Kosciusko County, Indiana

WPA Death Records
1882 - 1920

Abb to Bie Big to Byr Cab to Cut Dai to Fei Fel to Gri
Gro to Hin Hip to Keh Kei to Loh Lon to Moo Mor to Pat
Pau to Ril Rin to Sho Shr to Sut Swa to Wat Way to Zum

This is a transcription of the WPA Death Records for Kosciusko County, Indiana. These deaths were recorded through the efforts of the WPA (Works Project Administration), a program of the U.S. Federal Government from 1936 to 1940 that employed out of work individuals to transcribe and index a variety of public records in Indiana. More information on the WPA efforts can be found in this article by Rhonda R. McClure. John G. West also provides an index of what records were recorded for each county in Indiana by the WPA.

Be cautioned that while 7,455 deaths are recorded, these records are not all inclusive of all deaths in Kosciusko County, IN during this time period. For example, the WPA Death Records for 1890 note 124 deaths; while the obituaries in the Indianian Republican newspaper for 1890 number 160. You might also see a notation such as "6M" where you would expect a name. This indicates a child with no first name noted, but the age at death (6M = 6 months). There are also duplicates of names, due to the WPA using both the County and Township Books. In at least one case, the same person is noted with different death dates (Hilda Maria Jensen)

Our gratitude goes out to Marge Priser for providing this transcription.

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