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Divorces R-S

R-S- Divorces - Montgomery County, Indiana -- Newspaper clippings
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REAMER, Anna - James
Crawfordsville Daily Journal Feb 22, 1905
Anna D. Reamer has filed suit in which she asks to be granted a divorce from her husband, James C. Reamer. She alleges that she and her husband have been living apart for more than two years. That he has abandoned her and is now a non resident of this county. -- kbz

REPROGLE, Pearl - W.A.
Source: Crawfordsville Review, 25 September 1897
Mrs. Pearl Reprogle seeks a divorce from her husband, W. A. Reprogle alleging that he has spent all the money possessed by her at the time of her marriage to him, and that he is worthless, etc. - transcribed by Kim H


RICE, William - Mary
Crawfordsville (Indiana) Star newspaper, Nov 1, 1903 p 2
Wm Rice vs. Mary Rice, divorce granted. The court gave her $1,000 where is a part of the $389.68 of her money he had used, and that it be paid by December 1. He is worth $30,000 and owed $7,500. She is to take all the household goods from their former home. - kbz


RIDDLE, Kerilla - Jacob
Crawfordsville Record, Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana 10 May 1834

State of Indiana, Montgomery Circuit Court, March Term 1834
Kerilla Riddle vs. Jacob S. Riddle - petition for Divorce
And now at this term comes the said complainant, by Currey, her Attorney, and the writ of subpoena issued in this case is returned, endorsed "not found" it is therefore ordered that notice of the pendency of this petition be published three weeks successively it (in) the Record a public newspaper printed in Crawfordsville, or the Lafayette Free Press, and that unless said defendant be and appear here on the first day of the next term of this court, and answer unto said petition, the matters and things contained there in will be heard in his absence - and cause continued. A copy. Attest ... John Wilson, Clerk April 9, 1834. - kbz


ROUTAN, Bessie - Franklin Chase
Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Review Dec 15, 1910 p 3
Through her attorneys, Vancleave & McGaughey, Mrs. Bessie Routan of this city today filed application for divorce from her husband Franklin Chase Routan. In her complaint Mrs. Routan sets forth that she was married to F.C. Routan July 19, 1905 and that in October of the same year her husband deserted her and left for parts unknown. She avers that she has not seen or heard from him since and does not know where he is at this time - typed by kbz

-- S --

SAYERS, Carrie - William
: Crawfordsville Daily Journal 9-18-1902
This afternoon Mrs. Carrie E. SAYERS through her attorneys, Whittington & Whittington filed suit for divorce from her husband, William Q. Sayers. She charges that they were married in 1889 and that they lived happily enough until 1900 when the lesser half forsook the plaintiff and has not since lived with her, he now being a resident of Wichita, KS. They have two little girls, age 9 and 3 whose custody Mrs. Sayers asks for. -- kbz

SCAGGS, Leo - Leona
: Crawfordsville Review Dec 30, 1924 p 7
Leo J. Scaggs was Monday granted a divorce from Lena June Scaggs by Judge Jere West in the circuit court, and was granted custody of the couple's two children, Elizabeth Louise and Margaret Catherine, aged four and two respectively. The couple married June 18, 1919 and according to the plaintiff, the defendant deserted him August 20, 1924. - kbz

SCHWEITZER, Theresa - Christian
Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal, 10 March 1899
Divorce Granted, Monday morning in the circuit court Mrs. Theresa Schweitzer was granted a divorce from Christian Schweitzer on her cross complaint, in which she simply alleged abandonment. - thanks Kim H


SCOTT, Malachai
: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal, 4 July 1891
Malachi Scott besides damages wants the court to grant him a decree of divorce. he is living apart from his wife and claims that when he married her she was already married to another man living in Danville, Ill., from whom she had never secured a divorce. These facts grates on Malachi's delicate nerves and he wants to be freed.- thanks to Kim H


