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This cemetery is also known as Kendall Cemetery. It is supposed to be the first in Liberty township having been laid out by William Grant. It is located in the north east quarter of S27 T26 R7. It sits on a knoll just north of LaFontaine on county road 450E. First recorded by the Wabash Middle School History club in 1981, it was again updated in 1996. Besides visiting the cemetery other records were used including obituaries from local records and funeral home records. Helms page 380 says 1837 first burial in this cemetery.

BURNS, Mary Alm Talmadge wife of Dr. A.M. 2-15-1861 / 8-26-1882 aged 21-6-12

GARDNER, Bert Hiram 6-1-1884 / 7-27-1967 aged 83-1-26 son of John F. & Lillian C.
    Comadore P. son of L. died 7-17-1845 aged 0-2-6
    Eliza Ann wife of H.P. died 3-16-1861 aged 42y
    Henry P. son of J.F. & L.D. died 1-7-1881 aged 12 days
    Hiram P. died 2-28-1873 aged 54-4-8
    John Franklin 1858-1914
    Lavina wife of C. died 7-4-1846 aged 41-0-28
    Lillian Clinton wife of John F. 1861-1935
    Marquis D. son of G & M died 8-22-1861 aged 0-1-5
    Mary M. dau of H.P. & Eliza died 5-4-18??
    Nelson M. son of G & M died 7-10-1848 aged 22-2-2

HEILMIN, William B. son of H & M died 4-27-18?? aged 1-3-12

HITTLE, Adaline wife of John died 4-17-1881 aged 55-3-25
    Artisecia? dau of J & A died 12-1-1849 aged 3-0-3
    Emily wife of J. died 2-18-1886 aged 49-6-13
    Infant dau of J & A no dates
    Infant son of J & A no dates
    John died 3-?-1897 aged 74y

KINDALL, Grenup M. died 11-13-1851 aged 15-10-26
    Hiram 9-15-1800 / 2-13-1867
    Horatio G. S. died 9-24-1851 aged 21-1-21
    Livonia J. died 10-12-1851 aged 2-8-18
    Synthia died 10-12-1851 aged 44-5-11

LYNN, Oliver died 1-6-1889 aged 20-1-6 son of Frank & Maggie

NEWELL, Charles L. 8-12-1813-12-10-1885
    Jeptha S. 3-7-1854 / 1-22-1900
    Sally wife of Jeptha 12-15-1817 / 5-11-1908

PAVEY, Morton E. 1867-1936

R, E.A. footstone no dates

RAY, Maranda, Jane wife of John E. dau of Hiram P. Gardner 3-2-1852 / 3-9-1885

SPRADLING, John died 9-22-1850 aged 41-8-21

TALMADGE, Melvin C. son of J.L. & E. stone buried and illegible

WILLIAMS, John S. 8-21-1805-10-14-1847 (First monument erected in Liberty twp)
    Nancy Busick wife of John S. died 9-30-1864 aged 52y
    Polly sister of John S. died 1838-1839

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