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Butler - John M (Mrs)

Source: Indianapolis Journal Wed 3 May 1899 p 3

In the Circuit Court yesterday the will of Mrs. John M. Butler, executed Oct 1, 1896, was probated. Mrs. Butler bequeathed her household furniture and personal belongings and the interest of her husband’s law library to her daughter, Mrs. Alpheus H. Snow. Her interest in what is known as the Jennison homestead, at Crawfordsville is to go to her brother, Albert C. Jennison and her sisters, Mrs. Philo R. Simpson and Mrs. Frances Harrison for life. Mrs. Butler bequeathed the remainder of her property to her daughter, Mrs. Snow for life, subject to legacies amounting to $20,500 as follows: To Anson R. Butler, Julia Butler Ormsby, Mary Butler Smith, Ada Butler Goodell and Martha C. Butler $500 each; to Edith Butler, Maynard Butler, and Louis Butler, children of the late George C. Butler $500 each; to Albert C. Jennison, Mary E. Simpson and Florence J. Harrison $500 each to Alpheus H. Snow, $5000.  These legacies are payable within 7 years. At the death of Mrs. Snow, daughter of the testatrix, the residue of the estate is to be divided. The bequest of 1/6 of the residue is made to the Indianapolis Bar Association for the erection of a building to be known as a memorial to the late John M. Butler. This building may be used by the association for the maintenance of a library and reading room and a place where worthy student of the law may go to study. It was Mrs. Butler’s desire that another sixth of the residue be held for the city of Indianapolis in trust for the sick poor of the city. The money must be used in maintaining a dispensary to be known as “The John Maurice Butler Dispensary and Aid to the Sick Poor of Indianapolis.”  This bequest it is stated is made in accordance with the desire of Mrs. Butler’s son.  According to the provisions of the will, poor people who are ill shall receive treatment free of charge as well as food, clothing and other necessaries of life. Mrs. Butler also thought that a part of the income might be used in the payment of rent of the beneficiaries under this fund and for other relief at their homes. In disposing of the remaining 2/3, ¾ of t his is devised in fee to the relatives of Mr. Butler as follows 1/6 each to: Anson R. Butler, Julia Butler Ormsby, Mary Butler Smith, Ada Butler Goodell and Martha C. Butler, the children of any of these persons who may not be living to take the share of the parents and 1/6 to the children of the late George C. Butler. ¼ is given for life to the brother and sisters of Mrs. Butler, their children and grandchildren.  It is estimated the real estate bequeathed by Mrs. Butler is worth $150,000.  The estate includes a half interest in the Bowen-Merrill building, the Kipp block, the Lilly & Stainaker and Schrader blocks, and the family residence on North Meridian Street. The Union Truste Company is appointed executor of the will.

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