Roann High School Graduates 1884-1962

The following was taken from records at the Metropolitan School District office. Roann High Schools first graduating class was in 1884. Its last in 1962. It was consolidated into Northfield High School. Additional information on the various classes was taken from Ro-Annual Yearbooks.
Deaths are indicated with an asterisk * and, at times, the death date as reported in the local newspapers or cemeteries.
Married names are shown in parenthesis ( ) when known.

Transcribed by Ron Woodward.
Additions and corrections can be sent to

Class of 1884
Rose Arthur (Johnson)
Effie Hoffman (Wertenberger) *
Rosei Jones

Class of 1885
Netta Tillman (Lukens) *

Class of 1886
Ida Boyteaux *
Emma Hensler (Schuler)  *

Class of 1888
George Hoke  *
Ella Hoffman  *
Lilly LaBoyteaux  *died 1971
Allen Strode *

Class of 1889
Lorena Adams (Cloud) *
Blanche Barnhart (Smith) *
Ida Gipe (Eby)  *
Hattie Gochenour (Mitten) *
Philena Heiswander (Newbrough) *
Ola Hubbard (Masters) *
Nora Leland (McCauley) *
Ola Lukens *
Amanda Seward (Kennan) *
Thomas Patterson *
Amos Whitmire *
Luther Shoemaker  *
Charles Smith *
John Smith  *
Myrtle Ware (Kercher) *

Class of 1894
Florence Black (Mull) *
Marie Kidd (Mooney) *
Jessie Leffel (Squires) *

Class of 1895
Daisy Gidley (Smith) *
Alice Harris (Miller) *
Ross Lockridge *       Author
Edeth King (Smith) *
Faye Spotts (Berry) *
Dow Van Buskirk *
Edith Van Buskirk *

Class of 1896
Ombra Brower  *
Snowden Flora  *
Flora Meyer *
Pearl Neiswander (Goff) *
Henry Reachert *
Arnold Schuler  *

Class of   1897
Clarence Bell *
Ira Durnbaugh *
Bertha Harris  *
Treva Harter Robinson *
Daisy Sayre (Cary) *
Maude Smith (Schuler) *

Class of 1898
Clara Barnhart (Spiece) *
Florence Baume (McCulla) *
Ethel Brower (Brown) *
Rosa Clayton (Rager) *
Eva Clevenger (Cattin) *
Merle Durnbaugh  *
Faye Halderman (Black) *
Jay Halderman *
Vern Halderman *
Charles Hensler *
Clara Kidd (Grunipp) *
Bruce Lockridge  *
Oakey Lockridge (Huddleston) *
Beulah Smith (Gruhner) *

Class of 1899
Mabel Brower (Lowd) *
Leo Flora *
Edith Halderman *
Charles Jones  *
Albertine Meyer *
Edith Petty (Love) *
Marie Petty (Trostle) *
Ora Sayre *
Dora Shillinger (Rantz) *
Merlee Sonday (Hoffman) *

Class of 1900
Harry Carothers *
Laura Durnbaugh *
Nellie Lentz (Barnhart) *
Edith Weber (Baker) *

Class of 1901
Jessie Harris *
Earl Lockridge *
Marion Lockridge (Ward) *
Alta Kennedy *
Nelle Reed *

Class of 1902
Mary Baker *
Harry Burson *
Ada Brodbeck (Tillman) *
Ethel Fritchey *
Ralph Gidley *
Maude Miller (Whitmyre) *
Russell Schuler *
Orrill Van Buskirk *

Class of 1903
Ray Reed *
Housel Sonday *
Ethel Turner (Armstrong) *
Hazel Turner (Hipskind) *

Class of 1904
Harley Black *
Esta Goltry *
Glenn Grumpp *
R.R. Lukens *
Alma Stewart *
Leah Williams *

Class of 1905
Mabel Eby (Early)  *
Enid Gidley (Williams) *
Grace Harris (McClain) *
Harry Lentz *
Daisy Lewis (Westhaver) *
Clude McGinley *
Hugh Rager *
Mabel Smith *
Mattie Spiece (Ray) *
Howard Tillman *
Jess Whitmeyre *

