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Vancleave, Alfred T -- 61 - Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 17 June 1898 --
On the l6th day of this beautiful month of roses in eighteen hundred and thirty-seven, Alfred T. VanCleave came into the world. Wednesday being the 61st anniversary of this good man's birthday his devoted wife and children planned and executed a complete surprise on him. Early in the morning he was decoyed to the home of his son, James, in Longview, and just at the noon hour when the guests had arrived a messenger was sent for him in posthaste telling him that a relative had come that would only remain a short time and wanted him to return at once. He hastily went home, and when he entered the door and found the rooms filled with friends the surprise was so complete that he stood like a statue for several minutes before he could speak. After he regained himself he heartily welcomed all present, then led the way to the dining room where two beautifully decorated tables were laden with all the luxuries the inarket3 afford, prepared in such a palatable manner that even the* most fastidious ate with a relish.  On behalf of the sons T. E. Ballard presented the father with a handsome picture of himself, in an elegant frame, executed by his two artistic sons, Sam and Will, together with a handsome suit of clothes and many other valuable remembrances. Rev. Henry Groves pronounced the blessing. Ample justice being done to this luxurious spread they all returned to the parlor, where the evening was spent in conversation. Fifty-two persons were present, consisting of the following families: T. E. Ballard, J. R. litter, Will VanCleave, Sam George T., John A. and James VanCleave, Chas. Hunt, Mrs. Mary VanCleave, of this city William Sayler, Ed VanCleave, and Isaiah and Marion VanCleave, of New Market and Rev. Henry Groves, of Rome, Ind. This good old man asks me to thank all kindly and tell them to come again but he says to please send him a postal card, as he does not like to pose before such a large audience. X. Y.

Vancleave, Jonathan - 91 -- Source: Greencastle Banner-Times 18 Dec 1896 p 5  -- Elder Jonathan VanCleave celebrated his 91st birthday on Saturday and quite a number of his relatives gathered to congratulate him. The Elder now has 55 descendants. Crawfordsville Journal

VanCleave, Matt -- 83 -- Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal Tuesday, 28 November 1893
Uncle Mat, as Elder M. M. Vancleave is familiary known, was 83 years old on the 26th, being born Nov. 26, 1810 in Shelby County, Ky. He emigrated to this county with his parents in 1825, when it was little else than a wild wilderness, where roamed the savage beasts and the wild men of the forest, with only here and there a pioneer white settler, miles apart. How changed all is now. The fierce yelping wolves then gathered around this frightened boy, who had nimbly fled up a tree, but now his children of the first, second, and third generations gathered around this dear old patriarchal tree and gladdened his four score and third birthday, and he enjoyed with them the inviting dinner which his good wife had spread. In the evening they were joined by his hale old cousin, Elder Jonathan Vancleave, of 88 summers, and other friends. When the two aged men entertained all with their pleasant talk of other days, then little Daisy Hunt, in her own touching style repeated several stories in prose and song. Uncle Mat has been in the gospel ministry more than a half century, and has joined in marriage no less than seven hundred and seventy one couples!

Vanscoyoc, Caroline - 84 -- Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal Friday, 17 September 1897
September 12th being the 84th birthday of Caroline Vanscoyoc, her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren assembled at her home and celebrated the day with a grand feast. She was one of the early pioneers of this county. She was born in Butler County, Ohio, in 1813, near the noted “Clover Nook,” the home of the Carrie Sisters, with whom she was a schoolmate. She is a daughter of Captain Ephraim Brown, who served eleven years in the State Legislature and State Senate of Ohio. She married Godfrey Vanscoyoc and they, like pilgrims, wended their way through the wilderness of Indiana and purchased a tract of land in the primeval forest of Montgomery County. After many years of hard toil they succeeded in clearing and building until they made that which was once a dreary wilderness a desirable home. Her husband died in 1882, leaving her the fruits of their toil. Caroline, although old and unable longer for much labor, still finds pleasure in reading current news and different histories. By her neighbors she is still considered authority on all historical events. May her blessings be many are the wishes of her many friends. -s

Vaughan, James C. - 78  see VARIOUS BIRTHDAY PARTIES


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