SERING, Perry - Olive
Source: Weekly Review Sept 30. 1909
Alleging that his wife has been unfaithful to him and that she is now living with another man, Perry Sering has brought suit for divorce in the circuit court from his wife, Olive Sering. Perry says Olive has been cruel and inhuman; that she refused to cook for him and to occupy the same room with him of nights. They were married March 23, 1909 and separated April 1, 1909, less than 10 days later. Since then, the complaint alleges the wife and husband have lived apart. Thomas & Foley prepared Sering's complaint. - kbz

SEYBOLD, Olen - Frank
Source: Waveland Independent newspaper, Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana Nov 5, 1915

Seybold suit of divorce Mrs. Frank Seybold is suing her husband for divorce, alleging he is nervous, abusive, favors his children by a former wife and is a poor provider. She asks for the custody of the two little girls and $400 alimony. The cause leading up to the divorce have been common talk for some time. Mr. Seybold, who has the general sympathy of the community, will contest the case and will probably file a cross complaint. kbz

SHOTTS, Frank - Alice
Source: Crawfordsville Star newspaper, Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana May 27, 1892 p 5

The divorce suit of the Shotts (Alice and Frank) of Madison Township, will be heard next term of court. An effort was made by the pair to square things up without the aid of the court but concessions were not forthcoming on either side, and it was found impossible to make the deal. The case will be of a sensational nature - typed by kbz

SHOTTS, Minnie - Alexander
Source: Crawfordsville Review 25 June 1892 p 1

Judge Harney held a special session in his court Monday morning just to grant Mrs. Minnie Bennett Shotts a divorce from her recent husband, Alexander. Minnie averred that Alex gave her the cold shakes some two years ago, and like the man in the song, “he never came back.”  The Judge condoled with Minnie to the extent of severing the bonds which united her destinies with Alex. As a guarantee Minnie wouldn’t bother him again with a similar complaint for some time the Judge very cruelly informed her that she must regale herself in grass-widow weeds for two lonesome years at the end of which time if she was a good girl she would be free once more to wed the idol of her heart. – kbz

SHRADER, Andrew - Delia
Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal, 29 July 1893
Andrew W. Shrader, of Brown township, thinks it is a flat failure all around and he is anxious to have done with it. He is anxious enough to put up the long green to pay the costs in a divorce suit. He married Delia along about fodder time a year or so ago and for six weeks they were as happy as a ten-year-old boy with a double barreled shot gun. After those six weeks they were as unhappy as that boy's family after he blew in it. Delia wanted him to deed the farm to her but Andrew rather thought that the title sounded real nice in his name. She then asked that he deed it to her father but Andrew thought that the old gentleman was aged enough to know how to look out for himself. When importunities, prayers, and sour bread failed to touch his stony heart Delia bobbed her cork one fine day and disappeared. She went home to the good old dad who was aged enough to know how to look after himself and her too. She has lived there ever since and has been quite coy with several young bucks around the neighborhood so Andrew aledges. He wants a divorce and wants it quick. - thanks Kim H


SIDDONS, Maggie - Charles
Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal, 2 May 1891
The divorce suit of Mrs. Maggie Siddons against her husband, Charles T. Siddons was tried today at Covington on a change of venue asked for the defendant some time ago. Since asking for a change however he decided that it would be best for him not to fight the case and has signed an agreement not to be present. Therefore the granting of the divorce will probably be a matter of form. - transcribed by Kim H


SILLS, Patricia - Raymond
Crawfordsville Journal Review 7 July 1967 p 4
Patricia J. Sills was granted a divorce from Raymond L. Sills. She was given the custody of two minor children of the marriage. He was granted visitation privileges and ordered to pay support for the children. -- kbz

SINGER, Miranda - William
: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 21 Sept 1894 p 10
Miranda O. SINGER has come before the court singing a very grievous song concerning that sweet voiced warbler, Wm. E. Singer. She wants a divorce in order that she may no longer be subject to his shortcomings. – kbz

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 28 Sept 1894 p 1
Thursday in the circuit court Wm., Singer filed an answer to the divorce suit brought against him by Miranda Singer. He entered a general denial and the case came to trial. The divorce was finally granted Mrs. Singer, William having given his consent. - kbz

