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If you would like to add the surnames you are researching, please send me your name, email address and the surnames. I will include your name here so others searching for the same family can contact you.

Remember that surnames may have many spellings, especially in older records. Not all variations will be listed below.

All email addresses have been validated as of May 2019. Please inform me if you discover any invalid email addresses and I will remove them from the list.

Surname Contact(s) Comments
Barr Mark Neice
Becheter Laura Armetta In Vincennes or Johnson Township; from France
Mark Neice
Maggi Andrews

Stacey Guy

Mark Neice
Buchanan Andrea Rogers-Valen
Buck Mary Kathryn Kozy
Buckles Mark Neice
Bullis Mark Neice
Cabassier Nita Phillips
Carrico Mari Nielsen
Chaney Mary Kathryn Kozy
Clark(e) Andrea Rogers-Valen
Codere Nita Phillips
Cook Brenda Cook-Ochodnicky
Cooksey Mark Neice
Couch Andrea Rogers-Valen
Cowden Mary Kathryn Kozy
Cummins Stacey Guy
Decker Mary Kathryn Kozy
Denton Brenda Cook-Ochodnicky
Drouet, DeRuet, Derouette Susanne Peters
Drouet de Richardville Susanne Peters
Ferguson Brenda Cook-Ochodnicky
Garner Andrea Rogers-Valen
Gartner/Gaetner Laura Armetta In Vincennes or Johnson Township; from Germany
Godwin Mark Neice
Gognat Laura Armetta In Vincennes or Johnson Township; from Switzerland
Henderson Mark Neice
Hill Mark Neice
Hollingsworth Mary Kathryn Kozy
Imhoff Nita Phillips
Jarrel, Jarrell Stacey Guy
Kelso Andrea Rogers-Valen
Lawrence Mark Neice
Mougin Laura Armetta In Vincennes or Johnson Township; from France
Mouzin Laura Armetta In Vincennes or Johnson Township; from France
Orey Nita Phillips
Phillippe Mark Neice
Price Stacey Guy
Purcell Mary Kathryn Kozy
Ravellette Nita Phillips
Reaves Mari Nielsen
Reeves Mari Nielsen
Richardville Susanne Peters
Ryan Andrea Rogers-Valen
Sale Maggi Andrews
Schroering Andrea Rogers-Valen
Skomp Mary Kathryn Kozy
Smith Mark Neice
St. Rose Church Susanne Peters
Steffey Mary Kathryn Kozy
Swick Mark Neice
Turnmire Stacey Guy

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