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Deaths - Individual D = G

-- D -- Montgomery County, Indiana Deaths - from Individual Death Records

Indiana Death Certificate #74
Death Date: Nov 15, 1906 @ 3 p.m.
Death Cause: Gall stones
Death Place: 106 Woodlawn Place, Crawfordsville, Union Twp, Montgomery County, Indiana -
Stats: Female, White, Married (To William P. Daggett)
Birth Date: Dec 13, 1840 – Ohio
Age: 65 Years 11 Months 2 Days
Father: John Hilderbrandt born Ohio
Mother: Unknown birthplace Unknown
Physician: Unreadable – perhaps FV Knott?
Attended deceased from August 1906 to Nov 4, 1906 when he last saw her
Informant: William P. Daggett, Crawfordsville
Buried: Lafayette, Ind (no cemetery given)
Burial Date: Nov 18, 1906
Undertaker: Barnhill, Crawfordsville

Jeanettie Burke Davies

Source:* Montgomery County, Indiana Death Record CH 45 p 105
Occupation:* Housewife
Birth Date:* October 22, 1853
Birth Place:* Ohio
Marital Status:* Widow
Spouse:* Henry Davies
Death Place:* Straud Apt. So. Green, Crawfordsville
Death Date:* November 22, 1924
Cause of death*: Chronic Valvular Heart Disease & Myocarditis
Age:* 71y 1m
Father:* Robert Burke - Ohio
Mother:* Margaret Burket - Ohio
Physician*: Robert J. Mills
Cemetery:* Woodland, Van Wert, Ohio
Undertaker: *W. L. Hurt
Thanks, Kim H -- you rock :)


Source: Montgomery County Death Record CH 41 p 54
Name: Sarah M. Deere
Death Date: 23 November 1920
Pace of Death: 107 S. Walnut, Crawfordsville, Montgomery Co IN
Spouse: Widowed
Age: 73 Years 7 Months 20 Days
Occupation: Housework
Birth Date: 3 April 1847
Birthplace: Indiana
Father: J.J. Goben
Birthplace of Father: Ky
Mother: Arminta Plunkett
Birthplace of Mother: Ky
Cause: Cancer of Breast
Duration: 2 years
Dr: B.F. Hutchings
Address: C'ville
Place of Burial: Masonic Cemetery
Undertaker: Barnhill


Source: Montgomery County Death Record H 36 p 83
Death Date: 28 Sept 1918
Place of Death: Coal Creek Twp, Montgomery Co IN
Spouse: Married
Age: 67 Years 21 Days
Occupation: Farmer
Birth Date: 7 December 1850
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Father: Elijah Deeter
Birthplace of Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Birthplace of Mother: Unknown
Cause: Angina - pectoris
Informant: Allen Myers Lewis (his nephew)
Dr: C.W. Wray
Place of Burial: Green Bay Cemetery
Date of Burial: Sept 30, 1918
Undertaker: M.A. West
Address of Undertaker: New Richmond, Indiana


(Infant) DELANEY

Source: Montgomery County Death Record H 34 p 7
Name: Infant Delaney (male)
Death Date: 25 April 1905
Place of Death: Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana
Age: 4 Days
Birth Date: 7 August 1897
Birthplace: Ind
Father: John Delaney
Birthplace of Father: Ky
Mother: Florence Weliver
Birthplace of Mother: Ind
Cause: unknown
Dr: J. Beatty
Place of Burial: Masonic 4-29-1905
Undertaker: Carver & Carver

Source: Death Record CH 40 p 192
Died: 12-8-1915 Eliza Dowden
Where: 812 E. Tuttle Avenue;
Birth Date: 3-26-1855
Where: Montgomery Co IN
Marital Status: Widowed
Husband was Elijah (Abijah?) D.
Father; Jerre Redenbaugh
Father's Birth: Jefferson Co IN
Mother; Elizabeth Corn
Mother's Birth: Ky
Occupation: Housewife
Died from: Pneumonia with apoplexy
Physician: Fred Denius, MD
Where buried: Myers Cemetery


Source: Montgomery County Death Record Local No. 5 State #2344
Death Date: 37 Jan 1942
Place of Death: Culver Hospital, Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana
Regular Residence: Near Bowers, Montgomery County, Indiana
Spouse: Married - Laura Little (age 67)
Age: 72 Years 2 Months 22 Days
Birth Date: 15 August 1868
Birthplace: Iowa
Father: Marion Dunbar
Birthplace of Father: Iowa
Mother: Amanda Stook
Birthplace of Mother: Iowa
Cause: Cerebral Hemorrhage - artirio Sclerosis Heart Disease
Duration: (Attended deceased from Jan 5 1942 to Jan 8th 1942 (sic) where saw him alive Jan 7, 1942
Dr: J.W. Humphreys
Address: Darlington, Ind
Place of Burial: Bowers 1-8-1942
Undertaker: CBrainard - Butler - Russell, Darlington, Ind


