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Attica of Yesteryear

Attica of Yesteryear
Chapter 1

"Attica of Yesteryear" consists of pictures that were collected by the Attica Sesquicentennial History Committee in preparation for an event July 2, 2016.  More pictures were acquired that could be used in one display so they were scanned, organized, and burned to five different CD-R discs to be preserved for future reference, sharing, and education.  None were, or will be offered for sale.  Thanks to everyone that submitted pictures and the individuals who helped identify, organize, and buy supplies. Libraries and intersted individuals will have copies to view and share.  More pictures may be added and the discs with the newest dates will be the most accurate and best quality.  The pictures on these discs will be very interesting to people celebrating the Indiana Bicentennial.       October 31, 2016

Karen and Jim who administer this site, thank the Attica Sesquicentennial History Committee, and Jeff Bossaer for allowing us to post these picture.  There are some people who are not named, if you can help us put names to the faces it would be appreciated.  Thanks

Below we have a self playing slide show.  By placing the cursor below the "Control Bar" you will see a description of the photo.  There is an icon "[ ]" on the right side of the "Control Bar" that by clicking on it the slide show will enlarge to "Full Screen".  You can then move forward or backward, at your own pace, by clicking on the right or left arrows.  Then there are full screen controls in the upper right hand corner.  Please enjoy!
Note: This section is broken into 8 Chapters because of the number of pictures.  Chapter 1 is below:
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