Government Military Memorial Markers

in Liberty Township Cemeteries

Wabash County, Indiana

The following is a list of government issued memorial markers in the cemeteries of Liberty Township, Wabash County, Indiana as of March 26, 2008. The list was compiled by Ron Woodward, Wabash County Historian, who can be reached at for additions or corrections.

More veterans are buried in each cemetery than this list shows but they have their own private stones. Should you desire to honor a relative with a military marker you can obtain information and the necessary forms for filing from the Wabash County Veterans Service Office in the Wabash County Courthouse.

Emery Cemetery

Osa L. Boger   Pvt US Army World War II  4-7-1911-12-11-1996

Thomas Albert Crumley   Cpl US Army World War I 6-4-1890-7-3-1975

Floyd M. Garrison   Indiana Pfc US Army World War I 8-17-1894-6-16-1944

Clinton E. Harreld   Sgt US Army World War II 4-2-1912-12-31-1980

William R. Harreld   Pvt 192nd Ord Co World War II 4-26-1902-4-21-1959

George F. Johnson    10th Ohio Light Art.

David B. Lynn Jr.  Indiana Wagoner 139th Field Arty 38 Div. 4-19-1896-2-15-1946

Perry L. Martin    Co F 101st Ind Inf

Benjamin Sharp   Co E 55th Ind Inf

Lee Sharp   Indiana Pfc 139th Field Art, 38 Div. World War I 11-3-1887-12-7-1950

Harper Cemetery

Warder Crow   Indiana 1st Lt Qmc World War I  6-13-1881-7-22-1970

Lloyd Edgar Green   Indiana Pvt 377 Aero Sqd  World War I 2-5-1895-9-29-1971

Clifton Lines   Indiana Pvt Co B 78th Inf World War I  9-16-1874-11-4-1964

Lafontaine I.O.O.F. Cemetery

Leonard W. Arwood   Sgt US Army Air Corps World War II  11-28-1917-8-28-1980

John E. Bechtol   Tec5 US Army World War II 1920-1984

Herman K. Buckler   Pfc US Army World War II 12-27-1919-7-24-2000

Francis M. Calfee Corp Co. C 118 Ind Inf

Robert C. Carter   Illinois Cpl 2126 Base Unit AAF World War II 1-7-1907-6-29-1955

John Lewis Cline Jr   Pfc US Army 1955-1981

John Edward Cokl   Indiana ARM3 USNR World War II 12-30-1925-8-9-1959

Sherman Oliver Cook   Indiana Pfc Btry C 25th Fld Art World War I 8-19-1891-8-29-1927

David Eugene Cooper   Indiana Sp4 Co A 1 Bn 79th Inf Vietnam  8-31-1947-10-24-1969

Raymond Floyd Cooper   Indiana Mm3 US World War II  11-24-1919-11-10-1957

Grover B. Douglas   Ammh3 US World War II 4-1-1928-12-10-2002

Gene R. Edwards Cpl USmc World War II 7-29-1925-7-27-2002

Robert David Enyeart   Sgt US Army Vietnam Bronze Star Medal 5-1-1947-12-24-2006

Clarence L. Haas   Indiana Pvt Co A 68 Om Bn 9-5-1905-7-16-1968

Oren Earl Hardman    Michigan  Ltjg (Sc) USNR World War II 11-1-1912-7-23-1956

John W. Harper   A1c USaf Vietnam 8-3-1945-1-30-1983

Oliver L. Harrell   Indiana Pvt 47th Inf 4 Div 10-1-1918

James A. Harris   US Army Korea 6-22-1932-5-9-2006

Robert J. Harris   Sgt USmc Vietnam 12-9-1951-3-18-2002

Willard Harris   S2 US World War II 6-26-1924-3-6-1998

David L. Harrison   Sp4 US Army Vietnam 1939-1980

Fred Grant Hoke   Pvt US Army World War I 1894-1987

William T. Howard   Co K 58th Ind Inf

Albert W. Kelley   Sgt USmc World War II 1-8-1920-11-2-1988

Mitchell L. Kendall   Sp4 US Army 2-26-1958-2-4-2002

Bradley Darnell King   Ssg US Army Purple Heart 2-9-1979-4-2-2007

Keith Harlen Kinsey   Indiana Cpl Btry 3 Field Arty World War II 4-11-1905-10-27-1958