Class of 1906
Valora Baird *
Estille Carothers *
Tom Clark *
Harry Eby *
Viva Hiner (Banks) *
Alva Krom *
Sessie Lavengood (Yocum) *
Lloyd Lewis *
Harry Lukens *
Ida Meadows (Jones) *
Mayme Reed *
Octave Teague (Cramer) *
Cecile Weber (Stitt) *

Class of 1907
Jack Butterbaugh *
Ruth Butterbaugh (Tony) *
Ethel Flora *
Ross Helvey  *
Nellie Keppel (Miller) *
James Gordon Kidd *
Wilbur Lavengood *

Class of 1908
Richard Clark *
Wilford Rife *

Class of 1909
Hazel Crist (Haupert) *
Royal Lavengood *
Sibyl Ross (Sampson) *

Class of 1910
Floyd Durnbaugh *
Clara Gertie (Keppel)  *
Helen Hoffman *
Metta Johnson (Early) *
Bige Teague *
Cleo Snearly (Taylor) *

Class of 1911
Howe Barnhart *
Adda Berry *
Dow Bush *
Alice Clark  *
Homer Hiner  *
Hazel Lewis *
Rella Murr (Gates)  *
Edna M. Shock  *
Ruth Zehaer (O'Haver) *

Class of 1912
Pauline Eby *
Trula Griffith (McKee) *
Pauline Kennedy  *
Lavonne Lavengood  (Lukens) *
Thomas Lukens *
Edna Lewis  *
Esta Ranck *
Blanche Reahard *

Class of 1913
Elsie Applegate (Rush) *
Lavonne Carver (Durnbaugh)  * died 1981
Charlotte Custer (Fulton) *
Henry Durnbaugh  * died 1967
David Flohr *
Leona Heagy  (Earl)  *
Leonard Hiner  *
Ada Hubbard (Haupert)  *
Norman Lavengood *
Lena Rack (Shaffer)  *
Donald Ross  *
Mount Smith *
Treva Sonday (Smith)  *
James Turner *

Class of 1914
Paul Beam *
John Beamer *   U.S.
Ivan Flohr  *
Tressa Heeter  (Hoffman)  *
George Helvey *
Alice Keppel  (Meyer) *
Russell Purdy *
Lena Ranck (Shaffer)  *
Earl Schrader *
Fred VanBuskirk *
Roy Wagoner  *

Class of 1915
Esther Clayton (Powers) *
Helen Clayton (Roberts) *
Cleo Hite (Yentes) *
Mary Keppel (Fanning) *
Dorothy Ross (Hipskind) *
Beatrice White (Lyles) *

Class of 1916
Merita Ashton *
Grace Bartaway (White) *
Dewey Burnbaugh *
Lillian Carr (Bruce) *
Wayne Gidley *
Helen Grumpp *
Lawrence Halderman *
Dorothy Johnson (Walter) *
Ivan Ranck *
Marie Swihart (Alber) *
J. Ellsworth Yarian *

Class of 1917
Lola Barnhart (Anderson)
Louis Beam *
Monterey Flora  *
Carl Grumpp *
Lola Nicely  (Giltner) *
Mabel Oswalt (Mouser) *
Royal Ranck *
Frances Smith (Conlon) *
Lorin Thompson *
Harry White *

Class of 1918
Gladys Clark (Kile)  *
Lee Johnson  *
Monterey Flora (Kinerk) *
Daisy Schrader (Glaze)  *
Frances Smith  *

Class of 1919
Marjorie Barnhart (Wilson) *
Mary Barnhart (Craig) *
Mary Clayton (Johnson) *
Helen Halderman (Harris) *
Faye K. Hubbard (Haupert) *died 1999
Eva Lavengood  *
Mable Titus  *
Delta Rogers *

Class of 1920
Ruth Bloxon (Meyer
Gordon Deck
Edith Flora (Miller)
Treva Gray (Kuch)
Anna Nicely (Whistler)
Beulah Schrader (Shoemaker)
Edith Shank (Roberts)
Emma Shillinger  (Baber)
Mildred Shillinger
Kathrine Van Buskirk
Chester Weller
Mable White (Wolf)
John Yarian

Class of 192l
Helen Applegate (Krockenberger)
Tommy Barnhart
Maude Beam (Yocum) *died 1955
Glenn Brower *died 1976
Merl Carver
Beryl Stalder
Munday Sunday
Elta Swihart (Rife)  *died 1986

