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Carrington Thomas

Source:  The family of Samuel Carrington, 1754-1966   p7  (thanks so much to Chris Smith)

Thomas Carrington and wife left Maryland for Kentucky some time between 1804 and Dec of 1807.  The time of their moving to Putnam County. Indiana about 1835. (The first wife’s children were born in Kentucky)
Putnam County Records – In Dec 1835, Thomas Carrington bought land described in his will as the W ½ of the SW ¼ of Section 8 in Township 16 N.  Range 5W in Putnam County, Ind.

The will left to his (Turzy) and his three sons (John, Taylor and George) al of his personal property. The will was probated on December 22, 1874. This land is still in the family, owned by a grandson, Alva Carrington.

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