White's Institute Cemetery

An old burying ground no longer used located on the White's Institute grounds. White's at one time was an Indian Manual School. The burials are from this period of time. The cemetery is located within the boundaries of Whites Institute and are beautifully situated and well maintained.

This listing was done by Ron Woodward and is included in his book "Noble township Cemeteries Wabash County Indiana", 2004. Besides using gravestone records, obituaries and Admissions and Dismissal Records of Whites Indian Manual Labor Institute were used.

-?-, CARRIE  daughter of Sioux Chief ?o Flesh, Pine Ridge Agency, Dakota died 3-l9-l890 age l3

BEARD, EVA  no dates buried by Hoover-Miner Funeral Home, Wabash

BISSENETTE, THERESA  daughter of Joseph and Nellie, Pine Ridge Agency, Dakota,
            died 5-l3-l890 age l8

FAST HORSE, ROSA  daughter of Joseph and Jennie of Pine Ridge Dakota, Sioux Indiana
            died 4-3-l885 age l4

FREDERICK, ANNA  buried l0-3l-l906 by Hoover-Miner Funeral Home

LONG, SIDDIE  daughter of Isaac Z. died ll-ll-l887 Wyandotte Indian age 20-4-0

MIKLUNAS, JOSEPHINE  buried 2-2-l9l7 by Hoover-Miner funeral Home

STEED, FREDERICK  age l4 years resident Whites Institute buried Whites Institute obit
       from Marion Daily Chronicle dated 4-l8-l903

TIMMER, MARY  Sioux from Sautee Agency died 12-7-l886 age 12 years

TWO BULLS, MOSES  son of Two Bulls of Pine Ridge Agency, Dakota Sioux Indian
           died 6-2-l890 age l6 years

WHITE, REBA  Sioux from Crow Creek, Dakota died 4-5-l885 age about 5 years

Small marker, followed by three foot markers with no legible names or dates, and then two
larger markers with no legible names or dates.

NOTE:  Several children who died here were buried at Friends Cemetery in Noble Township.

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