Class of 1922
Ralph Bloxon
George P. Keppel *died 1998
Caroline Miller (Kesler)
Helen Mooney (Rogers)

Class of 1923
Robert Ambers
Arthur Dyrt
Turee Day (Coblentz)
Isabel Fanning (Miller)
Gladys Flohr (Pring)
George Gustin * died 1958
G. Lewis Hensler
Helen Kepple
Bert Lavengood *died 1974
Minerva Milam(Thomas)
Clarence Schuler *died 1975
Miriam Schuler (Ray)
Sylvia M. Sutter (Gustin) *died 2001
Robert White
Walter Yarian *died 1932

Class of 1924
Raymond Anderson
Walter Bayles
Fred Bush *  died l960 WW 11
LaMoine Clingaman
Hazel Day
Floy Gray (Dawalt)
Jean Hubbard  (Kissinger)
Martha Lavengood *died 1998
Francis Milam
Victor Mull
Wilbur Nicely *died 1960
Clyde Overly
Ancil Reed
Helen Reed (Miller)
Lydia Rosenthal (Dolby) *died 1991
Russell Snapp
Mary Whistler (Lloyd)

Class of 1925
Ray Beam * died 1975
Maggie Haag (Wigner)
Pauline Haag *
Mildred Harger (Callaway)
Louise Hensler (Barnhart)
Miriam Jack (Lavengood) *Died 1997
Goldia Milam (Rettig) *
Marguerite Mooney (Brenneman)
Wilmer Rogers

Class of 1926
Eugene Barnhart
Lillian L. Beam (Miller) *Died 1977
Dorothy Black (Harvey)
Herbert Boswell
Robert Burnsworth
Mabel Crist (Busch) *died 1993
Vera Crist (Knotts)
Ruth Grogg (Struble)
Maurice Hensler
Cecile Jack (Bowman)
Lloyd R. Miller
Thomas Myers
Aurel Rosenthal (Musselman) *died 1998
Adna Swihart (Kindley)
George Tombaugh

Class of 1927
Joe Boswell
Ralph Carr
Eugene Christle
Harold Deardorff
Enid Frailing (Beam)
Donovan Hunter
Cecil H. Keppel *died 2000
Esther Miller (Bell)
Thomas Mooney
Laurence Rager
Opal Rantz (Schrader)
J. Robert Ridenour *died 1993
John Schuler *died 2001

Class of 1928
Helen Baker (Hood)
Louis Baker * died 1971
Hampton Boswell
Eleanor Bowman (Burgher)
John Bryan
Mary Bryan (Strangland)
Lenore Carr (Schuler)
Wilbur Dyson
Howard Flora
Helen Hayes (Moore)
Bernice Kamp (Ketzler
Josephine Keppel (Oswalt)
Edythe Lynn (Klintman)
Robert O. Lynn *died 1999
Alvin Morphew
Fred Petty *
Hugh Reahard
Russell Rogers *died 1994

Class of 1929
Esther Black (Boswell)
Olga Boswell (Thurman)
Beulah Crist (John)
Dorothy Haupert (Hinesley)
Dorothy Hensler
Dortha Miller
Katherine Mooney (Douglass)
Vernice Morphew (Cozzi)
Lenora Rogers (Bell)

Class of 1930
Emily Boswell (Shambarger)
Jane Eby
Kathleen French
Vera Haag (Burns) *died 1994
Helen Heeter
Pauline Hensler (Reahard)
Dudley Lavengood
Gene Miller
Helen Miller (Zimmerman) *
Louise Nicely (Sloop) *died 1990
Kenneth Ryan
Garl Shank  *died 2002
Marguerite Yarian (Rockey)

Class of 193l
Ralph Bolinger
Mary J. Carr (Bowton)
Wayne Crist
Keith Day
Kenneth Kamp
Mildred Kendall (Miller)
Charles R. Keppel *died 1994
Lillian E. Lynn (Wiley)
Marie Mooney (Hart)
Max Orwin
John Rantz
Mary Wakely (Hill)

Class of 1932
Edna Beam
Malcolm Figert
Lois Teel (Lintner)
Edna Thrush (Thrush)
Kenneth Watson *died 1994

