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An aerial view of old Somerset taken in the early 1960s before the dam was completed: The view is from the west end of town, with the Methodist Church in the lower right-hand corner, looking toward the east. The prominent brick building with the greenish roof in the center of the photo (the one with six white upper windows facing the camera) is the hardware store, with the grocery and post office immediately above it (white), and King's grocery and filling station across the street below (green roof). The school and gym are the large buildings toward the right side of the page, and below them, only half visible (brick with a green roof) is the Christian Church. The end of the bridge across the Mississinewa is visible at center left. This photo was originally in black and white, but someone had hand-tinted this copy. Judy Schramm
The old iron bridge in Somerset: This bridge going north from Somerset across the Mississinewa was replaced by a cement bridge in 1952. Judy Schramm
Park in old Somerset: This small park was between the main street (actually called Water Street) and the river, in the center of town (east of the "business district," such as it was, and the bridge). Often used for group picnics. Judy Schramm
Old Somerset High School 1897 Judy Schramm
Mississinewa Reservoir
Mississinewa dam upper left, Somerset town lower right.
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New and Old Somerset
Mississinewa reservoir with new Somerset and Old Somerset to it's left along shoreline during low water.
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Old Somerset today
Old Somerset streets visable during low water in Mississinewa reservoir.
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Somerset High School Students 1901-1902
Students: Harry Davis, Orill Pearson, Edd Garst, Edgar White, Flora Knee, Delphia Bowman, Harry Knee, Chester Crow, Will Drumm, Fred Weimer, Martha Crumley, Sada Robinson, Minnie Zigler, Audra Deal, Amy Weesner, Anna Weimer, Mabel Morton, Phoebe Landess, Bertha Isemhour, Muriel Murray, Fred Davis, Henry White, Charlie Garst, Blanche Stillwell, Bess Ogan, Daisy Flook, Carma Deal, Nettie Garst, Bessie Stair, Dessie Harvey, Marie Garst, Ethel Singer, Elsie Shoults, Amy Crow, Lena Ogan, Chauncy Kessler.
Judy Schramm
Somerset High School Class of 1926
Students: Ted Billiard, Earl Brubaker, Vernice Burns (Dean), Madonna Dakin (O'Neil), Ruth Knee (Hullinger), Aline Lindsey (Durnbaugh), Geraldine Little (Bowman), Freeda Minnick (Hickman), Garl Mullett, Berneice Pressler (Shansanski), Arlie Shambaugh, Thelma Shively (Shrock), Harold Smith, Ruth Southwick (Clupper), Mary Tinkle (Richards), Fernie Trigalet, Edna Tyner (Hood), Ira Vrooman.
Judy Schramm
Somerset High School Class of 1931
Students: Gerald Bowman, Oscar C. Collins, Zeno Cox, Guy Garst, Guinevere Goodrich, Franklin Johnson, Kathryn Johnson (McCloud), Thelma Kemps, Kenneth A. King, Harold Knee, Nellie Marrow (McPherson), Velda Metzger (Stout), Carmen Pence (Antonidis), Harold Shaw, Clarence Shively, Fred Smith, John Stout, Oscar Summers, Mary Trent (Johnson). Principal: C.F. Albraugh.
Judy Schramm
Somerset High School Class of 1936
Students: Leroy Bakehorn, Kenneth Clupper, Billie Flagg (Watt), William Frank, Charles Hardacre, Faya Isenhour (Snyder), Mabel Rohrer (Jacobs), Ada Manning (Eckman), Truman Miller, Marcella Mullett (Bever), Martha Ridenour (Emrick), Paul Shaw, Burnell Shroyer, Vivian Small (Keith), Meredith Speicher, Ruth Tait (Draper), Herman B. Tyner, Dean Wolfal. Principal: C.F. Albraugh.
Judy Schramm
Somerset High School - Early 1960's before Dam Judy Schramm
Somerset High School Future class of 1952. Taken 7th or 8th grade, circa 1947.
Students: Rheba Arrick, Richard Ball, Richard Bowman, Joan Brooks, Marian Craig, Mary Craig, Patty Dragstrem, Marilyn Eltzroth, Vern Fleming, Charles Howard, Sharron Hudson, Martha Landis, Bonnie Manning, Arnold Miller, Norma Miller, Lona Minnick, Denny Mullett, Norma Rebholz, Helen Reed. Phyllis Jean Short, Wayne Shroyer, Leslie Sproal, Mrs. Glenn.
Judy Schramm
Somerset School - 6th Grade Class 1953-1954 - Left to Right
Top: Joan Hale, Maryetta Huddleston, Joyce Graf, Gordon Miller, Phillip Gross, Larry Hosier, Robert Benbow, and teacher Ray Sumpter.
Middle: Conning Manning, Mary Donna Collins, Jana Dee Goehler, Cathy Bussert, Larry Stewart, Eldon Adkins, Phillip Weimer, and Ruby Alwine.
Seated: Harriet Johnson, David Archer, Diana Flora, Shirley Smith, John Trent, Judy Garst, Bill Eltzroth, and Janet Bowers.
Judy Garst Schramm
Somerset Christian Church - Circa 1937  
Old Somerset Map Circa 1875  
Old Somerset Bridge George R. Lorenz
Themometer hung in hallway at Somerset School George R. Lorenz
Horse drawn kid hacks in front of Somerset School George R. Lorenz

See 1967 YouTube Video of Old Somerset after most residents had moved, but before being flooded by the Mississinewa Resevoir.
Filmed by father of Brian Sweet. If you can Identify any landmarks in the video other than the high school, please let us know.

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