SKAGGS, Maggie - Truitt
Source: Crawfordsville Journal Review Dec 8, 1899
Judge West Wednesday threw out of court the divorce suit brought by Maggie Skaggs against Truitt Skaggs. It came to the knowledge of the Judge that these interesting parties had been living together right cooly since the day after the suit was filed. The divorce case of Alwilda McDaniel vs. Christopher Columbus McDaniel shared a similar distressing fate. It seems that the case was set for trail today and the plaintiff lawyer forgot the matter and left town. Judge West declined to continue the case. A former suit for divorce brought by the present plaintiff resulted disastrously for her and the defendant made a fight and the court held the evidence insufficnet to secure a decree. - kbz

Source: Crawfordsville Review 30 Sept 1899 p7
Now comes Maggie Skaggs and holds up her waiter, asking the judge to drop into it a decree of divorce tied with a pink ribbon. Her experience with Truitt Skaggs she says has been very unsatisfactory to her, yet he has enjoyed himself immensely, tarrying at the bowl and abusing and cursing her in a frightful manner, even striking her with his fist.


SMITH, Frank - Katie
: Crawfaordsville Daily Journal - Tuesday Aug 6, 1895
Dr. Frank Smith has asked for a divorce from his wife Katie Smith, with whom he has not been living for a coon's age. If all the things which Katie did, which she outn't to have done and all the things she oughtn't to have done, which she did, were chronicled here there would be little space for anything else. Suffice it to say her sins of omission were as numerous as her sins of commission and that all were ornamented and garnished with sky blue profanity. Katie is quite a reprehensible little cricket, if we believe all the naughty tales Frank tells of her. -- kbz


SMITH, Sarah - Winfield
Crawfordsville Weekly Journal, 21 February 1902
Suit for Divorce. "Wednesday in the circuit court, Sarah A. Smith, of this city, entered suit for divorce from her husband. Winfield S. Smith, alleging cruel and inhuman treatment. - transcribed by Kim H

SPERRY, Mary vs. Samuel
Source: Weekly Argus News 14 Dec 1895 p 3
Mary L. Sperry has been granted a divorce from her husband, Samuel. She says Sammy was too frisky with a woman named Galoway and has not provided a crumb for her for two years. The judge gave her a decree. They live near Ladoga.
Source: Crawfordsville Star 12 Dec 1895 p 1
Mary L. Sperry was on Monday granted a divorce from Samuel M. Sperry and given custody of the child. Mr. and Mrs. Sperry until three years ago lived as man and wife at Ladoga, Ind. About the fall of 1892, however, Mr. Sperry began to neglect his wife and she states I her complaint lived in adultery with one Alice Greenway, of Ladoga. The court, after hearing the evidence, granted her an absolute divorce.

STAGGS, George - Georgia
Source: Waveland Independent Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana April 25, 1919
George Edgar Staggs, yesterday sued his wife, Georgia M. Stags, for div. and asked to have the custody of his two daughters. The complaint set forth that Mrs. Staggs has been neglecting her home and children and has been receiving attentions of other men. The plaintiff says they were marr. Aug 26, 1909 and separated Feb 14, 1919. At first, he says, his wife was dutiful but later she has neglected her home, failed to prepare meals, did not keep her children clean, received attentions of other men and has been cruel and inhuman in other ways. The suit was filed by Williams & Murphy, Crawfordsville. - transcribed by kbz


STARKE, Lyda - William
: Crawfordsville Review 12 August 1893 p 8
Mrs. Lyda Starke sort of stimulated the court docket this week by filing suit for divorce from her husband William Starke. In her complaint Lyda alleges that she and Bill were married away back in 1871 and if what she says is true he has given her 22 years of the rockiest traveling any woman ever tackled. She says that he cursed her, struck her, choked her and almost starved her to death, and that at one time threatened to cut out her intestines with a butcher knife. Bill is certainly a bad man and we don’t blame Lyda for wanting to get rid of him. – kbz


STEDMAN, Nathan - Laura
Logansport Pharos-Tribune - 13 August 1906 p 8
Nathan Stedman, the Waveland jeweler, who was divorced by his wife, Mrs. Laura Stedman, of Delphi, while he was living with another woman whom he has since married, has been arrested for failing to satisfy a judgment of $300 alimony awarded his first wife. His second wife, who was formerly Mrs. Estella Ashby, was critically ill at the time of his arrest. Thanks so much Ginny for this one :) kz


