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1850 Mortality Schedule for Adams County

posted 5/26/2017; page updated 6/2/2023
Last Name First Name Township Age Sex Place of Birth Month of Death Reason for Death
Abdell Lewis Jefferson 33 M Virginia Mar (farmer) Cheorie?
Andrews Mary Washington 5/12 F Indiana Nov Unknown
Ash Dorothy Wabash 38 F Pennsylvania Nov Chraie?
Baker Heny Wabash 21 M Pennsylvania Aug (farmer) Accidental
Ball Sarah A Washington 1/12 F Indiana Nov Sun Coma
Bessey Cathoine French 10/12 F Indiana Nov Measles
Biberstein Magdaline French 30 F Germany Sep B Fever
Blune John Union 1 M Indiana Sep Hives?
Colchein Nicholas Root 15 M Germany May Lung Fever
Currington Ellen Wabash 1 F Indiana Aug Inf Bowels
Dennis Anna Washington 31 F Germany Aug Bilious Fever
French Lewis French 1 M Indiana Mar Accidental
French Mary French 12 F Pennsylvania Dec Fever
Helms John Saint Mary's 6/12 M Indiana Nov Inf Brain
Hendricks John Root 1 M Indiana Oct Accidental
Hickman Unknown Root 1 M Indiana Jul Chol Mal?
Holbrook And M Hartford 1 M Not Listed Not Listed Not Listed
Johnson Griffin Blue Creek 53 M Virginia Mar (farmer) Lung Fever
Johnson Heny Washington 2 M Indiana May Croup
Judd William Preble 9 M Indiana Feb Inf Brain
Ketchen Cathander Jefferson 26 F Ohio Dec Fever
Lewis Eunice C Jefferson 17 F Ohio Feb Measles
Linhard George C Root 8/12 M Indiana Mar Dropsy
Long Jeremiah Root 39 M Unknown Dec (farmer) Cheoine?
Loofborough Benj F Jefferson 25 F Ohio Jul (student) Diabetus
Major William Saint Mary's 2 M Indiana Sep Inf Head
McConkey Mary Saint Mary's 19 F New York Mar Fever
McDaniel John Blue Creek 44 M Delaware May (farmer) Lung Fever
McDowell David Hartford 14 M Not Listed Not Listed Not Listed
Nelson Sarah I Wabash 3/12 F Indiana Feb Bowl Con
Numbers Ezra Root 7 M Ohio May Cheorie?
Patterson Mary E Decatur 11 F Pennsylvania Aug Typhoid Fever
Peterson Hannah Saint Mary's 88 F Virginia Oct Old Age
Randall Francis Root 8 M Ohio Dec Lung Fever
Reinking Louisa Preble 50 F Germany May B Fever
Reynolds William French 1 M Indiana Nov Sc Fever
Robinson Eli T Washington 7/12 M Indiana Jun Mumps
Rockwell Achso Root 23 F Ohio May Worms
Roop John Saint Mary's 44 M Pennsylvania Mar (farmer) Lung Fever
Ross Martha E Saint Mary's 9/12 F Indiana Jun Inf Head
Ross William Saint Mary's 27 M Ohio Mar (teacher) Winter Fever
Schindler Catharine French 6 F Indiana Jul B Fever
Selby Polly Root 1 F Indiana Sep Worms
Simcoke Elizabeth Decatur 2 F Indiana Mar Croup
Steel Lewis I Kirkland 4/12 M Indiana Jan Croup
Stonecook Sarah D Root 34 F Ohio Mar Inf Brain
Tenas (Tenn?) Philip Blue Creek 57 M Maryland Apr (farmer) Dropsy
Warner Nathaniel P Root 3/12 M Indiana Nov Croup
Wheeler Maria Wabash 13 F Ohio May Unknown
Wilson James A Decatur 3/12 M Indiana Jul Inf Brain
Young Rachel Blue Creek 24 F Ohio Feb Fever

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