Source: Montgomery County Death Record H 33 p 52
Death Date: 7 Jan 1902
Place of Death: Wingate, Montgomery Co IN
Age: 15 Days
Birth Date: 24 Dec 1901
Birthplace: Ind
Father: W.B. Dye
Birthplace of Father: Ky
Mother: Clara Marshall
Birthplace of Mother: Ind
Cause: Malnutrition
Dr: F.D. Allhands
Place of Burial: Wingate, 1-8-1902
Undertaker: J.G. Galey

-- E -- Montgomery County, Indiana Individual Death Records

Virginia Evans EGGERS

Source: Montgomery County, Indiana Death Record Bk CH 57 p 70 - state # 89-042320
Died: Culver Hospital # 9:35 a.m. 11-17-1989 -
Age: 73
Born: 3-25-1916
Birthplace: Putnam County, Indiana
Occupation: Housewife
Informant: Gardner Eggers, Informant/Husband
Father: Webster D. Evans
Mother: Caldonia Brown
Buried: 11-20-1989 Roachdale, Putnam County, Indiana
Cause: Myocardial Infraction
Undertaker: Hunt & Son
Charles Edward EVANS

Source: Indiana Certificate of Death 19473 (Local # 103)
Male, Negro, Never Married
Died: Culver Hospital 6-6-1950 @ 5:30 p.m.
Age: 73
Resides: 801 Wabash Avenue, Crawfordsville
Born: 6-29-1876
Father: Jesse Evans
Mother: Margaret Chenault
Informant: Maude Emsley Vincennes - no relationship given
Physician: Dr. Fred Daugherty
Buried 6-9-1950 Oak Hill Cemetery
Cause: Severe Sore Throat
Funeral Home: Hunt & Son

Harvey Grant EVANS

Source: Indiana Certificate of Death #21585 Local # 167
Died: Ben Hur Sanitarium, Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana  7-11-1938 @ 12:15 a.m.
Resides: Brown Township
Occupation: Retired Farmer
Cause: Neuritis & Paralysis
Marital Status: Divorced but lists wife, Florence
Born: 6-4-1864 Montgomery County - age 74 years 10 days
Father: Hezekiah Evans birthplace: Unknown
Mother: Hannah Pratt birthplace; New York
Physician: Dr. E.E. Richards
Buried: Russellville Indiana
Funeral Director: McGaughey & Son, Russellville



Source: Montgomery County Death Record H 36 p 83

Death Date: 7 November 1928
Place of Death: Union Twp, Montgomery Co IN
Occupation: School Girl
Birth Date: 1 September 1902
Birthplace: Montgomery County, Ind
Father: Charles Emdee
Birthplace of Father: Montgomery County, Ind
Mother: Lena Fink
Birthplace of Mother: Montgomery County, Ind
Cause: Double pneumonia
Informant: -- Mrs. Lena Bell
Address: -- PO New Market, Indiana
Place of Burial: ?
Undertaker: --


Ruth White EVANS
Death Date: 5-2-1999 @ 11:35 a.m.
Born: 5-23-1898 @ New Market
Father: Albert Thomas White
Mother: Nannie Miller
Buried: 5-5-1999 Russellville Cemetery, Putnam County, Indiana
Cause: Hypo pneumonia
Age: 100
Dr. William H. Leech
Undertaker:Machledt & Servies

Zella Wells  EVANS
Died: 12-5-1985 @ Williamsburg Nursing Home
Born: 11-13-1899 Indiana
Occupation: Retired Seamstress, Uptown Sewing Shop
Father: Newton A. Wells
Mother: Nancy Stultz
Informant: Donald Evans, Son
Cause: Hypo pneumonia
Physician: Dr. Wesley Shannon
Buried: Roachdale 12-21-1985
Funeral Home: Powers & Priebe

-- F -- Death Records Montgomery County, Indiana (Individual)



Source: Indiana Certificate of Death - 038738
Died: 8-27-2011 11:27 a.m.
Death place: Ben Hur Home, Crawfordsville, Indiana
Surviving Spouse: Juanita Hudson Fine
Birth: 4-15-1936
Birthplace: Waynetown, Montgomery COunty, Indiana
Occupation: Principal, Education
Education:  Master's degree (MA; MS; MENG; MED; MSW; MBA
Resides: 776 South Eagles Way Drive, Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana
Father: Glenn Fine
Mother: Goldie Sayers
Informant: Tom Fine, son 12647 Timbercrest Bay, Carmel, IN
Buried: Arrow Cremator, Lafayette, IN
Funeral Home; Hunt & Son
Cause: Congestive Heart Failure
Physician: Mark H. Williams

Source: Indiana Certificate of Death

Died: 8-10-1990 @ 9:01 p.m. Age 83
Death Place: Culver Hospital, Crawfordsville
Born: 5-10-1907 Mellott, Indiana
Occupation: Retail - Store Clerk
Resides: Green Street, New Ross, Indiana
Father; John Ira CLayton Butts
Mother: Maggie Mae Surber
Informant: Ronald, so RR 1, New Ross
Cause: Cardio
Buried: Waynetown Masonic Cemetery 8-13-1990
Funeral Home: Thomas, Waynetown

Source: Indiana Certificate of Death 90-006637 - Local: Death Record Bk CH - 51 p 78

