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Divorces M - Mc

-- Mc -- M -- Divorces of Montgomery County, Indiana - newspaper clippings

--- Mc ---

M'CASLAND, Andrew - Ruth
: Crawfordsville Record April 13, 1832

Notice of Divorce -- Andrew M'Casland vs. Ruth M'Casland

McCLELLAND, Everett - Letha

Source: Crawfordsville Review 22 June 1911 p 1
At the annual summer vacation drawn nearer the wheels of the Montgomery County divorce mill are grinding out decrees daily.  Thursday two mismatched pairs were given legal separation, Judge West hearing testimony in chambers, the court room being occupied by the Gray ditch case. Letha McClelland was granted a divorce from Everett McClelland and give the care and custody of her infant daughter. Cruelty and failure to provide were the grounds on which a decree was asked. WM Reeves was plaintiff’s attorney.
Grant Abraham was granted a divorce from his wife, Stella Abraham, the complaint alleging cruelty and refusal of the defendant to live with him.  - kbz

McCLURE - Charlie - Maude or something like that :)
Weekly Argus News May 17, 1890 p 1
A report of a divorce case has reached the city that involves a young couple well known here. They were married recently in this city and then left for a neighboring city where the groom teaches school. The girls mother, it seems wanted her to marry an operator, who jerks lightning over in Illinois. Contrary to her wishes the couple eloped and married. On going home to visit her folks the mother persuaded her to give up her newly married husband and marry the operator. She accompanied the girl to the Illinois town but the operator had changed his mind. Before going she had induced the girl to write her husband a farewell letter. On returning home she found a letter from the forsaken husband saying that she could stay but he would give her no divorce. At this point the girl repented, wrote her husband to that effect, and once more they are together. The marriage of this couple took place in the Sherman house here about one month ago, the ceremony being performed by Rev. G.W. Switzer, at midnight the couple coming over from Waynetown. Charley McClure was the groom and Miss Maud York, the bride. The young man whom the mother favored is named Kyle and he is now located at Oakland, Illinois. At present Mr. McClure is teaching school at Frankfort. - kbz

McCLURE, Frank - Viola

Source: Unknown newspaper & date (thanks Chris Hayes)
Charging desertion, Frank McClure filed suit in Montgomery Circuit Court Tuesday morning against his wife, Viola B. McClure.  Mr. and Mrs. McClure have no children, the complaint states.  


McCLURE, Mary -James
Crawfordsville Daily Journal Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana Friday, June 11, 1926, page 5
McClure-Gobel Miss Mary Edna Gobel and James E. McClure, both of this city were united in marriage on Thursday evening by Rev. A. E. Arthur, pastor of the Memorial chapel at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Gobel on East Pike street. The groom is the son of Egbert McClure. Both young people are well known in this city. The ceremony was witnessed by a small company of friends and relatives of the contracting parties. After a short honeymoon trip Mr. and Mrs. McClure will be at home to their friends in this city.

Source: Crawfordsville Journal Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana Saturday, January 29, 1927, page 1
Mary Edna McClure was granted a divorce from James E. McClure and her maiden name Mary Edna Gobel was restored by the Montgomery circuit court Saturday morning. The couple married June 10, 1926, and separated on August 22, 1926. The plaintiff charged cruel and inhumane treatment and failure to support. - kbz


McCLURE, Katie - Ralph
Crawfordsville Review Thursday, April 20 1916
Katie L. McCLURE was granted a divorce from Ralph McClure in the circuit court yesterday morning and the defendant was ordered to pay the plaintiff 3 dollars a week for the support of their infant son. Mrs. McClure charged her husband with failure to provide for her and with desertion. Mrs. McClure said that she was married to the defendant on April 11, 1911 and they separated July 1914. She states that for 2 years he has failed to provide for her support and that a month after their child was born the defendant left her and that he has never been back since. Mrs. McClure alleges that although her husbnd was an able bodied man that he had never provided a home for her and that during the entire married life they lived at the home of their mother. Walter H. Linn entered a general denial to all charges set out in the complaint for the defendant. The plaintiff was represented by Clyde H. Jones of Lafayette. kbz


McCONNELL, Mrs - Ira

Source: Crawfordsville Daily News-Review 1 Dec 1900 p 1
Judge West last evening issued a temporary injunction restraining Ira McConnell from disposing of any of his property. Mrs. McConnell in her petition for divorce which was noted yesterday asks for $5,000 with which to support herself and son Fred of whom she also asks custody.  In order that any judgment issued by the court might be realized, Mrs. McConnell asked for an injunction restraining Mr. McConnell from disposing of his property. As above stated Judge West granted the injunction.  

