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Falls Cemetery Interments 1893

The Death Roll for 1893
(newspaper clipping dated January 1, 1894, Daily Wabash Plain Dealer)

Following is the report of John W. Snyder, sexton of Falls Cemetery, showing the number of interments in the cemetery for the year 1893:

Jan 20 Mrs. Rebecca MITTEN Cass county
Jan 25 Mr. McCLINTOCK country
Feb  4 Mrs. Elizabeth POWELL city
Feb  6 son of James  P. ROSS city
Feb  9 Mrs. N.D. MYERS city
Feb 10 Edward ROSS city
Feb 13 Babe of Mrs. H. TEMPLE city
Feb 22 Babe of George WILLIAMS city
Mar  5 E.E. LYTLE city
Mar  8 Miss PETERS city
Mar  9 H. H. WRIGHT city
Mar 21 Mrs. Anna FRESHOUR city
Mar 24 Babe of Morris RAGAN city
Mar 26 Mr. BARRETT city
Mar 27 Babe of Fred McLEES city
Apr  5 Miss Laura HUBBARD city
Apr  7 James DOUGLAS Knightstown
Apr 12 Mrs. J.V. ROLFE city
Apr 16 Babe of Bonny LESSON city
Apr 20 Mrs. Sally GARDNER country
Apr 21 Babe of John MATTERN city
May 11 Mrs. C.S. ELLIS city
May 12 Henry MERGY city
May 22 Mrs. Susie MYERS city
May 24 Henry GEIBLE, Jr. Wisconsin
May 29 William D. CALDWELL Iowa
Jun 18 Mrs. Michael GEPHART city
Jun 18 John DAY city
Jun 20 Nixon M. JORDAN Indianapolis
Jun 21 Daughter of Jackson ROSS city
Jun 23 Samuel M. HUBBARD Lafontaine
Jul  1 Babe of Mr. and Mrs. COX city
Jul  5 Mrs. Jerusha CISSNA city
Jul 26 Allison GOODLANDER city
Aug  2 Mrs. Lucinda THOMPSON city
Aug  3 son of John LAUGHLIN city
Aug  7 Mrs. ENYEART city
Aug  8 Rome DePUY city
Aug 21 son of John C. RHODES col city
Aug 21 Babe of Mr. SMELSON city
Sep  4 Mrs. Nancy WAIT city
Sep 10 Andy LEWARK city
Sep 10 Daughter of Ella FLINN city
Sep 11 Babe of Charles W. BEDFORD city
Sep 16 Mrs. Enos POWELL Dora
Sep 24 Mrs. Emma CRITZ city
Sep 18 Babe of J. BACHERLOR city
Sep 19 Jesse CROSS city
Sep 26 Thomas W. BROWN city
Oct 21 Babe of John SAGSTETTER city
Oct 27 Babe of Fred RISH city
Nov 12 Daisy B. MULLENIX city
Nov 14 Babe of William O. SMITH city
Nov 18 Babe of Mr. POSELON city
Nov 22 John M. COCHRAN city
Nov 22 son of Michael GEPHART city
Nov 23 Bart CLARK city
Nov 23 Joseph ELDER Huntington
Nov 25 Mrs. Archibald STITT city
Nov 30 William BICKLE country
Dec 10 Mrs. Elizabeth MARINER city
Dec 12 Washington HOOVER city
Dec 17 Mrs. Caroline CONNER city.

Interments in 1891 were seventy nine, twelve from the country and sixty-seven from the city.
In 1892 there were sixty-five, fourteen from the country and fifty one from the city.
In 1893 sixty four were interred, ten from the country and fifty-four from the city.

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