Class of 1933
Russell Babb
Ethel M. Bowman (Johnson)
Lavonne Clayton
Jack DuBois
Dorotha Eby (Whiggley)
Kathryn Hensler
Mervyn Kendall
Merian Kennedy(Bakalas)
Helen Marshall (Hahnart)
Gene Miller
Lois M. Miller(Kendall)
David Morphew
Wilma Stephens
Von Tate
Juanita Thomas

Class of 1934
William T. Bryan * died 1994
Marjory Carr (Stands)
Claudus Dyson
Virginia Flora (Thornet)
Esther Miller (Craig) *2008
John Mishler
Dorothy Morphew (Wagner)
Arlene R. Needham (Kline) *died 1997
John Rantz
Richard Spiece
Mary Weirick (Byrt) *died 1996
Arlene Whisler (Curfman)
Donald Yike

Class of 1935
Paul Bolinger
Harold Bowman
Marian Deck
Lillian DuBois
Kermit French
Virginia Johnson (Kinzie)
Lewis Keppel
Louise Martin (Thrush)
Robert Miller
Earl Schrader
Lena Spiece (Haecker)
Paul Swihart
Marion Wakely
William Warren
Uriah Weirick
Hazel Whisler (Beck)
Mary Jane Yarian (Baker) *2008

Class of 1936
Donald Bolinger
Bobby Bruce
Robert DuBois
Raymond Dyson
Betty Early (Bowton)
Joy Eby (Toohey)
Max Friermood *died 2002  WWII
Norma Mouser (Heckman)
Mae Scott (Clingaman)
Wanda Thomas (Dyson)
Dorothy Wright (Gaff)

Class of 1937
Norma Deck (Krom)  *
Robert Dillman
Helen DuBois (Zivoder)
Joe DuBois
Mary E. Favorite
Beulah Figert (Richards)
Mary E. Flinn (Miller)
Margaret Flora (Kendall)
Eloise A. Lesher (Kramer) *died 2004
Paul E. Meyer  *died 2002   WWII
Noble Morphew
Millicent Pontius (Stutzman)
Helen Siders (Yarian)
Harold Sullivan
Betty Ulrey (Hillegoss)

Class of 1938
Eugene Beam
Wanda Bryan (Smithee)
Philip Burnsworth
Varnham Clark
Dean Durnbaugh
Howard Meenan
Betty Meyer (Nees)
Bertha Miller (Custer)
Phyllis Miller (Long)
Helen Mouser (Burnworth)
Wanda Schrader
James Whiteside *

Class of 1939
James Bowman
Maxine Brodt
Wilma J. Burnworth
Dorothy DuBois (Dershem) *died 2003
Robert Dyson
Carl Favorite
Robert Friermood
Robert Haag
Geraldine Harmon (Mactmer)
Eva Layman
Bob Milam
Martha Needham (Rothermol)
Deane Purdy
Margaret Spiece (Cowls)
Bette Weller
Bill Whiteside

Class of 1940
Ruth Alfeld (Alber)
Billy Beam * died 1997   WWII
Roland Bozart
Maxine Brodt
Jane Comer (Timmons)
Gerald Dyson *2008
Norma Fowler (Rush)
Charlene Grual
Charles Grual
Joy E. Kendall
Dorotha J. Meyer (Dyson) *died 2004
Donald Shafer
Elbert Wray
Maxine Yarian (Dyson)

Class of 1941
Jean Burnworth (Stanton)
Louise Comer (Freeman)
Doris Durnbaugh (Simpson)
Robert Dyson
Paul Figert
Robert Flohr
Bonnie Friermood (Schultz)
Robert Harrell
Mary McClure (Baker)
Mildred Miller (Eller)
Otto L. Rantz
Donald Summers

Class of 1942
Ruth Ahlfeld
Marjorie Beam (Gidley)
Truman Blocher
Herman Bozarth
Joan Campbell (Haag)
Carl Favorite
Delbert E. Haupert *died 2003  state corn husking champion 1988
Betty Haag (Bechtol) *
Kathleen Keim
James Kidd
Lavonne Merrick (Spiece)
Mary J. Needham (Schroll)
Jack Oswalt *died 1964
Donald Shafer
Margaret Van Buskirk (Bergen)
Anna Warren (Pell)
Robert Wood