McCORMICK, Maulsie - Howard
: Crawfordsville Journal Monday Dec 20, 1909
Maulsie E. McCormick was granted a divorce from Howard McCormick this morning, the care & custody of the child and $8 per month alimony for the care and education of the child. - kbz

McCOY, CHarles - Lizzie
Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal, 2 May 1891
Gunning for a Divorce. Charles McCoy has applied through his attorney, Dumont Kennedv. for a divorce from his wife Lizzie McCoy. The complaint states that they were married in 1884, and that on February 10, 1889, Lizzie got mad and skipped, since which time she has refused to live with the plaintiff. Both parties are residents of this city and it is said a counter complaint will be made. - transcribed by Kim H
McDANIEL, William - Mary H.
Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 10 Dec 1892 p 5
Mary H. McDaniel has filed a suit for divorce against her husband, William R, through her attorneys, Hanna & Hanna. She avers cruel and inhuman treatment and specifies a few cases to back up the statement. Frequently he has forgotten his marriage vows as to call her a black liar and a “n…..” and on the first of January 1892 he turned over a new leaf by throwing coal at her. In February he left town and she was thrown upon her own resources for several months.

McDANIEL, William - Adalaide
: Weekly Argus News Oct 2, 1897 p 1
William A. McDaniel has been divorced from his wife Adaline E. McDaniel. William made some very uncomplimentary charges and Adaline failed to appear to contradict them - kbz

McKINSEY, ELizabeth - George
: Crawfordsville Record, Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana 10 May 1834
State of Indiana, Montgomery Circuit Court, March Term 1834
Elizabeth M'Kinsey vs. George M'Kinsey - petition for DIvorce

And now at this term comes the said complainant, by Currey, her Attorney, and the writ of subpoena issued in this case is returned, endorsed "not found" it is therefore ordered that notice of the pendency of this petition be published three weeks successively it (in) the Record a public newspaper printed in Crawfordsville, or the Lafayette Free Press, and that unless said defendant be and appear here on the first day of the next term of this court, and answer unto said petition, the matters and things contained there in will be heard in his absence - and cause continued. A copy. Attest ... John Wilson, Clerk April 9, 1834.
McKINSEY, Mary - Joseph
Source: Crawfordsville Review 19 Sept 1891 p 4
Joseph McKinsey vs. Mary E. McKinsey. Divorce. Defendant defaults.
Source: Crawfordsville Review 26 Sept 1891 p 1 & 5
Mrs. Mary McKinsey, through her attorney, NPH Proctor has filed her application for a divorce from her husband, Joseph McKinsey and pleads drunkenness, failure to provide and abandonment as her causes.
Joseph McKinsey vs. Mary E. McKinsey, divorce. Dismissed.
McLAIN, Myrtle - Charles
Crawfordsville Review Friday, May 12, 1916
Myrtle McLAIN has filed suit for divorce from Charles McLain in the circuit court. She charges that her husband has been guilty of cruel and inhuman treatment and that he is an habitual drunkard. The Mclains were married in 1902 and separated May 10, 1916. Mrs McLain says that she has no goods of her own and that her husband has a grocery in New Richmond which is valued at about $1,800 and that he also owns a lunch counter and soda fountain worth at least $400 she says he has another $400 in the bank. The plaintiff asks that she receive the custody of the one son Herbert, 10 years old and that an alimony of $1500 be granted her.  - kbz


--- M ---

MARSHALL, Oda - Elizabeth (Cook)
: ODA (Otis) MARSHALL - Elizabeth May COOK (married 18 Nov 1889 - Bk 8 p 192 Montgomery County Marriages)

