Falls Cemetery Interments 1884

(transcribed by Ron Woodward)

Following is the report of interments in Falls Cemetery during the year 1884, with names and date of interment by J.W. Snyder, sexton.

January 5th, C. Rosenthall, Jewish cemetery, city
January 12th, Mrs. Mary Winton, North Manchester
January 19th, Mrs. Margaret Robertson, sr, city
January 20th, babe of Geo. Williams, city
January 25th, Mother Lessig, city
January 25th, removal of Elizabeth Tate, country
January 28th, Mr. Craft I.O.O.F., city
Feb. 3rd, Mrs. T.E. Miles, city
Feb. 6th, Freddie Underdown, I.O.O.F., city
Feb. 22nd, John Tate, country
Feb. 24th, Emma Markley, city
March 1st, babe of L.L. Carpenter, city
March 3rd, babe of Mandelbaum, Jewish cemetery, city
March 9th, Mrs. A.J. Smith, city
March 10th, Annie Burris, I.O.O.F., city
March 12th, Jonathan Teddy, country
March 23rd, George Stephenson, city
March 27th, Charley Ellis, I.O.O.F., city
March 30th babe of Frank Blount, city
April 11th, David Squires, city
April 10th, Sophia Lafferty, city
April 13th, Samuel Rhoads, city
April 19th, Mrs. Florence Barton, city
April 22nd, Abraham Kahn, Jewish cemetery, Roanke
May 1st, babe of James Gobel, city
May 11th, Mrs. Fields, city
May 28th, babe of Mr. and Mrs. Sanners, city
May 31st, babe of Mr. and Mrs. Monson, city
June 15th, Mrs. Lewis Russell, city
July 1st, babe of Mr. and Mrs. James Stitt, city
July 18th, Mrs. Metz, city
Juoly 20th, Mrs. Dingel, city
Aug. 3rd, babe of Mr. and Mrs. Strouse, Jewish cemetery, city
Aug. 26th, babe of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Green, city
Aug. 28th, Samuel W. Torrence, city
Sept. 2nd, Mrs. William Russell, Michigan
Sept. 9th, Mrs. Mary A. Smith, city
Sept. 11th, Nancy Cook, city
Sept. 14th, babe of Mrs. Thomas Mason, city
Sept. 21st, James Furrow, city
Sept. 23rd, babe of Mr. and Mrs. Fred McLees, city
Oct. 3rd, Edith Williams, city
Oct. 8th, Mrs. Margaret Wilson, Mich
Oct. 16th, Isaac Newberger, Jewish cemetery, city
Oct. 21st, babe of Mrs. Kenton Garrison, Roann
Oct. 22nd, babe of Mrs. J. Hetmansperger, city
Oct. 30th, Cornelius Barrington, city
Nov. 10th, Mrs. Cornelius Lumaree, city
Nov. 13th, babe of Mrs. W. Wilmore, city
Nov. 23rd, Henry Geibel, sr., city
Dec. 5th, Mrs. Jose Clingenpeel, Ohio
Dec. 20th, babe of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Herring, city
Dec. 22, Mrs. Bettie Rosenburg, Jewish cemetery, city
Dec. 30th, daughter of George Bittner, city
There were 5 interments in the Hebrew cemetery in 1883 and 6 in 1884.
There were six interments in the old cemetery in 1884.
Mrs. John Hoover, of this city, was interred in the Matlock cemetery in 1884.
In 1884 there were eight interments from the country.
Those who want any removals made from other cemeteries will please call on J.W. Snyder, sexton of Falls cemetery, as this is the time of year to do such work.

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