1972 - 1989

Extracted By Ronald L. Woodward

(Available in book form from Ronald L. Woodward)
(574 Ferry St. Wabash, IN 46992)

The following records were taken from the Wabash Plain Dealer and The Paper of Wabash County obituary records. Oftentimes a person buried in the county was not given an obituary. It is always a good idea to check the funeral home records as well.

ABBOTT, CECILE D.  7-7-1885-11-9-1975 dau of A&M bur Lagro
                  MAUDE AUKER   11-8-1892-11-7-1988 wife of R.R. bur Oaklawn
ABLE, EVA M. ENYEART   9-5-1914-10-28-1983 wife of Fred bur Oaklawn
            FRED D.  9-3-1909-12-17-1987 bur Oaklawn
ABRAHAM, DAVID M.  9-25-1938-1-18-1980 bur Fairview
ABSHIRE, BEROTH L. MERRICK   7-5-1900-4-25-1975 wife of Elroy bur Roann Com
                   ELROY J.  1-10-1901-2-2-1975 son of G&D bur Roann Comm
                   ORA I.  3-30-1886-3-20-1973 son of I&E bur Roann Com
ACKERMAN, JOHN   age 69 died 2-22-1979 bur Miss Mem
ADAMS, CORNELIA L. LUMAREE   10-4-1905-3-2-1978 wife of Nelson bur Friends
                 ELMER G.  12-19-1919-7-26-1979 WWII Army bur Mem Lawns
                 HARRY   2-11-1922-7-2-1984 TSGT WWII bur Mem Lawns
                 J. NELSON   11-7-1901-4-17-1988 son of A&N bur Friends
                 LLOYD E. ADAMS   9-15-1940-2-3-1977 son of E&V Veietnam vet bur Friends
                 M. IRENE BODKIN   4-24-1896-1988 wife of J.W. bur Miss Mem
                 MARTHA E.  6-9-1888-2-21-1980 wife of D.S. bur Falls
                 MARTIN A.  4-25-1901-3-18-1973 son of F&B controller for Monrovia Port Management 
                                        Monrovia Africa bur Friends
                 MILDRED S.  2-10-1891-4-25-1988 dau of J&M operated Cheerie Gift Shop bur Friends
                 PAUL N.  9-9-1910-10-29-1984 bur Mem Lawns
                 WILLIAM H.  11-6-1901-10-28-1984 son of H&C bur Falls
ADDIS, ROBERT E.  6-23-1930-7-18-1984 veteran bur Falls
ADKINS, GARY M.  8-14-1979-1-21-1980 son of G&M bur Miss Mem
                 WINCE   7-25-1910-4-15-1987 WWII Army bur Center Grove
AGNEW, MARGARET H.  10-14-1901-3-1973 wife of J. Maurice bur Oaklawn
AHRENDT, WILLIAM   4-18-1874-5-2-1980 bur Laketon
AIRGOOD, CHARLES G.  3-23-1899-9-8-1974 WWI bur Fairview
                    CORA M. AUGHINBAUGH   8-10-1897-10-12-1982 wife of C. Gordon bur Fairview
AKERS, CHARLES M.  12-20-1909-4-23-1988 son of A&I bur Mem Lawns
               RUSSEL   11-19-1909-11-10-1987 son of E&A bur Hopewell
ALBAUGH, WENDELL W.  age 73 died 7-5-1985 bur Friends
ALBER,  ARNOLD Y.  1-29-1902-1-26-1980 son of W&C bur Falls
                MADELEINE M.J.  4-10-1896-9-5-1984 dau of M&A bur Falls
                ROBERT C.  4-20-1904-9-25-1979 son of M&O bur Falls

ALBERT, NATALIE R.  stillborn 8-29-1982 dau of T&K bur Oaklawn
ALBRIGHT, FANNIE GILL   1-13-1896-11-14-1981 bur Fairview
                      GRACE D. STONE    2-16-1878-10-16-1972 wife of Thomas bur Falls
                      JACOB   9-11-1887-10-16-1981 son of J&E WWI vet bur Pleasant Hill
                      MILDRED S.  3-14-1902-5-14-1982 wife of Jacob bur Pleasant Hill
ALCOKE, MAUDE   9-12-1883-10-1975 dau of R&H bur Mt. Pleasant
                  STELLA   8-23-1891-2-7-1987 bur Mt Pleasant
ALEXANDER, ADA B. UNGER   2-27-1902-6-29-1973 wife of Edgar bur Falls
                          DONALD J.  2-11-1913-5-20-1974 bur Mem Lawns
                          JAMES J.  age 46 died 12-12-1979 son of James Korea vet bur Lafontaine IOOF
                          LUCY B. FLINT   12-14-1901-9-1-1977 wife of David bur Matlock
                          WILLIAM E.  2-18-1918-4-22-1973 WWII Army bur Falls
ALFORD, SYLVIA   8-29-1892-6-1972 wife of Harry bur LafontaineIOOF
ALGER, BEATRICE BAER   4-3-1901-4-10-1987 wife of D.L. bur Falls
               DONNA R.  7-15-1942-12-5-1985 wife of Robert bur Roann Com
               FERN V.    9-21-1898-1-22-1975 dau of M&S bur Laketon
               HUGH   2-1-1888-1-30-1979 son of L&S bur Laketon
               J. KENNETH   died 4-19-1985 bur Falls

ALLEGREE, GLENN O.  3-10-1905-10-21-1974 bur Friends
ALLEN, FLORENCE R. JESTER	  3-10-1899-4-13-1983 wife of Edward bur Falls
               GLEN   3-3-1896-9-25-1975 son of C&M WWI Army bur Falls
               HATCHER   8-8-1892-11-20-1983 bur Pleasant Hill
               INEZ   age 98 died 9-9-1981 wife of E.W. bur Center Grove
               JESSE I. HUSTON   10-29-1900-3-8-1979 wife of Glen bur Falls
               MAUDIE   1-1-1894-7-26-1984 wife of Hatcher bur Pleasant Hill
               TRACY L.  3-15-1973-10-11-1978 dau of J&P bur Oaklawn
               WILLIE   4-17-1927-9-30-1987 bur Pleasant Hill
ALLISBAUGH, PEARL PURDY   10-6-1907-12-21-1984 bur Fairview
                           WILMA P.  5-29-1905-12-3-1986 wife of H. Wood & R. Allisbuagh bur Falls
ALLMAN, EMERSON F.  age 79 died 9-30-1985 son of F&E bur Falls
ALTMAN, CORA T.  9-22-1892-4-20-1979 bur Fairview
AMANN, LARRY R. 11-7-1946-11-30-1972 son of A&B USMC Vietnam bur Mem Lawns
AMBER, JENNIE L. CASSADY   5-23-1915-2-12-1984 wife of Kenneth bur Falls
                ROBERT L.  1-13-1904-3-16-1988 son of E&N bur Half Acre
AMBERG, RUSSELL   4-7-1908-8-8-1984 son of L&E owner Sams Restaurant bur Oaklawn
AMBURGEY, MINNIE K.  12-11-1923-10-14-1977 wife of John bur Falls
AMSTUTZ, RUTH H.  8-18-1913-8-22-1977 wife of Leonard bur Fqairview
ANDERSON, ETNA A. WERTENBERGER   8-10-1891-9-16-1974 wife of George bur Pleasant Hill
                        GEORGE RUSSELL   12-26-1893-3-4-1974 son of C&A bur Pleasant Hill
                        HAROLD   7-12-1901-11-5-1980 son of E&M bur Falls
                        HELEN F. HARE   2-23-1910-9-28-1987 wife of R.A. bur Oaklawn
                        JOSEPH S.  7-24-1893-3-24-1977 WWI vet 151st Inf 38th Div bur Falls
                        LOLA M.  7-17-1897-9-9-1974 wife of D. bur Laketon
                        MARY J. PURDY   8-4-1932-12-14-1988 wife of Herbert bur Fairview
                        MELVIN   1-8-1908-9-10-1981 admin Wabash Co. Home bur Mem Lawns
                        ROBERT A.  3-7-1923-5-12-1973 son of S&L bur Falls
                        RUTH E. BONEWITZ   10-26-1895-8-9-1986 wife of Ovid bur Falls
                        RUBY E. RAU   1-22-1891-3-19-1987 wife of Edward bur St. Patricks
                        SEBASTIAN   1-25-1900-5-7-1986 WWI bur Falls
ANGELI, MESSINA   1-1-1897-11-29-1978 wife of Eugene bur Fairview
ANLIKER, EMILY   10-11-1898-8-1-1979 wife of Carl bur Falls
ANTRIM, ELNORA   7-20-1876-7-6-1974 wife of J. Baker & D. Antrim bur Pleasant Hill
APPLEGATE,  EVERETT I.   10-31-1918-7-13-1973 bur Friends
                          WAYMAN   1-16-1951-10-31-1972 son of W&L bur Falls
ARCHER, THELMA   11-17-1916-1-28-1980 bur Mem Lawns
ARMEY, DOLLIE   12-30-1890-5-2-1978 wife of Robert bur Oaklawn
                ELEANOR M.  6-8-1912-7-26-1988 wife of M.E. bur Oaklawn
                GRACE M.  7-12-1894-12-22-1978 wife of Ora E. bur Pleasant Hill
ARMIE, FRANK   6-6-1903-12-4-1982 partner Armie Bros Grocery bur Falls
ARMSTRONG, JOHN L.  5-18-1918-10-27-1979 son of P&A bur Friends
                           VERNON C.  5-23-1910-7-22-1981 bur Lafontiane IOOF
ARRICK, HARRIETT J.  4-22-1914-8-23-1985 wife of Harry bur Lafontaine IOOF
                 HARRY E.  2-17-1902-12-26-1980 bur Lafontaine IOOF
ARTHUR, LAVON M. OHMART   9-24-1894-6-26-1987 wife of Arthur bur Oaklawn
ARVEN, BERTHA E.  6-15-1888-4-1-1987 wife of Fredrick bur Lafontaine IOOF
ARWOOD, KATIE E. SIDERS   5-2-1919-3-20-1978 wife of Leonard bur Lafontaine IOOF
                    LEONARD   11-28-1917-8-28-1980 WWII bur Lafontaine IOOF
ATKINSON, CARRIE K.  3-24-1896-5-1974 bur Friends
                       CHARLES A.  9-22-1912-7-4-1978 bur Friends
AUBERTIN, MINNIE M. FELL   4-22-1888-4-7-1986 wife of O.J. bur Falls
AUGHINBAUGH, EDWARD   3-10-1896-4-1974 son of F&S bur Fairview
                                JOHN E.  2-27-1917-4-2-1982 son of E&E bur Fairview
                                STELLA   11-27-1892-3-9-1977 wife of Everett bur Fairview
AUKER, LAWRENCE M.  7-22-1889-6-12-1973 son of J&J bur Fairview
                RUTH B.  10-25-1893-12-27-1980 wife of Lawrence bur Fairview
AUKSCHUN, ERNEST   3-31-1890-8-2-1973 son of K&B bur Falls
AUST, ANDREA M.  9-20-1981-12-12-1981 dau of M&N bur Wallace
AUSTIN, HAZIL   3-31-1917-10-29-1978 wife fo Harold bur Falls
AVONTINS, LILIJA   2-12-1908-3-27-1986 wife of Janis bur Falls
BABER, DOROTHY F. WEBER   12-1-1889-1976 wife of Linc bur Laketon
               GARL C.  3-1-1898-2-13-1979 son of L&L founder Baber Motor Supply WWI bur Falls
BADERTSCHER, MARY G.  12-14-1896-3-29-1979 wife of Orville bur Oaklawn
BADGETT, KARRIE A. RIFE   6-29-1915-8-18-1972 wife of Harold bur Friends
BADSKEY, MARCELLUS F.  2-3-1904-6-16-1980 son of I&H bur Fairview
BAER, BESS T.  11-14-1880-2-1973 dau of C&E bur Falls
             BETTY J.  6-7-1923-1-5-1975 dau of W&E bur Falls
             WILBUR D.  10-4-1903-3-16-1988 son of D&I bur Falls
BAGWELL, CHARLES W.  8-24-1898-9-2-1975 bur Pleasant Hill
BAHLER, BETHANNE   8-28-1949-5-11-1974 Peace Corp; drownd in Jamaica dau of Armin bur
                  FREDERICK C.  11-10-189-9-28-1980 WWI bur Falls 
BAILEY, AMOS A.  9-13-1914-1-13-1986 WWII bur Oaklawn
                EDNA M. MURPHY   1-9-1901-8-6-1988 wife of Everett bur Falls
                CHARLES W.  1-5-1908-12-7-1987 bur Falls
                JOSEPHINE   1-13-1916-2-18-1980 wife of Charles bur Falls
                LULU M. GROSSMAN   3-22-1904-11-2-1979 wife of Hillus bur Hopewell
BAIN, ULIA   9-23-1896-9-28-1984 wife of Clyde bur Friends
BAKEHORN, JAMES B.  1-3-1963-6-1-1981 son of R&R bur Miss Mem
                        PAUL L.  4-17-1934-7-25-1978 son of R&L Korea vet bur Miss Mem
BAKER, A. LEROY   5-7-1909-6-16-1977 son of G&A bur Oaklawn
                ANNA M. CLINGERMAN   11-14-1883-11-19-1981 wife of Charles bur Roann Com
                BEULAH   died 9-12-1974 wife of Walter bur Falls
                BEULAH D. CLARK   3-8-1895-7-26-1982 wife of Evert bur Pleasant Hill
                BRUCE H.  6-12-1910-1976 son of G&A bur Oaklawn
                CLARA B.  1-14-1886-2-26-1980 wife of William bur Fairview
                DEWAYNE   age 42 died 9-29-1978 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                EDWARD G.  11-16-1887-1-5-1978 son of J&L bur Fairview
                ELIZABETH J.  3-12-1925-1-24-1975 wife of Paul bur Lagro
                ELLIS G.  10-30-1944-5-20-1973 son of C&V bur Mem Lawns
                ETHEL K. ELLIS   11-1-1898-11-3-1987 wife of Russell bur Roann Com
                FERN CLINGAMAN   10-19-1894-5-14-1984 wife of Lloyd bur Roann Com
                FLORENCE LEACH   4-24-1925-3-28-1984 wife of Glen bur Lagro
                GEORGIA R. HIPPENSTEEL   12-30-1892-6-1975 wife of Ed bur Fairview
                GLEN   8-15-1919-2-4-1973 son of J&I WWII bur Lagro
                GURNEY   8-11-1901-7-13-1985 son of C&H bur Laketon
                HARRY L.  7-18-1897-11-7-1973 bur Pleasant Hill
                HOMER G.  12-16-1891-10-4-1972 son of  A&H bur Fairview
                IVA TILMAN   died 7-29-1975 wife of Roy bur Oaklawn
                JASON L.  stillborn 3-9-1979 son of M&M bur Lagro
                JOHN D.  8-24-1945-6-26-1971 son of P&E bur Lagro
                JOHN G.  2-27-1922-7-18-1986 son of M&V bur Falls
                LUCILE E. WELCH   4-15-1917-4-7-1986 wife of Harold bur Oaklawn
                MARGARET H.   died 5-11-1973 bur Falls
                MARY A. MURPHY   10-14-1922-8-17-1980 wife of Hursel bur Fairview
                MARY E.  4-28-1902-12-16-1979 wife of Gurney bur Laketon
                MIKE   5-23-1895-10-26-1977 son of T&E WWI vet bur Center Grove
                MURIEL M.  4-5-1895-3-1976 wife of E. Lehman & R. Baker bur Falls
                MYRON E.  2-28-1927-1-1976 son of R&M WWII vet bur Falls
                NELLIE   8-11-1889-10-26-1981 wife of Esta bur Laketon
                PAUL   11-24-1920-3-21-1980 son of W&G WWII Army bur Lagro
                RALPH J.  8-24-1895-11-9-1979 son of A&V WWII bur Falls
                RICHARD I.  8-15-1911-9-18-1983 son of W&C bur Fairview
                ROBERT S.  5-26-1915-2-18-1988 N. Manchester town board 1972-5 bur Oaklawn
                ROY   4-22-1886-6-15-1977 bur Oaklawn
                RUTH A.  9-2-1907-7-7-1981 wife of Luther bur Falls
                RUTH M. FREDERICK   4-15-1894-5-20-1977 wife of Homer bur Fairview
                SHERMAN   9-3-1899-5-13-1974 son of J&E bur Pleasant Hill
                TREVA MYLIN   died 2-1975 wife of Kentner bur Laketon
BALDWIN, J. FRANK   9-17-1893-4-28-1980 son of O&C bur Pleasant Hill
BALES, MABEL   12-20-1887-2-1975 wife of L. Lukens & H. Bales bur Roann Com
BALL, EZRA   5-23-1923-3-6-1981 WWII Army bur Mem Lawns
            GRACE G.  age 65 died 6-1-1982 wife of Robert bur Lafontaine IOOF
            SARAH C. SCHMALZRIED   1-4-1906-6-5-1973 wife of Paul bur St. Peters
BALLARD, JOHN E.  5-20-1942-11-3-1972 son of J&E bur Falls
                     SHERIDAN P.  6-3-1902-4-22-1981 son of W&R WWI vet bur Lagro
BALLENGER, CHLOIE M. GRESSO   7-2-1903-1988 wife of Merritt bur Oaklawn
BALLEW, MARIAN   age 47 died 5-1975 bur Fairview
BALSBAUGH, GEORGE K.  8-8-1912-10-5-1973 son of G&M Major med corps 828th Eng 
                                                 BN Aviation WWII bur Oaklawn
BANKS, BENNIE G.  12-5-1929-5-24-1979 bur Falls
                VIRGIL E.  9-18-1921-2-10-1979 USAF bur Falls
BANISTER, WALTER S.  6-16-1906-9-26-1982 bur Matlock
BANTHAM, E. ALICE   4-7-1903-7-12-1985 dau of C&S bur Lafontaine IOOF
                      LAWRENCE   4-24-1894-11-24-1073 bur Falls
                      VIVIAN E.  5-8-1923-1-16-1983 wife of Lawrence bur Falls
BAREFOOT, WILLIAM R.  10-27-1905-5-20-1972 bur Pleasant Hill
BARKER, MARY A. WIGNER   3-3-1901-12-3-1973 wife of Louis bur Falls
                  PAULINE MILLER   5-1-1894-6-1973 wife of William bur Fairview
BARLOW, EVERETT M.  5-27-1926-3-1-1985 USAF bur Friends
                   MILDRED J.  12-18-1909-6-7-1973 wife of Raymond bur Friends
                   SHIRLEY M.  5-1-1935-11-10-1987 wife of George A. bur Mem Lawns
BARNES, AGNES M.  2-25-1895-6-1976 wife of Ray bur Lafontaine IOOF
                 BEATRICE M. LAWRENCE   8-14-1893-2-12-1973 wife of Lawrence bur St. Peters
                 HARVEY L.  2-13-1897-9-2-1980 WWI bur Falls
                 LAWRENCE   4-18-1888-8-20-1972 son of J&M bur St. Peters
                 LESTER   died 8-25-1974 bur Falls
BARNETT, DORWIN J.  4-6-1910-5-11-1980 son of A&R bur Friends
                    JOHN K.  7-18-1894-5-25-1973 son of L&L bur Friends
                    LOUIS M.  3-6-1889-8-13-1978 bur Friends
                    LUCILLE M.  12-3-1903-9-26-1985 wife of Miller bur Mem Lawns
                    MILLER J.  2-1-1895-12-4-1982 son of I&D bur Laketon
                    PAULINE E.  8-23-1912-12-27-1977 wife of William bur Mt Pleasant
                    PAULINE SHELLHAMER   10-5-1894-3-5-1975 wife of John bur Friends
                    ROSE ETTA   2-25-1883-7-14-1972 wife of Andrew bur Friends
                    WILLIAM H.  9-20-1908-2-1975 bur Mt Pleasant
BARNHART, GRACE M.  7-27-1893-1-7-1981 wife of Eldon bur Falls
BARNS, LESTER   2-14-1908-8-1974 bur Falls
BARRETT, GEORGE F.  2-7-1937-9-28-1977 son of   H&B bur Falls
                    LOUISE   6-22-1903-2-22-1984 wife of Ralph bur Falls
BARRUS, ROBERT E.  3-28-1918-4-14-1983 son of J&E USN WWII Noble Twp constable 18 years bur
                  RUSSELL E.  7-18-1923-2-14-1988 son of I&E Army WWII bur Mem Lawns
BARROWS, C.W.  11-2-1931-5-28-1988 superintendent postal operations Wabash Army Korea bur Falls
BARTAWAY, ADA   11-1-1885-10-31-1973 wife of Edward bur Lafontaine IOOF
                         EDWARD   12-7-1879-12-14-1972 bur Lafontaine IOOF
BARTON, JAMES H.  6-5-1903-1-10-1986 son of D&E bur Matlock
                  RALPH J.  stillborn son of L&B died 12-15-1972 bur Lagro
BARTOO, KARL C.  12-11-1935-5-7-1974 son of C&B bur Hopewell
BASH, PEARL J.  4-18-1897-1977 wife of Roscoe bur Oaklawn
BASHORE, DALE D.  8-19-1914-1-25-1986 son of F&L NM Police dept bur Oaklawn
                     GUY N.  8-10-1920-6-20-1988 bur Oaklawn
                     PAUL L.  5-15-1918-7-10-1985 son of J&E bur Oaklawn
                     TED L.  9-2-1930-6-17-1972 son of F&L bur Oaklawn
BASSHAM, OLLIS   7-13-1910-2-1976 bur Pleasant Hill
BATES, HELEN A.  10-4-1899-6-1976 wife of Reuben bur Falls
               L. LAVONNE KROM   9-7-1910-9-26-1980 wife of Joe bur Mem Lawns
BAUGHMAN, CHARLES   9-3-1921-9-5-1979 WWII bur Miss Mem
                          FLOYD J.  11-10-1923-12-7-1977 USAF bur Miss Mem
BAXTER, ETTA   8-9-1894-9-20-1986 wife of Ora bur Falls
                  LOWELL W.  11-8-1918-1-29-1984 bur Friends
BAYLESS, E. ELIZABETH   10-10-1913-2-10-19887 wife of James H. bur Falls
BAYLISS, BRITNY M.   died 10-6-1987 infant of H&M bur Mem Lawns
                   TORIA L.  5-8-1986-12-24-1986 dau of H&M bur Mem Lawns
BEACHLER, LAMAR V.  12-15-1954-9-7-1974 bur Old Ger Bapt 
                       VANNIE E.  3-25-1904-5-27-1980 bur Old Ger Bapt
BEAHM, JAMES H.  1-3-1917-12-25-1972 bur Pleasant Hill
BEALL, CHARLES   5-1-1915-3-28-1979 WWII bur Miss Mem
BEAM, DELTA M. ROGERS   8-30-1902-3-9-1972 wife of Louis bur Roann Com
             RAY M.  12-15-1905-3-24-1974 son of C&A bur Roann Com
BEAMER, BERTHA M.  9-29-1899-8-16-1979 wife of William bur Falls
                   BESSIE C. COX   10-6-1882-7-1976 wife of Walter bur Falls
                   CLEO   9-4-1884-2-1973 wife of George bur Falls
                   LEATHA URSCHEL   10-20-1895-11-8-1986 wife of John bur Falls
                   LESSIE L.  7-26-1899-12-21-1983 dau of P&E bur Roann Com
                   LOUISE M. HETTMANSPERGER   6-20-1895-1-11-1985 wife of George bur Roann Com
                   WALTER   12-21-1878-1-14-1972 son of V&E bur Falls
BEAVER, PAUL D.  1-3-1909-1-26-1982 son of W&L bur Friends
BECHDOL, RAYMOND   10-4-1912-12-19-1972 bur Falls
BECHTOL, JOHN E.  12-9-1920-9-16-1984 son of J&M WWII Army bur Lafontaine IOOF
                    JOHN S.  7-19-1894-5-15-1971 son of J&A bur Mem Lawns
                    LOYD J.  died 1987 vet bur Mem Lawns
BECHTOLD, EDITH L. FRESHOUR   12-23-1905-2-28-1984 wife of Wm bur Fairview
                        RUTH ANN DUNBAR   10-6-1892-11-1975 wife of Raymond bur Fairview
BECK, DOROTHY 10-4-1927-11-22-1975 wife of Marvin bur Oaklawn
             JAMES H.  8-24-1934-1-5-1981 Korea vet bur Oaklawn
             ODELIA   12-17-1905-3-11-1973 wife of Harold bur Oaklawn
BECKMAN, JOHN W.  9-15-1903-6-19-1986 bur Falls
                      RUTH   6-11-1900-3-1976 wife of J.W. bur Falls
BEDICS, MAMIE L.   age 72 died 11-8-1985 bur Falls
BEECHER, BLANCHE M. 12-6-1882-8-14-1988 wife of Clinton bur Fairview
BEEKS, BERNICE M. WILLIAMS   8-5-1895-1-5-1985 wife of Joseph Urbana Postmaster 1920-33 bur 
                                                            Center Grove
               DONALD D.  4-22-1950-5-23-1987 son of R&R bur Lagro 
               ELLEN L.  1-4-1918-12-1975 wife of James bur Lagro
               ELMER   6-10-1902-11-16-1973 son of G&M bur Lagro
               HELEN C.   age 82 died 1-19-1986 bur Lagro
               MYRLE L. BAKER  9-30-1892-8-22-1980 part owner Lagro Hardware wife of Charles bur Lagro
               PAUL C.  7-13-1912-7-18-1988 son of C&M bur Lagro
               RANDALL L.  8-26-1946-11-4-1977 son of R&R bur Lagro
               ROBERT E.  4-7-1921-12-14-1987 son of L&H bur Lagro Cem
               VERN D.  10-11-1911-2-17-1981 son of G&M WWII bur Friends
BEGHTEL, JACOB M.  10-14-1907-12-16-1979 son of M&G bur Speicher
                    MERIAM L. ELLIOTT   3-16-1907-5-1975 wife of J. Mark bur Speicher
BEHNY, EMANUEL   3-14-1913-4-16-1982 bur Mem Lawns
                EVERETT F.  3-2-1911-8-30-1988 bur Mem Lawns
                OMER C.  1-21-1907-3-24-1971 son of H&C bur Falls
BELFIELD, AMY C.   age 86 died 11-22-1972 wife of Edwin bur Falls
                     EDWIN G.  age 89 died 5-2-1972 bur Falls
BELL, EMMA LU   age 93 died 7-1974 wife of William bur Wallace
            KIMBERLY A.  10-26-1961-12-28-1978 wife of Timothy bur Fairview
BELLOCK, FLORENCE   10-4-1910-11-15-1973 wife of Theodore bur Falls
BELSITO, TESSIE C.  7-23-1892-4-28-1975 wife of Pete bur Oaklawn
BENBOW, JULIA   2-20-1910-5-22-1985 wife of Carl bur Lafontaine IOOF
BENDER, GERALDINE WILLOUGHBY   9-9-1903-6-6-1987 wife of H. Landis & G.C. Bender bur 
                  TODD B.  1-3-1907-11-1975 son of G&N Wabash County coroner 16 yrs bur Oaklawn
BENDSON, INGEBORG N.  3-1-1888-6-19-1975 wife of Niels bur Pleasant Hill
                     NIELS P.  3-16-1887-10-10-1978 bur Pleasant Hill
BENJAMIN, MARK M.  12-21-1951-1-4-1974 son of E&H bur Falls
BENNETT, ELIZABETH HAMILTON   7-2-1927-5-13-1988 wife of D.L. bur Falls
                    HARRY L.  11-19-1894-8-10-1975 son of J&R bur Falls
                    IRENE P. HIPSKIND   3-9-1900-9-12-1987 wife of Glenn bur Falls
                    NELL SHOEMAKER   1-17-1920-9-10-1988 wife of R.E. bur Falls