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 12-8-1899 Waveland Independent Oda Marshall and wife had been married just two weeks last Friday, but it was long enough for them to decide that marriage was a failure. The wife wanted to go to Crawfordsville to see her folks, and made a requisition upon her lord and master for the necessary funds. As they were not forthcoming, at the desired time, she came down town to find him, but instead of finding him she found that he had skipped out. Enraged at this treatment, she went to a drug store and on the pretense of having a severe toothache she bought a couple ounces of laundanum, walked down to the Midland Railroad and swallowed the stuff. Then she went to George Moore's and told what she had done. For a long time she steadily refused to swallow any antidote for the poison but finally a physician was called and after a good deal of hard work the effects of the laundanum were overcome and her life was saved. The gallant young husband returned that night, it is reported but was refused admission to the house and again took his departure.  - kbz


MARTIN, Luly - Marion
Source: Crawfordsville Review, 3 June 1899

Luly Martin was granted a divorce in the circuit court this morning from Marion F. Martin. She was given $50 alimony and her maiden name of Luly Cavin was restored to her. The parties are from Wayne township. - thanks so much to Kim H

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 2 June 1899

Last Saturday in the circuit court, Judge West opened up his heart and granted Luly Martin a divorce from Marion Martin. The parties live near Waynetown. - kbz

MASON, Fred - Emma
Source: Crawfordsville Review Sept 28, 1915 p 1

Alleging his wife abandoned his home Sept 25, 1913 and that prior to that time he had in every way tried to please her, Fred Mason filed a complaint for divorce from Emma Mason yesterday in the circuit court. It is stated that they were married May 18, 1909. The husband says that no cause he assigned for Mrs. Mason departing. He is represented by Johnston & Johnston - kbz

MATHES - JJ vs. Myrtle
Source: Cville Review 29 Jan 1898 p 7
JJ Mathes vs. Myrtle Mathes. Defendant makes motion for temporary alimony.  

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 24 Sept 1897 p 3
Jere J. Mathes has filed suit for divorce from Myrtle Mathes and in his complain tells a tale of woe. Jere and Myrtle were married in 1888 and lived as happily and harmoniously as a couple of pet pigeons for several years. Along toward the fag end of 1893, however, Myrtle went to the World’s Fair at Chicago. She saw the streets of Cairo, the naughty dances and all the other “purties” to be seen. What else she saw the virtuous Jere doesn’t know but when she came home she was a changed woman. The World’s Fair had turned her head and instead of being happy and contented as she used to be before she heard the maddening music of the merry Midway, she was sullen and morose. She abused Jere and called him vile and vicious name in the presence of their two children. Finally last year she ran away and left him. He has not been able to induce her to return so he desires a dissolution of their marital relations.


KATIE MAYHEW - kidnapped
Katie Mayhew, Kidnaped from Crawfordsville, is in New York.
MAYHEW, Alice  – Frank

Source: Indiana State Journal 10 June 1896
CRAWFORDSVILLE Ind. June 3.—An Interesting: case of kidnapping came to light in this city today. About nine years ago Katie Mayhew, six-year-old daughter of Frank Mayhew, disappeared, and no trace of her could be found. Mayhew was a painter, and married Alice Hardee, sister of  W. B. Hardee, a prominent merchant. The couple was finally divorced, Mayhew going to New York and Mrs. Mayhew kept the child under a decree of the court.
Nine years ago, however, Katie suddenly disappeared. She had gone out on  the street to play, and not returning on time, search for her began. She was not found, and no tidings were heard until today, when W. B. Hardee received a letter from her, The letter was written in New York and stated that she had been kidnapped while at play by Mayhew's people, who had taken her to California where they remained two years.
Later they returned to New York and kept her there until about two weeks ago, when she escaped from them. She at once embraced the first opportunity she had in all these years to write to her people here. She desired greatly to come to them, and Mr. Hardee lost no time In forwarding her transportation. Her mother, who has given up all hope of seeing her child again, is married again, being the wife of Frank Neff, of Danville, Ill. She will be in the city tomorrow to welcome her long lost child.
(thanks to Genealogy Trails)
MAXWELL, May (Mary) Ida -  James
Source: Crawfordsville, Indiana Daily-News Review March 13, 1901 p 1

