By Ronald L. Woodword

Stockdale cemetery is located just north of the Eel River in PawPaw township, northeast of country roads 770W and River Road, Section 35, Township 29N Range 5E. It is the only cemetery in Wabash County known to have a Revolutionary War veteran buried in it. A DAR marker marks the grave of Samuel Brudge. This listing is taken from CEMETERIES OF PAWPAW TOWNSHIP WABASH COUNTY INDIANA compiled by Ronald L. Woodward and revised in 1997.


        W.N.  son of Jackson 3-28-1814-11-?-1883 age 24 hrs

BLACK, BARBARA  wife of Thomas 3-18-1814-4-17-1892

       CLEMENTINA dau of Thomas & Barbara died 11-23-1862 age 14-2-3
       DEEM  son of T & B died 2-17-1852 aged 4-6-25
       THOMAS  11-21-1812-5-6-1900

BONEWITZ, ELIAS  died 3-13-1873 aged 52-1-16
          INFANT  son of G & M.A. died 1-1-1865
          MARY  wife of Elias died 1-11-1855 aged 25-9-20

BURDGE, AGNESS A. dau of J & M died 2-28-1852 aged 6y
        AGNESS ANN  wife of Samuel died 9-27-1845 aged 56-11-21
        DARIES  son of J & M died 3-29-1850
        INFANT  son of J & M died 5-18-1842
        INFANT  son of J & M died 4-15-1844
        JAMES  died 3-12-1877 aged 60-9-20
        MARY ANN BOOTS  10-25-1821-1-20-1896  wife of James
        SAMUEL  died 11-27-1844 aged 88-3-6 Revolutionary War Vet.
        TRESSA  infant beside Agnes Ann and Samuel no information

CAULFIELD, HANNAH M.  died 3-6-1872 age 22-8-0

CROFT, CATHERINE  wife of John died 5-?-1872 aged 80-3-3
       JOHN  died 3-1-1880 aged 87-10-26
       JOHN S.  died 11-17-1850 aged 25-6-28

DAVIS, ELVIRA  dau of J.P. & R. died 6-2-AL5850 aged 5-7-12
       KEZIAH  dau of J.P. & R. died 1-23-5849

DUNCAN, HERSHEL V.  son of J.W. & E. died 3-1-1865 age 5 weeks

GINGRICH, CHARLES  son of S. & M.A. born 4-30-1876 died ?

KEIM, INFANT dau of George and Mary born and died 1856

KROFT, ALVE CAROLINE dau of Christian and Mary Jane died 9-9-1862 Aged 8-6-20

LEWIS, GEORGE  son of J. & L. died 8-15-1853 aged 3-4-0
       ISABEL  dau of David & Lucinda died 2-16-1862 aged 0-10-6
       JOHN H.  son of D. & L. died 3-26-1862 age 8-0-26
       MARTHA A.  dau of D. & L. died 3-1-1862 aged 5-7-18
       NATHAN  son of d. & L. died 3-3-1855 aged 1-5-0

LODER, JAMES A.N.  son of James and M. Jane died 12-20-1864 aged 1-4-24

OVERLY, DAVID  1863-1949
        ORVILLE  1908-
        ROSA  1884-1958

REYNOLDS, LEAH MAUD  dau of W.R. & J.A. died 2-20-1898 aged 0-3-24

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