Established in 1872 when SolomonFry gave one acre of land to the Wabash County Commissioners for cemetery purposes. The deed also set aside 68 feet of land for a church. The cemetery is located in Lagro Township about one mile west of Belden just off the Schmalzried Road. Present day County Road 650, used to pass nearby, until abandoned, on the way to a ford across the Wabash River. The cemetery is shown in the 1875 Wabash County Atlas as being in Section 31 Township 28 Range 8E. The cemetery had remained lost until the entire area was cleaned off by a local farmer. Only one stone was exposed. The area appeared to have been drug by some sort of rake which may have carried off other stones and has had landfill deposited on the site to smooth it out.
Known burials are:

SOLOMON FRY  1803-1872

Others who may possibly have been buried there and have not been found in surrounding cemeteries are:

Children and Grandchildren of the FRY family who lived in the surrounding area
BECHTOLD, ? wife of Jonathan C. of Belden who died 1896
KEENER, ? child of Morgan who died of scarlet fever 1885
KING, F.  wife of Philip died 4-8-1881
MARTSKE, ? wife of Charles daughter of August Rozine died 1892
MILLS, WILLIAM  drown in Wabash River near Belden 1881
WENDEL,?  wife of Peter died 1896

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