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New Information on Harrah Cemetery/Cemeteries

I recently received an email from Wm. E. Shuman, who indicated that he was raised by the Harrahs and that Wm. Osborn Harrah was his (Mr. Shuman) mother's grandfather.

There was some confusion in my mind about the Harrah Cemetery/(-ies) in Putnam County. Were there two of them? It would appear so as Putnam County Cemetery Board records indicated a Harrah Cemetery in Warren Township and one in Clinton Township. The records I found at the Putnam County Library had a listing in the "green book" that gave a Warren Township location. Additionally there was other notes from Patricia Ewing dated June 1997.

When I prepared the page for the website I lumped all the information together but listed the Ewing reading in red. Mr. Shuman has informed me that the names I showed in black were the graves in Clinton Township, while the information listed in red was from the Warren Township cemetery.

A Harrah family mystery was the location of the grave of Charles Harrah whose estate was probated in Putnam County in the 1850s. A series of letters and a checking of the information given led Mr. Shuman to provide me with the following information:

"By the way Charles died in 1851 while taking a drove of horses up to Milwaukee. He is buried in the Forrest Home Cemetery. No wonder we could not find his tombstone. I have copy of a letter written about 1902 from Mary Jane Brown a daughter of Charles, to my great aunt Cora M. Harrah Axtell, giving the dates of birth and deaths of the heirs of Charles and Sarah B. Harrah, not Sarah D. Harrah. They were first cousins. "

". . . First there was a letter from William B. Brown and his wife Mary D. (Harrah) Brown of Owen County, Indiana written in May 15, 1852 back to Andrew and Mary E. Gray of Rowan Co. , Salisbury, North Carolina. . . . It mentions the death of Charles while he was in Millwaukee, Wisconsin in 1851. The date matches a copy of a family letter written by Mary Jane Brown to my great aunt Cora Myrtle Harrah Axtell about 1902. MJ (Mary Jane) is the daughter of Charles and her husband William is the son of William B. Brown and his wife Mary D. Anyway, I made contact with a fellow in Milwaukee. He advised the date of death cheked out and he (Charles) is buried in the Forest Home Cemetery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was first buried in the Old Milwaukee Cemetery and they closed it out and moved the bodies to Forrest Home. . . . the full date of death is 16 Oct 1851. . . . "

Harrah Cemetery
Clinton Township

Daniel Harrah, died Oct 8 1866, aged 77y 8m 27d

Margaret, wife of Daniel Harrah, d July 1871 -- 77y 1m 1d

Nancy Harrah Cox, dau of Daniel & Margaret Harrah, d Jan 21, 1842 aged 24y 1m 14d

Joseph Harrah, b Nov 9, 1820 d Jan 22, 1900, aged 79y 2m 13d

Cerrilda F. , dau of Daniel & Margaret Harrah, d Jan 22, 1900 aged 10y 3m 11d

Zebbe An, dau of Daniel & Margaret Harrah, d Jun 14, 1843, aged 20y 8m 13d

John, son of Daniel & Margaret Harrah, d Nov 14, 1831, aged 17y 1m

Lucy E. Bracknay, d Mar 7, 1878, aged 46y 9m 11d

Susan C. , wife of H. L. Coats, d April 9, 1882, aged 47y 10m

Broken stone with "aged 22y 10m"

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