                    ROBERT E.  1-12-1921-8-27-1988 son of G&I owner Bennett Heating Service USN WWII
                                           USS San Francisco bur Falls
BENSON, EUGENE R.  6-3-1924-11-23-1973 son of V&M WWII bur Fairview
                  EVELYN E. GIEK   11-2-1906-10-26-1986 wife of Norman bur Oaklawn
                  ROY L.  6-26-1896-4-1973 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                  WILLIAM E.  10-19-1921-6-17-1972 son of V&M WWII bur Center Grove
BENT, HAZEL   1-15-1890-11-1975 dau of W&A bur Falls
BENTLEY, MICHAEL E.  7-14-1961-4-7-1988 son of E&M bur Falls
BERGHORN, DAVID A.   age 26 died 12-19-1980 son of R&M bur Falls
BERRY, CYNTHIA S.  6-11-1953-10-15-1979 wife of James bur Oaklawn
                FRANK M.  10-3-1902-418--1975 bur Falls
                MARCIA L.  9-17-1942-11-19-1975 wife of James bur Oaklawn
                MITCHELL T.  2-2-1929-4-2-1984 bur Falls
                WILLIAM C.  4-2-1906-5-21-1983 son of W&M bur Roann Com
BETHEL, BELVA   6-3-1900-1-21-1984 wife of Carman bur Oaklawn
                 CARMAN   1-1-1889-2-1-1983   WWI Army bur Oaklawn
BETTEN, ANDREW   10-6-1895-12-24-1978 WWI vet bur Fairview
                 EDNA L. BOYER   9-19-1906-6-15-1980 wife of Harry bur Pleasant Hill
                 GEORGE G.  10-22-1891-10-18-1972 bur Laketon
                 HENRY   4-29-1914-2-11-1982 bur Laketon
BEVER, NELLIE M PLY   5-29-1891-8-10-1985 wife of James bur St. Patricks
               VELMA F. FRANK   6-24-1902-2-1976 wife of Raymond bur Falls
BICKEL, EMMA J.  4-10-1880-12-2-1973 wife of Andrew bur Roann Com
                FRANCES CRIPE   3-19-1903-12-29-1988 wife of Paul bur Oaklawn
                MATILDA J.  4-28-1909-6-17-1975 wife of Raymond bur Roann Com
                PAUL A.  9-30-1902-7-1973 bur Oaklawn
                PEARL   3-25-1889-10-10-1981 wife of Minor bur Friends
BIDWELL, JOYCE M. FISHER   3-29-1933-11-28-1981 wife of William bur Lagro
                    ROBERT L.  died 2-15-1977
BIEHL, CLEO M. GARBER   5-13-1898-12-29-1984 wife of Leroy bur Fairview
              DORA E.  12-15-1888-9-20-1979 wife of Walter bur Fairview
              LEROY   10-3-1892-12-28-1984 son of P&M WWI bur Fairview
BIGGERSTAFF, GEORGE W.  6-1-1899-12-2-1987 Lt Col Army WWI & WWII bur Falls
BIGGS, DELMAR G.  7-24-1907-7-28-1988 bur Falls
              RALPH G.  8-25-1922-3-22-1972 son of R&E bur Falls
BILLINGTON, THEODORE R.  3-28-1903-9-2-1975 bur Falls
BILLISISTZ, WILLIAM R.  10-6-1980-2-23-1981 son of J&K bur Oaklawn
BINNIE, DORIS R. IRELAND   5-1-1909-1-31-1984 wife of Lester bur Pleasant Hill
BIRD, LAWRENCE W.  11-27-1901-6-12-1986 owner Wabash Abstract & Loan Co. son of W&S bur 
BISHOP, ALEX   10-5-1910-9-13-1978 bur Oaklawn
                BERTHA C.  12-29-1892-2-26-1985 wife of Charles bur Fairview
BITZEL, CLAUDE M.  4-23-1915-10-11-1973 son of F&E bur Mem Lawns 
                FLORENCE E. SCOTT   3-12-1907-12-6-1984 wife of Alvin bur Lagro
                GOLDIE M.  5-8-1893-7-1976 wife of Frank bur Center Grove
                JAMES   11-11-1893-7-31-1979 bur Center Grove
                ORVAL L.  9-27-1914-4-12-1983 son of A&J WWII Army bur Lagro
BIZKJACK, EDWARD   10-3-1908-11-27-1988 son of J&A bur Falls
BLACK, GEORGE H.  5-17-1922-6-1-1978 USN WWII bur Center Grove
                HAROLD E.  8-4-1913-12-22-1973 WWII bur Friends
                WALTER H.  6-3-1915-7-6-1978 son of J&V general evangelist Central In District Wesleyan 
                                        Church bur Mem Lawns
BLACKBURN, NED A.  8-12-1951-8-17-1984 son of R&D bur Falls
                           WAYNE   5-22-1914-5-2-1972 WWII vet bur Friends
BLAIR, BRIAN S.  4-29-1973-4-30-1973 son of E&C bur Falls
              HURSHEL   4-14-1921-9-6-1973 WWII bur Hopewell
              JERRI L.  4-29-1973-5-1-1973 dau of E&C bur Falls
              LEE   2-13-1912-5-14-1982 WWII bur Falls
BLAND, LEORA M.  7-22-1909-7-31-1985 wife of William bur Friends
                TROY A.  11-14-1969-7-22-1988 son of R&A bur Mem Lawns
                WAYNE W.  10-17-1918-8-20-1983 bur Miss Mem
                WILLIAM H.  4-17-1902-4-14-1988 bur Friends
BLEVINS, EVERETT R.  1-26-1906-1-15-1987 bur Falls
                   SARAH   12-1-1907-2-4-1974 wife of Everett bur Falls
BLICKENSTAFF, HAZEL M. BUTTERBAUGH   1-23-1896-6-1-1977 wife of Lloyd bur Pleasant Hill
                               NONA   1-17-1890-3-3-1972 wife of Jesse bur Old Ger Bapt
                               ROSA M. ALBRIGHT   3-15-1884-9-1972 wife of Charles bur Pleasant Hill
BLISS, MARIE   2-28-1885-3-24-1983 bur Pleasant Hill
BLOCHER,  ISAAC L.  9-30-1919-9-12-1984 bur Old Ger Bapt
                     JAMES D.  12-27-1888-8-15-1982 son of J&A bur Old Ger Bapt
                     LUCY   8-29-1887-6-19-1972 wife of Simon bur Old Ger Bapt
                     ROY   9-19-1890-11-2-1985 son of M&L bur Old Ger Bapt
                     SAMUEL   age 89 died 6-1976 son of M&L bur Old Ger Bapt
                     SOLOMON L.  2-4-1885-3-28-1979 son of M&L bur Old Ger Bapt
                     WILLIS S.  4-5-1915-10-5-1984 son of S&M bur Old Ger Bapt
BLOCKSON, EVELYN M. LYNCH   5-30-1906-12-30-1988 wife of J.E. bur Miss Mem
BLOOMER, GILBERT E.  9-13-1914-6-1974 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                      GLADYS MILLINER   4-27-1893-1-9-1974 wife of John bur Falls
BLOXSON, JOHN A.  8-10-1898-2-2-1985 son of A&C bur Falls
BLUE, SINA M.  age 92 died 9-1972 bur Miss mem
BOARDMAN, MARIAN L.  1-14-1918-6-3-1973 wife of Domer bur Friends
                         RICK B.  12-14-1955-7-2-1980 bur Oaklawn
BOCKWAY, LUCILE A.  11-11-1888-2-3-1985 wife of Richard bur St. Peters
BODKIN, HARRIETT A.  12-3-1874-3-1-1971 wife of Thomas bur Miss Mem
BOLDEN, JIM   4-4-1887-1-17-1987 bur Mem Lawns
                  KATHLEEN M.  stillborn 1-10-1985 dau of G&K bur Mem Lawns
                  ROY E.  5-23-1922-10-31-1983 bur Mem Lawns
BOLEN, JAY D.  11-23-1980-2-28-1983 son of J&L bur Falls
               VERGIE   6-1-1910-8-23-1985 wife of John bur Falls
BOLES, MARGARET HIPSKIND   11-19-1901-3-5-1974 wife of George bur Falls
BOLINGER, ARTHUR C.  8-18-1896-7-19-1978 son of Lewis WWI vet bur Friends
                      DOROTHY E.  7-29-1922-12-15-1983 wife of Donald bur Friends
                      EVA   10-12-1891-4-20-1981 dau of L&C bur Falls
                      HELEN V.  1-10-1911-12-24-1982 wife of Vernon bur Fairview
                      LOTTIE G.  5-26-1913-2-17-1972 wife of Paul bur Falls
                      MARO L.  2-23-1899-8-1989 wife of C. Lane & A. Bolinger bur Friends
                      ORPHA A.  2-23-1898-2-1976 wife of Alvin bur Pleasant Hill
                      TRESSIE M. EMLEY   4-13-1895-10-20-1973 wife of Homer bur Fairview
                      VERNON L.  8-1-1907-5-18-1977 son of L&E bur Faiview
BOLLER, ROBECT C.  age 59 died 9-1973 WWII Seabee bur Miss Mem
BOLLEY, LILLIAM B.  4-13-1887-10-1-1984 bur Oaklawn
BOLSOVER, GEORGE   8-4-1897-2-1976 bur Matlock
                       OPAL M. MARTIN   3-13-1903-10-13-1981 wife of Willard bur Matlock
BONE, ROBERT N.  9-12-1900-11-24-1982 WWI & WWII bur Murphy
             SARAH M.  2-15-1896-8-15-1973 wife of Thomas bur Matlock
BONEWITZ, EMSLEY F.  10-4-1892-1-20-1973 son of J&E bur Oaklawn
                       EULALIA D. HIPP   6-19-1899-2-22-1978 wife of Rolland bur Miss Mem
                        IRA B.  age 83 died 8-20-1977 son of J&M bur Oaklawn
                        MICHAEL L.  3-25-1950-12-9-1989 son of L&B bur Oaklawn
BOONE, DOROTHY O. LANDIS   12-22-1915-8-10-1975 wife of Joseph bur Falls
BOOCHER, MAX E.  7-8-1925-10-26-1986 son of N&N bur Old Ger Bapt
                     OSCAR   4-28-1906-5-27-1982 son of E&A bur Fairview
BORING, CLIFFORD H.   11-4-1908-12-28-1985 bur Matlock
                  WILLODEAN KINDELSPARKER   9-15-1924-8-20-1973 wife of Charles bur Friends
BORSENBERGER, HAZEL V.  9-23-1888-7-1976 wife fo Henry bur Oaklawn
BOSCH, GEORGE F.  9-22-1905-10-31-1988 Army WWII India-Burma-China bur Matlock
BOWEN, ALBERT H.  7-21-1888-10-10-1977 son of F&M bur Pleasant Grove
                GENE W.  9-16-1927-10-12-1982 bur Oaklawn
BOWERS, LUTHER B.  age 87 died 7-25-1977 bur Center Grove
                   MARY A.  10-30-1895-3-20-1980 wife of Albert bur Pleasant View
                   MILLIE E.  1-26-1891-1-16-1978 wife of W. Duff & L. Bowers bur Laketon
BOWLBY, BERNARD   6-22-1908-2-7-1986 bur Friends
                   JOSEPHINE HARVEY   5-10-1910-4-21-1980 wife of Bernard bur Friends
                   MAUDE C.  12-8-1884-9-27-1974 wife of Samuel bur Friends
                   RALPH   1-3-1904-2-15-1977 WWII vet bur Friends
                   SAMUEL G.  9-16-1881-3-25-1974 bur Friends
BOWLING, AMANDA M.  7-16-1985-9-19-1985 dau of D&P bur Falls
BOWMAN, CAROLINE F. SCHNELL   3-9-1885-12-14-1986 wife of Cary bur Roann Com
                     CLARENCE   5-11-1910-4-16-1985 son of C&N bur Lafontaine IOOF
                     DELBERT   3-17-1931-7-6-1983 son of D&H vet Korea bur Mem Lawns
                     DORIS M. SUNDHEIMER   8-12-1928-11-21-1977 wife of Willard bur Falls
                     DOROTHY LAWSHE   age 63 died 9-1976 wife of Floyd bur Miss Mem
                     DOROTHY   7-1-1905-8-26-1978 dau of E&P bur Miss Mem
                     FORREST F.  2-14-1904-3-1-1977 son of C&A bur Roann Com
                     GLENN A.  4-21-1897-11-7-1978 son of E&E bur Falls
                     GUY 1-8-1904-1-18-1985 son of H&M Bowman Grocery 1930-47 Red Bridge bur Miss Mem
                     HARRIET P.  4-27-1896-3-25-1974 wife of Delbert bur Speicher
                     HELEN L.  12-3-1903-12-1975 wife of Oscar bur Miss Mem
                     MARIE SCHOEFF   11-18-1897-5-10-1974 wife of Glen bur Falls
                     MARY   10-21-1891-6-17-1974 dau of E&E bur Mem Lawns
                     MAULDRED M. STREMMEL 8-12-1915-6-26-1989 wife of Earl bur Miss Mem
                     OSCAR   3-16-1904-4-1974 son of W&S bur Miss Mem
                     THOMAS W.  died 11-5-1974 bur Speicher
                     WILBUR J.  9-26-1903-8-19-1986 son of G&C bur Miss Mem
BOWYER, LEMOINE   10-6-1925-5-29-1989 bur Friends
BOYER, ARTHUR E.  8-19-1905-4-6-1983 bur Oaklawn
                DANIEL W.  3-8-1893-7-30-1973 prof of music Manchester College son of S&E bur Pleasant 
                EDITH R. FRANTZ   8-18-1898-2-28-1973 wife of Ralph bur Pleasant Hill
                ETHEL S.  9-16-1894-2-18-1975 wife of Albert bur Mem Lawns
                JUSTICE M.  3-15-1909-6-29-1979 bur Mem Lawns
                MELVIN V.   10-16-1935-8-10-1987 soil conservationist U.S. Dept of Agriculture bur Falls
                ROSE L. 9-10-1907-10-16-1989 wife of William bur Pleasant Hill
                VERNA F. GROSSNICKLE   8-28-1892-7-9-1981 wife of Walter bur Pleasant Hill
BOZARTH, ROLLAND E.  age 58 died 10-5-1980 WWII owner Bozarth Trailer Court bur Center Grove
BRABENDER, ANNA   9-25-1889-7-5-1977 wife of Benjamin bur Falls
BRADEN, ALBERTINE   died 1-1973 wife of William bur Friends
                  HORTENSE E.  2-14-1893-7-23-1985 dau of W&M bur Friends
BRADFORD, RICKY A.  7-29-1971-6-2-1983 son of F&F bur Mem Lawns
                        RUTH A.  4-20-1952-3-19-1983 bur Oaklawn
BRADLEY, BETTY J.  12-29-1923-7-21-1985 wife of Verne WAVE WWII bur Mem Lawns
                     CHESTER D.  12-11-1900-2-16-1988 son of A&K US Army bur Falls
                     ERNEST   age 48 died 5-1-1979 Korea vet bur Oaklawn
                     JESSE   8-22-1928-11-16-1972 bur Oaklawn
                     JOANN   10-30-1948-6-2-1974 wife of Derbert bur Fairview
                     KATHHRYN A.  1-24-1907-7-30-1972 dau of A&K bur Falls
                     MIRIAM K.  9-10-1904-4-12-1989 wife of Chester bur Falls
                     VERNE J.  4-6-1920-1-26-1988 bur Mem Lawns
                     VIOLA   3-17-1910-9-25-1986 wife of Richard bur Greenwood
BRADY, ELMA G.  12-14-1909-10-3-1985 bur Falls
                ESTHER M.  2-24-1918-7-15-1980 wife of Fred bur Falls
                GENEVIEVE ENYEART   2-22-1907-6-9-1974 wife of Thomas bur Mem Lawns
                HELEN S. CRAFT   9-11-1905-5-16-1983 wife of Jack bur Falls
                KATHRYN HARTER   11-29-1889-8-30-1982 wife of Clarence bur Oaklawn
                SELDON C.  7-8-1903-1-5-1987 son of W&M bur Falls
BRAINARD, JOHN   1-26-1926-10- 10-1973 WWII vet bur Oaklawn
BRAND, BERTHA   11-30-1890-6-20-1980 wife of Harry bur Oaklawn
BRANDENBURG, DORSEY   4-26-1905-2-21-1988 bur Oaklawn
                                 EUNICE K. RAUTENKRANZ 7-28-1907-4-22-1989 wife of Dorsey bur Oaklawn
                                 WAYNE M.  10-7-1915-5-7-1975 bur Pleasant Hill
BRANDT, WALDO B.  10-13-1915-2-9-1988 owner Brandt’s H/D Cycle Shop USAF bur Matlock
BRANE, DONALD E. 11-27-1940-10-30-1988 son of R&S bur Lafontaine IOOF
                GENEVA GATCHEL   8-11-1916-4-26-1986 wife of Russell bur Mem Lawns
                GLENN   8-23-1908-6-8-1988 son of C.F. & B bur Lafontaine IOOF
                HOWARD   11-11-1902-8-7-1980 son of C&B bur Lafontaine IOOF
                JOHN C.  9-30-1914-3-27-1979 son of J&E bur Falls
                RALPH W.  10-24-1896-9-8-1987 son of J&M bur Lafontaine IOOF
BRANNON, HELEN L. UNGER   7-2-1903-11-10-1973 bur Friends
BRATCH, JAMES   1-3-1936-11-14-1986 USMC Korea bur Mem Lawns
                  JAMES L.  5-19-1968-9-23-1989 son of J&B bur Mem Lawns
BRATTON, KYLE E.  12-3-1988-3-31-1989 son of R&R bur Friends
BRAUNELLER,  ANNA H.  2-24-1914-1983 wife of G & C. Brauneller bur Falls
                             CECIL R.  5-25-1904-10-30-1974 bur Mem Lawns
                             PERRY   age 21 died 5-9-1986 son of C&C bur Mem Lawns
BREITKOPF, GERTRUDE   10-28-1896-4-15-1987 bur Oaklawn
                        HERMANN A.  4-17-1898-10-14-1977 bur Oaklawn
                        HERMANN K.  6-18-1921-5-21-1983 WWII vet Oaklawn
                        KLARA B.  8-3-1903-9-3-1978 wife of Hermann bur Oaklawn
BRENT, LEWIS P.  9-22-1896-7-14-1973 son of C&M USN WWII bur Falls
BRETT, EMILY RETTIG   2-21-1896-4-30-1981 wife of Lewis bur Falls
BREWER, ANNE   12-21-1907-9-2-1987 wife of Lingg bur Mem Lawns
                   FLOYD   10-17-1900-11-2-1988 bur Falls
                   JENNIE E.  age 90 died 10-9-1988 bur Fairview
                   NAOMI L.  5-1-1921-11-25-1983 wife of Flavius bur Mem Lawns
                   RUTH A. MURPHY   8-3-1881-4-7-1972 wife of William bur Falls
BRIDEGROOM, EARL G.  4-6-1900-12-5-1982 bur Falls
                             FAITH E.  4-23-1905-3-11-1972 wife of Francis bur Mem Lawns
                             FRANCIS I.  11-17-1903-1-1976 bur Mem Lawns
                             HAZEL   1-3-1896-11-11-1987 wife of John F. bur Falls
                             KENNETH   9-25-1920-9-19-1980 son of F&F WWII Army bur Mem Lawns
                             ROBERT E.  12-17-1923-10-7-1974 WWII bur Mem Lawns
BRIGHT, J. GENE   8-4-1911-6-30-1978 son of O&M bur Mt. Pleasant
BRIM, NOBLE A.  9-3-1894-11-1975 son of F&L WWI vet bur Falls
BRINEGAR, L. MILDRED   10-24-1901-4-1-1979 wife of Binius bur Miss Mem
                      LARRY G.  8-7-1949-6-25-1975 son of E&R bur Falls
                      WILLIAM A.  4-27-1895-2-25-1975 bur Miss Mem
BRINER, BEULAH L. MYERS   10-29-1891-2-12-1980 wife of Robert bur Fairview
                WAYNE K.  12-19-1916-9-1976 son of R&B bur Oaklawn   
BRINSON, GARY W.  10-7-1963-2-9-1984 bur Oaklawn
BRISBIN, JAMES M.  10-10-1923-10-26-1987 WWII 92nd Bomb. Grp 8th Air Force bur Mem Lawns
BROCK, GLENN W.  3-31-1907-4-14-1981 bur Center Grove
                LUCILLE ROBERTS   6-30-1902-12-7-1981 wife of Lawrence bur Falls
BROOKOVER, OPAL 9-30-1912-11-29-1989 wife of F Walters & A. Brookover bur Fairview
BROOKS, ANNA B. RIDENOUR   6-22-1921-2-13-1981 wife of James bur Friends
                  ARTHUR V.  1-10-190 8-5-30-1982 bur Friends
                  EUNICE N.  10-27-1910-4-12-1974 wife of Charles bur Mem Lawns
                  HELEN M.  1-20-1911-9-16-1981 wife of Arthur bur Friends
                  JAMES E.  3-1-1916-9-6-1983 WWII Army bur Friends
                  MARY V.  6-15-1910-5-11-1989 wife of James bur Mem Lawns
BROOKINS, BERTHA BONEWITZ   12-19-1901-3-20-1978 bur Pleasant Hill
BROTHERS,  BERT F.  10-11-1913-6-20-1981 bur Falls
                        COLENE J. PROPS   9-25-1897-10-8-1981 wife of Rolland bur Lagro
                        ROLLAND   11-26-1875-1-12-1972 Ind. Soldiers Home Lafayette son of G&E WWI bur
BROWER, BERL   7-26-1922-1-30-1983 bur Roann
                   DORIS J.  5-1-1928-4-15-1984 dau of G&Z bur Roann Comm
                   GLENN R.  9-12-1900-1-1976 bur Roann Com
                   MARGERY E. ROSEN   11-17-1913-1-1-1972 wife of Ralph bur Fairview
                   ZURTHA M.  6-8-1900-8-24-1983 wife of Glenn bur Roann
BROWN, BERTHA E.  7-28-1884-2-8-1978 dau of T&M bur Friends
                 CHARLES D.  3-19-1911-8-27-1985 WWII Army bur Friends
                 CHARLES F.  12-18-1894-2-9-1978 WWI vet bur Pleasant Grove
                 CHARLES R.  2-16-1915-10-11-1974 bur Pleasant Hill
                 CHRISTINA A.  born and died 9-3-1974 dau of S&N bur Falls
                 DALLAS C.  8-31-1910-9-22-1979 bur Mem Lawns
                 DAVID M.  7-1-1957-2-28-1983 bur Laketon
                 DIANE P.  11-25-1940-3-15-1989 wife of Richard bur Pleasant Grove
                 DONALD F.  11-14-1919-4-30-1975 son of F&D USN WWI bur Falls
                 DOROTHY L. WITTERY   5-3-1892-1-19-1977 wife of Franklin bur Falls
                 EDYTHE F. WILDONER   10-31-1890-11-19-1984 wife of Wm bur Falls
                 FOSTER G.   9-22-1905-4-24-1989 bur Oaklawn
                 GRACE R.  3-16-1911-11-1975 wife of Ollie bur Falls
                 HARRIET G.  5-3-1916-2-5-1979 wife of J. Wood & C. Brown bur Pleasant Hill
                 HURLEY I.  9-26-1900-9-21-1987 bur Falls
                 JUANITA   6-28-1932-3-14-1977 wife of Lawrence bur Swank
                 KAREN K.  12-7-1955-11-1-1982 bur St. Peters
                 LITHA   6-15-1893-10-5-1973 wife of H. Bays & C. Brown bur Rose Hill
                 LOIS age 90 died 3-25-1987 wife of Dwight bur Oaklawn
                 LOLA E.  3-12-1886-10-5-1973 wife of Merle bur Laketon
                 LOWELL D.  9-4-1904-19-26-1989 bur Pleasant Hill
                 LUSSIE KENDALL   1-6-1882-5-10-1984 wife of Kyler bur Speicher
                 MARALYN M. RINEARSON   7-18-1924-4-19-1981 bur Lagro
                 MARGO   10-21-1949-3-20-1972 wife of William bur Mem Lawns
                 MARY A. HODSON 12-26-1898-12-4-1985 wife of Oliver bur Friends
                 MARY JANE   age 26 died 5-4-1986 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                 MICHELE R. CHAIN   10-11-1966-12-22-1982 wife of Charles bur Mem Lawns
                 MILDRED M. BOWER   2-27-1906-7-1976 wife of Charles bur Pleasant Grove
                 OLLIE P. BROWN   died 1-24-1978 bur Falls
                 RICHARD J.  7-17-1933-6-8-1989 owner Brown Construction Co bur Oaklawn
                 TESSIE M. GARST   7-7-1898-6-18-1975 wife of W. Hawley & H. Brown bur Friends
                 WILLIAM L.  12-29-1946-3-20-1972 bur Mem Lawns
BROWNE, KATHRYN S. KIRCHER   6-1-1909-1-28-1987 bur Falls
                   MAXINE L. LINDSEY died 6-6-1987 wife of W.H. bur Oaklawn
                   PAUL M.  4-20-1884-3-12-1979 son of J&N bur Oaklawn
                   WILLIAM H.  3-11-1901-5-26-1975 son of J&E musician with the Charlie Davis Band bur 
BROYLER, BERTHA A.  died 11-7-1977 bur Falls
BRUBAKER, ALBERT E.  7-26-1900-11-8-1988 son of J&C bur Laketon
                        ALICE B. DOOLEY   12-5-1888-2-15-1988 wife of D.A. bur Friends
                        BERNIECE A.  1-25-1898-6-17-1979 wife of Luther bur Laketon
                        EARL S.  6-29-1906-8-23-1983 son of W&W bur Kendall
                        EDNA B.  8-1-1911-2-20-1979 wife of George bur Oaklawn
                        ELIZABETH   6-3-1887-1-5-1989 bur Oaklawn
                        GEORGE A.  1-12-1912-3-6-1978 son of J&C bur Oaklawn
                        JOYCE A   5-7-1955-11-25-1984 bur Old Ger Bapt
                        LUTHER L.  1-30-1896-10-27-1984 son of J&C bur Laketon
                        MILTON   6-26-1901-9-2-1980 bur Old Ger Bapt
                       ORAH I. KESTER   11-11-1886-7-25-1977 wife of Curtis bur Fairview
                       RALPH O.  12-3-1900-6-6-1977 bur Pleaant Hill
BRUCE, MARY LINES   9-14-1920-6-9-1979 bur Falls
BRUNJES, IONA MILLER   2-15-1889-5-13-1975 wife of John bur Oaklawn
BRUNN, RAYMOND L.  5-5-1897-7-25-1980 son of W&E WWI bur Falls
BRYAN, JOHN W.  7-19-1909-4-2-1986 son of W&E WWII USN bur Roann Com
BRYANT, ELIZABETH H. DUFTON   5-24-1890-1-1-1986 wife of Warren bur Friends
                   MARY L.  age 84 died 3-1-1980 bur Fairview
                   WARREN S.  12-13-1889-1-29-1989 bur Friends
BUBB, MARCETA S. BUNDY   11-9-1941-1984 wife of Larry bur Oaklawn
BUCHANAN, RONALD D.  7-22-1963-7-4-1979 son of J&D bur Lagro
BUCHER, ELIZABETH C.  4-18-1920-7-23-1986 wife of Eugene bur Falls
                  GALEN A.  12-24-1908-2-10-1987 WWII Army bur Fairview
