Daniels Cemetery

The Daniels Cemetery is located at the northeast corner of the intersection of county roads 700N and 500E. It was first collected by L.H. Binnie in the late l960s. The cemetery was revisited in 2002 by Ron Woodward and updated using Binnies list, obituaries and other county records. This cemetery record can be found in Chester Township Cemeteries Wabash Indiana by Ron Woodward dated 2002.

ASH, SIBBIA A. daughter of W & E.A. died 8-29-l849 age l-0-2

DANIELS, EDWARD M.  son of P.N. and A. died 12-1-l852 age 20-9-20
         GEORGE C. died l0-l-l874 age 29-5-7
         JOSEPH N.  son of J. and E. died l0-l9-l862 age 5-l-l9
         NANCY M.  wife of P. died 4-4-l872 age 67-2-7
         PAYTON  12-21-l897-12-3-l874 age 76-ll-l2
         PAYTON M. son of P.N. and A died 12-18-l852 age ll-l-ll

DICKEN, HENRY 3-?-l775-4-ll-l857 age 82-8-?

DILLON, ABNER died 9-29-l846 age 34-6-8
        ELIZABETH wife of Eli died l-25-l846 age 53-8-9
        INFANT  daughter of Eli died l-25-l846 age 53-8-9
        MARGARET daughter of G & E died 2-4-l836 age 0-l-25
        MEREDITH son of G & E died 11-20-l850 age l6-4-21

DUNBAR, MARY daughter of J & D died 9-8-l855 age 2-0-ll

ENGLE, ELIZABETH C.  born in Germany ll-2-l807 died 9-8-l876 age 68-l0-7
       FRANCIS died ll-2-l855 age 63-5-24

HALSTEAD, JOHN A.  9-28-l83l-2-15-l857 age 25-4-27
          MARY JANE DANIELS wife of J. died 12-11-l852 age 22-9-l8

HORNADAY, ANNA wife of S. died 4-23-l849 age 56-1-5
          SAMUEL 6-17-1787-8-1-1860 AGE 73-1-14

JENKS, HIRAM A. Co. F l0lst Indiana Infantry died ll-l9-l863 age 33-7-5
       LINDON son of Jesse and Rachel died 9-9-l840 age 2l-7-ll

KELLOGG, AMANDA J. wife of Ethela died 2-15-l852 age 23-6-6
         CHARLOTT M. daughter of E.A. and A.J. died ll-30-l849 age 5-8-4
         ELIAS D.  son of E.A. and A.J. died 9-23-l850 age l-7-l6
         ETHELA died 2-28-l859 age 43-ll-ll

KLUM, ALBERT 12-3l-l83l-2-?-l869 age 37-l-6
      ANN DICKEN wife of Henry died ll-ll-l876 born 3-7-l8l0 age 66-8-4
      HENRY D. son of H & A died 6-l4-l862 age l9-l-l7 Civil War
      JOHN R.  son of H and A died 9-2-l85l age 0-5-5
      ROBERT T. son of H & A died 8-ll-l85l age 3-2-12

LESLIE, ELIZABETH wife of Gabriel died 6-24-l85l age 60-ll-27

OLIVER, CHIRSTOPHER 3-2-l829-4-7-l849 age 2l-l-5

PUGH, JOSIAH L. died 12-31-l866 age 56-4-13

RINEHART, MARGARET wife of Peter died l0-5-l85? age 83-9-20

ROCKWELL, JOHN C. son of G.W. and S. died 9-21-l855 age l-0-29

RUPLEY, ROMEO A. son of J. and C.E. died 9-27-l853 age 3-5-23

SCHEERER, CATHARINA C. died 7-7-l855 age 54-6-?
          LEWIS son of J. and A. died ? age 0-8-6

SMITH, DORATHY E. wife of Adam died 12-18-l858 age l8-l0-9
       INFANT child of A. and E.J. died 6-24-l866

SNEP, MATILDA wife of Daniel died 7-20-l870 age 46-ll-l6

SUTTON, INFANT son of D.T. and Nancy died 6-l0-l858

YOUNG, DELLA U. daughter of Jessie and Annie J. died l0-8-l870 age 0-5-l0
       MARY C.  daughter of M & M died 8-8-l864 age ll-1-4
       MICHAEL  died 12-18-l846 age 32-10-4
       STEPHEN J. son of M and M died 8-7-l854 age 1-1-3

?, MARY wife of Samuel died 9-l6-l862 age 52-11-16

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