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Wilhite - Margaret

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 9 March 1894

The last will of Margaret Wilhite deceased has been admitted to probate and TH Ristine is named as executor. The will provides that the decedent’s daughter, Mrs. Julia F. Goughan shall hold during her life the home place and surrounding land. After Mrs. Goughan’s death the place shall pass to the estate of Mrs. Wilhite.

The other bequests are as follows: Howard Miller $2000.  Ellen Hutton, $1,000. Mary C. Hutton, $1,000.  Willie Hunt, son of Mary C. Hutton, $500.  Julia C. Sellers, $1,000.  Nellie Cunningham wife of Kelley Cunningham, $1,000.  Eliza Hampton, $800.  Milton Swan, $500.  John D. Ruffner, $500.  William Ruffner, $500.  Mrs. Lafollette and Ms. Blacketer, daughters of Anderson Ruffner, $800 each. Frank Ruffner, $200.  Etta Crabbs, daughter of BF Crabbs, $500.  To each of the following nieces and nephews: Wm. Stonecipher; Harry Clouse; Martin Liter; Matthias Liter; Rose Watson; Harriet Weikal and Jane Norris, $800.  To Jane Savage, daughter of Mrs. Morgan $600. To the Baptist Church of New Market, $800.

The executor is directed to sell all her personal and real property and divide the money into two equal parts. One of these parts goes to the children of the brothers and sisters of her deceased husband, Paschal F. Wilhite and the other part to the children of decedants brothers and sisters. By a codicil made shortly before her death Mrs. Wilhite leaves her daughter, Mrs. Goughan all her household goods, furnishings, etc and to her friend, Sarah E. Blake, $500 for kind services rendered.

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