Beaver Lake

Facts from Beaver Lake, Land of Enchantment, Elmore Barce, 1938

In the Summer of 1937 Mr. Barce sat with Alexander Lanier Bark at his cabin, located today where Rafferty Ranch was located. Just at the edge of Beaver Lake.

Copies of this book are available from the Newton County Historical Society.

ned barker

Mr. "Ned" Barker with his pet owl "Hoot." Mr. Barker gave many presentations to the area schools, accompanied by his friend.

bogus island

Bogus Island

The Children of the Place of the Fire – the Potawatomi Indians

Inhabited the Beaver Lake Country from 1850-1883. They were known to be peaceful and friendly neighbors to the hunters, trappers and settlers in our area.

Other Landmarks in Beaver Lake Countrythere may be others not listed here.

The Draining of the Lake

2006 Newton County Map - the dotted line depicts the old Beaver Lake bed