Newton County and the Civil War

Most of the information on this page originally appeared in the Newton County Historical Society's newsletter, "The Newcomer". For reseacher's sake, we've compiled them here in one spot.
Special to Kyle Conrad for his timeless efforts to document each and every Civil War Veteran with ties to Newton County. The majority of the information here was contributed by him. Also, a special thanks to Bernie Murphy for documenting the 99th Regiment, and to John Yost for his history of the 51st.

Newton County and the Civil War - A bit of background
History of Memorial Day
Life During the Civil War

Please email your information on your Civil War Vet to to have it included on this site. Please include a low resolution .jpg of any photos if possible.

John C. "Cal" Carver
Coshaw Family (related to Harris Family)
John Harris Family
Harris Family Letters 
John H. Higgins
Lt. Col. David Armstrong McHolland
Joe Padgett
Elisha Odle

Soliders and Infantry History
History of Newton County Regiments and Rosters - submitted by Dennis Boyd, extracted from John Ade's "Newton County, 1853-1911".
99th Indiana Volunteer
51st Indiana Volunteer Infantry, Company B
Dennis Boyd's Compilation of the 51st Infantry "The Indiana 51st Regiment"
Enlistment Records of 51st Indiana, Company B
Soldiers Reunion

Newton County Civil War Dead
Newton County Civil War Burials

Grand Army of the Republic - GAR

Roster of Newton County GAR Posts
Background History of Newton County GAR and Images of Applications

The Cannon and McKinley Park, Brook, Indiana