The divorce suit of Mrs. Mary Maxwell is going on trial in the circuit court. The defendant is not adverse to the separation it seems, but is resisting the claim for $1,000 alimony. The testimony concerning their marriage relations, which existed from last May until sometime in January are rather spicy as related by the plaintiff and her kin folks is anything but complementary to Scott. He is accused of neglect, cruel treatment and credited with all kinds of didos. As a sample the plaintiff related that when their child was born she suggested Harold Theodore as a suitable name, whereupon the defendant flew into a passion and advanced suggestions, high sacrilegious to say the least. – transcribed by kbz

Source: Crawfordsville, Indiana Dailey News-Review March 14, 1901 p1 Mrs. Ida May Maxwell has been granted a divorce from James H. Maxwell on statutory grounds.  - kbz


MILES, George - Maggie

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 23 Sept 1898 p 1
George Miles of New Market has filed suit for divorce from Maggie Miles, his wife and if the story of George is true, Maggie must be a nice, neighborly sort of a customer. He says that during their married life of two years he has been patient, provident and prayerful while she has been pugnacious, prodigal and precipitate. He has filled the larder, but she has refused to cook what he has provided and often when there was plenty of good food in the house he has been obliged to go elsewhere for his meals, as Maggie has been derelict in her duty at the cook stove.,   Many a time and of the has been obliged to go to the sanctuary on Sunday arrayed in a soiled shirt, all because Maggie refused to do the washing.  Not only is she held up as an example of laziness and perservseness but she is represented as being actually dangerous. She drove his children by a former wife away from home and would often strike the plaintiff. On one occasion she drew a revolver and popped away at his head. The revolver was loaded with powder and leaden ball and if Maggie’s aim had been commensurate with her intentions, George would now have a good steady job pushing clouds and twanging a harp.


MILES, Mildred - Robert
Source: Crawfordsville Journal Review 21 Sept 1940 p 3

Mrs. Mildred Miles was granted a divorce from Robert L. Miles by Judge Edgar A. Rice Saturday morning in the Montgomery circuit court. The couple was married June 28, 1938 and separted in February of this year. Mrs. Miles was granted the custody of a child and the father was ordered to make weekly payments for its support. - kbz
MILLER, Elwin vs. Virginia

Source: Crawfordsville Review 6 Sept 1890 p 1
The divorce docket is growing in proportions.  This week Nannie Myers seeks a legal separation from William Myers and Elwin Miller says that if the court will relieve him of the care of Virginia Miller he will try going it alone for awhile.

MILLER, Hattie - Harry
Source: Crawfordsville Weekly, April 22, 1893
The first case to come before the throne for judgment was that of Mrs Hattie Cory Miller against W. Harry Miller, the accomplished scene shifter of the Ben Hur Tableau Company. It was back in the '80's when Harry was urged to take on matrimonial harness which never did fit him. He accordingly failed to provide and his wife now asks for a divorce. She has forsworn men completely and hasn't even looked at one since the rude Harry so basely deceived her.  – thanks to Kim H for this one !

MILLER, Mamie - Thomas
Crawfordsville Review 28 Jnuary 1899 p 1

Wants loose – Mamie E. Miller has found married life not at all a dream, and asks the court to sever the cords which bind her to Thomas Miller. - kbz

MILLER, Mary - David
Source: Crawfordsville Review 9-24-1898

 There has been another healthy batch of applications for divorce filed in the circuit court this week. Walter Fallen is tired of Della and wants a legal separation. He alleges that she is a most faithful devotee at the shrine of Bachus and during these “joyful” hours she makes his home a hell on earth.

