Falls Cemetery Interments 1878

Transcribed by Ron Woodward

The following report of the sexton shows the number of interments in
Falls Cemetery for the year 1878, the name of each person and the time
of burial. It was furnished by Mr. J.W. Snyder, sexton Falls Cemetery.
(Wabash Plain Dealer 1-10-1879)

Jan 1   Mrs. Hernice, city
Jan 1   Infant of George Polock, city
Jan 23  Mother Mathews, city
Jan 29  Infant daughter of Albert Clark, city
Jan 29  Infant son of W.W. Woods, city
Feb 16  Infant son of Mr. Shuler, city
Feb 20  daughter of T.W. McClure, country
Feb 20  Infant son of Columbus Cory, country
Mar 7   Mrs. Jennie Woodworth, city
Mar 13  son of B. Leeson, city
Mar 22  S.J. Gardner, city
Mar 27  Hester Shiles, country
Apr 1   Jason Sweet, city
Apr 7   Infant of J. Greig, city
May 23  Sarah Adait, city
May 24  Henry C. tower, city
Jun 20  Matilda Curry, city
Jul 14  child of James Barnhart, country
Jul 17  Infant of Fred Grant, city
Jul 23  daughter of Damon Harden, city
Aug 14  infant daughter of Newel Beson, city
Aug 17  wife of Newel Beson, city 
Aug 20  child of Horatio Connor, city
Sep 1   Christian Lessig, city
Sep 9   infant of H.N. Collenberry, city
Sep 13  Andrew Lowman, city
Sep 14  infant of F.S. Church, Ill.
Sep 17  Mrs. Hetalter, country
Sep 17  Infant of Rev. Mr. Blount, city
Sep 26  Payton Cook, city
Sep 27  son of Edward Pace, country
Oct 6   Sarah Curry, city
Oct 19  son of Will D. Stone, country
Oct 19  Mother Bruner, city
Nov 2   Abeline Lay, city
Nov 16  Susan Class, city
Dec 6   son of J.T. Graden, IN.  
Dec 8   Park Richards, city
Dec 10  son of Emanuel Harsh, city
Dec 16  Fred Degering, city
Dec. 31 Judge Matlock, Monticello, Ind. 
    Total..............................City 31; Country 10.


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