Died: 3:45 a.m,. on 2-23-1990
Death Place: Autumn Health Care, Ladoga,  Indiana
Married : Dorothy Butts (also Informant)
Occupation: Farmer
Born: 11-5-1903
Birthplace: Hillsboro, Fountain County, Indiana
Father: Alva Lovey Fine
Mother: Clara Maude Blackford
Cause of Death: Cardio
Buried: Waynetown Masonic Cemetery 2-26-1990
Funeral Home: Thomas , Waynetown


-- G -- Individual Death Records - Montgomery County, Indiana


Source: Indiana (Montgomery County) Death Certificate #22464
Death Date: July 8, 1930
Place of Death: 1200 S. Grant, Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana
Spouse: Widowed - Mary L. Garner, deceased
Age: 70 Years 4 Months 9 Days
Occupation: Druggist
Birth Date: 29 Feb 1860
Birthplace: Boone County, Ind
Father: Lemeul ? Garner
Birthplace of Father: Boone County, Indiana
Mother: Lucy Higgins ?
Birthplace of Mother: Boone County, Ind
Cause: Nephritis and Myocarditis
Duration: 3 years
Dr: F.N. Daugherty (attended deceased from Feb 25 - July 8, 1930 died 10:45 a.m.
Address: Crawfordsville, Ind
Informant: Elizabeth Maines, Crawfordsville
Place of Burial: Oak Hill 7-10-1935
Undertaker: ?



Source: Montgomery County Death Record CH55 p 98
Death Date: 18 May 1984 @ 12 noon
Place of Death: Ben Hur Nursing Home, Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana
Spouse: Never married
Age: 87 Years
Occupation: Retired Secretary - Travel Agency
Birth Date: 1 March 1897
Birthplace: Montgomery County, Ind
Father: John W. Gilliland
Mother: Louisa Moody
Cause: Cardiopulmonary Arrest - Cerebrovasculor Accident
Informant: Sue Pruitt, sister - 105 S. Davis St, Crawfordsville, Ind 47989
Dr: Timothy Tanselle
Place of Burial: Indian Creek Hill Cemetery, New Market IN - 20 May 1984
Undertaker: Machledt & Servies Funeral Home POB 155 Waveland Ind
Thanks to JD Gilliland



Source: Montgomery County Certiificate of Death Local #79 - Culver Hospital, Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana
Usual Residence: Rural Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana
Death Date: 30 March 1940 @ 11:50 p.m.
Place of Death: Culver Hospital, Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana
Spouse: Lou Moody Gilliland
Age: 68 Years 7 Months 20 Days
Occupation: Retired Farmer
Birth Date: 11 August 1871
Birthplace: New Market, Montgomery County Indiana Ind
Father: James G. Gilliland
Birthplace of Father: Penn
Mother: Rebecca Bennett
Birthplace of Mother: Kentucky
Cause: Arteriosclerosis -
Duration: 6 months
Dr: J.S. Noblitt Waveland, Ind
Informant: Lou Moody Gilliland, Waveland, Indiana
Place of Burial: Indian Creek, Brownsvalley
Undertaker: H.C. Machledt, Waveland, Indiana
Thanks to Jay D. Gilliland



Source: Indiana State Medical Certificate of Death #16 (68-047123) - Local No. 277

Death Date: 4 Dec 1968 @ 6:40 a.m.
Place of Death: Culver Union Hospital, Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana
Spouse: Widowed
Age: 7 Years 7 Months 26 Days
Occupation: Housewife - own home
Birth Date: 23 June 1872
Birthplace: Montgomery County, Ind
Father: Thomas Newton Moody
Mother: Martha Clements
Cause: Stroke - 2 days
Contributory: Arteriosclerosis - Diabetes Millitus - mild
Dr: E.E. Richards, Harrison St., Russellville, Indiana 46175
Informant: Martha Myers, daughter, 1422 W. Market, Crawfordsville, Indiana 47933
Place of Burial: Indian Creek Hill Cemetery, New Market, Ind on Dec 5, 1968
Undertaker: Larry D. Servies, Machledt & Servies Funeral Home, 301 E. Green St, Waveland, Indiana 47989

Charles Michael GRIDER
Indiana Certificate of Death 27626 (Local # 171)
Died: Culver Hospital, Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana (stay was for 10 days)
Resided: New Market, Montgomery County, Indiana
Status: Male, White, Divorced
Died: Sept 13, 1945 @ 11 a.m.
Age: 68 Years 11 Months 4 Days
Born: Oct 9, 1876
Occupation: Public Service Company, Engineer
Cause: Acute Illeitis ? 7 days – Cerebral Hemorrhage 9 months – Coronary Occlusion 1 year
Father: William Hinton Grider  born Putnam County, Indiana
Mother: Emily Ann Wilson born Putnam County, Indiana
Informant: WH Grider, 115 N. Barr, Crawfordsville, Indiana
Physician: Robert Pollom
Buried: 9-15-1945 – Masonic Cemetery, Crawfordsville
Funeral Home: Noble Reeves, New Market

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