The following information from "Family Branches" Vol 2, No. 10, March, 1997, newsletter of the Wabash County Genealogical Society, published monthly and mailed to members.
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The Gamble Cemetery is located two miles south of Roann, east of the intersection of county roads 400N and 700W. It sits upon a high knoll located at Section 12, Township 28, Range 5.

BRYAN, BENJAMIN F. son of J & M not able to read stone
     *   [Benjamin Franklin b. 11-11-1850 d. 10-4-1852 aged 1y9m23d
          son of (2nd child-first marr.) Jacob Jr. & Margaret Bryan]
       CHARLEY son of Willis & Lucy died 8-8-1870 aged 2y5m10d
       ELLEN A. wife of Jacob died 8-8-1870 aged 36y10m17d
       IDA M. dau of M & L died 5-3-1884 aged 17y8m10d
       JACOB 5-30-1773 - 2-1-1852 aged 68y8m0d
       MARGARET wife of Jacob died 4-22-1858 aged 28y1m0d
       MARY 6-8-1798 - 9-22-1855 aged 57y3m14d
       NANCY FREEMAN wife of Jacob died 12-25-1845 aged 59y5m10d
       NORMAN died 9-11-1852 aged ?y10m?d
     *   [b. 10-30-1811 d. 9-1-1852 aged 40y10m1d]
       WILLIS M. son of J & M died 5-24-1858 aged 0y2m3d

FERRY, ALICE BRYAN wife of Charles O. 1867-1931

GAMBLE, JOHN H. died 9-26-1877 aged 66y11m10d
        JOSEPH son of George D. & Mary died 12-18-1864 aged 3y5m18d
        MARGARET BRYAN wife of John H. died 12-8-1883 aged 62y0m22d

MCCOY, ELIZABETH 10-2-1823 . 7-14-1854 aged 30y10m13d
       HEZEKIAH A. died 6-10-1873 aged 19y10m10d
       JOSEPH son of T & L died 11-17-1845 aged 0y11m12d
       JOSEPH B. son of Hezekiah & Nancy died 8-30-1852 aged 1y3m6d
       LUCINDA A. GAMBLE wife of:Thomas 12-18-1818 - 1865
       THOMAS 12-25-1814 . 2-11-1889 son of James & Mary

WILSON, HARRIET BRYAN wife of Thomas S. 12-2-1833 . 12-15-1855

* Corrections submitted by William & Audrey Bryan

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