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Fisher cemetery is situated at county roads 100E and 300N. Many stones are down and piled along a fence row and among trees. This cemetery was first recorded in june 1977 by members of the Wabash Junior High School History Club. It was revisited in June of 1991 with more stones now visible.

Begg, John died 11-3-1884 age 56 yrs.

Fisher, Elizabeth wife of Thomas died 6-10-1865 age 52-5-6
        Elizabeth dau of Thomas & Elizabeth died 7-2-1863
        Thomas M. son of A & M died 12-9-1872 age 2-2-0

Forest, Frank died 7-29-1914 age 60-0-10
        Harriet died 10-28-1906 age 62-2-24 wife of Frank
        Lillie died 12-28-1909 age 27-5-10

Haskin, Walter died 12-31-1883 54-2-4

Huges, Susanna wife of H. B. and dau of A & S Roush died 7-16-1871 age 20--1-14

Kneily, Marcus M. son of A. G. & N. E. died 1-4-1885 age 1-11-18

McCord, John died 1-18-18??

Olsen, Anna 3-13-1894 1-24-1904

Pegg, John died 11-3-1869 age 65 yrs

Roush, Abraham 1821-1889
       Caroline wife of Peter 1857-1880
       Charlotte wife of Abraham 1826-1907
       Peter 1859-1880

Sayre, Sarah S. wife of H. H. died 9-9-1870 age 23-3-16

Vanduyne, Margaret wife of T. died 3-7-1876 age ?4 yrs
          Thomas died 3-8-1877 age 104 yrs

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