The following information from "Family Branches" Vol 3, No. 8, January, 1998, newsletter of the Wabash County Genealogical Society, published monthly and mailed to members.
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Nabors Cemetery is located in Pleasant township northwest of Laketon. It is Section 4 Township 29N Range 6E.

Dan Daggett located the Nabors Cemetery as follows: "South of Indiana 114 on 400W. Go south past Maple Leaf Farms Duck Feed facility. There is a woods on the south side of the farm. On the south side of the woods is a farm lane on the edge of the field. Go back the lane about 500 yards. The cemetery is hard to see. A large stone is sitting against a tree. Before you go back there, ask permission from the Maple Leaf Farms people."

The following description appeared in the History of Wabash County 1884 by Helm, on page 451:
There may be found (if one searches long and carefully but not otherwise) some miles west of Laketon, in Section 4, Township 29, Range 6, northeast of Center School house, upon lands once owned by William Nabors, away from any highway, and all grown up with shrubs and briers, and hidden by the surrounding woods, a cemetery. The following description (in substance) is given in the County Atlas: "The oldest buring ground in Pleasant township is at the south side of William Nabor's farm in Section 4, Township 29, Range 6. It was part of a clearing made by a man named Simonton, who had come from the southern part of the State in 1837 or 1838. He cleared off a few acres there, sowed it in wheat and commenced putting up a small cabin, intending to move his family to it as soon as it was completed. Death changed his plans, and his clearing was made the place of his interment. The spot became afterward a general burying place for many years."

Among the other families, the Musselmans, The Thurstons, the Teals, the Krofts, the Renszs (and others still) have deposited some of their loved ones in this consecrated ground. It is away from any public highway and difficult of access, and is now but little (if at all) used. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Thurston, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis B. Musselman, nathan Herindean's wife, Jacob Rensz's wife and children (but not himself), were buried there. Jacob Rensz was a brother of Mrs. Robert Shuler, and he lies buried at Shiloh Cemeterx. Some have been removed from Nabor's Burying Ground to Pleasant Cemetery, and some to Shiloh.

BANTA, ? dau of John & Mary A. died 3-25-1854 aged 0-7-14
       ARTEMIRIA dau of J & M.A. died 4-21-1862
       ELNA ALICE dau of J & M.A. died between 1853 and 1862
       MARY ANN KROFT wife of John C. died 4-19-1862 aged 31-2-1

FOWLER, MIRIAM dau of P & M died 4-2-184? aged 1-10-27
        PHILANDER died 2-8-1848 aged 59y

HERINDEEN, EUNICE wife of Nathan died ?-l, 1849

HOWE, RUBEN died 7-10-1843 aged 36-4-3

MILLER, ELIAS son of Levi & Caroline died after 1850

MUSSELMAN, LEWIS B. died 9-16-1862 aged 48y
           PATIENCE STEPHENSON wife of Lewis B. died circa 1853 aged 26-10-22

RENSZ, ELIZABETH dau of Jacob & H. died 9-17-1841 aged 14-8-10

SEWELL, CHARLES son of Wm & Lydia died 9-8-1863 aged 3-7-18
        GARRISON son of Wm & Lydia died 2-28-185? aged 1-2-0
        LYDIA BAER wife of Wm died 9-26-1862 aged 33-5-14
        SARAH wife of Wm 12-10-1791-2-18-1856 aged 64-2-?
        WILLIAM son of Wm & Lydia died 8-21-1868 aged 2-9-15

THURSTON, SAMUEL 1806-6-20-1847 aged 40y
          PRUDENCE BEARSS wife of Samuel 5-22-1810-5-21-1861

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