Garwood, John W Mumma, Charles E Steele, Harland
Beery, Charles Gessinger, Frank Myers, Harvey Suman, Isaiah
Blossom, Dallas E Good, John H Myers, Richard D Studabaker, David E
Bobo, Rollins T Gorden, Lorenzo Noll, William Touhey, Edward
Bowers, George Hall, John Omlor, Charles T Tucker, William
Bollinger, Arthur O Hakes, James Z Parrish, French Tyndall, Henry
Brothers, Charles Hanna, John G Peterson, Charles S Vaugh, Frederick
Broadbeck, Harvey E Hahnert, Alfred Peterson, Eli W Waggoner, William A
Brandyberry, John Hess, Jacob Peterson, Frank Watkins, John W
Burch, Emerson H Hower, Charles W Peterson, Robert S, Jr Weimer, Schuyler
Burrell, George W Hudson, James E Quinn, Harry M Werst, Oliver
Bushnell, William E Hughes, Scott Railing, Daniel Wey, Charles M
Burkhead, Cladd Hurst, John H Railing, Samuel Whitcomb, Claud W
Buchanan, James S Hurst, William Rape, Lewis E Williams, David
Chilcoat, James O Johnson, Thomas J Reed, Frederick G Wolford, Roy
Closs, Edward M Kern, John D Reichart, Harry Woodward, Charles
Conrad, George Kitson, Charles

updated 6/2/2023
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