                  KENNETH M.  4-20-1930-12-20-1989 son of G&V vet Korea bur Fairview
                  VIOLA K.  9-17-1908-12-29-1976 wife of Galen bur Fairview
BUCHTEL, MARLIN S. 10-13-1934-11-15-1989 bur Pleasant Hill
BUESCHEL, DELBERT F.  4-21-1913-10-1976 bur Roann Com
BUMGARDNER, BENNIE F.  1947-5-1972 SGT in Army bur Fairview
                              VIOLA   1-21-1908-1-26-1974 wife of Roy bur Friends
BUNCH, LESTER R.  3-13-1895-7-15-1983 bur Laketon
BUNDY, IVA M.  4-1-1894-5-18-1974 wife of Noah bur Oaklawn
BUNISH, STEVE   age 67 died 10-24-1986 bur Lafontaine IOOF
BURCROFF, INFANT died 45--1975 infant of R.&P bur Falls
                       MICHAEL   stillborn 10-16-1979 infant of R&P bur Falls
BURKE, JOHN F.  7-20-1926-11-24-1988 WWII bur Oaklawn
BURKHART, FLORENCE M.  8-21-1893-3-10-1977 wife of Ollie bur Oaklawn
BURKHOLDER, KENNETH L.  10-21-1906-11-23-1975 son of C&E bur Friends
                             NELLIE M.  9-23-1913-3-20-1972 bur Falls
BURNETT, ALBERT   11-5-1922-2-1976 WWII Army bur Mem Lawns
                    LOUISE CROWE   1-24-1916-2-8-1983 wife of G. Gant & A. Burnett bur Mem Lawns
BURNS, J. ESTIL   2-6-1889-7-18-1980 bur Falls
               MARJORIE M.  7-29-1929-2-2-1981 wife of Walter bur Lagro
BURNSWORTH, ALVAH M.  7-2-1914-10-25-1978 bur Friends
                              J. WILLARD   3-27-1916-4-4-1987 WWII Army bur Lagro
BURNWORTH, DELORIS METTLER   10-18-1916-10-16-1983 wife of Ray bur Center Grove 
                            GROVER C. 12-16-1884-6-20-1977 bur Roann Com
                            HARRY   5-22-1915-5-15-1985 son of G&M bur Roann Com
                            LAURA   11-22-1896-5-9-1981 wife of Guy bur Lafontine IOOF
BURR, DORIS M.  9-8-1898-10-8-1982 wife of Lozier bur Pleasant Hill
             KENNETH R.  9-5-1900-2-3-1986 son of B&M bur Oaklawn
             LOZIER A.  9-28-1898-9-1-1984 son of F&M bur Pleasant Hill
             PAULINE S.  8-9-1900-10-31-1983 wife of Kenneth bur Oaklawn
             THURL C.  age 92 died 9-11-1986 WWI bur Lafontaine IOOF
BURTON, CHARLES   12-29-1888-11-1973 bur Fairview
                  CHARLES W.  5-5-1921-2-26-1977 USN WWII bur Friends
                  HELEN M.  12-1-1924-7-20-1980 wife of Charles bur Friends
                  HUGH M.  2-3-1887-3-1976 son of J&M bur Fairview
                  LOUIS C.  7-23-1892-5-1975 wife of Charles bur Fairview
                  OSCAR   2-29-1892-6-11-1975 son of J&A WWI vet bur Fairview
                  RANDALL L.  8-16-1964-11-9-1986 son of C&P bur Friends
BUSBEE, RICK A.  8-16-1965-7-16-1983 son of C&R bur Friends
BUSCH, WALTER F.  age 76 died 1-1972 bur Roann Com
BUSH, 	IRIS   2-17-1902-4-5-1972 dau of B&E bur Falls
              LAMOINE   10-6-1900-1976 son of G&S threshing machine owner; owner Bush & Son
                                   Excavating bur Fairview
              MILDRED G. KRISHNER   9-23-1901-12-19-1973 wife of Lamoine bur Fairview
              REX D.  12-26-1919-5-9-1987 son of D&E bur Hopewell
BUSHLER, RUBY M. PEARSON   6-21-1895-2-20-1978 wife of Frank DUV bur Friends
BUSSARD, BERNICE HARRELL   12-9-1915-11-28-1988 wife of Arden bur Hopewell
                    EDYTHE M. YOUNG   4-4-1900-9-29-1982 wife of Harry bur Oaklawn
                    EVA M.  5-7-1911-11-28-1975 wife of Arden bur Pleasant Hill
BUTCHER, JOHN C.  9-19-1904-5-4-1978 bur Roann Com
                    LEORA J.  4-25-1906-9-19-1972 wife of John bur Roann Com
                    LEWIS   11-27-1915-1-22-1989 bur Lagro
BUTLER, OPLE WHITE   10-18-1889-8-28-1972 wife of Albert bur Laketon
BUTTERBAUGH, D. WRIGHT   7-17-1901-6-1976 bur Pleasant Hill
                                GORMAN   12-12-1908-4-15-1974 son of R&L bur Pleasant Hill
                                HAZEL M.  3-26-1896-3-15-1977 wife of Ray bur Old Ger Bapt
                                JAMES D.  11-29-1911-8-10-1977 bur Pleasant Hill
                                PAUL R.  11-29-1911-4-15-1978 bur Pleasant Hill
                                RAY H.  9-7-1897-4-20-1974 son of R&A bur Old Ger Bapt
                                SAMUEL   12-12-1927-9-17-1973 son of O&B bur Roann Com
BUZZETTI, JOANNA J. HARPER   6-28-1914-9-11-1982 wife of Emil bur Harper
BYALL, HELEN   7-23-1899-9-7-1982 bur Falls
CABLE, BETTY L. CURTIS   12-15-1919-3-14-1987 wife of C.E. Purdy & T. Cable bur Fairview
               EDWARD R.  11-25-1913-7-1-1988 bur Lafontaine IOOF
CAIN, HAZEL   10-22-1894-5-13-1979 dau of W&A bur Falls
CALDWELL, MAMIE   age 83 died 10-10-1985 wife of William bur Pleasant Hill
CALLAHAN, DONALD E.  3-8-1927-6-1974 US Army Korea bur Fairview
                        RUTH   1-21-1892-4-16-1979 wife of John bur Fairview
CALLAWAY, ELIZABETH M.  age 3 died 1-1-1982 dau of G&D bur Old Ger Bapt
                         JAMES C.  2-14-1908-9-27-1979 son of L&R bur Lafontaine IOOF
CAMP, JOSEPH L.  9-26-1888-11-8-1973 bur Mem Lawns
             MARIE G.  2-2-1893-8-4-1977 wife of Joseph bur Mem Lawns
CAMPBELL, JO ANN 3-7-1935-5-27-1989 wife of Kenneth R. bur Friends
                       KENNETH R.  4-7-1934-2-24-1984 bur Friends
                       LAURA H. ZIMMER   5-3-1895-3-12-1982 wife of George bur Falls
                       MAMIE M. STORY   12-3-1897-9-18-1981 wife of Ralph bur Friends
                       PAULINE L.  age 68 died 4-1975 wife of Lewis bur St. Peters
                       RALPH   8-5-1895-3-9-1982 son of J&L WWI Army bur Friends
                       RICHARD L.   1-5-1927-2-15-1973 son of J&F WWII bur Falls
                       RUBY   4-19-1894-1-14-1974 wife of Earle bur Wallace
                       WILLIAM E.  11-26-1909-2-16-1982 WWII bur Friends
CANTRELL, AMOS L.  2-2-1898-2-28-1989 bur Mem Lawns
                       EARL   12-21-1923-8-4-1983 USAF WWII & Korea & Vietnam bur Friends
                       KISIER   7-12-1911-2-6-1978 bur Friends
                       NINA   10-27-1934-12-26-1979 wife of Amos bur Mem Lawns
CAPES, LLOYD E.  10-6-1902-4-14-1985 bur Laketon
               MAX D.  3-20-1929-11-13-1989 son of L&F bur Laketon
CARD, NONDUS MILLER   3-10-1908-12-3-1972 wife of Roland bur Miss Mem
CAREY, ELSIE M.  11-30-1907-11-11-1975 wife of Harvey bur Miss Mem
CARLISLE, INEZ   1-17-1918-10-1973 wife of Leonard bur Oaklawn
                     LEONARD   4-28-1919-8-31-1988 USN WWII bur Oaklawn
CARMAN, KATIE   8-31-1886-10-13-1982 wife of H. Harting  & J. Carman bur Oaklawn
CARMEN, MARY F.  1879-9-1972 wife of Donald bur Falls
CARMODY, CATHERINE B.  8-4-1899-4-26-1973 dau of J&M bur Falls
                       KENNETH J.  1-17-1904-11-21-1985 bur Falls
                       MARY CRAFT   5-5-1883-10-30-1973 wife of Patrick bur Falls
CARNES, LEWIS J.  11-14-1901-2-11-1985 bur Lafontaine IOOF
CARNEY,  FRANK L.  8-8-1905-5-5-1978 son of A&L bur Falls
CARPENTER, CHESTER   4-2-1917-2-2-1980 WWII bur Lafontaine IOOF
                         HELEN R.  11-6-1911-1983 bur Falls
                         LEEWELL H.  age 93 died 12-16-1989 WWI superintendent Wabash City Schools bur 
                          MARCELLA I.  8-26-1952-3-3-1986 bur Oaklawn
CARR, CHARLOTTE H.  12-25-1893-8-19-1980 wife of Ernest bur Falls
             ELBERT T.  8-7-1903-6-11-1985 son of C&S bur Falls
             MABEL I. BLAKE   9-1-1904-3-31-1973 wife of Elbert bur Falls
CARROLL, ARTHUR A.  5-30-1902-9-6-1986 bur Lagro
                    LOREN S.  age 73 died 10-26-1976 bur Fairview
                    VELMA A.  6-6-1904-2-21-1972 wife of Arthur clerk Lagro PO bur Lagro
CARSON, JAMES W.  9-2-1924-3-9-1981   WWII Army; received Wabash Exchange Club Book of 
                                       Golden Deeds 1967 for work as Santa Clause bur Mem Lawns
CARTER, ALTON   2-4-1911-2-6-1975 bur Falls
                  AVERILLA M. ROBINSON   12-17-1905-12-1-1981 wife of Russell bur Miss Mem
                  C. ARDEN   6-30-1916-7-17-1988 founded Carter Sales & Service bur Falls
                  HUBERT W.  11-17-1910-11-1-1982 owner Carter Vault Co. 1951-1974 bur Falls
                  JULIA M.  7-24-1895-7-2-1986 wife of Charles bur Fairview
                  LAURA C.  4-7-1888-12-5-1973 wife of William bur Oaklawn
                  RUSSELL C.  9-12-1901-9-12-1975 bur Miss Mem
                  THELMA M.  12-12-1916-10-30-1979 bur Lagro
CARVER, KOREY D.  born  & died 1-30-1988 infant of K&S bur Roann Com
CASH, JOHN A.  4-14-1881-5-12-1979 bur Mem Lawns
            MARY A.  2-17-1897-4-9-1981 wife of John bur Mem Lawns
CASKEY, CLEO E.  8-33-1915-10-18-1981 bur Fairview
CASSADAY, MILDRED J.  9-2-1922-1-27-1983 wife of Edwin bur Miss Mem
CASSIDAY, EDNA T.  11-17-1898-3-5-1977 wife of P. McGriff & L. Cassiday bur Mem Lawns
CASSIDY, DON B.  9-30-1947-12-13-1976 son of D&D bur Lutheran
CASTLE, RAYMOND   age 67 died 4-12-1978 bur friends
CASTRO, DAVID A.  1-20-1968-9-20-1983 bur Friends
CATT, BERTHA M. BISHOP   12-16-1911-3-5-1979 wife of Russell bur South Pleasant
            RUSSELL L.  10-13-1910-12-12-1989 WWII bur South Pleasant
CATTRON, MILDRED   9-6-1928-10-30-1986 wife of William bur Oaklawn
CAUDILL, MARY E.  9-15-1898-10-25-1984 wife of Archie bur Rose Hill
CAVINS, MARY O.  1-7-1910-12-18-1980 wife of William bur Mem Lawns
                ROBERT W.  2-5-1960-9-19-1977 son of H&M bur Mem Lawns
CECIL, HOMER   9-4-1916-9-8-1988 bur Friends
CHALFANT, GRACE   3-19-1893-11-10-1987 bur Laketon
                        HELEN P. 2-16-1905- 1988 dau of J.W.&E bur Laketon
CHAMBERLAIN, CLAUDE E.  6-20-1901-1-3-1975 bur Friends
                               ELLIOTT V.  4-15-1934-12-12-1975 Korea SP4 bur Oaklawn
                                JOHN W.  12-1-1900-5-10-1981 bur Mem Lawns
CHAMBERS, CLIFTON   age 64 died 11-3-1988 bur Fairview
CHAMNESS, DAVID O.  10-9-1895-4-19-1978 bur Friends
                        JAMES L.  8-24-1881-4-11-1974 bur Falls
                        MARY   9-5-1884-5-24-1974 wife of William bur Hopewell
CHANDLER, MABEL KIDD   11-30-1886-9-5-1972 wife of Richard bur Roann Com
CHAPLIN, RALPH E.   2-11-1918-10-20-1972 bur Roann Com
CHAPMAN, FREDERICK G.  9-4-1909-6-1976 bur Miss Mem
                      RUTH I.  10-29-1902-12-3-1987 bur Oaklawn
                      JAMES F.  4-2-1939-2-5-1982 son of Frederick bur Miss Mem
                      THEODORE L.  age 35 died 9-7-1982 bur St. Peters
CHARLES, JULIA P.  3-7-1922-3-12-1983 wife of Ernest bur Friends
CHERRY, RUTH   6-4-1897-2-1-1972 wife of Arvel bur Roann Com
CHILDRESS, F. JUANITA   3-11-1926-3-3-1985 wife of Jack bur Mem Lawns
CHRIST, PAUL D.  2-12-1951-6-25-1979 bur Fairview
CHRISTIE, MARIE   12-19-1905-3-29-1979 wife of Wayne bur St. Peters
                    MARY M. GREEN   1-30-1898-1-4-1988 bur St. Patricks
                    WAYNE J.  2-8-1904-8-11-1984 bur St. Peters
CHRISTLE, ROBERT P.  6-1-1925-11-11-1978 son of M&E WWII vet bur Friends
CHRISTMAN, LEILA A.  11-2-1902-8-29-1981 dau of C&M bur Fairview
                         LILLIAN M. HOFFMAN   6-9-1886-1-5-1973 wife of Joseph bur Falls
                         RALPH H.  age 62 died 2-24-1987 vet bur Falls
                         RUDOLPH K.  4-26-1891-8-27-1972 son of J&M bur Falls
CHRONISTER, EMMA M.  died 12-25-1974 bur Falls
CHURCH, ALOISE F.  2-27-1897-1-16-1987 wife of W.J. bur Oaklawn
                   WALTER J.  9-12-1896-12-17-1979 bur Oaklawn
CHURCHILL, ROBERT D.  3-4-1939-9-3-1982 USMC bur Falls
                         ROLLAND A.  2-26-1904-3-18-1984 son of C&L bur Roann Com
CLANN, DOROTHY J.  4-2-1905-5-5-1983 wife of Orville bur Falls
CLARK, ALLEN E.  4-8-1924-9-14-1974 son of W&L bur Oaklawn
                ALLEN H.  1-6-1959-6-24-1982 son of W&B bur Fairview
                BEULAH I. GILL   7-27-1911-4-19-1974 coowner Clark’s Log Cabin wife of George bur 
                DEWAYNE   9-24-1923-6-16-1975 son of R&F bur Oaklawn
                DOROTHY   1-13-1913-4-18-1980 wife of Walter bur Falls
                EARL P.  8-2-1918-7-31-1983 son of A&E Army WWII bur Oaklawn
                FAY A. BAKER   10-29-1896-10-28-1975 wife of Roy bur Oaklawn
                FRED E.  10-9-1906-5-1976 bur Falls
                GARNET L.  5-22-1911-5-18-1982 son of R&P bur Lafontaine IOOF
                GEORGE L.  4-23-1903-9-11-1982 bur Falls
                HELEN L.  11-23-1919-11-18-1989 wife of Varnham bur Roann Com
                HELEN R.  3-19-1905-12-23-1986 wife of Harry bur Fairview
                IDA M.  3-11-1912-8-24-1979 bur Friends
                JEFFREY A.  10-24-1962-8-25-1986 Natl Guard bur Mem Lawns
                JOHN T.  2-10-1887-4-21-1978 son of E&M bur Oaklawn
                KENNETH L.  age 55 died 4-21-1977 bur Mem Lawns
                MARIE M. WILLIAMS   9-1-1902-7-8-1973 wife of Cyril bur Fairview
                NORMA J.  died 7-19-1972 bur Miss Mem
                OLIVER F.  7-13-1908-5-15-1988 son of O.W.&A bur Lafontaine IOOF
                PAULINE LINES   1893-11-1972 wife of Rufus bur Lafontaine IOOF
                ROBERT B.  age 73 died 7-5-1984 WWII Army bur Falls
                SARAH 8-13-1889-2-1976 wife of Frank lived in Panama during construction of canal bur Falls
                VARNHAM C.  10-17-1919-5-31-1975 bur Roann Com
CLARKSON, MICHAEL A.  3-10-1950-6-8-1983 USAF bur Falls
CLAXTON, PAMELA   6-28-1960-4-4-1985 bur Falls
CLAYTON, HELEN E. 8-24-1880-11-1973 bur Fairview
CLEVENGER, BEULAH J.  10-24-1920-5-28-1986 wife of E.E. bur Fairview
                          ERNEST E.  12-15-1914-12-22-1981 bur Fairview
                          FARRELL C.  1-21-1918-8-16-1976 WWII vet bur Swank
                          REX   2-6-1941-12-19-1981 son of F&R bur Swank
                          RUTH   11-25-1919-9-13-1976 wife fo Farrell bur Swank
CLEAVELAND, DAREN L.  5-28-1922-10-23-1985 son of H&L WWII bur Hopewell
                             MARIE   died 3-7-1980 wife of Edgar bur Hopewell
                             MARION E.  6-28-1897-3-21-1979 WWI vet bur Hopewell
CLINE,  ALICE L.  4-20-1920-6-21-1982 wife of Jesse bur Oaklawn
              CHARLES L.  7-17-1927-7-18-1982 Korea vet bur Oaklawn
               JESSE A.  11-23-1920-7-3-1988 WWII vet bur Oaklawn
               JOHN L.  3-27-1955-9-22-1981 bur Lafontaine IOOF
               ROSCOE   1-24-1891-2-1973 bur Fairview
CLINGAMAN, MAUDE C.   9-27-1879-5-20-1974 wife of Jacob bur Roann Com
CLINGENPEEL, ARTHUR   2-26-1882-8-1974 bur Kendall
CLINK, AUSTIE M.  5-11-1878-5-1-1972 bur Fairview
              D. RAY 3-31-1916-12-28-1989 son of A&G bur Fairview
              GOLDIE F. HARRIS   7-24-1893-7-6-1972 wife of Austie bur Fairview
CLINKER,  LEONARD D.  age 70 died 10-21-1982 bur Fairview
CLOSE, WILBUR   7-27-1919-7-17-1972 bur Falls
CLOUD, EFFIE M. KENDALL   1-12-1882-7-7-1986 bur Friends
CLUEN, JESSIE M.  age 89 died 9-19-1978 bur South Pleasant
                OLIVER   7-16-1918-10-28-1982 WWII bur Falls
CLUPPER, CECIL L.  7-1-1913-12-16-1979 operated Clupper’s Auto Sales & Cluppers Pure Seal Dairy
                                      bur Friends
                   ELIZABETH   6-24-1884-10-5-1984 wife of Christian bur Lafontaine IOOF
                   FLOYD R.  6-5-1910-1-28-1985 son of C&E bur Miss Mem
                   OLIVER E.  2-26-1895-1-9-1982 son of W&E bur Lafontaine IOOF
                   PAUL L.  7-15-1904-10-1-1985 son of C&E bur Lafontaine
                   MINNIE   8-1-1911-7-1976 wife of Casper bur Fairview
COBLE, MAYME E.  9-12-1884-4-30-1974 wife of Samuel bur Fairview
               CLOSE, GYNETH   6-21-1922-5-27-1989 wife of Wilbur bur Falls
               WILBUR   7-27-1919-7-1972 bur Falls
COBLENTZ, ARTHUR   9-10-1899-8-10-1977 owner Coblentz & Son Farm machinery WWI vet bur 
                      LAWRENCE Q.  11-9-1903-10-30-1973 WWII Sexton Roann Com Cem since 1949 bur 
COBURN, ANNA M. BIDWELL   12-29-1889-9-20-1989 wife of John bur Falls
                  CHARLES   4-4-1906-3-13-1984 son of J&L bur Falls
                  DENNIS L.  age 72 died 7-30-1981 bur Fairview
                  EDWARD W.  6-3-1909-8-6-1983 son of J&A bur Falls
                  EVERETT   2-7-1926-4-30-1984 son of M&R WWII USN bur Falls
                  INZA L. BRADING   5-22-1901-10-22-1979 wife of John bur Friends
                  KENNETH   10-22-1919-2-25-1974 son of J&A bur Falls
                  MILTON   8-8-1877-1-24--1975 son of W&M bur Falls
                  ROBERT M.  age 67 died 9-16-1979 WWII American Legion Club Manager 31 yrs bur Falls
                  RUTH E.  7-8-1905-9-28-1979 wife of Charles bur Falls
COCHRAN, BURVIA E.  8-7-1903-12-27-1987 son of E&D bur Miss Mem
                      JOHN D.  stillborn 8-11-1983 son of M&M bur Lafontaine IOOF
                      MARJORIE   2-10-1905-6-21-1984 wife of Burvia bur Miss Mem
COE, ORMAN E.  1-21-1902-12-16-1989 bur Oaklawn
COLBERT, DELMER P. 5-18-1908-1-14-1989 bur Oaklawn
                    MARLAND W.  5-17-1899-5-29-1973 son of S&E bur Falls
COLDREN, BEATRICE M.  10-20-1898-12-12-1975 wife of Omer bur Oaklawn     
                     OMER O.  10-19-1893-4-11-1974 WWI veteran bur Oaklawn
                     WALTER   2-12-1924-2-8-1987 son of W&C bur Friends
                     WALTER E.  11-26-1890-6-19-1978 owner Coldren Trucking Co. bur Friends
COLE,  BERTHA B. CATTIN  1-11-1903-3-5-1979 wife of Dallas bur Fairview
             CHARLES W.  11-20-1922-1-1-1987 USN WWII USS MCNAIR bur Roann Com
             CYRIL E.  4-8-1910-8-31-1981 son of W.E. & M bur Friends
             DALLAS   5-19-1901-10-8-1979 son G&L bur Fairview
             DONALD F.  6-18-1911-3-20-1978 bur Miss Mem
             ERNEST N.  6-17-1889-6-11-1973 son of W&E bur Oaklawn
             MABEL O.  7-30-1887-12-2-1974 bur Falls
             MAXINE L. BALDINGER   2-13-1913-5-9-1973 wife of Cyril bur Friends
             W. ERNIE   6-5-1884-8-11-1974 son of J&E bur Falls
COLGROVE, PHYLLIS A.  stillborn 12-23-1976 dau of N&K bur Falls
COLLINS, ARTHUR   9-27-1896-8-1-1977 WWI vet bur Mem Lawns
COLLINGE, FRED   died 6-7-1972 bur Falls                                                       
                   ARTHUR F.  died 1-1972 bur Miss Mem 
                   BRYANT   9-12-1907-5-11-1978 bur Mem Lawns
                   CHARLES M.  6-10-1889-12-12-1975 son of R&A bur Pleasant Hill
                   ERNEST T.  3-22-1903-12-22-19873 bur Murphy
                   FLORENCE E.  12-5-1912-1-128-1975 wife of Charles bur Falls
                   JACK   10-21-1915-1-6-1973 bur Mem Lawns
                   JAMES G.  12-8-1942-3-15-1984 bur Falls
                   ROSALIE   3-20-1920-7-15-1978 bur Friends                                                                                
                   RUBY   6-17-1889-11-17-1972 wife of Charles bur Pleasant Hill
                   SUE ANN   5-23-1959-10-30-1975 dau of F&A bur Mem Lawns                
                   WILLARD   8-11-1915-5-21-1972 WWII Army bur Falls                   
COLUMBUS, RUTH THERESA SULLIVAN   3-31-1891-12-18-1973 wife of Louis bur Falls
COMER, ROBERT   5-4-1904-12-31-1983 son of D&D WWII vet bur Matlock
COMMENT, FAYE HODSON   3-25-1896-8-26-1977 bur Friends
COMSTOCK, ANN M.  12-6-1884-12-22-1984 bur Oaklawn
                         IDA L.  age 79 died 9-25-1981 bur Greenwood
CONING, DELBERT   11-6-1902-4-21-1972 bur Old Ger Bapt
                 WALTER A.  10-25-1897-9-17-1989 Old Ger Bapt
CONKLING,  NEVADA E.  8-28-1889-12-24-1989 wife of Fred bur Oaklawn
CONLON, FRANCES   8-15-1901-12-22-1973 wife of William bur Oaklawn
CONLEY, ARVEL   1-27-1937-5-5-1978 bur Fairview
                  BILLIE E.  9-2-1925-12-17-1981 WWII USN bur Center Grove
                  CHARLES R.  1-21-1937-10-14-1988 bur Falls                                                                        
                  CHESTER   10-3-1927-7-14-1988 Korea vet bur Mem Lawns
                  CLEO B. HALE   3-12-1909-8-8-1977 wife of J. Voris & W. Conley bur Falls
                  DENNIS M.  8-4-1912-6-3-1974 bur Friends
                  HAZEL   7-22-1914-12-8-1983 wife of Dennis bur Friends
                  PEGGY   6-7-1902-3-15-1988 with of G. Conley & Wm Howard bur Fairview
                  SHIRLEY A.  9-24-1943-7-25-1982 bur Friends
CONNELL, DOROTHY L. BITZEL   4-19-1918-9-24-1977 bur Center Grove
                     WILFORD T.   2-20-1917-4-9-1974 bur Mem Lawns
CONNELLY, MABLE C.  8-15-1896-7-14-1973 wife of Coart bur Lafontaine IOOF
CONNER, C. ROBERT 1-31-1926-7-22-1989 bur Oaklawn
                   DOROTHY L. MARKS   5-31-1919-2-5-1983 bur Friends
                   ESTHER   11-9-1899-8-6-1979 dau of C&E bur Falls
                   MILDRED MARTIN   3-3-1919-10-5-1986 wife of Emerson bur Lagro
                   ROSALIE A.  6-4-1943-4-15-1985 wife of C.R. bur Oaklawn
CONRAD, BERTHA E. WENZEL   6-8-1886-9-30-1979 wife of Clarence bur St. Peters
                   GERALD   6-20-1905-5-23-1982 son of F&K bur Mem Lawns
                   JOSEPH   10-25-1891-2-15-1973 son of D&K bur St. Peters
                   NELLIE M.  2-26-1921-1-13-1985 wife of William bur Friends
                   PEARL BAKER   3-31-1884-3-1976 wife of Daniel bur Laketon
                   ZOA S.  4-15-1898-1-12-1987 wife of C.N. bur Lafontaine IOOF
