Falls Cemetery Interments 1894

(transcribed by Ron Woodward)

The following report of the sexton shows the number of interments in Falls cemetery for the year 1894, the name of the person and the time of burial. The report was furnnished to the Plain Dealer by J.W. Snyder, sexton of Falls cemetery.

Jan 11  Mrs. William Rish city
Jan 19  Avery Williams
Jan 21  Mrs. William Collins city
Jan 23  Mrs. Loren Murphy city
Jan 31  John B. Carothers city
Feb 7  Son of Ezra Haas Florida
Feb 13  Tobias Beck city
Feb 15  Babe of Thomas Alber city
Feb 16  Daughter of Ed. Sweetser city
Feb 16  Daniel Worth soldier city
Mar 4  Infant of Hale Jordan, col., city
Mar 8  Infant of Mr. and Mrs. Harris city
Mar 12  Mrs. James A. Early city
Mar 16  Thomas Ferguson, colored, city
Mar 20  Mrs. Mary Wolcott city
Mar 28  Babe of Mr. and Mrs. Rem city
Apr 3  Mrs. Frank Hancock city
Apr 4  William Alexander, soldier, col, city
Apr 4  Babe of T. Jordan, colored, city
Apr 5  Henry Lawrence city
Apr 10  Mrs. Prof. Harrison city
Apr 11  Mr. Zeigler city
Apr 18  Mrs. Clara Fox city
Apr 18  James M. Hann, soldier, city
May 14  Babe of William Beck city
May 28  Mrs. William Beck city
May 28  Henry Brembeck city
June 1  Miss Gregory, colored, city
June 2  Infant of Michael Sweeny city [Leo, son of Michael & Alice Sweeney, b. 27 May 1894, d. 1 Jun 1994]
June 5  James Shea city
June 23  Infant of Frank Pierson city
July 3  Fred English city
July 5  Babe of Mr. Washburn city
July 7  Mrs. Alice Woods city
July 9  Son of Frank Bridges city
July 19  Mrs. John Stober city
July 28  Carl Fosbury city
July 30  Babe of Will Fowler city
July 31  Babe of Fred Hipskind city
Aug 1  Babe of John Myers city
Aug 10  Charles Ripley, soldier, city
Aug 10  Babe of Henry Baubauer city
Aug 15  Mrs. John A. Bruner city
Aug 17  Miss Lottie Miller city
Aug 28  Babe of D.C. Thompson jr. city
Sept 11 Fred Hall Hollinder city
Sept 20  Babe of R. Jacobs city
Sept 27  Mrs. Daniel Barton city
Sept 27  Infant daughter of G. Young city
Sept 30  Babe of L. Debbline Marion
Sept 30  Babe of Martin George city
Oct 4   Mrs. John Christman city
Oct 5  Babe of Frank Hancock city
Oct 7  Babe of W.H. McComb city
Oct 17  Ed Higgins city
Oct 26  Babe of Daniel Wendel city
Oct 29  Babe of J.B. Croumour city
Nov 20  Peter Johnson city 
Nov 23  Babe of John Milliner city
Nov 25  Dr. C.S. Ellis, soldier, city
Dec 4  Mrs. Martha Brown Bluffton
Dec 7  Jacob Rish, sr. city
Dec 14 Mrs. Martha E. McKinnon city
Dec 23  Mrs. Dorothy Hipp city
Dec 24  Mrs. Samuel Hutton Fort Wayne
Dec 19  Mrs. Columbus Cory country
Dec 18  Miss Ruth Summerland
Dec 25  Babe of Columbus Cory, country, from North Manchester.

Of late parties have been interring still-born infants in Falls cemetery without notifying me of the fact.
They are running a great risk by so doing, as the law will be enforced if it is not stopped.
John W. Snyder
Sexton Falls Cemetery

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