The Soldiers Who Died in The Battle of Tippecanoe

Officers Killed in Action November 7, 1811
Col. Abraham Owen, Aide de Camp
Maj. Joseph H. Daviess
Capt. William C. Baen (d. Nov. 9 of wounds)
Capt. Spier Spencer
Capt. Jacob Warrick
Lt. Thomas Berry
Lt. Richard McMahan
Sgt. James Martin
Sgt. Adam L. Mills
Cpl. Stephen Mars
Cpl. James Mitchell
Thomas Randolph, acting Aide de Camp (not enlisted but a personal aide to General Harrison)


Capt. Wm. C. Baen
Lieut. Richard McMahon

Capt. Jacob Warrick
Lieut. Thomas Berry

Capt. Spier Spencer Col. Abram Owen


Privates Killed in Action November 7, 1811

James Asberry John Hutcherson John Ousley
Springer Augustus Henry Jones Kader Powell
Francis Bonah David Kearns Samuel Sand
Joseph Burditt William Kelley Joseph Smith
Israel Butler Abraham Kelley James Summerville
Levi Cary William H. King Joseph Tibbetts
Thomas Clendennan John Maxwell William Tissler
William Davis Josh Maxwell Ira T. Trowbridge
Marshall Dunken William Mchan Joseph Warnick
Dexter Earll John McCoy Isaac White
Peter Hanks Daniel McMickle Abraham Wood
Henry Hickey Jack Obah John Yoemans

Privates Who Died From Wounds November 8, 1811 

Privates Who Died From Wounds  En Route  to Vincennes

Privates Who Died From Wounds After Return to Vincennes
Privates Who Died From Illness En Route to Prophet's Town
Edward Butner 
Jonathan Crewell 
Daniel Lee 
Isaac M. Nute 
Amos Royce 
Lewis Taylor 
Leman F. Welch

John Black 
Senro Bologna 
Daniel Fisher 
Daniel Gilman 
John Sandborn 
Nathan Snow 
Richard Ward

George Bentley 
William Brigham 
Charles Coger 
Dennison Crumbly 
James Haskell 
James Stevenson 

Thomas Blake
Francis Hall
Lewis Reed
Jonathan Robinson


From: Herringshaw's Encyclopedia of American Biography, page 710
OWEN, ABRAHAM, soldier, jurist, legislator, was born in 1769 in Prince Edward county, Va. He was surveyor
 of Shelby county in 1796, subsequently a magistrate, and colonel of the first militia regiment raised in Kentucky.
He was in the legislature in 1798, a member of the state constitutional convention the next year, and state senator in 1810.
 He died Nov. 7, 1811, in Tippecanoe county, Ind.

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