Mary J.
Miller complains that David, her husband, walks arm in arm with the green-eyed monster, jealousy and is constantly looking for trouble. She further alleges that he has treated her in an inhuman manner and on various occasions has accused her of being immoral and unchaste.  She asks for an absolute divorce.
The short comings of Archie Young are next held up to public view by his wife, Ida. She says Archie is a beastly sort of a fellow, that he is drunk about five-fifths of the time  and has never provided the necessaries of life. The complaint further sets forth that on one occasion Archie threw a flat iron and a trunk tray at her wooly head and when she fled from his presence he amused himself by tearing up her clothes and breaking the furniture and dishes. Ida supplements her complain with an appeal for $100 alimony


MILLER, Philip - Lovina
Source: Crawfordsville (Indiana) Sunday Star, Nov 28, 1903 p3

Homer Harriman wants a divorce from Bertha Harriman, charging her with adultery with Joe Lowery. Two months ago she had a divorce suit against him but the case was dismissed. ..... Philip Miller has sued for a divorce from his wife, Lovina Miller. He says they were married in April 1887 and about two years ago they separated and divided their property. That afterwards he took her back and soon she began to show her old disposition and charged him with going with other women and refused to sleep with him, cursing and abusing him. - kbz


MITCHELL, Mary Alice - Charles
: Weekly Review Oct 2, 1908 p 2

The divorce grind in the Montgomery County Circuit Court was continued today. After hearing evidence in four cases of matrimonial unhappiness Saturday, Judge West was kept busy this morning along the same line. One divorce was tried this morning while another one, that was called was postponed until after the election.

The divorce case held over until after the election for trial was that of Mrs. Mary L. Duncan vs. Rev. DB Duncan, pastor of the Presbyterian Church. This was continued until after the election at the request of the attorneys, some of whom are busily engaged in politics. Mrs. Duncan is represented by Crane & McCabe and Thomas & Foley, while Whittington & Williams are looking after Mr. Duncan's interests.

Birdie Grider was granted a divorce this morning from her husband Charles M. Grider. The parties formerly lived at New Market. Mr. Grider, however, was given the custody of the children.

Saturday afternoon Judge West granted Mary Alice Mitchell a divorce from her husband, Charles G. Mitchell.

The divorce for which Mrs. George Warren was asking was granted. The Judge announced this morning after considering the case fully, he had decided to set aside the marriage of Drucilla and Joseph Humbert. The grounds for setting it aside were that Joseph had married her fraudently in order to get her money and that he didn't intend to live with her. Drucilla had sued him for divorce. -- kbz


MOODY, Glenna - Oscar
: C'ville Review Jan 13, 1925 p 1

Three suits for divorce were filed in the Montgomery Circuit Court on Monday. In two of the cases the plaintiffs were men and cruel and inhuman treatment was the chief charge in all complaints.

The first suit was that of Glenna F. Moody vs. Oscar N. Moody. The couple were married Dec 15, 1923 and separated Oct 7, 1924.

The second suit was filed by Russell L. Fowler against Maude E. Fowler. According to the complaint the couple were married July 25, 1919 and lived together until Dec 30, 1924.

William Elkins was the third plaintiff to file for divorce on Monday. The plaintiff states the couple were married Sept 30, 1902 and separated in December, 1924. - kbz


MORGAN, Florence - James
Crawfordsville Sunday Star, April 17, 1899

Florence Morgan has been given a divorce from James Morgan and her maiden name Watson restored unto her by the court. - thanks to Kim H


MORRISON, Effie - Taylor
Crawfordsville Weekly Journal, 14 February 1902

Yesterday in the circuit court Effie Morrison was granted a divorce from Taylor Morrison, given $500 alimony and her maiden name of Effie Wilkinson restored to her. he complaint alleged abandonment and adultery. - thanks to Kim H


MOTE, Etta - Ambrose
Weekly Argus News Oct 15, 1898 p 3

Mrs. Etta Mote has been granted a divorce from Ambrose Mote, cruel treatment and abandonment were the charges - kbz


MUIR, Clara - Joab

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Argus News 18 April 1891 p2
Clara MUIR vs. James K. Muir, divorce.  Plaintiff’s prayer granted and her maiden name Clara Stout restored. Further ordered that she recover her costs.