COOK,  ALBERT E.  2-7-1885-9-6-1972 son of H&S bur Center Grove
              EUNICE   6-18-1915-8-29-1978 wife of Rex bur Pleasant Hill
              FAIRY M. RENICKER   3-24-1893-5-17-1974 wife of Clarence bur Old Ger Bapt 
              FRANCES M.  1-27-1923-1-1976 wife of Edward bur Old Ger Bapt
              HARMON P.  4-13-1912-11-19-1976 son of J&L bur Miss mem
              IRENE L.  12-23-1916-9-11-1988 bur Old Ger Bapt
              MARIE   1-1-1913-9-2-1983 wife of Marman bur Miss Mem
              MARJORIE J. 10-6-1910-4-3-1988 wife of C.E. bur Oaklawn
              MAXINE   2-29-1904-10-16-1980 wife of H. Bannister & R. Cook bur Lafontaine IOOF
              REX C.  2-18-1915-10-11-1979 son of J&E WWII bur Pleasant Hill
COOKSEY, LAWRENCE D.  11-21-1896-8-7-1972 WWI vet bur Falls
COOLEY, CHARLES T.  11-19-1940-7-1976 son of C&M bur Friends
                  RACHEL L.  stillborn  4-10-1986 dau of R&J bur Friends
COON,   F. RAYMOND  12-7-1900-5-15-1973 son of W&E bur Fairview
               GEORGE F.  11-18-1905-424--1975 son of W&E bur Pleasant Hill
                LAWRENCE R.  11-25-1904-11-25-1987 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                MARY R. MOORE   4-12-1890-1-13-1973 wife of Howard bur Falls
COOPER, CHAD A.  stillborn  1-4-1980 son of M&V bur Mem Lawns
                  CHESTER P.  4-20-1915-12-23-1989 son of A&B bur Lafontaine IOOF
                  H. PAULINE   9-2-1911-1-1976 wife of Joseph bur Lafontaine IOOF
                  JAMES E.  born  & died 1-27-1983 son of P&I bur Laketon
                  JOSEPH L.  11-11-1890-4-29-1980 son of H&L bur Lafontaine IOOF
                  KENNETH J.  2-28-1911-6-1975 son of C&G bur Friends
                  M. GAY   5-30-1890-1-1975 wife of Thomas bur Lafontaine IOOF
                  OPAL R.  8-10-1913-9-6-1985 bur Friends
                  RICHARD D.  7-27-1979-3-13-1981 bur Falls
                  ROBERT H.   3-1-1912-9-11-1984 son of T&G bur Lafontaine IOOF
COOTS, JAMES R.  6-7-1904-12-13-1972 bur Mem Lawns
COPELAND, COESSIE V. AKERS   12-12-1892-6-27-1973 wife of William bur Centr Grove
                       ERNEST G.  3-16-1903-2-1976 sexton of Falls Cem bur Falls
                       ROBERT L.  10-7-1916-10-10-1981 bur Center Grove
                       WILLIAM C.  died 7-1973 bur Center Grove
COPLEA, ANN L. 6-18-1933-12-21-1989 wife of Harold bur Mem Lawns
COPLIN, MAUDE M.  age 100 died 8-15-1978 bur Oaklawn
COPPOCK, DORSEY E.  4-15-1925-12-26-1981 WWII USN bur Lutheran
                    THELMA   age 70 died 10-27-1977 wife of Dorsey bur Friends
CORDER, BESSIE I.   5-19-1906-54--1973 bur Friends
                  ELIZABETH A. YOCUM   8-21-1900-9-8-1988 wife of Earl bur Roann Com
CORKHILL, MARY E.  age 92 died 4-1-1977 bur Fairview
CORN, BENJAMIN A.  11-2-1888-116--1975 WWI vet bur Center Grove
             DAVID L.  10-25-1961-4-7-1981 son of L&J bur Falls
             ROXANNA 12-31-1969-9-26-1987 dau of L&J bur Falls
CORNELL, BEN C.  died 2-1973 son of C&F bur Falls
CORPS, CLARENCE E.  age 56 died 7-1975 bur Falls
CORRELL, GLENN   2-29-1912-11-6-1989 son of A&M bur Fairview 
                    SHARON K. HANCOCK   3-29-1940-7-5-1987 bur Mem Lawns
CORRIGAN, DAVID   5-30-1961-5-3-1973 son of F&D bur Friends
CORSO, ANTHONY   11-26-1907-12-18-1983 owner Wabash Produce Co. bur Falls
               WILLIAM J.  9-4-1898-2-15-1980 partner Wabash Produce Co. bur Falls
COSBY,  ALBERTA  M.  2-14-1908-8-10-1988 wife of C.M. bur Lafontaine IOOF
COSLEY, JOHN L.  3-26-1954-3-22-1988 bur Friends
COTTRELL, DONALD J.  12-8-1913-5-11-1984 WWII bur Laketon
                      KENNETH L.  3-1-1960-11-4-1977 son of D&F bur Laketon
COUCH, PAUL T.  7-24-1905-7-9-1985 owner Roann Machine Works bur Roann Com
COURTER, EARL   5-2-1889-7-4-1974 bur Friends
                     ORPHA F. TYNER   8-8-1891-3-1973 wife of Earl bur Friends
COURTNEY, RUDOLPH   6-4-1906-4-3-1986 bur Hopewell
COURTRIGHT, WILLIAM   2-15-1889-11-10-1974 bur Falls
COVERDALE, MILDRED L. DEARMOND   2-25-1900-9-2-1981 wife of Kenneth bur Friends
COWAN, MARIAN C.  6-20-1896-11-23-1978 wife of James bur Falls
COWGILL, JOANN MILAM   4-30-1931-1-6-1983 bur Mem Lawns
                    NANCY A.  1-21-1911-9-5-1985 dau of S&M bur Falls
COX, ALTA M.  2-18-1898-4-21-1983 wife of Ira bur Fairview
          IRA   1-17-1893-1-22-1979 son of E&A WWI vet bur Fairview
          MINNIE SCHULTZ   12-18-1893-2-201973 wife of Hobert bur St. Peters
          ONIA   died 12-22-1976 wife of Robert bur Falls
          ULYCE   3-10-1937-5-5-1986 bur Friends
COZARD, GRACE C. FRANTZ   11-22-1909-3-11-1989 wife of O. McNabney & R. Cozard bur Pleasant
COZEE, NORMA   age 43 died 6-1976 bur Falls
CRAFT, ESTHER   5-1-1895-10-12-1989 bur Miss Mem
               LEWIS G.  12-27-1882-5-20-1980 bur Falls
               NELLIE G.  9-24-1886-7-21-1973 wife of Neil bur Falls
               WANDA M. WILLIAMS   7-24-1914-12-31-19785 wife of Ned bur Falls
CRAIG, RAYMOND   9-11-1916-12-1975 bur Friends
CRAMER, AMY M. WILHELM   12-6-1885-4-26-1975 wife of Lawrence bur Falls
                   HOMER R.  age 76 died 4-28-1978 bur Falls
                   MARTHA I.   7-16-1898-12-19-1972 wife of Edward bur Falls
                   RUBY B. O’DELL   8-10-1904-1-23-1982 wife of W. Lehman & B. Cramer bur Falls
CRAVINS, DARLA K.  age 40 died 12-12-1987 bur Lafontaine IOOF
CREAGER, MARIE M.  1-26-1897-12-8-1985 dau of F&L bur Oaklawn
                    RALPH   11-18-1925-2-29-1984 son of R&C owner Creager Laundromat WWII USN bur
                    ROBERT L.  4-26-1921-5-22-1986 son of R&C USN WWII bur Oaklawn
CREASEY,   LISA M.  2-8-1977-5-25-1988 dau of T&T bur Friends
CREECH, TIMMY R.  2-24-1982-7-20-1982 son of T&D bur Oaklawn
CREPS, JAMES H.  6-27-1914-1-22-1973 son of D&E WWII Army bur Miss Mem
CRILL, OSCAR   9-27-1917-8-8-1987 son of O&C bur Pleasant Hill
CRIPE, DANIEL A.  7-10-1925-5-2-1984 son of J&H bur Old Ger Bapt
             IRENE   3-21-1930-7-1976 wife of Paul bur Fairview
             JOSEPH   age 63 died 10-16-1976 bur Laketon
             MILLIE E.  1-2-1924-6-17-1982 wife of Horace bur Roann Com
             NORA   10-25-1896-7-7-1977 dau of J&S bur Oaklawn
             PERRY   6-18-1892-6-14-1981 son of H&A bur Old Ger Bapt 
             SYLVAN E.   9-6-1890-3-8-1975 bur Oaklawn
             VERN L.  9-29-1892-11-12-1987 son of J&F bur Pleasant Hill
CRIST, DOT MCLINTOCK   1-2-1891-3-11-1972 wife of Ernest bur Lafontaine IOOF
             FLORENCE L.  3-3-1911-10-25-1987 wife of Harold bur Mem Lawns
             GERTRUDE MILLER   age 69 died 10-16-1978 wife of Frank bur Miss Mem
             IRA L.  age 82 died 2-5-1981 bur Fairview
CROFT, DAVID   7-13-1898-8-26-1976 bur Pleasant Hill
CROLL, ALINE E. MATTERN   7-24-1896-2-16-1986 wife of William bur Falls
CROSBY, NELLIE H. FORD   4-29-1880-12-17-1974 bur Oaklawn
CROSHAW, SARAH C. MILLER   12-10-1885-1-1972 wife of Austin bur Miss Mem
CROSS,  ARTHUR R.   10-16-1924-11-14-1989 bur Center Grove
               ELINOR 8-25-1921-4-28-1989 wife of John bur Falls
               EMMA M. WASSMAN   4-20-1897-1-30-1973 wife of Donald bur Falls
               FLOSSIE M.  1-26-1894-3-29-1978 wife of Herbert bur Center Grove
               JOHN   3-1-1950-11-5-1982 son of J&E owner Jack Cross Ford bur Falls
               JOHN H.  6-14-1921-11-10-1988 son of P&L WWII Army Wabash City Council, Planning 
                                Comm. Auto dealer bur Falls
               MABEL R.  11-23-1893-2-1-1985 wife of Milburn bur Center Grove
CROUCH, INA M.  4-28-1909-8-14-1983 wife of G. Dishon & G. Crouch bur Miss Mem
CROW, LILLIE D.   5-26-1893-2-14--1972 wife of B. Lindermuth , W. Long and H. Crow bur Miss Mem
CRULL, ALONZO   1-8-1874-7-14-1972 gunsmith bur Falls
CRUMBAUGH, GOLDUS S.   8-11-1893-9-17-1974 bur Oaklawn
CRUMLEY, GILBERT C.  age 71 died 9-7-1977 bur Miss Mem
                      THOMAS A.  6-4-1890-7-1975 WWI vet owner Lafontaine sawmill since 1910 bur 
                                              Lafontaine IOOF
CRUMP, ANNA M.  5-12-1936-8-10-1979 wife of Gene bur Falls
CRUMRINE, N. FRANK     12-12-1891-1974 son of A&L bur Miss Mem
                       LEE   2-17-1897-1973 son of A&L WWI vet bur Miss Mem
                       WILFORD E.  5-4-1903-6-11-1986 son of A&L bur Mem Lawns
CRUTTS, CHARLES A.  10-24-1915-2-1-1985 WWII Army bur Miss Mem
                  LYNN C.  1-27-1942-72--1972 bur Miss Mem
                  WANDA R. MANNING   12-13-1912-4-17-1988 wife of Charles bur Miss Mem
CRUZ, HERCULANO B.  5-26-1895-2-2-1987 bur Miss Mem
CULBERTSON, VIRGIL L.  9-19-1944-7-9-1978 bur Friends
CULLERS, GEORGE M.  1-8-1913-5-3-1984 son of E&A bur Pleasant Hill
                    NORA L.  4-1-1904-2-24-1982 wife of Raymond bur Oaklawn
CULVER, BETTY F.  9-7-1924-4-26-1986 wife of Howard bur Fairview
                  CHESTER W.  6-21-1918-5-1976 son of W&G WWII Army bur Fairview
                  EDITH L.  1-27-1910-12-17-1974 wife of Kenneth bur Fairview
                  GARRETT   1-31-1900-12-27-1977 son of G&L bur Friends
                  HOWARD L.  10-7-1920-3-3-1983 son of W&G Army bur Fairview
                  KENNETH E.  1-18-1906-12-19-1979 son of W&G bur Fairview
                  LEO L.  4-22-1909-1-14-1977 son of W&G bur Fairview
CUMMINGS, SUSAN J. BROOKS   11-19-1901-4-7-1977 bur Falls
CURLESS,  FLORENCE SMITH  age 81 died 7-1973 wife of William superintendent Wabash Co. Home
                                                         1944-68 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                    GRACE TYNER   7-20-1885-6-5-1973 wife of C.N. bur Matlock
                     JEANNETTE J.  died  3-23-1978 bur Falls
                    VIRGINIA M. CLARKE   10-28-1916-2-7-1977 wife of Robert bur Lafontaine IOOF
                     WILLIC C.  7-24-1914-11-5-1978 son of E&G bur Matlock
CURNUTT, LEAH   10-14-1904-11-6-1980 dau of W&R bur Center Grove
                     LILLIE   10-31-1881-2-27-1975 bur Lagro
CURTIS, EVELYN H.  10-8-1901-1-2-1984 wife of H. Schlegelmilch & H. Curtis bur Roan Com
                HUBERT   1-18-1899-3-7-1978 son of J&M USN WWII bur Roann
CUSTER, CHARLOTTE HETTMANSPERGER   7-18-1896-8-8-1980 wife of Elmer bur St. Peters
                 EDITH NICCUM   10-27-1898-10-25-1983 wife of Clarence DAR bur Matlock
                 GLADYS L.  3-26-1897-3-2-1985 dau of W&S bur Matlock
                  IRVIN W.  4-25-1917-5-25-1978 son of C&E bur Matlock
                  NONDUS E.  3-6-1909-7-20-1977 wife of Willia bur Falls
                  WILLY L.  3-5-1905-12-12-1986 son of W&S bur Falls
DAHLSTROM, RAYMOND A.  8-8-1907-10-3-1977 bur Pleasant Hill
DAIHL, ROBERT   2-3-1923-12-1973 son of G&L bur Center Grove
DALE, BERTHA   9-18-1879-5-76 dau of G&A bur Oaklawn
             BESSIE M.  4-11-1885-4-26-1973 dau of C&C bur Friends
             EDITH M.  11-9-1892-9-9-1983 wife of William bur Friends
             HOWARD H.  8-17-1897-3-6-1974 son of C&N bur Friends
             HUGH B.  1-8-1888-1-31-1978 son of H&A bur Falls
             JOSEPH B.  5-31-1918-5-21-1985 son of H&L bur Mem Lawns
             LEWIS A.  8-11-1891-1-23-1973 bur Oaklawn
             PATSY L.  8-23-1956-8-13-1983 wife of Phillip bur Oaklawn
DAMKEN, GEORGE   9-15-1887-10-28-1977 bur Pleasant Hill
DAMRON, WILLIAM K.  5-11-1905-8-10-1978 bur Oaklawn
DANIEL, MOLLIE M.  8-17-1937-1-23-1982 wife of Raymond bur Friends
DANIELS, DOROTHY C.  12-12-1921-12-8-1980 wife of Russell bur Friends
                   RUSSELL   3-21-1918-1-7-1989 bur Friends
DANNER, FRANK   8-8-1897-2-28-1988 bur Falls
                   Lewis E.  age 80 died 4-1972 bur St. Peters
DARROW, ROSA HAUPERT   12-16-1895-4-29-1975 wife of F. Friermood & F. Darrow bur Falls
DAUGHERTY, HOWARD M.  6-4-1889-8-28-1978 son of N&M bur Matlock
                           M. SIDDER   11-4-1894-1-1975 dau of L&A bur Falls
                           MARGUERITE   7-25-1894-10-12-1974 bur Matlock
DAVENPORT, BIRDELLA   died 11-15-1986 wife of Earl bur Oaklawn
                          EARL L.  6-4-1902-2-4-1983 son of S&R bur Oaklawn
DAVEY, RUPERT F.  3-1-1941-10-16-1986 USN bur Friends
DAVIS, ALTA M.  1-23-1900-2-28-1984 bur Falls
              ANGELA K.  infant dau of F&J died 1976 bur Falls
              CLYDE J.  4-20-1912-4-24-1974 bur Friends
              DAVID J.  1-28-1950-10-20-1979 bur Miss Mem
              DEVON A.  4-11-1906-5-3-1987 Lt Col Army bur Falls
              BRANDON   born & died 2-21-1988 infant of D&T bur Fairview
              HANNELORE M.  12-6-1924-2-2-1979 wife of Devon bur Falls
              MARY S. PILGRIM   10-14-1894-2-1975 wife of Harry bur Lafontaine IOOF
              MAX R.  5-31-1924-3-15-1979 bur Lafontaine IOOF
              THELMA D.  2-22-1902-11-28-1989 wife of James bur Miss Mem
DAWALT, DALE L.  10-1-1924-8-9-1978 bur Mem Lawns
DAWES, BARTON B.  2-15-1896-12-16-1976 son of L&N WWI vet bur Falls
                DAVID L.  7-12-1892-11-15-1976 son of L&S bur Friends
                EUGENE M.  1-9-1911-12-21-1986 son of I&N bur Friends
                GERALD L.  1-23-1921-1-11-1989 son of E&E WWII Army bur Falls
                GERALDINE S. STEWART   3-14-1898-2-22-1980 bur Falls
                HARRY E.  2-10-1892-11-29-1980 son of H&A bur Friends
                RUTH GILLESPIE   7-11-1897-2-17-1981 wife of Harold bur Friends
                S. LARHUE   12-5-1890-11-5-1983 wife of Harry bur Friends
DAWSON, RAY   7-28-1888-10-6-1974 son of E&J bur Matlock
DAY, FERN   10-30-1900-5-11-1983 dau of F&C bur Laketon
           HEIDI JO   died 4-22-1980 infant dau of R&G bur Oaklawn
           LENA M. GURTNER   3-25-1892-11-1-1980 wife of Lemuel bur Matlock
           MELISSA L.  born and died 4-20-1972 dau of M&J bur Pleasant Grove
           NATHANIEL   3-8-1912-1-25-1978 bur Mem Lawns
DEAL, CARMA E.  6-17-1882-6-1974 dau of E&M bur Miss Mem
             EDITH M.  8-12-1900-7-11-1986 dau of Herman bur Miss Mem
             NELLIE E. GROSSNICKLE   9-1-1893-1-6-1977 wife of Russel bur Pleasant Hill
DEARDORF, EDGAR L.  3-3-1911-6-10-1988 bur Pleasant Hill
DEARDORFF, GLOE A.  age 89 died 5-15-1982 bur Falls
DEARMOND, DOROTHY J. COPPOCK   10-20-1902-8-14-1974 dau of C&H bur Friends
                         GERTRUDE PEARSON   9-20-1888-8-11-1977 wife of Burdette
DECK, GORDON W.  7-9-1901-8-31-1978 son of J&M bur Roann Com
             PHYLLIS W. HUFFMAN 4-7-1897-12-26-1978 wife of Gordon bur Roann Com
DECKENA, JOHN   9-13-1896-5-24-1972   bur Fairview
DEERWESTER, LOUISE STEWART   6-3-1891-3-25-1979 wife of George bur Falls
DEETER, BESSIE M.  age 85 died 5-1973 bur Miss Mem
                 ETHEL P.   1-14-1903-5-13-1986 wife of Raymond bur Pleasant Hill
                  MAURINE   11-28-1905-10-14-1975 bur Mem Lawns
                  RAYMOND C.  9-25-1898-5-17-1989 bur Pleasant Hill
DEGERING, LUVEA   died 8-20-1973 bur Falls
                       PEARL   died 10-23-1972 bur Falls
DEHAVEN, OLIVER S.  died 8-31-1983 bur Mem Lawns
DEIFENBAUGH, SARAH E. STEWART   10-11-1913-1-12-1982 bur Falls
DELANCEY, MARJORIE E.  9-9-1895-3-1976 wife of Deane bur Oaklawn
DELAUGHTER, EVELYN E.  7-28-1908-5-5-1977 wife of Aubrey bur Pleasant Hill
                             TALMAN G.  3-14-1912-4-10-1989 WWII USN bur Pleasant Hill
                             THELMA E.  10-19-1912-9-21-1978 wife of Talman bur Pleasant Hill
DELAUTER, EILEEN   10-16-1912-12-16-1983 wife of L. Joe bur Mem Lawns
                       GENEVIEVE F.  1-31-1917-4-2-1988 wife of D.L. bur Pleasant Hill
                        JOE   1-15-1911-6-26-1985 son of I&N bur Mem Lawn
                        MARY ISLEY   10-18-1899-3-27-1987 wife of R.E. bur Oaklawn
                        ORRILL D. DAY   10-24-1881-9-21-1973 wife of Arthur bur Laketon
DELK, FRED   3-26-1895-7-22-1972 WWI pvt Wright Air Service Depot bur Oaklawn
DELONG, ALVIS   12-7-1923-12-6-1976 WWII bur Falls
                  DEANNE D.  stillborn 2-8-1979 dau of F&M bur Falls
DENNEY, LULU   7-30-1888-12-29-1978 wife of Van bur Friends
DENNIS, LALAN M. MOORE   3-31-1883-11-13-1973 wife of Leroy 1963 Wabash Distinguished Citizen 
                                                      bur Falls
DENNISTON, DORTHY L.  12-18-1927-8-9-1985 wife of John bur Mem Lawns
                         JAMES E.  7-3-1892-4-28-1978 bur Mem Lawns
                         JOHN H.  6-15-1925-1-18-1989 bur Mem Lawns
DERCK, ORALEE   11-23-1893-7-18-1977 wife of Vern bur Falls
                VERN L.  8-24-1889-4-26-1986 son of J&M bur Mem Lawns
DERF, JOHN E.  age 87 died 6-1972 bur Fairview
DERRICK, BEATRICE C.  age 67 died 1973 wife of John bur Falls
DERSHEM, GEORGE   8-24-1908-3-11-1988 veterinarian Roann 1938-87 bur Roann Com
DEVAULT, BESSIE   age 85 died 4-4-1989 bur Lafontaine IOOF
DEVERS, JESS D.  3-6-1895-2-3-1977 operated grocery store and restaurant in Urbana until 1956 bur 
                                 Mem Lawns
                 VELMA AMBER   9-12-1900-11-29-1977 wife fo Jesse bur Mem Lawns
                  WOODROW V. age 70 died 12-31-1989 vet bur Lagro
DEVINE, GRACE MORAN   12-30-1886-7-13-1975 bur St. Patricks
                 LORA   11-24-1958-8-25-1979 dau of J&S bur St. Patricks
                 LUCY E.  10-13-1892-4-8-1981 dau of L&A bur St. Patricks
DEVORE, CHRISTOPHER D.  infant of D&R died 1-28-1984 bur Friends
                  RUBY M.  5-28-1912-9-4-1985 wife of Fred bur Friends
DEWEY, AMBER GILBERT   9-17-1898-9-20-1973 wife of Domer bur Oaklawn
                DOMER E.  5-19-1900-11-13-1981 sec-treas American Institute of Laundry bur Oaklawn
DEWOODY, BETTY J. DUNN   8-24-1926-8-10-1976 wife of Jessie bur Lagro
DIALS, CLARISSA   5-20-1965-5-29-1983 dau of M&R bur St. Peters
DICE, LUELLA M.  5-2-1926-6-6-1979 wife of Charles bur Lafontaine IOOF
DICKERHOFF, JENNIFER   12-25-1980-2-21-1981 dau of D&K bur Oaklawn
DICKOVER, LEONA   5-16-1899-10-16-1979 wife of Reid bur Mem Lawns
DICKEY, MILLARD R.  7-25-1899-3-2-1986 bur Pleasant Hill
DIEDRICH, LOTTIE   1-19-1895-8-29-1989 dau of C&L bur Matlock
DIERINGER, BESSIE L.  8-21-1899-2-22-1983 wife of John bur Fairview
DIEFENBAUGH, CLARANCE   1-17-1904-7-4-1980 son of C&A bur Fairview
DILLARD, DONALD S.  age 74 died 11-4-1986 WWII Army bur Roann Com
                    ETHEL   7-12-1893-3-29-1985 wife of Fred bur Roann Com
DILLING, PEARL M. RAMEY   11-13-1900-4-3-1983 wife of Oscar bur Laketon
DILLINGHAM,  GAYLORD I.  Age 34 died 1-26-1980 bur Miss Mem
DILLMAN, AUBREY   2-19-1908-10-28-1982 bur Oaklawn
                    H. MARIE   7-1-1911-3-10-1985 wife of W McFarland & A. Dillman bur Oaklawn
DILLON, CLARENCE F.  6-11-1950-4-14-1973 bur Mem Lawns
                 IVA VANDEGRIFT   1-12-1880-7-12-1972 wife of Noah bur Fairview
                 RAYMOND L.  8-29-1908-5-4-1981 son of R&C bur Miss Mem
                 SARAH J.  12-11-1911-2-13-1972 wife of John bur Mem Lawns
DINGLEDY, GEORGE H.  12-8-1953-9-20-1981 son of G&R bur Mem Lawns
DINGMAN, OSCAR C.  9-12-1900-6-29-1989 WWII USN bur Mem Lawns
DIRRIM, HAROLD G.  1-1-1910-9-26-1980 bur Falls
DISINGER, ROBERT G.  1-5-1907-8-10-1980 WWII bur Lagro
DIXON, CHARLES E.   2-7-1887-12-15-1974 son of G&L WWI vet bur Laketon
               LLOYD   5-26-1903-12-7-1984 son of E&L bur Laketon
               NELLIE   4-1-1887-10-9-1972 wife of Henry bur Laketon
               VERA M.  age 72 died 8-5-1986 bur Laketon
DODSON, MARY E.  1-5-1894-2-5-1983 bur Oaklawn
DOGGETT, HERVEY A.  7-20-1900-12-1973 bur Friends
DOHSE, KARLESS W.  2-27-1913-3-21-1980 WWII bur Mem Lawns
               RUTH GATCHEL   5-18-1922-1-16-1975 wife of Karless bur Mem Lawns
DOLLARHIDE, JOHN   5-31-1903-9-18-1973 bur Huff
DORAN, EDITH E. BEEKS   1-25-1897-5-3-1975 wife of Glenn bur Falls
DOSTER, ETHEL M. ENGELMAN   7-15-1890-10-12-1981 wife of Ozro bur Falls
DOTSON, CLAUDE   12-5-1886-10-15-1973 bur Falls
                  LILLY   age 87 died 2-15-1978 bur Falls
DOTTERER, EMMA J.  3-20-1889-6-3-1973 wife of John bur Oaklawn
DOUBLEDAY, ELSIE M.  10-13-1915-7-25-1978 wife of David bur Pleasant Hill
DOUGHERTY, OSCAR   5-3-1907-12-13-1981 bur Oaklawn
DOUGLAS, CHARLDEAN   age 52 died 12-17-1978 bur Mt. Pleasant
DOUGLASS, JOHN E.  5-3-1920-7-25-1983 bur Lagro
DOWLING, BETTY E. KEFFABER   2-2-1922-2-27-1989 wife of Vincent bur Mem Lawns
                     VINCENT L.  age 60 died 10-10-1980 WWII bur Mem Lawns
DOWNEY, CARL L.  3-30-1918-5-25-1973 son of C&C bur Mtlock
                    CHARLES L.  12-25-1910-7-27-1983 bur Matlock
                    GAIL E.  9-30-1894-5-22-1983 wife of G. Gordon bur Friends
                    LUCILLE   8-6-1887-9-21-1981 wife of Ira bur Falls
                    RUBY L.  2-7-1917-3-1976 wife of Charles bur Matlock
                    TRENT   2-21-1965-5-23-1981 son of C&M bur Matlock
DOWNS, BESSIE   6-27-1890-3-6-1980 wife of James bur Falls
                 MARIE   7-12-1897-5-7-1983 wife of G. Winer bur Friends
DRAKE, MICHAEL A.  2-27-1922-8-1976 son of M&M USMC WWII bur Friends
DRAPER, FERNANDO G.  1877-5-1972 son of E&M bur Lafontaine IOOF
                  PAUL   3-21-1910-12-28-1987 owner Draper Service Station bur Roann Com
                  WILLARD   8-12-1892-10-27-1989 bur Miss Mem
DRAYER, JOEL F.  6-28-1937-1-1975 USAF bur Fairview
DRISCOLL, JOHN T.  9-15-1911-12-19-1986 son of W&T bur Mem Lawns
