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East Salem Amish Cemetery
To grow old gracefully you must start when you are young.
~ Amish Proverb

East Salem Amish Cemetery is a new Old Order Amish cemetery located in Blue Creek Township, Adams County, Indiana.

NOTE: Information from obituaries. If there is a more complete listing for East Salem, please send it to Jim Cox.

Updated 5/28/2023
East Salem Amish Cemetery
Last Name First Name (Maiden) Birth Date Death Date Spouse - Marriage Date Parents Notes Obit
Schwartz Elmer C L 9/16/2010 9/16/2010 Levi A L & Clara L Schwartz Schwartz obit
Schwartz Joseph J 10/26/1982 9/30/2011 Ann Schwartz obit
Schwartz Martha K 1/16/2008 10/30/2008 Henry & Katherine Schwartz Schwartz obit
Schwartz Menno W 8/21/1929 8/24/2011 Wilma W Yoder - 10/18/1979 obit
Schwartz Rose Ann A M 3/10/2009 4/25/2014 Atlee J & MaryAnn E obit
Schwartz Samuel G 5/14/1940 4/21/2016 Barbara F Schwartz - 8/29/1963 William H & Mary Schwartz obit
Schwartz Susan E 10/16/2008 2/7/2019 Elmer M & Verena S Christner Schwartz obit
Wengerd Menno S 2/26/2002 1/16/2010 Noah & Jemima Schwartz Wengerd obit
Wengerd Noah S 8/11/1990 1/16/2010 Noah & Jemima Schwartz Wengerd obit
Wickey David R 7/5/1937 4/12/2019 David D & Rosie K Schwartz Wickey obit
Wickey Elsie E 6/8/2016 7/29/2016 Elam A & Esther J Schwartz Wickey obit
Wickey Ernest E 9/11/1973 6/15/2020 Josephine S Christner - 5/4/1995 Reuben R & Effie M Brandenberger Wickey obit
Wickey James L S 3/24/2010 3/24/2010 David M & Laura Schwartz Wickey obit
Wickey Michael W 12/2/2012 9/23/2021 David A M & Lizzie E T Schwartz Wickey obit
Wickey Reuben R 1/29/1935 12/31/2013 Effie Mary Brandenburger - 2/20/1958 David D & Rosa Schwartz Wickey obit
Wickey Rosalie M 10/26/1964 2/8/2016 David R & Margaret B Brandenberger Wickey obit

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