STEPHENS, Clyde - Opal
Crawfordsville Daily Journal 29 April 1916 p 5
Clyde Stephens, too young to file a divorce suit in his own name was granted a divorce from Opal Stephens, also a minor, Saturday in circuit court. Desertion and cruel treatment were the charges included in Stephens' suit. The action was filed for Stephens by his next friend, Mrs. Clara Neese, and the court appointed M.S> Simms to appear for the defendant as guardian ad litum. Stephens alleged his wife kept nagging him after their marriage in May 1914, complaining of the home he furnished for her and expressing a desire to live in a larger city. Finally on Jan 31, 1916, she left him and went to Indianapolis, he charged. Ira Clouser was attorney for the plaintiff. - kbz

STILWELL, Ethel - Andrew
Source: Waveland Independent Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana March 17, 1922
Mrs. Ethel Stilwell has been granted a divorce from her husband, Andrew. She gets custody of the children, the farm on which they live in the Liberty neighborhood and all the personal property except $500 worth which includes horses and automobile. - kbz


Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal, 17 April 1896
John W. Stonebraker announces that he will fight the divorce suit of his wife and will die in the last legal ditch. He has filed a counter complaint that is a screamer from away back in the twenties. - transcribed by Kim H

STOUT, Ella - Harry
Source: Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana Weekly Argus News Nov 6, 1897 p 6
Mrs. Ella M. Stout has been granted a divorce from Harry F. Stout, her husband. Her grounds were failure to provide and cruel treatment. - kbz


STOUT, Frank
Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 29 September 1893
On Sept 20, White & Reeves obtained a divorce for Frank Stout, the brother of the lamented Buck Stout, who was hanged several years ago for a murder at Darlington. The same firm previously obtained a divorce for one of Buck's sisters and also one for the sister of John Coffee, who was hanged for the murder of the McMullens - kbz

STOUT, Frank (Mary vs. Frank)
Source: Crawfordsville Review 13 Aug 1898
Mary Stout is seeking a legal separation from her husband, Frank Stout. Mary alleges that they were married at Darlington in 1889 that from the start Frank showed an aversion for work that was remarkable. She says he is always so busy looking or work that he is too tired to tackle it after he finds it. The complain further states that he frequently left her to hustle for herself and at no time has he ever provided her with the necessaries of life. She also charges him with inhuman treatment and prays the court to sever the obnoxious tie which binds them.


STOUT, James - Nettie
Source: Weekly Argus News Dec 2, 1899 p 2
In the circuit court today Judge West heard the divorce case of James Stout vs. Nettie Stout. The charge was abandonment and the court had no hestiancy granting Jim his clearance papers.
The case had no sooner been disposed of thatn Mrs. Nina Brown appeared accompanied by her attorneys and prepared to substantiate the charges in her complaint against Charles H. Brown to whom she was married for worse some time ago. Brown is a best if the plaintiffs tale be true and he should be dropped in some beautifu l stream with a goodly anchor tied tightly about his neck. The plaintiff was given a divorce and granted the furthe rprivelege of assuming her former name, Nina Ham. - typed by kbz

SWEARENGEN, John - Hattie
Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Review 12 Feb 1898
When John Swearengen and his wife, Hattie, agreed to separate some weeks ago there was a small matter of some $250 in cold, clammy cash which belonged to the two but which was in Hattie’s possession. A few days later Hattie disappeared and with her also went the cash. Swearengen at once began a search for his wife and last week located her in Fitzgerald, Ga to which place it is said she had skipped to meet the gay and festive Ellis Singer, a grass-widower late of this city. Last Friday Swearengen, accompanied by CW Burton paid a visit to Fitzgerald and there found the wayward wife snugly ensconced in the Singer mansion. After some persuasion she surrendered to her husband his share of the money. She also accompanied him back to this city but it is understood she will return to Fitzgerald and marry Singer as soon as the court grants her a divorce from her present husband.

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