                     LINDSAY L.  stillborn 8-28-1982 child of G&D bur Mem Lawns
                     MARGUERITE   12-29-1909-11-22-1978 dau of H&N bur St. Patricks
                     MARY T.  12-8-1892-1-28-1986 wife of Clay bur St. Patricks
                     MICHELLE L.  born & died 7-16-1972 infant of D&B bur Mem Lawns
DROOK, DONALD J.  4-28-1955-3-5-1979 son of L&M bur Falls
                LAWRENCE W.  6-23-1914-12-15-1977 son of L&G bur St. Peters
                MURRAY K.  5-19-1906-6-26-1985 son of L&G bur Miss Mem
                RICHARD A.  3-28-1958-1-27-1989 son of L&M bur Falls
                ROBERT P.  9-10-`908-`976 son of L&G owner Drook’s Grocery bur Miss Mem
DRUDGE,  ALBERT E.  10-29-1896-2-19-1986 bur South Pleasant
DRUMHELLER, STANLEY R.  6-19-1891-2-15-1975 WWI vet bur Friends
DUBOIS, RALPH   2-6-1917-2-15-1982 WWII bur Oaklawn
                 ROLAND L.  7-30-1911-11-27-1988 son of A&E principal White’s Inst. bur Friends 
                 MARVIN W.  7-28-1903-11-23-1988 bur Friends
                 STEVEN B.   died  6-16-1972 bur Friends
DUFF,  JAMES L.  11-29-1909-11-6-1982 son of W&M bur Laketon
             TRELLA M. KEEL   2-25-1917-8-10-1989 wife of James bur Fairview
DUFFEY, BESSIE ENYEART   10-18-1893-2-2-18-1982 wife of W. Sharp & I. Duffey bur Falls
                  GRACE D. DAUGHERTY 1-3-1906-11-18-1988 wife of Isaac bur Matlock
                  JOHN B.  8-27-1907-7-1976 son of I&M partner I.W. Duffey & Sons Stockyards bur Center
                  JOSEPH R.  1-19-1913-12-14-1988 son of E&E bur Falls
                  KATHRYN M.  11-14-1911-9-25-1981 dau of E&E bur Falls
                  MARSHALL H.  7-27-1919-11-24-1982 WWI bur Fairview
DUHADWAY, CEDRIC T.  age 78 died 11-2-1985 bur Oaklawn
DUNBAR, JENNIE WILLIS   6-16-1895-8-22-1981 wife of Myron bur Oaklawn
DUNFEE, FRANKLIN   age 80 died 6-1972 bur Falls
                 GEORGE L.  died  9-7-1980 vet of WWI & WWII bur Falls
                  JOHN S.  4-29-1903-3-28-1983 son of O&H bur Lafontaine IOOF
                 WILMA   6-1-1927-2-8-1989 wife of R. Miley & J. Dunfee bur Lutheran
DUNN, DORIS M.  10-18-1930-3-10-1978 wife of Paul bur Lagro
              PAUL E.  3-1-1928-3-7-1983 owned Dunns Tax Service bur Lagro
DUNPHY, JOHN R.  2-20-1925-8-30-1984 WWII USN bur Falls
DURNBAUGH, ALINE L. LINDSEY   2-25-1909-3-2-1988 wife of L.C. bur Falls
                           IRENE B. BAUMBAUER   9-18-1884-1-22-1973 wife of Ira bur Falls
                           LAVONNE CARVER   11-17-1895-4-17-1981 wife of Henry bur Roann Com
                           MARGARET   age 73 died 5-1975 bur Falls
DUTTON, BEULAH   6-17-1925-11-26-1987 wife of Herman bur Falls
                  GROVER C.  3-24-1920-10-8-1975 WWII bur Friends
                  LEWIS H.  died  7-1974 bur Falls
                  MARY M.  11-29-1935-11-1975 bur Friends
DYBECK, MARY L.  2-26-1923-3-16-1988 wife of H. Johnston bur Lafontaine IOOF
DYE, CLELL   1-19-1909-6-21-1979 WWII bur Fairview
          JENNIE C.  1-15-1894-9-21-1976 owner Dye Grocery wife of Charles bur Falls
          LAWNEY   3-13-1921-1-2-1980 bur Fairview
          LYDIA M.  7-25-1925-3-27-1979 bur Friends
DYER, MARY L. RATAJC 5-25-1915-2-6-1985 wife of Melvin bur Falls
DYSON, CLAUDUS   3-8-1915-3-24-1978 son of W&M bur Mem Lawns
                FLOYD L.  3-18-1901-4-18-1979 bur Mt Pleasant
                HELEN L. BALL   4-13-1914-1976 wife of Claudus bur Mem Lawns
                MILDRED F. EADS   5-24-1902-4-15-1985 wife of Floyd bur Mt Pleasant
                PAUL   3-24-1903-6-11-1985 Paw Paw Twp Adv. Board, Roann Booster Club, Roann Civil 
                           Defense, bur Roann Com
                R. DEAN   12-19-1965-1-21-1988 son of J&R bur Mem Lawns
EADS, JOHN W.B. 4-17-1909-312-1989 son of J&E Roann Com
            RUTH E. MILLER   4-19-1905-11-24-1986 wife of John bur Hopewell
EAKRIGHT, MINNIE C. 1-22-1897-10-26-1987 wife of Jasper bur South Pleasant
                      ROBERT   4-11-1919-12-1975 WWII bur Roann
EARHART, JASON L.  infant of R&T died 7-25-1975 bur Center Grove
EARL, THOMAS M.  1-4-1891-2-13-1978 Twp Trustee, co. comm. bur Roann Com
EARLY, WILLIAM H.   12-18-1891-9-14-1974 bur Roann Com
EASTERDAY, CHARLES 2-2-1928-10-17-1987 son of F&O Korea Army bur Matlock
                          CHARLES E.  4-23-1954-4-26-1980 son of C&P bur Matlock
                          EDWARD R.  5-20-1912-10-6-1987 son of C&E bur Friends
                          EMERSON L.  9-10-1890-11-1-1974 bur Roann Com
                          LARRY E.  age 31 died 10-28-1983 bur Friends
                          OPAL ADAMS   10-20-1895-10-29-1972 wife of Fred bur Matlock
                          REVIN D.  8-12-1958-9-9-1979 bur Friends
EATON, MARVELYN L. BALDINGER   1-12-1916-5-4-1978 wife of Charles bur Friends
EBERLY, CARL L.  1 day old died 8-4-1983 son of G&K bur Oaklawn
                  JOHN H.  4-30-1904-10-13-1985 son of D&E bur Oaklawn
EBBINGHOUS, DOROTHY J. BAKER   9-3-1903-12-18-1974 wife of Leonard bur Laketon
EBBINGHOUSE, EDYTHE F.  7-28-1887-12-6-1973 wife of Elmer bur Pleasant Hill
                              ESTER R. BURNS   11-18-18830902501981 wife of Paul bur Falls
                              PAUL   1-17-1883-1-13-1972 son of A&E bur Falls
                              PHYLLIS   4-4-1913-8-1-1978 wife of James bur Mem Lawns
EBY,  HAZEL L.  2-26-1890-6-13-1985 wife of Harry bur Roann Com
ECKELBARGER, ARNOLD   5-21-1899-6-1-1980 son of M&I bur Miss Mem
ECKERLEY, CHARLES E.  3-23-1887-9-27-1977 bur Miss Mem
                       HERBERT W.  10-31-1914-3-22-1989 bur Roann Com
                       RUTH JACKSON   3-6-1895-1-18-1984 wife of Charles bur Miss Mem
ECKHART, CLYDE   9-7-1892-1-14-1977 bur Oaklawn
ECKMAN, CHARLES M.  1-18-1913-5-1-1975 son of J&B bur Falls
ECKRIGHT, PAUL A.  6-29-1924-3-28-1977 bur South Pleasant
EDMOND, JESSICA J.  1 day old died 3-16-1977 dau of R&J bur Friends
                   VELVA D.  1-17-1935-19-1987 wife of B.J. bur Friends
EDMONDS, HOYLE E.  8-11-1896-1-3-1977 bur Friends
                      RESSIE M.  2-27-1910-11-16-1979 wife of Hoyle bur Friends
EDWARDS, ADRIANNA M.  stillborn 9-24-1979 day of Teresa bur  Friends
                      BLANCHE M. CLARK   2-2-1901-5-21-1979 wife of Thomas bur Oaklawn
                      DAWN M.  5-30-1960-8-29-1980 dau of P&J bur Falls
                      LEO H. 10-8-1903-1-7-1980 bur Miss Mem
                      ROY   8-7-1898-12-13-1979 bur Lafontaine IOOF
EGNER, DOROTHY M.  8-23-1906-10-3-1973 dau of T&E bur Laketon
                JOE   8-9-1911- son of T&E bur Laketon
EGOLF, EARL   12-7-1902-3-23-1981 bur Oaklawn
               EMMA L.  2-26-1909-1-25-1987 wife of L.E. bur Oaklawn
               GERALD F.  4-24-1908-7-28-1977 bur Speicher
               MARION   4-4-1909-3-31-1985 wife of J. Bower & G. Egolf bur Speicher
EILER, CALVIN E.  10-12-1902-5-12-1979 bur Pleasant Hill
             CARL M.  10-1-1903-4-26-1979 son of J&R owner Eiler Ins Agency bur Mem Lawns
             FRANK   10-1-1898-2-1976 son of J&R bur St. Peters
             HEDWIG   12-30-1886-12-11-1980 bur Falls
             IRENE K. DELAUTER 12-16-1909-3-2-1989 wife of Donald bur Fairview
             MATILDA M.  3-25-1905-10-31-1977 dau of J&C bur St. Peters
             MILDRED RUSSELL   2-21-1907-12-30-1975 wife of Carl bur Mem Lawns
EILTS, EDWARD H.  9-25-1892-5-6-1978 came to U.S. in 1906 bur Pleasant Hill
ELBEL, CARL H.  1-27-1906-10-23-1983 owner of Elbel Shoe Repair bur Falls
ELLIOTT, BILL J.  9-7-1926-7-21-1980 USN WWII bur Miss Mem
                   FLOYD H.  2-3-1903-7-28-1982 bur Oaklawn
                   HAROLD W.  6-7-1847-3-27-1973 bur Roann Com
                   J. LOREN ELLIOTT   4-4-1890-4-8-1974 bur Mt. Pleasant
                   JOHN H.  1-9-1923-10-11-1983 VP Bank of Nova Scotia bur Matlock
                   MARIBELLE   age 64 died 7-7-1985 bur Matlock
                   ROBERT L.  9-27-1926-7-12-1986 WWII Army POW, teacher bur Mem Lawns
                   WALTER   age 74 died 1-14-1978 son of Solomon owner Elliott Tool Shop bur Oaklawn
                   WANDA   10-1-1923-3-25-1983 wife of Marvin bur Oaklawn
ELLIS, DONALD W.  2-20-1907-9-19-1985 bur Friends
             EFFIE M. EASTERDAY   6-26-1907-10-2-1980 wife of Fred bur Mem Lawns
             FRED B.  2-15-1900-12-4-1981 bur Mem Lawns
ELTZROTH, CLARENCE W.  11-13-1918-6-19-1980 USN WWII bur Mem Mem
                       CLEVE   8-4-1893-12-1972 son of C&C bur Falls
                       EARL   11-4-1907-5-12-1972 son of   W&I bur Miss Mem
                       EDWIN E.  10-26-1923-2-19-1981 son of J&F WWII Army bur Friends
                       EUGENE E.  12-8-1915-3-5-1977 bur Mem Lawns
                       GROVER   died 12-24-1972 bur Falls
                       HENRY M.  12-14-1888-2-1976 son of C&C WWI vet bur Murphy
                       KENNETH A.  3-21-1917-1-28-1988 bur Miss Mem
                       MILLARD   8-14-1896-3-26-1984 son of W&I bur Lafontaine IOOF
                       WILLIAM R.  3-3-1926-10-1975 son of Henry bur Murphy
ELY, RUTH I.  7-22-1904-7-14-1980 wife of Everett editor Roann Centennial book bur Roann Com
EMERICK, ETTA V.  8-17-1896-12-18-1982 wife of Orville bur Oaklawn
EMLEY, LIZZIE M.  11-3-1895-6-9-1988 wife of Jesse R. bur Oaklawn
EMICK, LENA L. RAY   11-4-1889-1-19-1973 wife of J Hohl & O. Emick bur Matlock
EMRICK, JOHN E.  12-7-1906-12-13-1972 son of H&C WWII USN bur Miss Mem
                  LAURA L. SHELLHAMER   8-25-1902-10-31-1977 bur Miss Mem
                  MICHAEL D.  7-27-1955-7-19-1987 son of J&J Army bur Falls
                  SHERMAN C.  5-11-1907-3-8-1983 son of H&E bur Miss Mem
                  THELMA C.  9-16-1911-12-21-1982 wife of Sherman bur Miss Mem
                  VICTOR C.  8-28-1899-12-7-1981 son of H&M bur Miss Mem
EMSLEY, J. RAY   4-13-1895-10-7-1977 son of V&A bur Oaklawn
ENDRESS, FREDERICK T.  12-3-1911-5-1974 son of G&E WWII bur Falls
ENGELMAN, CAROL A. SCOTT   12-8-1932-6-6-1986 wife of Dick bur Falls
                        FRANCES   5-24-1894-2-27-1980 dau of M&A bur Friends
                        HARRY M.  9-8-1897-9-26-1977 bur Friends
                        KENNETH   7-9-1908-3-6-1978 son of W&F bur Lafontaine IOOF
                        MARY E.  4-22-1901-12-22-1977 dau of T&R bur Friends
ENGLAND, WALTER J.  12-20-1915-9-3-1975 son of C&M bur Falls
ENGLE, CHARLOTTE   age 68 died 8-19-1980 dau of Charles bur Falls
ENYEART, CHARLES L.  11-25-1903—10-25-1976 son of C&L bur Friends
                     GARNET L.  12-22-1989-1-29-1989 wife of Herbert bur Lafontaine IOOF
                     GOLDIE L. SIDERS   8-21-1888-9-30-1984 wife of Frank ran Swift Creamery Testing 
                                                          Station bur Lafontaine IOOF
                     GRACE E. SMITHER   4-25-1893-2-5-1987 bur Falls
                     HERBERT L.  6-6-1908-5-2-1977 Lafontaine deputy town marshall bur Lafontaine IOOF
                     IVA M.  6-6-1895-10-30-1984 wife of G. Herrell & M. Enyeart bur Lafontaine IOOF
                     JOE   7-27-1917-7-18-1989 son of G&D WW II Army bur Oaklawn
                     MARQUIS R.  2-23-1887-11-1975 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                     PAUL L.  9-23-1910-10-28-1983 son of S&C WWII bur Falls
                     RUTH M.  6-11-1902-11-25-1986 wife of Howard bur Oaklawn
                     TONY L.  10-18-1975-10-20-1975 infant of M&J bur Pleasant Hill
EPP, JOHN J.  7-20-1905-6-15-1980 bur Old Ger Bapt
EPPLEY, ELMER E.  5-23-1886-8-1974 son of A&E bur Falls
                 FRANCES E.  2-19-1898-2-19-1974 wife of Leroy bur Falls
                 JESSIE M.  8-29-1896-8-5-1987 wife of M.S. bur Lafontaine IOOF
                 KENNETH H.  7-11-1916-7-7-1981 son of L&L bur Friends
                 LEROY C.  10-1-1888-19-1978 son of A&E Wabash Co. Farm Bureau manager bur Falls
                 LOLA M. DAWES   8-18-1890-6-1976 wife Lester bur Friends
ERB, EMERSON C.  6-7-1903-10-29-1987 son of H&N bur Mem Lawns
         LEAH M. FIGERT   11-9-1909-1-1976 bur Mem Lawns
ERVIN, MOZY L.  7-29-1894-11-10-1973 WWI Vet bur Miss Mem
ESTEP, KAREN S. WILCOX   10-1-1953-1-3-1978 wife of Stephen bur Mem Lawns
ESTERLINE, JAMES A.  1-7-1920-10-18-1975 WWII Army bur Oaklawn
ETTER, TONIA LYNN   4-15-1975-4-19-1975 dau of D&P bur Falls
EUBANK, BELVA   age 93 died 6-29-1978 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                   GERALD J.  9-3-1910-8-11-1983 WWII bur Fairview
                   JOHN F.  5-19-1907-10-4-1985 son of W&E bur Fairview
                   LORIN   8-14-1912-12-6-1973 bur Fairview
                   VIOLA   3-13-1906-8-1973 wife of John bur Fairview
EVANS,  ANNE  8-2-1896-8-10-1976 bur Friends
                CHARLES R.  age 44 died 9-29-1983 bur Oaklawn
                JAMES N.  8-11-1908-10-16-1974 bur Mem Lawns
                LEAH JONES   8-22-1898-10-10-1982 wife of Lawrence bur Falls
                LORENE   8-3-1894-12-22-1972 wife of William bur Falls
                TERRY L.  10-31-1949-5-17-1989 bur South Pleasant
                VERDA P.  age 80 died 8-9-1981 wife of Kenneth bur Speicher
EVENSON, ROBERT L.  10-23-1943-4-24-1989 son of S&E owned M&B Body Shop bur Miss Mem
                     SAMUEL O.  5-29-1915-1-21-1973 bur Falls
EVEREST, ESTHER   10-8-1918-10-27-1983 wife of Thane bur Roann
                   LARRY   died 11-9-1976 bur Roann Com
EVERROAD, EILEEN 1-25-1914-10-9-1989 wife of Everett bur Friends
                      ESTEL T.  3-23-1892-3-11-1986 bur Falls
EVISTON, HAZEL B. MATTHEWS   5-30-1894-4-1976 wife of Hugh bur Center Grove
                   KEVIN K.  1-14-1968-1-15-1989 son of R&J bur Friends
EWICK, CORA B.  age 93 died 8-14-1984 wife of Raymond bur Fairview
FADLEY, GLEN E.  3-29-1909-2-11-1986 son of C&E WWII USN bur Falls
                  GLENN T.  5-18-1947-12-20-1973 son of G&M bur Falls
FAGER, JAMES E.  9-1-1958-7-26-1987 son of M&J bur Lafontaine IOOF
               GENEVA REED   3-9-1914-11-15-1982 wife of Merlin bur Lafontaine IOOF
               MERLIN E.  4-6-1912-9-6-1977 bur Lafontaine IOOF
               MERLIN E.  6-24-1934-2-4-1981 son of M&G bur Lafontaine IOOF
FAHL, ADELE H.  10-8-1914-8-5-1980 wife of Andrew bur Falls
            GENEVIEVE M.  age 59 died 1-14-1979 wife of Orville bur Lagro
            RALPLH J.  age 72 died 1-3-1980 bur Lagro
FAIRCHILD, SHERRY L.  died 7-23-1972 infant dau of Teresa bur Friends
FALK, LOGAN T.  1 day old died 10-25-1979 son of C&J bur Oaklawn
FALL, FRANCES M. HODEL   10-12-1908-8-7-1984 bur Falls
FANNIN, BEVERLY A. STEELE   11-2-1952-5-9-1987 wife of G.L. bur Falls
                 CHARLES E.  9-9-1909-1-29-1981 bur Mem Lawns
FARLEY, RUSSELL   11-6-1903-10-31-1982 son of C&F bur Fairview
FARMAR, WILDA J.  5-17-1913-9-1-1972 wife of George bur Friends
FARMER, JUANITA   3-29-1925-8-10-1983 wife of Harold bur Friends
                  MARTHA M. RUPLEY   8-6-1876-1-11-1975 wife of John bur Oaklawn
FARR, CORA   4-20-1888-5-28-1973 wife of Harry bur Falls
FARRIS, HENRIETTA WILEY   8-29-1908-1-16-1978 wife of Wayne bur Falls
                KELLY A.  stillborn 12-2-1972 infant of L&D bur Falls
FARTHING, CLAUDE   10-12-1901-5-25-1973 bur Center Grove
                      GRACE STEVENS   11-19-1904-10-22-1975 wife of Joseph bur Falls
FAULKNER,  HAZEL C.  age 88 died 1-20-1986 bur Falls
FAUROT, CECIL   2-4-1896-8-21-1988 wife of Norval bur Oaklawn
                  CLIFFORD   7-18-1893-7-1972 son of W&M bur Oaklawn
                  GRACE O.  5-22-1890-10-28-1985 wife of Clifford bur Oaklawn
                  NORVAL   7-30-1895-1-1-1973 owner Faurot Grocery WWI vet bur Oaklawn
FAUST, HAROLD S.  age 88 died 1-30-1989 bur Speicher
               MYRIAM B. SPEICHER 11-3-1896-1-26-1989 wife of Elroy missionary work in Tawain bur 
              PEARL E.  11-8-1888-10-1973 wife of Charles bur Lafontaine IOOF
FAVORITE, MERLE   12-21-1891-3-29-1977 bur Roann Com
FEARNOW, JOEL L.  11-22-1978-3-11-1979 son of J&L bur St. Patricks
                      MARGUERITE   age 72 died 3-1972 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                      MARVIN A.  9-17-1918-7-30-1973 son of N&E WWII vet bur Falls
                      SYLVIA M.  1-18-1921-3-31-1981 wife of Ivol bur Friends
FEATHERINGILL, GRACE   11-13-1888-1-6-1979 wife of Lee bur Mem Lawns
FEDEWA, ARTHUR J.  11-14-1893-5-4-1974 owner Fedewa Appliance Store bur Mem Lawns
                   ANITA J.  11-11-1925-8-16-1984 wife of James bur Oaklawn
                   MARIE   8-19-1895-4-1976 wife of Arthur bur Mem Lawns
FELABOM, CALLIE   11-20-1896-8-20-1973 wife of C. Leach bur Miss Mem
                     ERNEST P.  12-9-1906-5-11-1977 son of J&W bur Fairview
                     GLADYS R. KING   12-10-1910-7-28-1984 wife of Wiley bur Fairview
                     HILDRED E.  7-14-1908-8-5-1979 dau of J&M bur Fairview
                     LUELLA WALTERS 5-29-1923-4-1-1981 bur Fairview
                     RONALD G.  10-24-1948-7-20-1972 Vietnam vet Army 1969-71 bur Fairview 
FELTER, ORPHA M. SHOCK   12-8-1895-2-1976 wife of Willard bur Oaklawn
FERDINAND, EDNA M.  9-27-1904-7-17-1979 wife of K. Barnett & J. Ferdinand bur Laketon
                         EMMA C.  4-8-1885-8-9-1977 wife of Herman bur Laketon
                         LUCILLE M.  age 82 died 1-27-1984 bur Falls
                         WILLIAM   11-25-1897-10-3-1985 bur Falls
FERGUSON, ARCHIE F.  8-5-1893-12-6-1976 veterinarian one of the 1st doctors in area to use X Ray 
                                            equipment bur Lafontaine IOOF
                       CRAIG J.  12-27-1914-1-2-1984 son of C&M bur Falls
                       JULIA R.  5-19-1896-5-13-1985 wife of Archie bur Lafontaine IOOF
                       WALTER   12-27-1925-9-1973 son of B&B bur Falls
FERREE, BESSIE HIDY   11-4-1890-8-3-1972 wife of Glenn bur S. Pleasant
                 DELLA   1-6-1888-10-17-1978 wife of Doyle bur Roann Com
                 GLENN D.  9-11-1884-4-24-1972 bur South Pleasant
FERREY, LAURETTA O.  age 65 died 12-1972 bur Fairview
FETROW, HARLEY E.  9-4-1894-5-4-1976 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                  NICHOLAS J.  died 4-1976 infant son of J&M bur Lafontaine IOOF
                  VIOLET   8-25-1913-1-14-1977 bur Friends
FIDLER, KATHERINE E.  11-12-1901-12-29-1983 wife of Russell bur Falls
FIELDS, ELIJAH   2-11-1930-7-18-1977 bur Falls
                FLORENCE L.  4-1-1916-3-28-1989 bur Falls
                GEORGE   10-12-1920-11-20-1978 WWII vet bur Falls
                HARRY M.  12-12-1891-10-18-1985 bur Pleasant Hill
                JERRY L.  6-28-1961-10-26-1989 bur Falls
                L. LEONA DRAPER   5-19-1899-9-3-1980 wife of Andrew bur Miss Mem
                WILLETTA   8-22-1931-12-31-1985 wife of George bur Falls
FIERSTOS, VICTOR   11-30-1905-12-3-1982 owner Vic’s Auto Service & Vic’s Produce bur Miss Mem
FIGERT, LINDA C.  age 27 died 6-2-1979 bur Falls
                WALTER E.  3-11-1883-4-26-1978 son of P&L bur Pleasant Hill
FIKE, L. EMERSON   9-25-1900-6-1976 bur Oaklawn
FINFROCK, WALDO E.  1-11-1913-3-19-1989 WWII 17th Base Post Office in France bur Falls
FINGERLE, DANIEL A.  12-29-1998-6-12-1988 bur Old Ger Bapt
FINLEY, JAMES B.  7-21-1924-5-18-1981 partner Bender Funeral Home 1969-76 bur Oaklawn
FINNEGAN,  PEARL M.  8-28-1896-8-31-1981 wife of Walter bur Murphy
                       RAYMOND   7-15-1922-2-21-1984 son of S&V bur Mem Lawns
                       SAMUEL R.  4-11-1899-7-31-1978 WWII vet bur Mem Lawns
FINNELL, DOROTHY V.  4-22-1913-8-30-1986 wife of Forrest bur Fairview
                   JULIA F.  10-1-1898-11-23-1976 wife of Galen bur Fairview
                   PAUL E.  10-14-1907-4-20-1987 bur Fairview
FINTON, LOUISE BITZEL   3-28-1912-12-16-1981 wife of Laban bur Laketon
FISH, LENA   10-7-1896-7-14-1987 wife of Leroy bur Oaklawn
FISHBACK, GEORGE A.  1-9-1914-10-22-1984 WWII USN bur Falls
FISHER, ANNA R.  3-20-1945-7-28-1986 wife of Max bur Friends
                LILLIAN A.  8-1-1889-3-21-1979 wife of W. Jackson bur Falls
                OPAL L. BAILEY   3-25-1913-4-17-1985 wife of William bur Lagro
                STELLA   9-16-1881-1-1973 wife of Charles bur Lafontaine IOOF
                WILLIAM P.  10-16-1906-10-20-1977 son of C&M bur Lagro
FITCH, CARL L.  9-11-1910-7-31-1982 bur Fairview
              GEORGE L.  3-22-1886-3-3-1974 son of L&M bur Pleasant Grove
              JOSEPH R.  6-8-1910-1-3-1977 bur Oaklawn
              MABEL R.  5-6-1914-3-26-1985 wife of Ezra bur Mem Lawns
              NEVA M. ENYEART   9-5-1914-11-16-1988 wife of J.A. bur Oaklawn
FITZGERALD, CHARLES 10-1-1940-5-26-1989 son of H&G bur Oaklawn
                           CHARLES W.  3-10-1890-9-1972 bur Oaklawn
FITZPATRICK, DOROTHY HOULIHAN   1-4-1893-2-17-1979 wife of Michael bur Falls
FLACK, EDWARD L.  6-17-1894-2-11-1975 son of W&M bur Pleasant Hill
               HARLAN G.  2-2-1919-4-16-1972 son of S&R  WWII  bur Pleasant Hill
               LEADA M. LEWIS   6-8-1928-12-5-1981 wife of Moyne bur Pleasant Hill
               MARY E. WEITZEL   1-31-1897-1-3-1984 bur Pleasant Hill
