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North Union (Friends) Cemetery is also referred to as Burns Cemetery and the Pearson Cemetery in old documents. The earliest burial appears to be in 1842. The land belonged to John Votaw and some called it the Votaw Cemetery. [It is located in Northwest Waltz Twp between Hwy 124 and Treaty Pike, and between Burns and Bowman Rd.] After several years use as a private burying ground, the cemetery was deeded to the Society of Friends. Mrs. Anna Harvey recorded this cemetery in September of 1976. Additions and corrections were made by the Wabash Middle School History Club in 1991 using obituaries from local newspapers and Society of Friends records.
In August of 2000, Kim & Karen Massey cleaned up the cemetery and found 46 additional stones. Kim is a descendant of Uz and Sarah Gaunt.

AGBARGER, Michael died 6-11-1882 age 74 yrs

BAKER, Peter died 5-13-1842 aged 36-1-2

BENTLEY, George S. son of C died 6-14-1852 age 1yr 6mo 2da
          George W. son of Silas & Pamelia died 9-21-1852 age 9yr 5mo 17da
          Mary T. dau of C & LE died 11-15-1840 age 1y 11m
          infant dau of C & LE died 12-20-1845

BOYER, George died 7-21-1861 age 34y, 5m, 10d

BROCK, Hannah wife of B. P. 9-3-1866 10-31-1893

BROWN, Eliza Jane wife of Joel died 6-6-1846 age 26yr 11mo 2da

BURNS, Anderson 1-5-1834  5-6-1914
      Benjamin June 1858 - October 1875
      Hannah G. wife of Benjamin d. 9-15-1888 age 80yr 5mo 8da
      Hannah C. wife of John 3-25-1883  8-24-1906
      John died 4-19-1872 aged 41 yrs 2mo 20da
      John L. 1869-1930
      Martha 10-14-1833  3-10-1922
      Mary January 1863 - June 1865
      Maude Marie dau of John & Eve 1888 3-6-1912 age 23-7-5

CONN, Joseph H. son of E & E died 2-3-1883 age 9mo 5da

FLEMING, Eliza B. Sep. 1828 - Jan. 1914
         Thomas F. April 1819 - July 1909

GAUNT, Sarah wife of Uz died 9-22-1884 age 65yr 10mo 4da
       Uz died 4-23-1872 age 58 years

GINTER, Elizabeth 2nd wife of David died 2-19-1878 aged 59 yrs
        Lucinda 1st wife of David died 1-6-1871 age 61 yrs

HAINES, Levi died 10-14-1869 age 52yr 7mo 17da
        Rachel dau of Levi and Charlotte d. 5-11-1861 age 20yr 4mo 10da
        Henrietta dau of Levi and Charlotte d. 5-11-1861
        Lydia J. dau of Levi and Charlotte - no dates

KILCORMICK, Liday wife of Kilcormick died 10-1-1857 age 37 years
            Martha dau of Kilcormick died 7-12-1858 age 8 months

KENDALL, Asa wife of Harrison d. 4-19-1866 age 53yr 7mo 6da
         Marshall son of Asa & Harrison died 4-9-1863 age 13yr 4mo 29da

KIRTLAN, Astwood died 1-22-1878
         Estella died 6-4-1866 age 3-3-16
         Lulaona died 4-23-1872 age 3-3-17
         Leonard A. son of A & E died 4-13-1880

REEVES, George W. died 6-23-1864 age 51-10-23
        Laura A. dau of G W (rest unreadable)
        Margaret T. dau of Thomas & Becca died 3-16-1853 age 2yr 6mo
        Mary Ann wife of George died 9-24-1849 age 32yr 3mo 15da
        Sarah dau of G W died 12-11-1831 age 11yr 11mo 16da

SHELLHAMER, Caroline dau of S & MM died 8-4-1846 age 4yr 11da
            Gilbert son of DC & E died 9-3-1873 age 1yr 1mo
            Mary M. wife of Samuel died 8-10-1879 age 75-2-3
            Samuel died 11-14-1891 age 85-6-11

STANLEY, Joseph son of Josiah and Rebecca died 1861 age 2yr
         Josiah husband of Rebecca died 6-19-1863 34yr 2mo 1da
         Rebecca Stanley Jenkins died 6-29-1882 age 44yr 6mo 22da
         Three footstones with initials

THOMAS, Margaret A. wife of G.G. died 5-11-1871 age 21yr 11mo 29da

VOTAW, Allen J. son of Joseph & Lydia died 5-3-1863 age 24yr 2mo 29da
       Arthur son of J & ME died 3-16-1850 age 1yr 11mo 15da
       Anna Mary dau of Robert & Susan died 4-4-1878 age 13-3-15
       Asenath 8-27-1844  2-23-1863
       Charles T. son of Joseph & Lydia 12-19-1873  9-15-1877
       Elam son of Joseph & Ruth 7-6-1842  2-13-1849
       Elwood infant of Daniel & Louise died 7-13-1878 age 1mo 3da
       Enos son of Joseph & Lydia died 9-23-1852 age 3 days
       Hannah M. dau of Charles & Sarah died 8-11-1860 age 9yr 2mo 3da
       Infant son of Charles & Sarah died 12-18-1857
       John son of J & ME died 11-16-1852 age 5yr 6mo 10da
       Joseph son of J & ME died 2-12-1851 20yr 11mo 25da
       Joseph died 4-26-1895 age 82yr 8mo 5da
       Joseph A. son of Charles & Sarah died 8-11-1860 age 2yr 8mo 16da
       Joseph L. son of Joseph & Lydia died 6-6-1860 age 1yr 2mo 11da
       Lydia 2nd wife of Joseph died 12-20-1893 age 63yr 7mo 16da
       Martha dau of Issac & Rebecca died 9-26-1842 age 13yr 27da
       Nathan 6-17-1861 1934
       Phebe wife of Joseph died 8-16-1861 age 82yr 1mo
       Phebe dau of Joseph & Phebe died 9-10-1855 38yr
       Ruth 1st wife of Joseph died 2-25-1849 age 30yr 4mo 1da
       Ruth Ann dau of Daniel and Louise died 8-5-1872
       Sarah dau of G & L
       Sarah C. dau of Joseph & Lydia died 6-12-1860 age 4yr 3mo 6da
       Susan E. dau of Charles & Sarah died 5-25-1860 age 6yr 9mo 2da
       Thaddeus W. son of R.Y. & S.R. died 3-12-1877 age 5-9-1
       Walter E. son of Daniel & Louise died 5-2-1874 age 7yr 2mo 28da

WALTON, Sallie wife of Amos died 7-22-1870 age 35yr 3mo 2da
        Phebe dau of Abraham & Ann died 7-21-1867 age 25yr 2mo 17da

WILLIAMSON, Asenath wife of Hiram B. died 2-23-1863 age 18yr 5mo 23da

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