Lincolnville High School Graduates 1910-1950

The records of Lincolnville High School were taken from the Metropolitan School District records with permission of the superintendent. These records run from 1910 to 1950. Sometimes the graduation date was not placed on the transcript. In that case, four years were added to the entrance date to determine the graduation date. Therefore, some may be in error.
Deaths are indicated with an asterisk * and, at times, the death date as reported in the local newspapers or cemeteries.
Married names are shown in parenthesis (   ) when known.

Transcribed by Ron Woodward.
Additions and corrections can be sent to

Class of 1910
Estella G. Culver  (Kelsey) *
Grace Harvey *
Bessie Kendall *
Shirley Nuner *
Carrie Wilson *

Class of 1911
ViolaCoessa Akers (Copeland) *
Milburn Cross *
Willie Farley *
Marcus Glass *
Clem C. Harnish *died 1969
Robert Teague *

Class of 1912
Mable Glass (Cross) *died 1982
Carl Giltner *
Tulla McGinnis *
Sherman Pressler *
Agnes Rinearson *
Sherman Waggoner *

Class of 1913
Mary L. Fanning (McKinley) *
Clara Kendall *
Everett Rapp *
Olive Rapp *
Clarence Vandergrift *

Class of 1914
Wilbur Giltner *
Smith Glass *
Wilson Grayston *
Fanny McGinnis (Logan) *
Marie Martin (Whitcraft) *
Mary Owen (Teague) *
Lola E. Pressler *
Bernice Reed *
Inez Reed *

Class of 1915
Maud K. Eviston (Ervin) *
Ruth Gillespie *
Anna Kendall *
Elizabeth D. Poston (Knight) *died 1958

Class of 1916
Claude Gillespie *
Harold Rapp *

Class of 1917
No Class

Class of 1918
Philip Eviston *
Charles Kendall *
Marguerite Mattern (Kendall) *

Class of 1919
Ruth Brane *
Rose Eviston *
Walter Glass *
Russel Settle *
Harden Snyder *

Class of 1920
No Class

Class of 1921
Charleyn Barnet *
Fred Landis *
Ella Settle *

Class of 1922
Georgia Beryl Pence (Borton)
Golda M. Poston
Audrey Reynolds (Faulhaber)
Hazel Rapp
Hilda Wintrode

Class of 1923
Forest Bowman
Louise Gillespie
Orval Hollen
Marian Mattern
Loren Rapp
Homer Ridgway

Class of 1924
Willis Bogue 
Marguerite Engleman
Eloise Eviston
Hilda Harden
Delilah Hoch
Frank L. Hoch *died 1985
Alton Kissinger
Hazel M. Landis (Kessler)
Paul Landis *died 1959
Helen B. Poston (Wintrode) *died 1992
Faye Smith
Ruth Tweedy
Gilbert Wiles

Class of 1925
Edna Sinclair
Evelyn Snyder
Clare Stafford
Dwight Usher

Class of 1926
Russel Akers
Arville Rapp
Lucile Rhamy
Audra Stafford
Dorothy Wintrode

Class of 1927
Lois Baker
Kenneth Engleman
Gladys Fall
Waldo Pressler
Russell Sinclair
Alva Snyder
Robert L. Whitcraft *died 2006

Class of 1928
Elizabeth Meszaros (Rapp)
Muriel Rapp
Mildred Stafford
Esther Thrush
Marion Whitcraft
Eli Wintrode *died 1995

Class of 1929
J. Austin Brane *died 1993
Mary Beth Clark
Ora E. Faust *died 2005
Ardith Flickinger
Geneva Garriott
Irma Small
Ethel Speicher
Eunice Wiles

Class of 1930
Henry Brane
Lucile Hoch (Sinclair)
Helen Jones
Lucile Owen
Peniston Pence
Wilda Peniston
Paul Sinclair
Adeline Wiers

Class of 1931
Russell Bowman
Lemoine Engleman
Dorothy Grimm Beall *2008
Eva Reba Kulb (Dyson) *
Cleo Speicher
Lillian Stansbury