FLANIGAN, JOHN R.  age 58 died 1978 bur Falls
                      MARIAN FISHER   age 53 died 10-1972 wife of John bur Falls
FLAUDING, NORA M. PARRETT   12-2-1898-2-11-1988 bur Lagro
                      PAMELA S.  12-17-1959-10-20-1981 dau of C&G bur Miss Mem
FLECK, ELMER C.  10-24-18923-1-1975 bur Fairview
               HARRIET   age 77 died 3-22-1979 bur Concord 
               NONA L. WILLIAMS   1-20-1907-12-19-1980 wife of J. Lawrence bur Falls
FLEMING, CHARLES F.  1-24-1931-10-15-1984 son of H&K bur Miss Mem
                    JAMES   9-19-1897-5-8-1974 son of S&M bur Miss Mem
                    KATHERYN   9-3-1909-2-26-1973 wife of Hugh bur Miss Mem
FLINN, EMMA   10-24-1892-12-12-1974 wife of C. Lawson, J. King and C. Flinn bur Friends
              HOWARD E.  8-23-1901-12-24-1972 son of C&I bur Falls
              JAMES L.  4-4-1913-11-4-1976 bur Falls
              ROBERT E.  4-30-1921-2-26-1989 son of F&P WWII AAC bur Pleasant Hill
              RUTH B. BAIRD   7-27-1894-1-15-1984 wife of Eurle bur Roann Com
FLITCRAFT, ROBERT J.  born and died 9-13-1982 son of W&T bur Roann Com
FLOHR, EARL R.  2-23-1923-4-1974 USN bur Oaklawn
               FRANCES L.  3-23-1940-12-2-1983 bur Mem Lawns
               VERNON R.  12-16-1905-8-9-1978 son of C&E bur Laketon
FLOOR,  FLORENCE A.  2-17-1919-9-20-1980 wife of Richard bur S. Pleasant
                RICHARD I.  4-11-1919-12-1975 son of R&M bur South Pleasant
FLORA, ETHEL M.  age 90 died 6-30-1980 bur Roann Comm
                GEORGE E.  7-10-1883-1-1976 bur Mem Lawns
                HUGH R.  11-3-1896-11-16-1974 son of W&M bur Falls
                MARIE RICHARDSON   3-3-1896-1-7-1985 wife of L. Snavely & H. Flora bur Falls
                WALTER   5-10-1918-12-3-1982 son of F&A WWII bur Falls
FLOREY, CHARLES I.  10-14-1900-10-1975 bur South Pleasant
FLOYD, ELMER E.  5-12-1909-2-3-1988 bur Speicher
               ROBERT W.  2-16-1913-8-14-1973 son of W&I owner Floyd’s Sunoco Service bur Oaklawn
FLUCK, RUDOLF J.  8-21-1913-5-1973 bur Lafontaine IOOF
FOGEL, AMASA   7-8-1894-3-6-1985 bur Center Grove
FOLLIS, EVA   6-7-1877-5-18-1974 wife of Arthur bur Falls
FOLSE, PEARL   9-20-1896-10-18-1976 wife of Philip bur Mem Lawns
FOLTZ, CLYDE M.  11-4-1904-7-2-1982 bur Oaklawn
               FLOSSIE V.  6-29-1904-11-5-1978 wife of Clyde bur Oaklawn
FORBES, ROGER   died 8-26-1972 son of J&D USAF A1C bur Falls
FORD, BERNICE A. ADAMS   10-12-1899-10-14-1973 wife of Ernest bur Friends
             DAVID   11-2-1929-2-27-1979 son of W&F US Corps of Eng 1951-3; chairman Ford Meter Box; 
                             1964 Dist. Citizen of Wabash; Wabash City Council bur Falls
            JOHN L.  8-4-1897-8-20-1981 bur Falls
            JUDITH A.  12-24-1953-8-24-1987 wife of Stephen bur Miss Mem
            PHILLIP W.  12-18-1919-9-15-1975 bur Oaklawn
            ROSALIND S.  6-11-1890-2-23-1980 wife of John grand dau of Jonathan Keller bur Falls
            STANLEY W.  age 49 died 2-1-1978 bur Falls
            WILBUR E. age 94 died 11-6-1989 bur Falls
FORNEY, VERLIN L.  8-20-1925-1-15-1984 son of R&H WWII  purple heart bur Lagro
FORSTER, IRENE   8-24-1891-11-17-1985 bur Oaklawn
                   RUDOLPH age 88 died 11-19-1989 bur Oaklawn
FORT, HARVEY G.  2-8-1912-10-29-1987 bur Laketon
FOSTER, LELIA V. CLARK   5-29-1899-2-20-1972 wife of F. Bechtold & C. Foster bur Fairview
FOURGERES, GRACE KISNER   4-13-1885-58--1972 wife of Thomas bur Matlock
FOUST, ANNA V.  3-13-1902-2-28-1989 bur Miss Mem
              BARBARA A. ALBER   5-25-1899-2-3-1985 wife of Otto bur Falls
              DORIS A.  4-3-1887-3-1973 wife of George bur Miss Mem
              FLORENCE   8-17-1903-3-28-1977 wife of David bur Miss Mem
              GERTRUDE COX   7-24-1904-7-28-1981 wife of Don bur Miss Mem
              JOHN M.  4-10-1914-6-8-1989 son of E&N WWII bur Miss Mem
              MARY A.  5-29-1897-9-13-1979 dau of P&K bur Miss Mem
              OTTO R.  12-15-1892-7-11-1978 bur Falls
              ROBERT E.  age 68 died 7-11-1984 WWII 80th Fighter grp 8th AF Lafontaine Town Board 
                                    president 16 yrs bur Lafontaine IOOF
              STACEY A.  9-25-1969-10-14-1977 dau of R&E bur Fairview
              WILLIAM   age 59 died 7-30-1977 WWII vet bur Miss Mem
FOUTS, BLANCHE M.  10-26-1918-7-12-1984 wife of Leo bur Roann Com
FOWERBAUGH, FRANCES MARSHALL   10-2-1946-1-11-1982 bur Laketon
FOWLER,  JAMES W.  5-9-1929-6-28-1988 son of R&R bur Falls
FOX, ALETHA O.  age 73 died 5-27-1983 wife of Robert bur Fairview
          ERMA RABER   12-26-1905-8-24-1986 wife of C. Gierke & R. Fox bur Oaklawn
          GRACE   11-19-1887-12-10-1975 dau of R&M bur Oaklawn
          MARGARET C.  2-11-1908-4-25-1983 wife of Roy bur Falls
          MAURICE P.  5-21-1915-12-10-1979 bur Mem Lawns
          ROY   5-30-1902-4-1-1977 son of C&F bur Falls
FRALING, VERNA KEIM   8-1-1890-10-19-1974 wife of Edward bur Roann Com
FRANCE, HARRY L.  9-19-1911-4-10-1973 son of E&M WWII vet bur Friends
                  JIMMY D.  10-21-1952-2-7-1987 son of R&F bur Frances Slocum
FRANCIS, JAY D.  4-28-1958-3-1-1975 bur Swank
FRANCISCO, LEONA B.  11-13-1894-11-17-1979 wife of Frank bur Oaklawn
FRANK, CLARENCE R.  8-10-1897-11-6-1973 son of G&A bur Friends
                CORA G.  3-5-1903-6-9-1973 wife of Clarence bur Friends
                DAISY F.  3-26-1899-5-24-1988 wife of Paul bur Lafontaine IOOF
                EDNA STOUFFER   6-11-1895-7-1973 wife of Loren bur Friends
I. PAUL   6-30-1892-8-30-1988 son of G&A bur Lafontaine IOOF
LOREN I.  5-27-1920-5-3-1987 son of L&E bur Oaklawn
FRANKLIN, ALBERT   7-30-1919-5-7-1981 son of A&E bur Friends
FRANKSTINE, CHARLES H.  8-22-1900-1973 son of H&L bur Friends
                           CLARENCE   7-21-1905-11-28-1983 son of H&E bur Friends
                           MELVIN   12-18-1910-2-25-1982 son of H&E WWII Army bur Friends
FRANTZ, ARDEN R.  6-26-1919-12-22-1979 son of D&Z WWII owned Mobile Service State in NM bur
                  ELMER F.  7-13-1898-4-29-1979 bur Old Ger Bapt
                  ETHEL E.  5-20-1897-12-20-1987 wife of Jacob bur Old Ger Bapt
                  FLORA MAE   11-12-1891-9-30-1980 wife of Oscar bur Oaklawn
                  GALEN L.  9-2-1928-9-21-1976 son of D&Z bur Fairview
                  JACOB   11-19-1894-10-30-1985 son of E&I bur Old Ger Bapt
                  ZORA   1-21-1898-3-8-1985 wife of Donald bur Fairview
FRASER, VICKI A.  12-27-1953-6-8-1982 wife of James bur Roann Comm
FRAUSTEIN, HELEN   11-29-1907-6-13-1981 dau of L&C bur Falls
FRAUSTINE, CHARLES H.  died 3-31-1972 bur Friends
                        WALTER L.  died 11-7-1974 bur Friends
FRAZIER, BESS C.  6-17-1905-12-17-1983 wife of T.W. bur Lafontaine IOOF
                   FRANK D.  5-11-1911-7-26-1987 USN WWII bur Mem Lawns
                   HELEN M.  3-4-1900-6-20-1980 wife of Gerney bur Falls
                   PHYLLIS J.  9-25-1911-1-29-1979 bur St. Peters
FREDERICK, FRANKIE C. CLARK   7-15-1897-2-7-1974 wife of Rolla bur Laketon
                        HILDA M. REDMAN   11-16-1899-12-28-1983 wife of Wallace bur Laketon
                        LEE L.  11-14-1890-2-14-1973 son of C&N bur Fairview
                        MARJORIE   age 76 died 4-5-1983 bur Laketon
FREED,  J. GERALD  3-7-1911-11-28-1981 bur Oaklawn
               LEIGH B.  5-19-1899-1-10-1987 bur Oaklawn
FREEMAN, BESS M.  9-2-1891-4-1-1974 wife of Glen bur Falls
                     GEORGE J.  7-20-1920-2-1976 son of F&C owner Main View Inn WW II bur
                     GEORGE L.  12-3-1917-6-25-1987 son of G&B bur Falls
                     KENNETH P.  10-13-1913-9-3-1988 son of W&V bur Friends
FREHSE, OLVENIA   1-17-1909-6-1974 wife fo Walter bur Fairview
FREITAG, ALICE O.  2-26-1917-7-5-1980 wife of Henry bur Pleasant Hill
                   HENRY   12-12-1896-4-21-1977 bur Pleasant Hill
FRENCH, C. ROY   8-22-1914-9-1973 bur South Pleasant
                  CARL   4-29-1894-3-17-1977 son of R&M bur Falls
                  HOWARD   died 4-14-1977 bur Falls 
                  JERRY   1-1-1936-6-12-1986 son of C&D bur Falls
                  LEMOINE   age 40 died 5-6-1977 bur Friends
                  MARIE E.  6-9-1893-8-1972 wife of Charley bur South Pleasant
FRESHOUR, COLEEN J. WARREN   5-4-1931-9-19-1978 wife of Wayne bur Oaklawn
FREY, BERNICE M. WESTAFER   10-7-1904-4-1-1974 wife of Harry bur Pleasant Hill
            GARY D.   stillborn 5-19-1983 son of G&L bur Old Ger Bapt
            PAUL D.  5-15-1902-2-24-1977 son of C&S bur Pleasant Hill
            SCOTT E.   stillborn 5-19-1983 son of G&L bur Old Ger Bapt
FRIEDEN, B. LUCILE BROTHERS   3-31-1899-5-1-1982 wife of Bert bur Lagro
                   BERT J.  2-6-1896-9-21-19989 bur Lagro
                   DELCIE HIPPENSTEEL   6-26-1900-10-13-1983 wife of Harm bur Fairview
                   DONNA J.  6-14-1927-4-30-1979 wife of Richard bur Fairview
                   GEORGE   4-25-1905-2-20-1980 son of J&K bur Oaklawn
                   HARM   9-9-1898-2-6-1987 bur Fairview
                   HENRY W.  4-3-1894-10-24-1973 bur Fairview
                   JOHN   10-5-1900-5-18-1975 bur Falls
                   KEITH D.  9-15-1927-11-1-1985 bur Oaklawn
                   MAURICE D.  age 47 died 2-2-1984 son of Harm Korea vet bur Fairview
                   NOLAN E.  9-20-1945-5-1974 son of E&D bur Pleasant Hill
                   RICHARD L. 6-18-1927-9-29-1989 son of H&A Army bur Fairview
FRIERMOOD, PAUL E.   8-30-1906-10-1-1974 bur Oaklawn
                         ROBERT R.  9-20-1920-11-5-1981 son of G&R WWII bur Mem Lawns
                         ROSA E. CLUPPER   2-6-1899-3-18-1988 wife of B.H. bur Treaty
FRITCHEY, MERLE T.  12-21-1891-9-16-1973 son of W&E  WWI vet bur Falls
FRITZ, JAMES A.  3-10-1931-2-25-1978 bur Center Grove
FRUSHOUR, BESSIE CHRISTLE   4-1-1882-1973 wife of Charles bur St. Patricks
                       GEORGE G.  3-2-1898-1-6-1980 son of S&S bur Fairview
                       MARY E.  died 10-10-1973 bur St. Peters
FRUIT, WILLARD C.  2-26-1905-4-20-1974 bur Roann Com
                        JAMES R.  12-3-1902-1-14-1978 son of G&H bur Fairview
                        VELMA MILLINER   3-15-1903-9-1975 wife of Roy bur Fairview
                        WILLIAM M.  10-12-1892-7-15-1977 2nd Lt WWI son of S&S bur Fairview
FRYE, LESTER O.  8-11-1911-4-12-1975 bur Fairview
FULKS, CHAD L.  stillborn 2-23-1982 son of J&M bur Fairview
FULTON, BERNICE M. SCHLEMMER   6-17-1905-9-25-1988 bur Falls
                  CHARLOTTE L. CUSTER   6-7-1895-8-23-1989 wife of A. Wilson & F. Fulton bur Falls
                  EDWIN J.  1-29-1922-9-14-1987 son of F&I WWII Army bur Lafontaine IOOF
                  FORD   11-9-1884-5-1976 son of L&E bur Matlock
FULTS, CARRIE B. PORTER   5-25-1889-11-171977 wife of Clark bur Lagro
               JAMES R.  8-4-1884-3-18-1980 son of R&M bur Hopewell
FULWIDER, ALLEGRA E. ELLIOTT   5-1-1906-7-18-1988 wife of R.F. bur Fairview
FURNISH, PAULINE E. STEVENS   1900-7-2-1983 wife of Wayne bur Lafontaine IOOF
GABLE, LENA M. DIXON   2-21-1898-7-24-1984 wife of Hugh bur Laketon
GAERTE, ANNETTE E.  12-2-1888-8-20-1980 wife of Ray bur Oaklawn
                 RAY M.  6-15-1889-11-13-1981 bur Oaklawn
                 SETH   6-10-1972-5-2-1977 son of H&K bur Laketon
GAHL, E. CARL   6-5-1918-4-1973 son of C&A bur Fairview
             FLORA E.  1-222-1901-10-12-1978 wife of William bur Fairview
             RANDOLPH S.  stillborn died 1-16-1984 son of E&L bur Fairview
             ROBERT H.  5-7-1900-4-12-1985 bur Fairview
GALL,  JOHN S.  5-20-1894-2-3-1975 WWI Army bur Oaklawn
              MARTHA W.  11-17-1922-5-6-1987 wife of Gordon bur Oaklawn
GALLOWAY, MADELYNE   3-23-1912-1-17-1987 wife of Moncrieff bur Falls
                         MONCRIEFF   11-8-1910-2-8-1975 bur Falls
GAMBLE, GERTHA LAVENGOOD   1-24-1887-3-20-1987 wife of Glen bur Falls
                   JOHN W.  7-11-1915-8-6-1985 son of J&M WWII Army bur Matlock
GAMSBY, ROBERT F.  7-9-1970-6-18-1988 son of R&S bur Oaklawn
                   RODNEY   age 17 died 3-15-1985 bur Hopewell
                 RUSSELL M.  6-8-1913-4-14-1979 WWII bur Oaklawn
GANT, GEORGE W.  5-4-1906-2-29-1984 bur Mem Lawns
GARBER, BLAINE F.  8-28-1906-6-28-1988 bur Fairview
                  DELLA M. LAUTZENHISER   6-25-1906-8-28-1981 wife of Blaine bur Fairview
                  DON H.  2-15-1892-1-23-1989 son of S&J bur Pleasant Hill
                  HAYDEN O.  7-25-1895-10-3-1978 son of D&N bur Fairview
                  JESSE F. HAYES   8-27-1889-12-5-1974 wife of Christopher bur Falls
                  L. MAUDE   5-30-1886-6-4-1976 wife of Roscoe bur Fairview
                  LILLIE M. KESTER   2-14-1895-6-10-1975 wife of Hayden bur Fairview
                  WILLARD   2-1-1895-8-5-1978 bur Fairview
GARCIA, MARIA E.  9-21-1954-1-17-1986 wife of Israel bur Miss Mem
GARDNER, ETHEL L.  12-12-1891-9-4-1987 wife of John bur Falls
GARMAN, MARY L.  1-22-1911-3-3-1978 wife of Jim bur Oaklawn
GARNER, HAROLD H.  11-30-1900-10-1-1981 son of P&D bur Falls
                  HELEN M. HAAS   3-21-1903-3-2-1977 wife of Joe bur Falls
                  LUCILE G.  6-26-1899-1-3-1986 wife of E. Haines & H. Garner bur Falls
                  ROBERT L.  6-20-1930-2-3-1978 bur Miss Mem
GARRETT, HUBERT W.  4-1-1893-3-4-1973 son of W&S bur Oaklawn
                     PHYLISS L. GOOD   7-1-1935-12-31-1976 wife of Harold bur Mem Lawns
GARRISON, ALICE L. OVERMAN   7-9-1907-12-12-1975 wife of Walter bur Miss Mem
                      CLARA MILLER   2-9-1894-11-10-1972 wife of Joe bur Friends
                      CONSTANCE MINER   4-1-1905-5-1975 wife of Everett bur Falls
                      MAMIE   died 3-1973 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                      MARGARET   11-27-1897-5-19-1985 wife of Ovid bur Fairview
                      MARIE D.  9-25-1897-11-28-1978 wife of George bur Fairview
                      OMA P. HINER   10-20-1901-2-7-1977 bur Oaklawn
                      WALTER C.  2-18-1906-3-21-l974 son of O&L WWII USN bur Miss Mem
GARST, FRANK   age 95 died 6-14-1984 bur Miss Mem
               GEORGIA   12-7-1909-8-17-1980 wife of Frank bur Miss Mem
GARVER, WINIFRED G.  8-19-1912-4-14-1989 wife of Earl bur Oaklawn
GARWOOD, MARTHA E.  2-20-1900-11-26-1981 wife of Orville bur Old Ger Bapt
GASTON, RUSSELL W.  4-28-1902-11-18-1980 bur Speicher
GATCHEL, KENNETH J.  8-6-1960-8-13-1973 son of J&A bur Mem Lawns
GATZIMOS, DIMITRI C.  7-25-1950-6-30-1988 bur Hopewell
GAUNT, EDNA L. ROSS   11-2-1915-8-24-1987 wife of Howard bur Center Grove
                LAWRENCE C.  age 77 died 10-25-1980 bur Falls
                ROBERT L.  2-17-1900-10-11-1987 son of C&A bur Mem Lawns
GEARHART, EDNA C. BROWN   10-10-1900-5-30-1974 wife of Ralph bur Oaklawn
                        GRETCHEN E.  4-24-1917-5-2-1987 wife of Donald bur Laketon
GEHLE, ARNOLD C.  2-13-1901-2-8-1980 bur Falls
GEIGER, NORA   4-26-1885-10-15-1979 wife of Verne bur Rose Hill
GEMMER,  ANNA A.  7-21-1886-1-1-1982 wife of William bur Speicher
GENT, EMMA O.   10-3-1888-11-27-1973 wife of L. Dillman & ? Gent bur Roann Comm
GEORGE, BROOK A.  6-9-1961-5-20-1979 son of N&J bur Falls
GEPHART, DESSIE   11-2-1887-12-18-1972 wife of M. Middleton & W. Gephart bur Falls
                     WILLIAM C.  5-23-1889-5-26-1973 bur Falls
GERARD, LORA   5-6-1889-2-15-1980 bur Oaklawn
GERBER, ANNA M.  3-27-1917-6-15-1983 wife of Ken bur Oaklawn
GEYER, PAULINE   6-10-1913-1-16-1984 wife of Robert Wabash Dist. Citizen bur Falls
GIBBS, KATHRYN S.  died 4-30-1972 bur Falls
GIBSON, FREDERICK L.  8-14-1912-5-25-1973 bur Oaklawn
GIDLEY, ETHEL LOWER   6-19-1887-2-19-1980 wife of Ralph bur Oaklawn
                 ROBERT L.  5-12-1913-7-11-1989 WWII MSgt 9th Army AC 439 Troop Carrier Com 94th Sqd 
                                       bur Oaklawn
                 WILLIAM W.  11-3-1898-7-1974 son of A&J bur Roann
GIERKE, CARL F.  6-24-1908-3-27-1973 bur Oaklawn
GIFFIN, EDNA M.  8-7-1879-2-1973   bur Oaklawn
GIFT, NELSON M.  12-25-1903-11-30-1976 son of C&G bur Friends
GILBERT, JOHN L.  7-17-1890-7-12-1983 son of N.R. owner Cox Showcase Co. & Wetzel Display Case 
                                   Co. 1930-55 bur Friends
                   RUSSELL   3-21-1902-9-14-1987 bur Lafontaine IOOF
GILBREATH, VERA A. SHELLHAMER   3-3-1895-5-3-1989 wife of Frank bur Lafontaine IOOF
GILL,  GLADYS L.  died 11-21-1974 bur mem Lawns
            WANDA GATCHEL   4-28-1918-12-18-1982 wife of Raymond bur Mem Lawns
GILLEN, JACK H.  age 72 died 8-30-1976 bur Friends
                RICHARD A.  1-24-1908-3-30-1987 son of D&E bur Falls
GILLENWATER, LAVONNE HOOVER   4-7-1898-5-8-1978 wife of Racy bur Miss Mem
GILLESPIE, AGNES   12-17-1902-12-20-1981 wife of C. Wood & F. Gillespie bur Roann Com
                      BERNIECE KIEFFABER 5-2-1904-8-24-1989 wife of Edwin bur Matlock
                      EDWIN B.  12-19-1899-5-3-1973 son of J&E bur Matlock
                      ERNEST   2-18-1927-8-15-1977 WWII USN partner L&W Tavern owner Lafontaine Bar &
                                        Grill bur Lafotnaine IOOF
                      HERBERT   2-8-1905-12-16-1976 son of G&F bur Matlock
                      RUTH S. SCOTT   5-26-1896-6-23-1982 wife of Charles bur Center Grove
GILLEY, CLINTON M.  1-2-1905-4-14-1974 bur Friends
                 MARIE H. MURPHY   3-18-1911-12-8-1989 wife of C.M. bur Friends
                 WILLIE L.  4-24-1922-1-11-1986 WWII Army bur Friends
GILPIN, OSCAR W.  4-16-1912-10-5-1987 bur Lafontaine IOOF
GILTNER, GEORGE W.  4-6-1897-10-20-1983 owned Giltner Store in Roann bur Roann Com
                    JANE W.  6-7-1894-6-24-1980 wife of William bur Oaklawn
                    LOLA M. NICELY   9-2-1897-3-14-1984 wife of George bur Roann Com
GINGERICK, JULIA L.  9-30-1892-5-3-1985 wife of Fred bur Oaklawn
GIORDANO, JOSEPH JK.  age 71 died 4-27-1986 bur Hopewell
GLADEAU, HAYWARD A.  1-14-1959-7-15-1989 bur Friends
GLASS, FLORENCE F. RAU   9-21-1896-8-13-1984 wife of John bur Lagro
               FLOYD O.  4-24-1898-10-1-1986 bur Center Grove
               JOHN   8-3-1916-6-9-1982 bur Mem Lawns
               ORIE E. TEMPLETON   7-8-1893-5-19-1981 wife of Marcus bur Miss Mem
               SMITH V.  4-27-1896-6-1975 WWI vet bur Center Grove
GLAZIER,  CHARLES F.  1-2-1914-5-22-1981 son of F&S bur Falls
                    ROBERT A.  3-20-1941-2-9-1972 bur Falls     
GLASSBURN, HELEN HAHN 10-21-1933-5-20-1986 wife of William bur Speicher
GOBLE, JULIUS J.A.  8-1-1906-9-21-1979 owner Battliner’s Cigar Store & Tavern bur Falls
GOCHENOUR, KATHERINE   3-9-1882-9-8-1973 dau of W&M bur Falls
GOEBEL, ETHEL   12-1-1902-4-22-1979 wife of R. Miller & H. Goebel bur Center Grove
GOINS, HAROLD C.  age 75 died 7-4-1989 bur Lafontaine IOOF
GOLDY, NELLIE   11-4-1885-4-6-1979 dau of J&L bur Falls
GOLTRY, LULU M. HETLER   1-8-1886-5-1972 wife of Charles bur Roann Com
GONGWER, CATHERINE   9-23-1897-2-27-1978 wife of Ralph bur Lagro
                       RALPH   11-8-1893-1981 WWI bur Lagro
GOOD, CARL C.  1-210-1900-5-25-1986 son of A&M bur Oaklawn
              DORSEY C.   11-29-1901-6-8-1972 bur Center Grove
              MINNIE M.  6-18-1912-10-11-1988 wife of C.C. bur Oaklawn
              TRISHA S.  9-10-1978-8-5-1989 dau of B&A bur Center Grove
GOODLANDER, ALICE M.  10-1-1887-6-18-1985 wife of Sherman bur Mem Lawns
                              NETTIE   3-28-1893-6-1-1978 wife of Fred bur Falls
                              SHERMAN   9-30-1891-12-18-1983 son of O&M bur Mem Lawns
GOODLIN, NELDA H.  10-24-1923-7-10-1986 wife of Harry bur St. Peters
GOODROW, OVA T.  1-19-1904-12-29-1987 bur Oaklawn
GORDON, GEORGE E.  11-2-1911-5-15-1975 bur Friends
                   LESTER W.  7-8-1919-12-25-1975 WWII AAC bur Friends
GORSUCH, RALPH D.  3-3-1926-8-13-1979 bur St. Peters
GOTTMANN, GRACE K.  5-29-1912-2-2-1988 wife of C.L. bur Oaklawn
GOTTSCHALK, LYMAN L.  8-30-1910-10-30-1978 Lagro twp trustee bur Lagro
                             LORETTA M.  7-19-1940-9-23-1973 wife fo James bur Lagro
GRADELESS,  MIRIAH L.  stillborn 4-11-1979 infant of D&D bur Oaklawn
GRAEBNER, ARTHUR C.  9-19-1906-3-25-1975 Wabash distinguished Citizen 1951 BSA Silver Beaver
                                              Award bur Mem Lawns
                       ETHEL R.  1-31-1908-6-12-1985 wife of Arthur bur Mem Lawns
GRAF, ESTHER H. ALBER   1-16-1895-1-10-1973 wife of Arthur bur Falls
GRAHAM, BERTHA   7-28-1897-7-28-1978 wife of Charles bur Oaklawn
                    ROSE G. CHRISTLE   2-11-1897-6-23-1985 bur St. Patricks
                    THOMAS R.  9-7-1952-6-25-1984 Army vet bur Oaklawn
GRAVES, EDWARD G.  age 50 died 3-30-1986 bur Friends
                  EDWARD G.  7-13-1909-12-17-1973 bur Hopewell
GRAY, ALMA L.  7-9-1902-10-4-1976 wife of Truman bur Roann Com
             ANNABELLE BITZEL   11-29-1930-10-7-1976 bur Lagro
             BILL B.  10-1-1923-4-20-1977 son of H&P WWII Army past cdr VFW post 186, all state cdr & 
                             quartermaster bur Hopewell
             CATHERINE E.  3-29-1899-10-31-1987 wife of Howard bur Hopewell
             EVELYN   6-22-1912-10-22-1984 wife of Walter bur Lafontaine IOOF