MULLIKIN, Edna - James
Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 25 Aug 1899 p 5

Two Cases were filed in the Clerk's Office and the Allegations of the Plaintiff Are the Same.
Edna J. Mullikin asks a divorce from Jas. B. Mullikin, to whom she was married in 1880. She states that they lived together until August of this year and that one child, now fourteen years old, was born to them, who is now living with the mother. Mrs. Mullikin alleges that the recreant husband has violated the seventh commandment in Indianapolis and in this city, and he not only confessed to the crime, but gloried in it. The plaintiff asks the custody of the child and all proper relief. The parties are from New Market.
Wm. H. Arnold also asks a divorce from Julia Arnold, to whom he was married in 1887. He states that they lived together until June of the present year, when his wife's relations with Joseph Mitchell became the talk of the town. Arnold is a cook by trade and is the fellow who had a scrap with the co-respondent Mitchell several months ago in which he nearly finished the fellow. Arnold is a hardworking man and asks that the court give him the care and custody of the three children born of his marriage. Mrs. Arnold, he alleges, has stated her intention of living with Mitchell, so he wants to give her the opportunity to gratify her desire. The parties are colored people.

MUNDORFF, Theodore - Grace

Source: Lafayette Journal and Courier Fri 1 Feb 1935 p 5
Crawfordsville – Julius C. Simpson of near Waynetown has brought suit in circuit court here for a divorce from Minnie P. Simpson, charging cruelty. They were married in 1931 and separated last week. Grace Juanita Mundorff, of New Richmond, asks a divorce from Theodore J. Mundorff, charging cruelty and abandonment; they were married in 1927 and separated in 1931. Mrs. Mundorff asks custody of two children.

MUNSON, John - Eliza

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal, August 23, 1895
“Single Harness Hereafter” - It isn't all on account of Eliza this time but all on account of John.  Eliza Munson has entered a suit for divorce against John Munson and the complaint, if true, proves John to be just what he should not be in more particulars than one. – thanks to Kim H

MYERS, Nannie - Jim
Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal, 21 February 1891

The time of the circuit court Tuesday was occupied in trying the divorce cases which came up. There were 17 on the docket, but not all of them came up.

The first was the suit of Susan Wilhite against Wm. Wilhite, the popular coal oil vendor. She proved by many witnesses that Will was a great man to destroy liquor and while under the influence of the same to apply pet names to her not in keeping with the character of a Christian gentleman. Will has frequently beaten her too, and upon one occasion drew a knife and threatened to "let his life blood out upon the new carpet" The twain were married on January 3, 1873, and on January 3, 1891 they celebrated the anniversary by parting company. As William did not appear the divorce was granted.

Emma Pine next appeared and said that David, her husband wasn't worth shucks. He appeared pretty good timber when she took him but after two days of married life the provoking old thing packed up his duds and left the ranch. He has not shown up there since and the court got even with him by setting the coy Emma free.

Rosa Platt said that Thomas Platt was a regular dead beat. The wretch had utterly failed to provide for her as he had promised when first their troth was plighted in the shadows outside the electric light. Although Tom was released from the county jail Monday where he had spent a season for his prized fight escapade, the fellow did not appear to deny Rosa's statement and she was released from the odious bonds.

Francis Thebus, of Sugar Creek township, told the court that her husband, George Washington Thebus was a hard drinking, hard swearing and hard hitting old lout and that she was the victim of all three of his acquirement's. George was not on hand and the divorce was promptly granted by the sympathetic judge.

Augusta Larsh, of Ladoga, complained to Judge Snyder that her husband Carl had run off after abiding with her a year and was now feeding in pastures new. She got her divorce.

Another Ladoga lady came up smiling in the person of Nannie Myers. She was married with due pomp and solemnity to Jim Myers, who after two months of wedded life grew careless like and wandered away never to return. Nannie got a release.

Ben Condon is evidently a mighty mean man. Sarah his wife stood up in open court and accused him of drunkenness, profanity and also of choking her. Ben said this was all true and moreover said Sarah had failed to provide for him during the last two years and he was willing she should have a divorce. It was given with a smile.

The Horn case did not come up although Mr. Anderson labored assiduously to bring it to a focus. -- thanks to Kim H  

MYERS, Nannie vs. William
Source: Crawfordsville Review 6 Sept 1890 p 1
The divorce docket is growing in proportions.  This week Nannie Myers seeks a legal separation from William Myers and Elwin Miller says that if the court will relieve him of the care of Virginia Miller he will try going it along for awhile.

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