Class of 1943
Marjorie Dale (Lauer)
Richard Deardorff
Wayne Dillman
Onda Dyson (Good)
Richard Fisher
Kathleen Keim
Davis Logan
Emma Miller
Fred Rantz *died 1998  USMC WWII
Betty Sullivan (Mussleman)
Bette Thomas (Rench)
Dorothy Ulrey (Bowman)
Donald Wood

Class of 1944
Wayne Abell
Edward Beam * died 1990  WWII
Opal Bechtold (McColley)
Clarence Bozarth
Jeannette Dale (Showalter)
Phyllis Dyson (Browne)
Loren Haupert
Ira Hiner
Orville Howard
Barbara Merrick (Underhill)
Charles Miller
James Turner
George Whisler

Class of 1945
Tonawanda Bammerlin
Beulah Bozarth (Krause)
Ellen Dyson (Hostetler)
Ray D. Meyer
Josephine Rantz (Schul)
Dean Warren

Class of 1946
Betty Abell (Giltner)
Lorraine Comer (Ahlfeld)
Martel Crandall
William Dillard
Thomas Giltner
Don Hall * died 1983
Mary L. Harmon (Haupert) *
Jack Johnson * died 3-7-2007
Paul A. Keppel
Irene M. Laughman (Nickell)
Pauline Mouser (Pretorious)
Patricia Pence (Mouser)
Vivian Swihart (Bittinger)
Betty Yarian (Bucher)

Class of 1947
Clifford Blocher
Dorothy J. Bryan
Margie Burnsworth (Meyer) *died 1992
Jerry Haag
Joe Howard
Josephine Howard (Pankop)
Tom Jones
Richard Merrick
Paul Miller
Robert Nicely
Gerald Pankop
Robert Rogers

Class of 1948
Doris Brower
LeVoy O. Early
Pierre Gaff * died 1948
Wilbur Mouser *died 2003
Joseph Sausaman
Phyllis Schuler (Little)
Helen Stone (Haupert)
John Swihart
Doris Ulrey (Bechtold)
Daniel Van Buskirk
Pat Yarian (Johnson)

Class of 1949
Shirley A. Baber (Hipsher)
Noima Carver (McVicker)
Dick Dyson * died 1995
Vera I.  Dyson (Huffman)
Dick Early *
Jane Gaunt (Alexander)
Delbert D. Hall
Emma Harmon (McDaniels)
Charles Huffman
Richard A. Johnson
Clarence E. Keppel *died 2000
Marie Tucker (Vanlandingham)
Lowell Wolfe
Otto Wolfe
Rosella Yarian (Dyson)

Class of 1950
Marilyn A. Baker (Castillo)
Anne Beam (Johnson)
Jonnibil Boardman
Mary L. Bryan (Burnnemer)
Rebecca Diller (Claar)
Eith Dyson
Jimmy Harris
Kenneth Hively
Patricia Howard (Young)
Gloria Kennedy (Cordial)
Phyllis Needham (Turpin)
Marilyn Nicely (Dyson)
Doris Rantz (Hunt)
Raymond Steele
Gerhard Weiser

Class of 195l
Ronald Bussard
Jerry Cain
Joseph A. Diller *died 1960
Ruth I. Draper (Early)
Jack Dyson
Dwight Fouts
Ardith J. Gaff
Charles Hall * died 1990
Robert Kochenour
Robert D. Norman
Dorothy Shepherd
Donald L. Siders
Byron Steele

Class of 1952
Charles Adkins
Richard L. Beam
Marilyn Crandall (Harris)
James L. Draper
Dolly Gaff (Pontius)
Jerry L. Gaunt
George E. Hapner
Patsy Harris (Sucher)
James L. Huffman
James R. Nicely *died 3-29-1979
Harold F. Norman
John P. Schuler
Peggy  L. Siders (Norman)
James Simpson
Donald M. Slee
Myrtle Slee
Shirley Steele (Purdy)
Peter Van Buskirk *died 1994  USAF Korea
Robert D. White
Mary E. Yocum

Class of 1953
Edna M. Beam (Dyson) * died 1994
Beverly Bradley (Burchard)
Georgia L. Brown (Brunn)
Cheri A. Crews (Draper)
James Deck
John Deck
Donald E. Dyson
Paul Everest
Laurence Hively
Larry Pence
Robert Siders
Jane Tomlinson (Dyson)