             HARRY L.  age 91 died 8-1976 bur Falls
             HOWARD B.  2-25-1896-4-25-1985 bur Hopewell
             JESSIE R.  5-19-1889-6-13-1987 wife of Harry L. published book of poems Posies faded, Posies
                                 Gay bur Falls
             KENNETH   6-19-1910-2-22-1984 son of W&N WWII USN LCDR participated in search for 
                                   Amelia Earheart, WC museum curator bur Falls
             LYONEL F.  age 75 died 1-2-1989 bur Lafontaine IOOF
             MABEL   10-27-1891-4-22-1988 bur Falls
             ROBERT J.  2-18-1946-12-17-1972 son of H&D bur Oaklawn
             VANDA   1-22-1909-2-1-1985 wife of H. Maxwell director Wabash Girl Scouts 1950-60, Mills
                               Award bur Falls
GREATHOUSE, CLEO F. MILLER   9-30-1900-4-4-1973 wife of James bur Mem Lawns
                             JAMES B.  4-11-1900-2-5-1973 owner Wabash Cab Co bur Mem Lawns
                             LLOYD E.  7-14-1954-1-18-1975 bur Falls
GREEN, EDNA A. KING   9-28-1888-2-8-1975 wife of John bur Friends
               ELZIE L.  5-30-1892-1-15-1975 son of G&R WWI vet bur Falls
               MARK   6-15-1893-4-1974 son of W&S bur Falls
GREER, AARON D. GREER   8-25-1895-5-3-1974 bur Old Ger Bapt
               EVERETT R.  2-1-1917-6-20-1988 son of A&M bur Fairview
               GALEN A.  9-10-1924-9-24-1989 son of A&M bur Fairview
               MABELF.  METZGER   1-11-1898-8-6-1973 wife of Aaron bur Old Ger Bapt
GREINER, NORMAN H.  3-5-1921-2-18-1972 USN WWII bur Falls
GRESSLEY, FRANKLIN   8-13-1942-10-6-1979 son of M&E bur Mem Lawns
                      MINOR B.  9-28-1918-11-30-1980 bur Mem Lawns
GRESSO, GORDON   2-10-1907-9-9-1973 son of S&M bur Pleasant Hill
GREY, GEORGE H.  11-24-1902-3-1976 bur St. Peters
             MARTHA J.  7-2-1903-4-2-1974 wife of George bur St. Peters
GRIBBEN, EDWARD W.  8-31-1906-2-22-1983 son of H&L bur Falls
                    HUGH   11-2-1903-3-2-1984 son of H&A bur St. Patricks
                    JAMES B.  8-5-1899-2-18-1978 son of H&E bur St Patricks
                    RUTH RICHARDS   7-8-1897-9-23-1981 wife of John bur Miss Mem
GRIDLEY, HENRY P.  7-28-1904-12-12-1984 bur Fairview
GRIFFEY, DEREK R.  died 8-26-1987infant son of R&L bur Roann Com
                   ELIZABETH A.  9-17-1945-9-14-1988 wife of Moses bur Laketon
                   JAMES D.  3-16-1963-10-9-1989 bur St Peters
GRIFFITH, CHARLES E.  age 51 died 1-24-1988 bur Falls
                    ROBERT   10-22-1911-9-5-1973 bur Falls
GRIFFITHS, MAUDE M. FESHOUR   12-7-1885-7-1976 bur Fairview
GRIFFIN, EDNA M.   8-7-1879-2-9-1973 bur Oaklawn                                                                                 
                  FRED C.  3-11-1891-10-18-1977 bur Hopewell
                  MERRITT D.  5-4-1902-10-3-1978 bur Oaklawn
                  SALLY B.  1-21-1891-7-31-1975 wife of L. Bartoo & F. Griffin bur Hopewell
GRINDLE, HAZEL M. KIRCHER   11-20-1892-10-10-1978 wife of R. Flora & R. Grindle bur Oaklawn 
                   RUSSELL A.  6-12-1929-12-30-1982 son of R&E bur Fairview
                   RUSSELL A.  2-19-1893-4-29-1981 bur Fairview
GRIMM, DOROTHY   age 69 died 11-1975 bur St. Peters
                HAZEL M. RICHWINE   2-1-1903-12-22-1975 wife of Henry bur St. Peters
                IRMA J.  age 70 died 2-1976 bur St. Peters
                MARY L.  9-22-1911-2-15-1980 dau of D&P bur St. Peters
GRIMMER, MARY E. KUMLEY   8-1-1910-2-10-1987 bur Hopewell
GRISSO, ANNA   5-11-1879-2-10-1972 wife of A. Kulp & C. Grisso bur Old Ger Bapt
                LILLIAN   2-16-1889-1-24-1974 dau of E&L 40 yrs missionary to India bur Pleasant View
GRISSON, OPAL M. FIGERT   3-20-1906-5-23-1981 wife of Charles bur Laketon
GRIST, PAUL G.  12-2-1898-8-18-1974 son of A&M owner Grist Builders & Supply Co. bur Fairview
GROENDYKE, CHARLES R.  2-13-1920-9-17-1986 WWII AAC bur St. Peters
GROFF, E. JEANETTE   9-3-1907-6-24-1987 bur Lafontaine IOOF
               JAMES   age 88 died 7-1974 bur Lafontaine IOOF
               GOLDA G. SMELSER   10-25-1886-8-20-1979 wife of James bur Lafontaine IOOF
GROGG, HUBERT V.  1-18-1905-4-1976 bur Mem Lawns
GROSCOST, LYMAN J.  7-10-1909-5-25-1979 bur Miss Mem
GROSSMAN, FLOYD C.  age 86 died 9-29-1979 bu4r Hopewell
                        H. HAROLD   10-1-1921-5-9-1987 bur Fairview
GROSSNICKLE, CECIL E.  10-26-1911-9-18-1983 son of H&J bur Oaklawn
                              ELOISE   3-21-1896-12-14-1989 wife of Warren bur Pleasant Hill
                              GERALDINE M.   7-6-1883-12-6-1974 wife of Samuel bur Oaklawn
                              H.B.  9-26-1887-12-20-1981 son of F&A radio announcer WRFW bur Oaklawn
                              HAROLD J.  7-30-1898-4-7-1980 son of I&E FBI WWII bur Oaklawn
                              IRMGARD O.  10-26-1888-6-5-1972 wife of Melvin bur Oaklawn
                              JAMES R.  2-25-1924-5-4-1978 WWII vet son of C&L bur Oaklawn
                              KATHRYN ADAMS   7-25-1905-12-8-1984 wife of Harold bur Oaklawn
                              LELIA F.  11-1-1899-9-27-1978 wife of W. Armstrong & H. Grossnickle bur Oaklawn
                              RUTH R. MILLER   11-25-1893-5-3-1987 wife of Otto bur Oaklawn
                              SUSIE METZGER   1-25-1894-3-13-1982 wife of A. Grimes & G. Grossnickle bur 
                                                                Pleasant Hill
GROVER, CARL   age 83 died 8-1975 bur Laketon
                   JEANNE STITT   3-23-1900-10-1973 wrote Monday Wash in Plain Dealer; first woman 
                                                 reporter Fort Wayne News Sentinel bur Falls
GROVES, EDNA E.  7-13-1893-8-26-1981 wife of Photien bur Falls
GRUBB, DWIGHT W.  6-2-1914-1-1976 bur Oaklawn
                GLENN C.   1-20-1893-1-10-1972 WWI vet bur Falls
                INEZ   7-1-1884-7-16-1973 wife of Glenn secretary of civil defense for Wabash Co. during 
                            WWII bur Falls
GRUENER, MARGARET L. PETERS   1-23-1900-3-11-1987 director of nursing W.C. Hospital wife of
                                                                 Richard bur Falls
GUENIN, KENNETH O.  8-25-1912-12-15-1984 bur Lafontaine IOOF
GUINNIP, BERTHA B.STAVER   7-25-1879-2-23-1973 wife of Charles bur Fairview
                  CLARA K.  age 98 died 10-28-1978 bur Roann Com
GUMP, LESLIE W.  3-17-1896-12-22-1973 bur Fairview
GURTNER, MARYBELLE   3-24-1895-11-20-1978 wife of Frank bur Friends
                     NATHAN  died 12-17-1974 bur Falls
                     WILLIAM R.  7-13-1912-9-21-1978 son of A&E bur Matlock
GUSHARD, IONA E. ESTEP   5-17-1913-10-1973 wife of Billy bur Laketon
GUSTIN, HALLIE W.  1910-5-8-1972 bur Hopewell
                RUTH   7-16-1918-12-24-1981 wife of Hallie bur Hopewell
GUTHRIE, DONALD E.  7-17-1925-1-13-1974 WWII Army bur Oaklawn
                    EMMA M.  7-24-1906-3-31-1980 bur Friends
                    Ethel b.   6-23-1894-10-30-1974 wife of Wade bur Oaklawn
                    FLOY L. MORROW   1-21-1891-4-30-1979 wife of Will bur Friends
                    JAMES W.  10-15-1920-5-13-1978 son of W&F WWII vet bur Falls
                    WILL J.  9-21-1888-10-18-1982 WWI Army bur Friends
GUTTRICH, ANNA E.  6-16-1936-1-24-1980 bur Falls
                      LELAH M. EILER   9-24-1912-10-21-1982 wife of William bur Falls
                      MARLENE L. SCHROLL 1-18-1931-11-18-1984 wife of Myrval bur Falls 
                      PHILIP E.  9-10-1898-10-25-1976 bur Falls
                      WILLIAM E.  10-19-1912-12-22-1975 bur St. Peters
GUYNN, FLOYD A.  died 4-19-1972 bur Falls
                FRIEDA I. SUNDHEIMER   6-22-1887-3-22-1979 wife of Floyd bur Falls
HAAG, CLARENCE   age 84 died 11-8-1985 bur Roann Com
              JOSEPH F.  3-19-1906-12-28-1981 bur Falls
HAASE, HANS E.  9-25-1905-10-20-1980 bur Oaklawn
HACKWORTH, MARGIE L.  10-20-1935-7-16-1981 wife of Vernal bur S. Pleasant
                            SHANNON L.  died 8-192 infant of Connie bur Swank
                            WILLARD   2-4-1931-8-12-1985 bur Swank
HAECKER, CHARLES R.  4-28-1932-1-2-1986 son of J&T bur Pleasant Hill
                     THELMA   2-8-1902-11-27-1989 wife of John bur Mem Lawns
HAGGERTY, BERNARD   9-28-1918-10-7-1989 son of E&L bur Lafontaine IOOF
                        PAUL   age 59 died 4-1976 WWII bur Lafontaine IOOF
                        WILBUR R.  2-18-1911-5-5-1984 son of E&L bur Lafontaine IOOF
HAHN, CECILIA G.  8-24-1900-11-14-1987 dau of E&E bur Falls
              KENNETH D.  4-6-1931-8-10-1982 son of W&A bur Falls
HAINES, GEORGE G.   9-12-1895-228--1972 bur Fairview
                 HOWARD A.  8-16-1924-1976 son of H&M WWII bur Falls
                 MARY   9-24-1898-9-7-1981 bur Center Grove
                 RUBY I. HOOVER   5-29-1879-6-5-1985 bur Fairview
HAIRRELL, CLARENCE A.  3-9-1911-9-18-1982 owner Rock Lake Rollercaid bur St. Peters
HALL, BILL   11-13-1909-8-24-1982 bur Miss Mem
             DELBERT D.  9-13-1930-12-30-1977 son of R&M Korea vet bur Laketon
             DON D.  10-17-1928-7-15-1983 son of R&M Korea vet owner Don Hall’s Milk Transport bur 
                            Roann Com
             EDITH M.  9-10-1889-8-29-1978 wife of Forest bur Mem Lawns
             ELEANORE W. WILSON   age 80 died 6-15-1981 bur Falls
             HAROLD W.  6-4-1956-7-11-1973 son of M&M bur Friends
             HELEN   6-27-1911-12-2-1988 wife of Herbert bur Friends 
             MABEL L. MAURER   2-15-1907-11-17-1987 wife of Roy bur Laketon                                                              
             MARVIN H.  2-4-1913-4-30-1988 son of R&E bur Friends
             RAYMOND E.  7-24-1918-6-18-1983 son of R&B bur Friends
             SANDRA A. PELL   2-8-1938-9-25-1975 wife of Jerald bur Friends
HALLA, ANNA E. KENDALL   4-11-1895-4-26-1985 wife of George bur Friends
HALLECK, WYNONA   7-4-1888-9-19-1972 wife of Lawrence Noble Twp Assessor 1946-50 bur
HAM, FLORENCE SUTTON   4-3-1896-7-1973 bur Lafontaine IOOF
HAMER, EARL W.   7-27-1894-6-2-1986 son of P.H. WWI vet pub. Lafontaine Herald bur Falls
                MADOLYN M.  3-27-1898-5-18-1985 wife of Earl bur Falls
HAMILTON, ALICE E. 11-19-1909-7-6-1989 wife of E. Hamilton & G. Hamilton bur Roann Com
                       FRANK   age 72 died 4-1972 WWII vet bur Lafontaine IOOF
                       HELEN   8-6-1914-12-16-1978 wife of Marvin bur Falls
                       EZRA L.  5-9-1904-9-29-1982 bur Roann
                       MARAGARET F.  3-12-1882-3-7-1973 wife of Earl bur St. Patricks
HAMMIL, JOSEPH A.  5-18-1892-2-15-1975 WWI vet Roann town Board bur Roann Com
                  MAE   9-15-1885-8-3-1975 wife of C. Culler & J. Hammil bur Roann Com
HAMPTON, WILLIAM H.  2-14-1921-9-13-1978 WWII vet bur Falls
HANCOCK, ALTHEA M. MILLICAN   4-21-1907-6-12-1975 wife of Harvey bur Falls
                      RONALD W.  12-29-1931-1984 son of H&A USAF bur Falls
HANDWERK, NOAMI J.  12-9-1882-1-21-1977 bur Lafontaine IOOF
HANLEY, GLADYS FRANTZ   12-17-1909-8-5-1985 wife of Oland bur Fairview
                   HATTIE   5-27-1890-8-1-1981 wife of Virgil bur Fairview
HANS, ROSE E.  age 65 died 2-22-1983 wife of Albert bur Falls
HANSING, JONATHAN   3-21-1922-9-24-1982 son of W&M owner Hansing Service Station and Garage
                                            bur Speicher
                    MARCUS D.  5-4-1908-8-31-1979 son of W&M bur Speicher
                    MATILDA   age 92 died 7-24-1972 dau of C.F.W. & E bur Falls
HANSON, HARVEY O.  6-25-1903-3-4-1975 WWII member US Army medical board bur Falls
                   LEONA M. MATTERN 1-22-1900-9-16-1989 wife of Harvey bur Falls
HANTELMAN, WILMER C.  1-12-1908-10-24-1984 bur Mem Lawns
HAPNER, DELBERT   8-17-1932-10-15-1989 son of H&P USAF Korea bur Oaklawn
                  HUGO C.  1-12-1906-3-3-30-1973 bur Fairview
                  JAMES M.  age 38 died 5-1972 son of J&M bur Oaklawn
                  JESSE M.  4-27-1903-5-27-1975 bur Roann Com
                  MARY G. ELTZROTH   11-27-1916-1-12-1981 wife of Robert bur Mem Lawns
                  ROBERT E.  12-18-1910-2-13-1979 WWII vet bur Mem Lawns
                  WANETA   4-30-1912-7-28-1977 wife of Jesse bur Roann Com
                  WILLIAM F.  12-19-1908-8-1972 bur Mem Lawns
HARDEN, GEORGE E.  4-18-1891-7-1976 bur Falls
                   HELEN D.  9-19-1920-7-4-1988 wife of Warren bur Mem Lawns
                   RAYMOND D.  died  8-5-1973 bur Lagro
                   ROBERT L.  9-6-1910-4-15-1979 WWII vet bur Roann Com
HARDING, DONALD D.  2-11-1904-8-12-1974 bur Falls
                    GEORGIA G.  1899-2-1976 wife of Donald bur Falls
                    RODNEY L.  11-29-1924-4-29-1983 bur Falls
HARGER, ETHEL B.  3-20-1891-11-15-1979 wife of Orville bur Oaklawn
HARLAN, DANIEL S.  born & died 10-11-1978 son of D&J bur Falls
                   HERBERT C.  1-15-1922-8-5-1988 WWII Army bur Roann Com
HARLESS, LESTER   8-25-1907-3-21-1983 bur Mem Lawns
HARMAN, FERN O.  1890-6-1972 wife of Frank bur Roann Com
                    GORDON K.  3-11-1921-9-30-1985 son of F&F WWII Army bur Mem Lawns
                    LEROY W.  2-18-1913-6-28-1978 bur Roann Com
                    LOREN O.  7-9-1890-6-1-1972 wife of Frank bur Roann Com
HARMON, DAVID   12-2-1956-1-5-1980 bur Roann Com
                    JENNIE   12-3-1905-11-1976 wife of Earl bur Roann Com
                    KATHRYN   10-28-1902-5-4-1986 wife of Lewis bur Friends
                    MACK   5-27-1926-6-22-1985 bur Oaklawn
                    OMIE   6-27-1941-11-27-1981 wife of Mack bur Oaklawn
                    WILLIAM L.  10-19-1927-5-27-1988 bur Falls
HARMS, ARNOLD J.  12-28-1899-2-11-1973 bur Mem Lawns
                GERHARD   7-7-1897-1-23-1975 WWI vet bur Fairview
                HERMAN J.  1-16-1899-11-27-1987 bur Oaklawn
                PETRA C.  2-10-1903-3-20-1979 wife of Arnold bur Mem Lawns
HARNER, LOUIS H.  1-11-1888-10-15-1977 son of G&C bur Falls
                   PAUL H.  2-15-1910-10-21-1981 son of L&J bur Falls
HARNISH, EUNICE   5-14-1894-5-13-1984 wife of Forrest bur Harper
                    FORREST W.  11-11-1893-8-1973 son of S&L bur Harper
                    FRED   10-2-1890-6-1976 son of C&A bur Center Grove
                    HARRY   9-4-1895-5-6-1972 son of S&L WWI vet bur Falls
                    LAWRENCE C.  2-2-192-9-10-1982 son of A&D bur Friends
                    LUCY R.  12-16-1896-3-21-1980 wife of G. Row & F. Harnish bur Friends
                    PAUL   10-18-1909-5-1-1984 son of A&D bur Falls
HARPER,  HOWARD E.  9-15-1918-6-28-1980 son of H&E bur Lafontaine IOOF
                   SIGNA I.  6-13-1916-5-1974 wife of Joseph bur Lafontaine IOOF
HARRELD, ROBERTA E.  age 52 died 12-7-1976 wife of Floyd bur Miss Mem
HARRELL, ELLEN I.  age 61 died 1-21-1984 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                    MARY E.  age 88 died 9-7-1982 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                    MERLE E.  3-17-1913-7-30-1984 son of G&O WWII bur Falls
                    MILDRED A. BAILEY   9-24-1904-3-278-1985 wife of Frank bur Lagro
HARRIS, CARL M.  11-17-1906-4-18-1979 bur Oaklawn
                 CECIL M.  9-19-1906-8-3-1984 wife of Carl bur Oaklawn
                 FRANCIS E.  8-15-1911-5-14-1984 CCC bur Falls
                 FRANK T.  6-7-1935-5-22-1988 bur Falls
                 GEORGE A.  12-22-1897-8-2-1972 bur Friends
                 HELEN SCHIPPLY   3-17-1899-6-19-1981 wife of Kenneth bur Falls
                 JAMES A.  12-2-1929-6-1976 Army Korea son of K&H bur Falls
                 LEWIS   2-2-1902-7-10-1972 son of S&E bur Roann Com
                 MARGARET E. CURTIS   8-23-1912-10-23-1985 wife of George bur Friends
                 ROSE A. BELLOCK   12-21-1916-10-25-1972 wife of Francis bur Falls
HARRISON, CLARENCE B.  2-7-1893-5-8-1972 WWI vet bur Fairview
                       DAVID L.  7-17-1939-12-17-1980 son of C&E Vietnam vet bur Lafontaine IOOF
                       EDITH M. THOMPSON   3-18-1911-10-8-1984 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                       MARY A. KENDALL 4-28-1912-1-12-1989 wife of Merritt bur Falls
                       MERRITT L.  3-13-1908-8-22-1989 bur Falls
HARSH, FANNY BARNES   6-23-1878-10-1973 wife of Blount bur Falls
HARSHBARGER, OLIVE SCHULTZ   2-4-1906-9-14-1988 wife of A.E. bur Pleasant Hill
HARTER,  ANNETTE B.  4-6-1888-2-16-1981 wife of Ray bur Fairview
                   DELLA M.  8-7-1914-3-1-`980 wife of George bur Greenwood
                   GEORGE J.  7-7-1907-8-29-1978 bur Greenwood
                   HELEN BARNES   6-29-1908-4-13-1987 wife of H. Haupert & R. Harter bur St. Peters
HARTING, EARL B.  1-17-1894-2-7-1972 bur Fairview
HARTKORN, FLORA   8-19-1886-2-16-1981 dau of C&J bur Falls
HARTMAN, ELIZABETH S.   8-24-1973-8-29-1973 dau of J&IK bur Oaklawn
                      NELLIE SMITH   9-6-1891-7-18-1980 wife of Herman DAR & DUV bur Falls
                      DAVID W.  9-15-1944-5-17-1978 Vietnam vet bur Mem Lawns
                      HERMAN   5-10-1888-12-24-1978 state legislature 1951-3, chief engineer Indiana toll road, 
                                          W.C. GOP chairman 1936-1946, city engineer bur Falls
HARTOG, MELISSA J.  9-28-1980-1-8-1981 dau of D&J bur Old Ger Bapt
HARTSOUGH, CLARA A.  3-14-1890-1-29-1979 wife of Harvey bur Pleasant Hill
                           DANIEL R.  5-27-1920-8-31-1986 son of W&G bur Pleasant Hill
                           LYDA E. SHOCK   11-6-1891-3-1976 wife of D. Horning & W. hartsough bur Fairview
                           WILLIAM Y.  9-19-1891-3-16-1978 son of D&H bur Pleasant Hill
HARVEY, DEBORAH L. BIDWELL   4-17-1965-6-30-1989 wife of Kit bur Miss Mem
                   DONALD J.  age 29 died 12-2-1976 son of D&A bur Fairview
                   EFFIE M.  age 72 died 2-1976 wife of Vern bur Lafontaine IOOF
                   ELZA A.  8-17-1885-5-14-1979 son of O&M bur Matlock
                   ERNEST   10-16-1900-8-1975 son of W&M WWII Army bur Falls
                   GARL C.  4-19-1902-7-3-1975 son of H&E bur Friends
                   LUCILLE HARRIS   8-29-1907-10-15-1982 wife of Richard bur Falls
                   MARGARET   9-1-1905-2-14-1979 bur Falls
                   MEDA E. GILLENWATER   6-24-1891-9-20-1976 bur Miss Mem
                   MILDRED FRAUSTEIN   9-18-1912-4-1976 wife of Robert bur Falls
                   OSCAR H.  8-22-1899-6-30-1978 son of O&M but Matlock
                   RICHARD L.  10-3-1943-12-26-1985 son of R&D USN owner Apex Tool & Die Co. bur Falls
HASKINS, GLADYS L. HAYNES   2-14-1902-2-2-1981 wife of William bur Falls
                   WILBUR E.  8-14-1920-6-4-1979 son of W&G bur Miss Mem
HASTINGS, DEANE E.  9-24-1901-11-10-1981 wife of V. Bromley, J. Fultz & L. Hastings bur Falls
                      LEROY P.  10-6-1892-3-31-1972 bur Falls
                      MARY A.  7-4-1892-6-14-1975 wife of Samuel bur Friends
HASTY, PEARL I.  10-11-1881-1976 bur Miss Mem
HATFIELD, H. GERALD   10-21-1905-8-15-1978 bur Pleasant Hill
HATHAWAY, DOROTHY   age 81 died 5-26-1987 bur Pleasant Hill
                          JOHN C.  7-3-1902-8-1973 bur Pleasant Hill
                          L. MARCELA   7-7-1912-11-10-1986 wife of Durwood bur Oaklawn
HATTABAUGH, GREEN   6-25-1892-6-3-1972 bur Friends
                              HESTER B.  1-26-1900-5-7-1985 bur Friends
HATTON, MARY   9-27-1897-4-25-1977 wife of J. Hackworth & B. Hatton bur Swank
HAUK, JAMES   1923-12-22-1976 bur Falls
HAULL, MAUDE A.  4-13-1888-1-1974 wife of Kearney bur Fairview
HAUPERT, CLEO MILLER   4-25-1895-8-13-1989 wife of Ezra bur St. Peters
                    DOUGLAS K.  9-7-1954-2-15-1974 son of L&M bur Roann Com
                    EDITH I. SPEICHER   5-1-1893-9-5-1981 wife of William bur St. Peters
                    FREIDA   12-25-1896-2-17-1978 dau of J&M bur St. Peters
                    GERTRUDE E.  7-2-1894-6-5-1979 dau of F&M bur Falls
                    HARLAND E.  1-4-1965-12-5-1988 son of J&C bur St. Peters
                    LAURA L.  10-10-1903-9-26-1972 dau of F&E bur Falls
                    MARIE T. CONRAD   12-20-1903-11-11-1976 wife of Joseph bur St. Peters
                    NORA H.  7-9-1897-8-17-1981 wife of Harry bur St. Peters
                    ORA L.  8-29-1896-1-15-1981 son of P&M bur Roann Com
                    RITA BRAUNELLER   1-19-1945-12-31-1983 wife of Robert bur St. Peters
                    RUTH MASON   10-18-1892-12-29-1985 wife of H. Sutton bur Friends
                    WILLIAM T.  7-7-1894-5-1-1978 bur St. Peters
HAWK, VERA L. ROTH   9-3-1927-7-17-1978 wife of J. Smith & C. Hawk bur Lagro
HAWKINS, CLARENCE M.  12-25-1901-2-8-1981 bur Roann
                     DARRELL B.  7-12-1899-1-5-1989 son of J&R helped establish the Wabash AAA Club bur
                                              Miss Mem
                     EFFIE T. MEYER   12-24-1903-6-2-1976 wife fo Clarence bur Roann Com
                     LEO   2-18-1904-12-31-1974 son of J&R bur Lutheran
                     RETHA C.  6-19-1937-8-23-1985 wife of Donald bur Lafontaine IOOF