Class of 1932
Reva Bowman
Estacorine Brane (Keiffer)
Frank M. Brane *died 1994 Sgt WWII purple heart
Charles Cross
Matthew H. Eviston *died 1933
Maxine Jones
Wilburn Owen
Eileen Reynolds
Wellman Thrush

Class of 1933
Earl Brane
Marie Faust (Sailors) *died 1996
Donald Fosnough
Francina Hoch (Lange)
LeRoy Schoby
Verl Usher
Virginia Wiles

Class of 1934
Martha E. Powell (Grogg)(Kowenhoven) *died 2003
Edna L. Jones
Pauline Landis (Gurtner)
Leota Lewis (Pefley) *died 2001
Theresa M. Lynn (McDaniel *died 1988
Martha Powell
Mildred Schoby
Mary J. Whitcraft

Class of 1935
Loneta Brane
Gene Brock
Jeanette Eviston
William O. Gaines *died 2005
Leslie Jines
Anna M. Knight (Heslet)
Edward Schoby
Ansel Smith
Clarence Speicher
Stewart Wiles

Class of 1936
Elma E. Corn
Theodore Cox
Mary A. DeFord
Betty L. Early (Phillips) *died 2005
Mary A. Howard
James Landis
Eldon Lewis
Willard Oppy
Jesse Owen
Norman Pinkerton
Mildred E. Schoby (Charles) *died 200l
Arminda Smith
Eileen Smith
Don Whinery
Earl Whinery

Class of 1937
Nina B. Eviston (Frank) *
Eugene Powell
Herschel Waggoner

Class of 1938
Harriet Black
Harriet Cross
Richard Johnston
Robert E. Loy *died 1998
Loyd Mason
Maybelle Oppy
Betty J. Pence (Crist)
Mary J. Razer
Margaret Schoby
Katherine Sills
Ruth E. Speicher
Maribelle Thrush
Mary A. Waggoner

Class of 1939
Leota Bowman
Loren Frank
Philip Landis
Esther Satterthaite
Charlotte Weller
Janelda Wood

Class of 1940
Alice Cross
Johnny Faust
Gene Fosnough
Delmar Lewis
Charles Pogue
Dalice Powell
Myron Smith
Fern E. Zintsmaster (Boyer) *died 2004

Class of 1941
Bruce Brane
Royce Copeland
David Cox
Robert Daihl
Robert Eviston
Elmer Fosnough
Betty Howard
Charles P. King
Ruth E. Landis (Dale) *died 2005
Clara Leaming
Frederick H. Loy *died 1992
Wanda Pence
Mary A. Speicher
Ruby L. Waggoner (Baumbauer) *d. 25 Feb 2009

Class of 1942
Glen Daihl
Lorene Gillespie (Rife) *
Robert Kendall
Mary P. Kulb
Dicky Pogue
Mary Schoby

Class of 1943
Leonard Black
Eugene Cox
Wanda M. Gaines (Tucker)
Keith Gilbert
Ralph Miller
Paul Pogue
Robert Rife
Evelyn A. Smith
Gilbert M. Smith
Merrill Speicher
Mary Zintsmaster

Class of 1944
James Barton
Dean Buzzard
Marcille Gillespie (Airgood)
Delbert D. Hoch *died 2006
Dorothy Rife
Luree Smith

Class of 1945
Lorna M. Fogel
Doris G. Gaines (Tucker)
Jack Gillespie *
Donald Kulb
Ben Schoby *

Class of 1946
Mary R. Cross
Loren Hoch
Richard Howard * died 2002
Paul D. Loy * died 1997
Warner E. Miller
Udene Pefley *
James Summers
Bonnie J. Usher

Class of 1947
Rex Buzzard
Philip Hairrel
Donna J. Hoch (Miller) *
Charles Hussong
Margaret A. McKee
Meredith Speicher
Alta L. Terrel

Class of 1948
Billie E. Jacks (Sarll)
Harvey Pefley
David Schoby *
Raymond Terrell
Fred Weller
Mary Wintrode

Class of 1949
Edwin Hoch
James L. Hoch *
Emogene P. Kulb (Barton)
James McKee
Albert Pefley *
Paul Zintsmaster

Class of 1950
Mary R. Jacks

Unknown Class
Geneva Cox
Arnold Morris
May Wintrode

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