Lawrence Lawson   Indiana Pfc 255 Mil Police Bn World War I 2-5-1892-11-3-1968

Leander Lawson   Co F 139 Ind Inf Civil War 2-1-1844-9-19-1921

Albert Otis Lines   Indiana Pvt Ord Dept World War I  8-13-1893-10-12-1964

Winfred Lines   Indiana Pvt 309 Tm Btry World War I  9-27-1893-5-16-1962

Frank Luger   Indiana Pvt Btry F 21 Field Art 12-19-1887-8-13-1959

Lionel D. Maple   US Army 7-16-1877-3-8-1975

Hiley Marks   Indiana Sgt Co G 68 Inf World War I 2-22-1893-12-2-1965

Jack Richard Marks   US Army Korea 6-4-1931-11-6-1006

Alfred T. Miller   US Army World War II 1927-1981

BaUSel Nichols   Co F 153rd Ind Inf

Jack O. Oradat   Ssgt USaf World War II 3-20-1918-7-12-2002

Glen Palmer   Ohio Pvt  8 Co 158 Depot Brig World War I 6-23-1892-2-13-1968

Upton D. Pence   Indiana Pvt US Army World War I 12-4-1895-6-1-1972

Saulie Piper Indiana Pvt 12 Regt Fa Repl. Depot World War I 12-24-1896-5-27-1968

John H. Roberson   Co F 3rd Ind Inf

James C. Ross   Co I 23rd Ind Inf

Dick See   Indiana Pvt Amb Co 8-15-1887-6-11-1945

Everett L. Schrader   A3c USaf Korea 11-3-1930-2-2-2001

John W. Scott   Co G 130th Ind Inf

Harold B. Sorrell   Pfc US Army World War II 1-3-1926-3-26-1999

Kenneth Sparks   Indiana Sgt Air Service World War I 1-20-1894-9-7-1973

Joseph A. Stair Jr   Pvt USAAF World War II  12-5-1926-4-20-1970

Robert Dean Stair   Sp4 US Army 6-15-1934-10-20-2001

Charles W. Taylor   Sp3 US Army 12-28-1934-9-9-1987

Emery L. Tempelton   Pvt US Army 6-26-1891-2-22-1946

Jonathan Tutwiler   Co A 84th Ind Inf

Arlo G. Twitchell   Cpl US Army World War II 1918-1980

Norman David Vickrey  Indiana Pfc Btrt C 139 Field Art. World War I 11-6-1897-3-30-1963

James Lynn Walker   Indiana Major Medical Corps World War I 5-15-1888-8-3-1966

RUSsell D. Walters   Cpt. US Army World War II 8-17-1911-11-8-1988

Henry Ward   Sgt US Army Korea 9-9-1930-11-27-1983

Curtiss Eugene White   Pvt US Army World War II  1924-1984

Lawrence White   Indiana Pvt Btry B 35 Fld Arty World War I 10-6-1889-4-7-1959

Ovid J. Whitton   US Army World War II Purple Heart 6-31-1918-9-9-1991

Emery Williams   Indiana Wagr Co G 112 Ammo Train World War I 9-20-1888-3-15-1962

John Williams   Cpl USmc World War II Purple Heart 2-5-1926-11-23-2003

Old Lafontaine Cemetery

George W. Nixon   Co B 84th Ind Inf

Anderson Owen   Co H 37th Ind Inf

Jacob Sims   Co K 10th Ind Inf

Larkin Sims   Co K 10th Ind Inf

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