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Source: Crawfordsville (Indiana) Saturday Evening Star, Nov 28, 1903 p 1

Two Wills –

On April 6, 1903, Mrs. Hannah Lewis of New Ross, made her will, giving $10 to each of her sons, Will and John, the balance of her estate to her daughter, Lucinda. If any of the estate remains at the death of Lucinda, it is to be divided between her sons, and daughters, Melissa Lewis and Margaret Kennedy. On Nov 14, 1893, J. Frantz Myers made his will, giving $3500 to his wife and the balance to his son. The personal property given to his son is named in the will, towit: Abijah Oneall’s portraits, ivory handles knives and forks, one dozen each, set of China dishes including China cracker bowl and cream pitcher, one painted plate presented by Mrs. A.M. Scott, celery dish, silver spoon holder, black walnut center table, ratten stand, oil painting of vines, birds and flowers, oil painting of pansies, steel engraving, “Three Sisters,” black, walnut book case and books, willow and oak rocking chairs, Miltons Paradise Lost, “ by Dora; Scenes from Every Land, 7 black walnut chairs, two oak chairs for head and foot of dining table; two black walnut chairs; two oak chairs for head and foot of dining table, two black walnut bedroom sets, linen table cloths and dresser, painted plague, silver spoon ladle, etc. marked “ onyx clock and candelabra, family Bible, my gold watch; corner cupboard, corel bedstead, shot gun and rifle, coverlid presented by Abijah O’Neall on his 60th birthday by his mother and given to me in trust by Eleanor O’Neall for my said son, Frantz O. Myers, and bed clothes and bedding for two beds, including such as belonged to his mother, andirons in the fireplace and star quilt. He cuts his wife out of the $500 statutory allowance, but permits her to occupy the house for one year. His son is not to mortgage nor sell the real estate until he is 25 years old. Daniel A. Myers is named as executor until the son is 21 years of age. His wife is to receive the $3500 in ten annual payments. She can in 90 days choose between taking this will as her share or she can take a third of the estate, $500 and live in the house a year. The will was witnessed by Daniel A. Myers, Edgar H. O’Neill and Albert E. Thomas.

– transcribed by Kim H

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