The following information from "Family Branches" Vol 5, No. 2, September, 1999, newsletter of the Wabash County Genealogical Society, published monthly and mailed to members.
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Falls Cemetery Interments 1949

99 Burials Made in Falls Cemetery

Glen Copeland, sexton of Falls Cemetery, reports that 99 burials were made in the local cemetery during 1949 as compared with 116 the previous year. The list for the year included:

	Eva Wallace
	Samuel T. Miller
	Alice Dluzak
	Rollin D. Windbigler
	Mabel June Reno
	Robert Buckheister
	Clarence A. Bradley
	Marrita Miller
	Sgt. Harold D. Rudicel
	T/Sgt. Herbert Paul Urschel
	Pfc. James W. Miller

February T/5 Francis P. Brady George Stephen Brown David Leon Unger Clarence E. Dye Bessie O'Brien Lawrence W. Hays Susie Kay Leonard

March Susan Eppley Amelia Bolte Elizabeth Schmalzried John F. Fitzpatrick Margaret A. Owen Chales McFall Bruce Allen Payne Garr W. Case

April Therold R. Cole George Henry Simpson Ted Owen Ezra Waite Ralph W. Ross Bessie May Schlemmer Clothidla Giver Ruth Miller Patrick E. Carmody Anna Kelley Lynds Andrew V. Shondal R. Fanny Hall Lizzie May McNeil Claude S. Carr

May Rolland M. Pease Martin Cokle Sr. William Hall August Wassman Fredrick W. Allman Lena Leone Gidley Lillian Jane Jackson Edith Louise Gorden Dr. Gerald D. Mason

June Samuel C. Ferrell Hugh Lines William Henry Behney Benjamin Charles Lilves David Harvey Wise

July Kay Myrtle Lawson Frank C. Payne Wilbur E. Mathews Lulu B. Aukerman Hattie R. Lamonourx Ruth Miller Peterson Cynthia Ann Conyer Sarah Jane Brewer Flossie G. Barnes Gerald Lee Gidley

August Anita Hettmansperger Frank Carpenter Thelma Talmage Arthur Badger Verlin D. Esterday John Walter Dye

September Charles S. Walters Leona Tomson Henry Emily James E. O'Brien Bertha Carpenter

October Claude G. Wigner Dorothy E. Howe George Nicum Addie Blount Lt. James B. Neighbours Mary Melisa Carpenter

November Mary B. Petty William T. Hawley Elizabeth White Adam Miller Edna Gries Whisler William H. Herley Garland T. Morrow Alice Marie Isley Fannie E. Dillen

December Gertrude Reed Luther Baker Alice Hall William N. Holland Olga Hamer Marie Follis Paul E. Latchem George S. Keller Henrietta Hollway

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