Pittenger cemetery is located on land originally owned by Henry Pittenger located Se quarter Section 32, Township 27 Range 7E. It is located on the west side of old Indiana l5 about 1/2 mile north of State Road l24. Records were originally collected by Mrs. Mary C. O'Hair for the Dr. Manasseh Cutler Chapter DAR in l964. This listing was updated by Ron Woodward using obituaries and other historical records and published in Noble Township Cemeteries Wabash County Indiana 2004. Many of the burials are unmarked and others were removed to Matlock Cemetery also to be found in Noble Township.

ANTRIM, COLUMBUS  son of John and Susan died ll-l2-l853

ARNOLD, DELILAH PITTENGER wife of Will S. died 7-28-k854 age 33-3-l8
        JOHN H.  son of Wm. S. and Delilah Civil War vet died 12-5-l862 age 20-6-0

BEEKS, FANNY wife of William died 5-l3-l86l age 29-l-l2

BRADY, CLEASON CALVIN 5-8-l790-7-ll-l859 age 69-2-3
       JANE BOSMAN (or Bausman) born l800 near Fredericksburg, Md 2nd wife of Cleason
       WILLIAM  father of T.R. removed body and reinterred Matlock Cemetery on 8-?-l895

GOOLEM, MARY E.  daughter of S.L. died 8-4-l872 age 0-5-0

LONGFELLOW, NATHAN R.  died 3-l3-l856 age 52-l0-0

M-------, MARY M.  daughter of ----- no dates

MCKEE, CHAUNCY born Warwick, NY 6-5-l8??-6-9-l859

NEWMAN, CLARA  wife of John died 2-24-l873 age 37-4-13

PITTENGER, ELEANOR  wife of Henry died 6-8-l859 age 64-3-24
           HENRY  veteran of War of l8l2 died 2-l9-l866 age 76-3-26
           JOHN A.  son of Henry and Eleanor 9-l7-l8l6-8-2-l894

SPINKS, MARY J.  daughter of Zeno C. and Anna died 9-l5-l856 age 5-l-0

WEAVER, BABBARET daughter of Daniel and Cynthia E. died l-l-l854 age 5-2-29
        JOHN   died 6-3-l843 age 27-l-28
        REBECCA   daughter of Daniel and Cynthia E. died l-l0-l854 age 3-6-0

WOHLGAMUTH, LUCINDA  wife of Samuel died 3-23-l864 age 32-6-13
            REBECCA A.  9-4-l859-2-l9-l860 age 0-5-0

UNKNOWN, FRANCIS  no dates possible Newman or Longellow

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