Newton County Photographs

    This page contains photographs of the county - please share with us your memories to be posted on the site.

These aerial photos were published in a book, "This is Newton County, Indiana" by John Drury, published by the Loree Company, Chicago. iin 1955. It was No. 1 in "The American Aerial County History Series Indiana" We have included the businesses, schools and government buildings published in the book. All of the farms at the time were also photographed, be we did not include those here. Check with your local library about viewing the original book. Do you have a history on any of these photos? Please send them to the Newton County Coordinator - and we'll add them to the site for future visitors!
View all 1955 photos here!  
lukes      diana hunt      colfax school    
Luke's Bakery      Diana Hunt Club    Colfax School

Beaver Township
Historical photographs from Morocco and community. To view Morocco High School information click here.

Lake Township

Historical photographs from Conrad, Lake Village and Sumava and surrounding community.

Lincoln Township
Historical photographs from Roselawn, Thayer and surrounding community.

Iroquois Township
Historical photographs from Brook, Foresman and surrounding communitiy.

Jefferson Township

Historical photographs from Kentland and surrounding community.

McClellan Township
Historical photographs from Enos and the surrounding community.

Jackson Township
Historical photographs from Mt. Ayr and the surrounding community.

Washington Township
Historical photographs from Ade and the surrounding community.

Colfax Township
Historical photographs from Colfax Township.

Grant Township
Historical photographs from Goodland and the surrounding community.

Newton County School Photographs
Please send these photos to the Newton County Coordinator with source, location, names and any other memories, etc.

Beaver Lake and Bogus Island

    Beaver Lake (also referred to as Big Lake) was an area of open water 16,000 acres. Free of rush and reeds, 8-9 ft. deep at the most with clear waters. The southern line was indented with numerous arms and inlets. See the 2006 Map of Newton County for an outline of the Beaver Lake shores. It’s most-westward point in McClellan Township the east portion of Section 13; and most-eastward point in Colfax Township the east portion of Section 18; most northward point in Lake Township, Sections 33 and 34; most southward point in McClellan Township, Section 22. To read more about Beaver Lake and Bogus Island, click here.

ned barker

bogus island

Pictured at the right is Alexander "Kankakee Ned"  Barker
and left, Bogus Island. To learn more about Ned and his family,
read and view photographs in the Spring/Summer/Fall 2010
edition of The Newcomer.

Looking for more info on Beaver Lake and Bogus Island? The
Family History Division has republished three books on the subject.
 Click here for ordering information.

The Newton County Public Library has created a bookmarking service for Beaver Lake and Bogus Island resources available online.  You can use this bookmarking feature at, and click on "May We Recommend!" 

firstcourthouse   2ndchous   final   courthousetoday
First Courthouse then Benton-Newton-Jasper         Second Newton Courthouse, Kentland, IN until 1906   Third Newton Courthouse, Kentland, IN, photo in 1940     Present Day Newton County Courthouse, 2008          
Newton County Courthouse Celebrated 100 Years in 2006    
Click here to a link to the Newton County Historical Society's newsletter of Summer, 2006 that has the complete history of the courthouse, written by Jim Robbins. This is a pdf file, and it may take some time to download.

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