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Bannon, Lewis - Minnie Eller

Source: New Richmond  Record 11 Oct 1900 p2

Lewis Bannon and Miss Minnie Eller having been married as was noted in last week's Record, some of the neighbors thought to express their good will and well wishes by the time honored custom of a charivari. So Mart Graves, Frank Dazey, Mark Lewis, et. al., while waiting at the cross roads for Hormell's, thought it would be fun by the barrel to charivari Mr. and Mrs. Hormell as they were not too old nor had been married too long to be treated to a serenade. A plan was deeply laid to get the Hormells home soon after fun No. 1. A decent crowd surrounded the Eller house just as supper was ended and with all the chivalrous paraphernalia within reach the music began. Lewis and Minnie held up the table a moment but soon recovered and joined the sport. All were invited in and had a merry time. Lewis passed the cigars to girls and all.

At the adjournment Mr. and Mrs. Hormell started home and were hurried swiftly by Ally Lewis. Here the crowd was joined by Mr. Eller, Mr. Copeland and Lewis and Minnie, and headed for Hormell's. After the lights were out at the Hormell house and its inhabitants in a semi-snooze, of all the dreadful rackets ever heard, it was all around the house, as though one mighty "penardo" had blown up the Maine. Mr. Hormell jumped two feet and a quarter high and went off to the parlor hunting a match. Mrs. Mark Lewis went in and lit the lamp. All were invited in and a half hour was spent on apples and cider. P. S. The pup was scared half to death. As they went out Mart Graves said he was sure he felt five years younger.

All started home; but there was a nod or two and when Graves was safely tucked in bed and had laughed himself to sleep over how they had fooled Hormells—bang, helter, crash, roar, whang—Graves jumped out of bed saying, "hanged if they ain’t here!" Mart opened the door and let the serenaders in. Music and fun was indulged in for a few minutes and all was over. As the door closed Mart felt to be about as old as when they first started. transcribed by kbz

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