Class of 1954
Susanne Baber (Fouts)
Bonnie Bryan (Ahnert)
Carol J. Dyson (Baker)
Robert C. Ferrie
Jack Hall *2008
Dale Hapner
Edith Hively (Zinsmeister)
Robert E. Kirtlan
Sara J. Kratzer (Van Buskirk)
Joyce Needham (Schultz)
Stephen Petty
Richard Summers
Harley Steele

Class of 1955
Diane Baker (Brougham)
Norma M. Bryan (Devor)
Tommy Bussard
David Closser
John Dyson
Robert Ferrie
Jack Gaunt
Ken Grandstaff
Arthur J. Haynes
Vernon L. Kinzie
Elva Kochenour (Roberts)
Bruce Mouser
David Schuler
Richard Siders
Marilyn Sle(Zinsmeister)
Marriet Steele (Sanders)
Miriam Swihart  (Jackson)
Carol Watson (Closser)

Class of 1956
Janice Baber (Potter)
Nancy C. Baker (Beeney)
Sharon Bradley (Harris)
Richard Paul Draper * died 2009
Donald Everest
Harold Everest * died 1996
Larry Harris
Kathleen Keppel (Kuffel)
Vonell Krom
Richard E. Maish
Dale W. Milam
Marilyn A. Miller (Simpson)
Charles A. Rohr
Carol Schram (Shimm)
Eleanor VanBuskirk (Draper)
Louella Wolfe

Class of 1957
Anita J. Baker (Hutson)
Beverly Byers (Kinzie)
Patricia Chapman (Hipskind)
Janice K. Harden (Crist)
Judith A. Haynes (Nygard)
Dale F. Joy
Terry C. Miller *2008
Terry G. Pell * died in Vietnam 12-31-1961
James L. Rogers
Nancy L. Tomlinson (Page)
Ronald L. Ulrey
Phyllis A. Williamson (Joy) *died 1993

Class of 1958
Karel Byers (Long)
Janet Cline (Shawver)
Phillip Draper
Mary Dyson (Miller)
Janice Gaunt (Wilson)
Betty Hall (Long)
Robert Huffman
Glen M. Milam
Donna M. Shank (Kennedy)
James E. Slee
Bill Steele
Anita Whinery (Wells)
Carolyn Williamson (Terrell)
Danny Wood

Class of 1959
Sandra L. Beam (Bartlett
Geneva C. Chapman
Nancy K. Cline (Garrett)
Ned K. Cline
Linda R. Closser
Bonnie J. Dillman (Krom)
Paul H. Hapner *died 2000
Linda R. Kinzie  (Labertew)
Tom Krom
Roberta A. Miller (Gilmer)
Susan B. Pell
Donald E. Richardson
Donald E. Rogers
Robert W. Russell
Stephen J. Sloniker
Sherry Vigar (Draper)
James Wilson
Nancy Williamson (Wood)
Pat Wysong
Donald Yocum

Class of 1960
Margaret A. Baker (Warford)
Linda J. Byers (Harris)
Margaret L. Dershem (Durrer)
Gene C. Dyson
Patricia K. Irelan (Cline)
Mary Kramer (Stevens)
Judy A. Kratzer (Livengood)
Kay Meyer (Ridenour)
Saundra K. Miller
Gerald Shank
Barbara J. Watson

Class of 1961
Judith S. Delong
Penelope E. Fisher
Arden E. Gilmer
Richard W. Krom
Rebecca S. Meyer
Dareld Keith Randol
Robert J. Slee
Priscilla VanBuskirk

Class of 1962
Avis A. Auker
Paula I. Bowman
Pamela D. Cline
Nancy J. Dyson
Virgil E. Dyson
Fayanne S. Givler
Darlene R. Harris
Pricilla A. Hippensteel
Robert W. Kramer
Nancy S. Kratzer
Russel L. Krom
Robert O. Lynn
Ronald E. Maish
Sharon J. Malott
Joyce M. Rogers
Linda S. Rush
Floyd L. Townsend
Rex J. Vigar
David M. Williamson
Dale R. Yocum
David A. York
Michael J. W. Young

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