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Caylor - Abraham beat Caylor's wife

Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal 17 Dec 1891
The Indianapolis Journal this morning contained the following concerning two well known Crawfordsville boys now engaged in business at Indianapolis:

Early yesterday morning John and Frank Abraham and E. E. Caylor were arrested for beating and kicking Caylor’s wife last Friday night, when she went to the laundry run by the Abraham brothers and asked them to discharge her husband. Next day she gave birth to a dead child. It is claimed that this was precipitated by the treatment received at the hands of her husband and the Abraham brothers. They were arraigned yesterday in the police court and were bound over in the sum of $1,000. Reports reached the coroner’s office yesterday afternoon that Mrs. Caylor would die, and Deputy Coroner Dunn went to her house on north Mississippi Street to take an ante mortem statement. He found, however, that she was much improved and would recover, so no statement was asked for.

The Messrs. Abraham have many friends here who will refuse to believe that they are guilty in the least degree of such a grave offense. It is probably a scheme on the part of the woman to raise a little stuff for Christmas.

After the above was in type, George Abraham, the father of John and Frank, called at The Journal office and explained the affair. The woman creating the disturbance was a tough character who was constantly visiting the laundry office and raising rows. Upon the evening in question, she was peremptorily ordered out and left, but neither of the boys touched her or thought of doing so. She later in the evening had a fight with her husband in a neighboring livery stable and cracked his head with a brick. The complaint against the Messrs. Abraham was merely a scheme on the part of the woman to raise money. The case will doubtless be dismissed as soon as it comes up.

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