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Sugar River MM Quaker

Source: Weliver family clippings (thanks Mary Lou)

At the Sugar River Monthly Meeting of Friends opened at Sugar River 12th month 25th, 1830.
Timothy Johnson, Hudson Middleton, Daniel Horner, and Isaac Cadwallader were appointed to name first Clerks. Those names were Thomas Brown and Paris Mendenhall.  

Sugar River and Flint Creek having united a request the same was granted and the last seventh day in each month was the time of holding same.

With the approval, of Whitelick and Blue River Quarterly Meetings of which this Meeting belonged the Monthly Meeting was thus established on the 25th of 12th month 1830. The committee appoint to attend the opening meeting were: John Carter; William Pickart; John Doan; Abraham Holliday; and Eli Hadley; also Hannah Morris; Amy Lindley; Elinor Chambers and Catherine Hadley.

Thomas Brown was the first presiding clerk and as the minutes read served the meeting as clerk for some time and Paris Mendenhall was the assistant.

Timothy D. Johnson; Hudson Mendenhall; Hiram Ellis and John Hiatt composed a committee that were to select overseers and procure the clerk for the meeting. At the same time these men with the name of Micah Peebles were appointed to inspect land on which to build the church which later was built one half mile west of what is now Garfield.   Under date of second month 26th, 1831 Timothy Johnson was by appointment made an overseer and John Hiatt, Jonathan Largent and Hudson Middleton were the Trustees. At the meeting held second month 26th, 1831 voluntary subscription were asked for the heathen in Africa.

Under date of fourth month 12th, 1831 persons were appointed to see that each family were provided with the old and new testament and a Recorder appointed in the person of Hiram Ellis whose duty it was to record all births and marriages.
At a monthly meeting held at Flint Creek now farmers institute ninth month 18th, 1841 the following request was made. The Friends of the middle prong of Sugar Creek request the privilege of holding an indulged meeting amongst themselves on first and fourth days preceding Sugar River preparative meeting to be known as Gravelly Run and after a time of deliberation this and the womens meeting united: Jehu Ellis; Robert Cox; Enoch Moon; Jos. Hollingsworth; Moses Hockett and Thos. Rhoades were appointed to unite with a committee of women friends to visit them and Sugar River preparative meeting on answer of their request and report to next meeting.

At the monthly meeting held on tenth month 20, 1841 the request for the so called indulged meeting was granted and Elisha Kenworth, Wm. Reece, Hudson Middleton and Wm. Hollingsworth were appointed to attend the same.
Later on in the same year, 1843 an establishing meeting was set up Benjamin Peebles; Jacob Roope and Abraham Smith were appointed trustees.

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