                     RICHARD D. 6-14-1932-3-13-1989 son of R&I USAF Korea bur Lagro
                     RICHARD W.  7-2-1909-4-29-1977 bur Lagro
HAWLEY, ROBERT L.  3-15-1915-2-19-1989 son of W&T bur Friends
                   WILLIAM K.  died 12-18-1972 bur Falls
HAY, DAVID D.  2-24-1892-1-3-1972 son of D&L WWI vet bur Pleasant Hill
           TRESSA L. GOEHLER   12-30-1900-5-2-1983 wife of David bur Pleasant Hill
HAYES, GERALD 1-26-1912-3-1976 bur Miss Mem
               GORDON S.  12-5-1903-10-10-1977 bur Oaklawn
                MILDRED A.  8-30-1910-11-20-1989 wife of Jay bur Falls
HAYNES, LILA M. ALBER   11-15-1923-5-12-1987 bur Falls
                  MIRIAM SHEFFIELD   10-30-1933-12-7-1986 wife of James bur Lafontaine IOOF
                  PEARL MILLINER   1-3-1895-11-26-1976 wife of George bur Lafontaine IOOF
                  WALTER   12-18-1921-6-18-1988 son of G&P USN WWII bur Miss Mem
HAYS,  GERTRUDE W.  3-12-1913-3-27-1980 wife of Warren bur Falls
              OREN  5-8-1908-11-11-1973 bur Falls
HAYSLETT, CLYDE L.  4-5-1933-3-15-1983 Army Korea bur Mem Lawns
HAYSLIP, LEO O.  10-25-1907-8-31-1980 WWII Army bur Mem Lawns
HEAGY, LAVERNE H.  8-14-1902-8-15-1981 bur Roann Com
HEAL, BRENDA B.  age 59 died 6-25-1982 wife of Denver bur Lafontaine IOOF
HEATH, BETTY J.  age 53 died 8-28-1981 wife of Warren bur Lafontaine IOOF
                BILLY G.  10-28-1946-1982 cpl 1st BN 9thMarine Dive 1967-68 bur Lafontaine IOOF
HECK, GEORGE E.  6-16-1901-8-21-1986 bur Lafontaine IOOF
HECKARD, WILLIAM L.  11-25-1936-4-29-1975 bur Friends
HECKMAN, BERYL   5-21-1901-11-7-1984 wife of H bur Pleasant Hill
                      EDITH   3-24-1896-3-31-1988 wife of R. bur Mem Lawns
                      O. PAUL   6-21-1911-4-22-1973 son of V&I chairman of the board Heckman Bindery Inc 
                                        bur Pleasant Hill
HEETER, HELEN E.  3-18-1906-8-30-1982 bur Oaklawn
                 MARY   8-6-1892-1-7-1983 dau of S&M bur Pleasant Hill
                 MAX L.  6-21-1922-3-27-1984 son of E&E WWII bur Pleasant Hill
                 MELISSA G.  5 mos old d. 7-11-1978 dau of Marianne bur Laketon
                 MELVIN L.  10-31-1895-1-24-1986 son of J&M bur Pleasant Hill
                 MILDRED L.  5-2-1902-3-6-1985 dau of G&C bur Oaklawn
                 S. DAVID   12-3-1906-1-17-1978 son of G&C bur Oaklawn
HEGEL, ARTHUR E.  age 67 died 6-76 bur Hopewell
               HELEN V.  10-4-1907-10-20-1984 wife of Ralph bur Hopewell
               INA E. POE   1-23-1885-12-3-1-1980 wife of Harry bur Hopewell
               M. EVELYN 2-23-1927-4-22-1989 wife of Philip wrote Kitchen Scents column bur Mem Lawns
               RALPH E.  10-7-1905-1-1976 son of J&M bur Hopewell
HEINTZELMAN, VIVIAN G. HIPSKIND   5-30-1912-10-14-1987 wife of Wm bur Falls
                               WILLIAM   3-22-1909-2-11-1987 bur Falls
HELFIN, PAUL   6-26-1917-11-21-1984 owner Helfin Sheet Metal WWII AAC bur Mem Lawns
HELMS, DAVID S.  8-28-1924-8-1974 son of J&R bur Miss Mem
HELWIG, HAZEL S. SQUIRES   12-7-1884-3-9-1983 bur Roann Com
HELVEY, CUBA O.  5-15-1898-10-23-1976 son of C&P bur Laketon
                  MABEL J. EBBINGHOUSE   12-7-1906-10-6-1974 wife of Cuba bur Laketon
                  MINNIE F. POTTENGER   12-5-1887-9-5-1978 wife of Claude bur Roann Com
                  WILLIAM C.  12-1-1931-2-25-1975 son of C&M Korea vet bur Oaklawn
HENDERSON, HARRY   10-19-1896-1-8-1975   WWI vet bur Mem Lawns
                          MARSHALL C.  age 69 died 5-16-1977 bur Hopewell
                          MINNIE E.  12-18-1895-5-23-1983 wife of Harry bur Mem Lawns
HENDRIX, ARTUS ELLIOTT   10-17-1914-8-8-1973 wife of R. Smyers & W. Hendrix bur Falls
                    CHARLES H.  11-26-1902-4-30-1979 bur Mem Lawns
                    GEORGE M.  8-23-1905-6-30-1977 bur Lagro
                     MOSE   2-23-1911-4-16-1981 bur Lagro
                     PAUL W.  5-12-1911-2-12-1985 bur Falls
                     SILAS E.  6-19-1907-5-28-1983 bur Friends
                     SYLVIA   1-16-1910-7-31-1973 wife of Silas bur Friends
HENDRY, FLOYD B.  8-26-1908-4-8-1988 bur Pleasant Hills
HENEMEYER, EDGAR L.  12-27-1896-1981 son of D&E bur Pleasant Hill
HENNING, LEOTA L.  1024-1922-2-7-1986 wife of W. White & A. Henning bur Falls
HENRY, ELDEN L.  3-15-1914-9-22-1979 son of D&N bur Falls
                NETTIE A.  6-12-1891-5-18-1987 wife of Daniel bur Falls
HENSLEY, HERBERT L.  11-10-1928-7-5-1980 Korea vet bur Oaklawn
                    JAMES 5-28-1918-6-20-1984 WWII bur Oaklawn
                    JEFFERY   4-13-1968-5-8-1986 son of J&A bur Mem Lawns
                    WILLIAM R.  5-1-1931-1-10-1987 Korea Army bur Oaklawn
HERMAN, BRUCE D.  1-1-1927-6-25-1989 bur Friends
HERRON, HOWARD W.  age 74 died 5-23-1986 USN WWII bur Matlock
HESS, JESSICA L.  4-29-1977-5-3-1977 dau of T&C bur Fairview
HETTMANSPERGER, CHARLETTA C. WEBER   8-25-1904-10-9-1981 wife of Clifford bur Mem
                                       CLARA A. BARKER   1-14-1901-10-2-1978 wife of Bruce bur Falls
                                       CLAUDE   11-29-1896-2-28-1978 son of J&C bur Falls
                                       CLIFFORD H.  11-5-1905-8-16-1979 son of L&M bur Mem Lawns
                                       ERMA   7-10-1903-1-16-1974 dau of L&M bur Falls
                                       GARL H.   1-2-1894-12-1-1972 son of C&M WWI vet bur St. Peters
                                       JAMES   died 11-1986 bur Matlock
                                       JOHN J.  2-14-1883-8-8-1974 son of C&M bur Lagro
                                       JUNE LASALLE   6-25-1888-7-9-1978 wife of Ernest bur Matlock
                                       LAWRENCE 9-22-1904-2-16-1989 son of J&C owner United Automotives
                                                              Wabash bur Falls
                                       MARY A. DEVINE   2-19-1880-7-26-1981 wife of Louis bur Falls
HETZLER, BERNICE P.  6-21-1910-10-12-1987 wife of J. Howard received Tribute to Women Award
                                           1985 Ind.  Fed. Of Republican Women bur Falls
                    J. HOWARD   2-20-1906-11-29-1980 son of J&L state rep, postmaster in Wabash, 2 terms 
                                            Circuit Court Clerk, worked with AAA program.
HIATT, FREDA M. CALLAWAY   6-26-1910-11-17-1987 bur Lafontaine IOOF
              GEORGE A.  4-4-1891-6-16-1975 Noble twp trustee bur Friends
              JOSEPHINE SCOTTEN   8-2-1902-9-12-1988 wife of George bur Friends
HIGGLEY, ROBERT G.  8-24-1926-8-5-1976 son of J&B bur Mem Lawns
HIGHLEY, BARBARA J.  1-8-1939-7-12-1988 wife of L.A. bur Miss Mem
                    HELEN L.  10-23-1907-7-15-1981 wife of McKinley bur Miss Mem
                    INEZ S.  age 99 died 9-3-1984 bur Miss Mem
                    MCKINNLEY   11-5-1901-10-1975 bur Miss Mem
HILEMAN, ARDEN H.  6-6-1919-7-12-1972 son of A&L bur South Pleasant
                    HILDA BOWMAN   8-27-1920-5-1976 wife of Arden bur South Pleasant
                    IRA J.  died 12-11-1972 bur Mt. Pleasant
                    SHIRLEY PENN   9-16-1937-1-5-1984 wife of Wm bur Mt. Pleasant
HILL, ALVIN P.  10-16-1922-9-29-1983 WWII vet bur Oaklawn
           BONNIE L.  11-9-1939-9-20-1978 wife of Thurman bur Mem Lawns
           FRED L.  age 91 died 4-27-1983 state chaplain for American Legion 1925 bur Lafontaine IOOF
           GRANT   9-20-1911-9-6-1989 bur Mem Lawns
           LORENE   age 48 died 2-14-1977 bur Lafontaine IOOF
           MILDRED M. BAKER   2-19-1913-2-26-1974 wife of Forest bur Pleasant Hill
           MYRTLE   age 86 died 11-14-1979 bur Lafontaine IOOF
           NORMAN B.  7-21-1924-6-22-1986 son of R&N bur Lafontaine IOOF
           RICHARD T.  8-7-1909-3-7-1979 partner with Stremmel & Hill Inc 1947-74 ex sec/president Ind. 
                                    Well Drilling Contractors Assoc. bur Lafontaine IOOF
HINANT, MITCHELL W.  5-19-1975-9-28-1984 bur Lafontaine IOOF
HINER, ELDEN   7-13-1907-2-10-1974 son of W&B bur Roann Com
              ETHEL BEGHTEL   8-31-1890-6-15-1973 wife of Bruce bur Fairview
              IMOGENE E. TROYER   8-15-1929-4-18-1985 wife of Floyd bur Roann Com
              LAWRENCE   5-26-1900-4-24-1986 son of W&B bur Laketon
HINES, KATHY HAINES   11-17-1951-4-22-1981 wife of Frank bur Falls
              QUINTER   6-3-1884-2-1-1979 bur Old Ger Bapt
HIPPENSTEEL, ALICE K.  4-9-1899-4-4-1979 wife of George bur Oaklawn
                            BEULAH M.  5-12-1906-6-26-1987 bur Pleasant Hill
                            CLEM E.  12-5-1895-10-14-1982 son of J&L WWI bur Fairview
                            ERNEST H.  3-14-1895-12-1975 son of S&M WWI vet bur Oaklawn
                            FREDA M. BURKHART   2-15-1902-11-12-1985 wife of Herbert bur Oaklawn
                            G. JEANETTE FORBES   12-2-1899-9-18-1978 wife of Ernest bur Oaklawn
                            HARLAND V.  8-21-1894-6-27-1973 WWI vet bur Fairview
                            HERBERT L.  9-2-1902-1976 son of S&M bur Oaklawn
                            JAMES C.  3-13-1923-11-17-1982 son of H&L bur Fairview
                            LETHA N. WILCOX   11-22-1892-1-31-1981 wife of Howard bur Fairview
                            MARK O.  10-18-1930-10-13-1982 bur Fairview
                            NANCY M.  1-28-1885-1-22-1985 wife of Clyde bur Fairview
                            ROY W.  9-3-1916-11-14-1989 son of M&L bur Fairview
                            VERONICA   4-28-1921-1-23-1986 wife of Vernon bur Oaklawn
HIPSKIND, BERNICE JONES   6-17-1892-1-3-1984 wife of Homer bur Falls
                     CECILIA   11-15-1901-1-13-1985 dau of A&E bur Mem Lawns
                     CHAD A.  stillborn 6-2-1973 infant of R&J bur Mem Lawns
                     CLIFFORD   11-3-1892-1-18-1975 son of F&M bur Falls
                     ILINE SABO   7-6-1916-8-16-1983 wife of Roger bur Falls
                     KARL   7-24-1912-1-31-1977 son of J&R bur Mem Lawns
                     KATHARINE J. MOORE   6-1-1901-11-10-1979 wife of Howard bur Falls
                     MARY L.  7-28-1915-5-26-1984 wife of Frederick bur Falls
                     NELLE J. SMITH   1-30-1897-11-22-1982 wife of Edgar bur Falls
                     RALPH J.  8-27-1900-1-6-1976 son of A&M bur Mem Lawns
                     RAYMOND P.  6-14-1894-2-11-1974 son of G&E bur Falls
                     RICHARD   9-5-1920-5-1972 son of F&A bur Falls
                     WALTER T.     2-28-1893-11-19-1972 son of T&M owner W. Hipskind Plumbing and 
                                               Heating est 1925 bur Falls
HIRSCHMAN, J. CLIFTON   age 74 died 4-4-1977 president of the board at mattress co. founded in 1877;
                                                  member Ind. Conservation Comm. Bur Speicher
HITE, IKEVIN   3-17-1983-6-16-1983 son of G&S bur Falls
HITESMAN, MARCELINE   age 64 died 12-19-1977 bur Lafontaine IOOF
HIVELY,  JOSIE C.  6-26-1886-10-30-1980 wife of William bur Pleasant Hill
                 WILLIAM L.  2-2-1880-1-1974 bur Pleasant Hill
HOBBS, DOROTHY   age 79 died 4-29-1982 bur Miss Mem
                MICHAEL R.  2-8-1959-8-11-1988 son of C&B bur Mem Lawns
HOCH, CLARA M. JACOBS   5-14-1899-5-30-1986 wife of Everett bur Lafontaine IOOF
             EVERETT W.  11-20-1920-9-15-1985 son of G&A bur Lafontaine IOOF
             FRANK L.  10-7-1905-11-3-1985 son of J&M bur Center Grove
             PAUL E.  2-10-1908-3-6-1978 bur Center Grove
HODEL, AVIS L.  11-1-1900-10-19-1986 wife of Walter bur Falls
               PAUL F.  12-9-1906-3-1976 son of F&D bur Falls
HODSON, THOMAS F.  9-11-1915-4-18-1986 son of D&M WWII bur Roann Com
HOFF, LLOYD M.  11-25-1897-6-30-1974 bur Pleasant Hill
            MABEL E.  4-5-1901-2-23-1986 wife of Lloyd bur Pleasant Hill
HOFFMAN, ANNA C.  2-28-1914-2-1-1973 wife of Carl bur Falls
                      CLARENCE R.  age 85 died 3-28-1980 bur Falls
                      EDWARD J.  3-1-1893-11-1975 bur Falls
                      EMMA J. ENYEART   12-31-1882-9-1-1985 wife of Clarence bur Falls
                      RALPH W.  4-19-1895-1-5-1975 son of E&L USN WWI vet bur Roann Com
                      TRESSIE HEETER   12-4-1894-6-3-1984 wife of Ralph bur Roann Com
HOKE, FRED G.  5-5-1894-4-14-1987 WWI Army bur Lafontaine IOOF
             RUTH L.  1-4-1892-12-27-1976 wife of Frederick bur Lafontaine IOOF
HOLDREN, MURLE E.  3-31-1927-11-7-1979 son of A&B WWII USN & USAF bur Friends
HOLL, RUTH E.  7-9-1897-4-22-1987 wife of Carl bur Oaklawn
HOLLE, HELEN E.  10-11-1894-7-21-1979 wife of Gerald bur South Pleasant
HOLLEY, CHARLES J.   3-2-1924-4-7-1974 son of C&E WWII Army bur Falls
                  CHESTER J.   7-5-1926-8-22-1975 son of C&E WWII vet bur Falls
                  MABEL B.  3-17-1915-6-1974 wife of Dolphin bur Lafontaine IOOF
HOLLINGSHEAD, FRANK A.  9-6-1921-6-10-1981 son of D&E WWII Army bur Falls
                                 GEORGE B.  age 43 died 9-24-1978 bur Mem Lawns
                                 JEANNETTE   5-30-1904-8-30-1979 dau of O&B bur Wallace
                                 MAE   8-14-1890-7-9-1978 wife of Clarence bur Roann Com
                                 MARY   3-10-1922-10-21-1988 wife of Robert bur Roann Com
HOLMAN, EDWIN A.  1-11-1916-12-15-1972 WWII Army officer retired bur Falls
HOLMES, ERNEST M.  8-21-1904-1-10-1979 bur Center Grove
                   MARCEINA E.  12-18-1926-5-10-1978 bur Friends
                   MAURENE   10-25-1903-8-10-1980 wife of Ernest bur Center Grove
HOLSINGER, CLYDE W.   9-15-1919-4-14-1975 bur Oaklawn
HONEYCUTT, JOHN A.  9-6-1966-9-23-1989 son of T&E bur Center Grove
                          MARCIA   12-12-1983-3-14-1984 dau of V&T bur Fairview
HOOKS, ADRIAN W.  stillborn 7-3-1981 son of A&V bur Mem Lawns
HOOPER,  MONESS E.  age 80 died 10-4-1988 bur Laketon
HOOVER, ANNA H. HOLLOWAY   7-9-1896-6-21-1982 wife of H. Emil bur Falls
                   BURVIA L.  5-18-1892-1984 son of W&M WWI Army bur Half Acre
                   CARRIE M.  8-12-1891-9-15-1989 wife of Benjamin bur Matlock
                   EDNA P. STANDS   8-20-1890-12-27-1977 bur Fairview
                   GALEN   9-17-1903-8-2-1984 son of A&E bur Fairview
                   LAURA HOOVER   8-25-1895-2-2-1981 wife of C. Harrell & E. Hoover bur Fairview
                   LAUREN L.  9-29-1889-1-30-1978 son of I&C bur Fairview
                   MABEL O. STANDS   10-5-1903-8-2-1981 wife of Galen bur Fairview
                   MARY E. FRANTZ   12-30-1890-10-12-1987 wife of Lawrence bur Pleasant Hill
                   MARY K. COON   8-13-1917-1-1976 wife of Lowell bur Fairview
                   MERLIN H.  11-12-1917-5-24-1986 bur Oaklawn
                   MURL O.  7-5-1906-7-30-1982 bur Fairview
                   OPAL C.  1-21-1912-9-10-1987 wife of Robert bur Pleasant Hill
                   R. KENNETH   4-23-1901-8-11-1987 son of A&E bur Fairview
                   VONDA P. SIDERS   2-6-1907-6-13-1977 wife of Murl bur Fairview
HOPKINS, GLADYS L.  5-7-1903-8-27-1974 wife fo Daniel bur Pleasant Hill
                    MARJORIE E. PENN   9-7-1927-10-16-1985 bur Pleasant Hill
                    WILLIAM G.  9-24-1903-10-23-1974 bur Friends
HOPP, HENRY T.  5-17-1889-4-20-1973 bur Pleasant Hill
            MARGARET V.  3-22-1893-4-27-1983 wife of Henry bur Pleasant Hill
HOPPLE, JUDSON W.  4-10-1905-5-1975 bur Friends
HOPPES, EDITH J.  age 83 died 1-19-1986 bur Roann Com
                 HARVEY H.  1-30-1900-3-3-1973 son of N&A bur Roann Com
HORNADAY, BERNICE WALTHER   8-31-1911-6-2-1989 wife of Harlan librarian NM Library bur
                         GENEVIEVE 7-30-1905-10-26-1989 wife of Walter bur Fairview
                         JOHN V.  3-23-1900-4-6-1982 son of C&S bur Mem Lawns
                         NILA E.  3-8-1898-1-15-1983 dau of C&S bur Fairview
HORNE, LEFLIE   3-7-1893-12-25-1983 bur Oaklawn
HONER, MARY A. DRAPER   1-2-1914-7-9-1974 wife of Nevin bur Miss Mem
HORNEY, MAUDE E. CAIN   6-30-1881-1-24-1984 wife of Walter bur Falls
HORSTMAN, HERBERT M.  11-26-1920-5-23-1982 son of A&E WWII bur Lutheran
                         JOSEPH   4-14-1915-8-24-1981 bur Falls
HOSTETLER, JESSIE L.  8-17-1909-5-24-1979 president Wabash Co. WCTU wife of Kenneth bur 
                         KENNETH   11-13-1900-1-6-1987 bur Oaklawn
HOUGHTON, RUTH F. ALLISON   8-8-1897-10-29-1973 wife of Glen bur Falls
HOULIHAN, HARRY T.  6-28-1899-1-27-1980 son of T&M bur Falls
                       JAMES P.  2-24-1902-12-26-1972 son of P&C bur Falls
HOUSE, HELEN E.  9-14-1910-12-20-1980 wife of Walter bur Oaklawn
HOUSER,  LENCHEN D.  3-15-1919-6-1-1979 wife of John bur Oaklawn
                   MICHAEL D.  11-16-1950-8-28-1983 bur Oaklawn
HOUSTON, LOIS M. HAYES   3-1-1911-12-10-1983 wife of William bur Falls
HOUTZ, EDNA F.  3-25-1886-5-7-1979 wife of Edgar bur Lafontaine IOOF
HOWARD, CINDY M.  3-10-1975-8-3-1975 dau of D&C bur Fairview
                    JIM   3-28-1915-5-1976 bur Fairview
                    LAWRENCE   4-28-1915-7-2-1981 son of K&M WWII bur Falls
                    MYRTLE   1-22-1888-12-9-1984 wife of Kenneth bur Lafontaine IOOF
                    NOEL   12-22-1944-8-31-1981 bur Oaklawn
                    RAY C.  9-21-1889-10-18-1977 son of W&M owned Butch’s Men’s Store 1942-63, Noble
                                   Twp JP WWI Army bur Falls
                    ZELLA   age 72 died 2-25-1986 wife of Warnie bur Oaklawn
HOWE, CLARA W.  9-21-1889-3-1974 wife of Earl bur Oaklawn
HOWELL, HAZEL   12-14-1896-12-11-1982 wife of Vear bur Friends
HOWENSTINE, NORA M.  4-14-1886-11-24-1980 wife of Carl bur Falls
HOY, LOVAH L. LAVENGOOD   8-19-1902-2-18-1987 wife of Jerry bur Falls
HUBBARD, JOHN S.  age 78 died 6-17-1988 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                     LILLIAN E.  age 76 died 5-22-1989 wife of John bur Lafontaine IOOF
HUDDLESON, LEONARD L.  3-28-1911-3-9-1985 son of C&M bur Friends
HUDDLESTON, JOHN R.  age 81 died 1-16-1982 bur Miss Mem
                             MARION B.  12-23-1903-12-13-1979 son of W&S bur Friends
HUDSON, IVAN M.  6-7-1906-11-6-1984 bur Lagro
HUFFMAN, BESSIE   5-2-1894-3-10-1977 wife of Albert owner Huffman’s Grocery bur Lafontaine IOOF
                      GENEVA M.  age 72 died 9-1972 bur Miss Mem
                      PAUL B.   6-20-1889-12-11-1974 son of M&A bure Fairview
HUGHES, BEVERLY J.  2-6-1934-10-6-1982 wife of Joe bur Oaklawn
                  MYRA M. WEESNER   12-17-1895-5-8-1972 bur Mt. Pleasant
HULLINGER, CLETUS E.  1-28-1907-2-1-1989 bur Miss Mem
HUMMER, CALVIN O.  10-9-1903-8-21-1982 son of O&J bur Falls
                     JAMES W.  3-27-1905-10-17-1983 son of T&J bur Center Grove
HUNT, CHARLES L.  1-2-1911-3-29-1973 son of A&G bur Oaklawn
             EVELYN M.  4-30-1912-3-1-1986 wife of Charles bur Oaklawn
HUNTER, C.L.  8-17-1930-10-28-1980 bur South Pleasant
                   MARIE LUKENS   4-25-1891-3-11-1984 wife of William bur Roann
HURLEY, LENA   age 101 died 1-20-1977 bur Hopewell
HURLOCK, AURLON J.  9-18-1927-7-22-1979 bur Mem Lawns
HURT, CRYSTAL E.  6-27-1974-8-27-1974 dau of E&R bur Falls
HUSTON, CHESTER   5-6-1906-3-1976 son of J&O bur Falls
                  MELVIN   2-25-1912-6-18-1989 son of J&O bur Miss Mem
                  MERLIN L.  5-22-1921-4-1-1977 son of J&O bur Falls
HUTCHENS, DOROTHY L. LYNN   5-24-1913-5-16-1979 wife of John bur Matlock
                       EVA E.  6-27-1915-11-1972 wife of Albert bur Friends
                       FERN L. MILLICAN   5-6-1898-12-19-1985 wife of Preston bur Falls
                       FLORENCE C.  3-14-1901-2-26-1985 wife of Irvin bur Falls
                       IRVIN L.  7-16-1891-5-12-1974 son of B&J bur Falls
                       JOHN W.  7-11-1910-6-27-1981 son of W&O USN WWII bur Matlock
HUTCHISON, DONALD E.  6-28-1932-1974 bur Oaklawn
                         HAROLD   8-9-1914-8-16-1980 bur Friends
HYDE, MAUDE   7-2-1890-12-11-1985 wife of Miller bur Fairview
HYDEN, ROEDOLPH  11-16-1974-11-17-1974 son of B&M bur Friends
                RUBY   12-14-1920-12-12-1982 wife of George bur Mem Lawns
                VIRGINIA   6-16-1931-8-17-1976 wife of Roedolph bur Mem Lawns
HYSLOP, BILLY M.  7-4-1921-1-4-1986 bur Falls
IDEN, DARRELL G.  8-12-1925-8-2-1975 son of S&M USN WWII bur Roann
IDLE, KENNETH   12-5-1916-10-5-1976 USN WWII bur Mem Lawns
IHNEN, BENNET M.  7-19-1903-9-13-1986 bur Pleasant Hill
              GEORGE M.  11-4-1907-12-16-1976 son of H&G bur Oaklawn
              LILLIAN L. HEETER   5-23-1922-8-10-1984 bur Oaklawn
IDLE, EDITH L.  2-14-1898-3-24-1981 wife of George bur Pleasant Hill
IHOLTZ, HICKMAN W.   2-26-1892-12-31-1973 son of W&E WWI pvt wagoner Btry A 139 Field Art 
                                            bur Swank
INGRAM, HELEN SWANK   9-12-1923-6-1973 bur Oaklawn
IRELAN, EVA   4-23-1880-6-17-1972 wife of James bur Falls
                 LORIN L.  5-2-1918-3-1976 son of L&F bur Falls
IRELAND, BERNICE S. SEWELL   2-12-1890-3-22-1983 wife of Marion DAR bur Laketon
                    CARRIE H. MILLER   3-2-1884-3-7-1975 wife of Asa bur Laketon
IRWIN, H. DEAHL   3-10-1910-7-29-1972 WWII vet bur Mem Lawns
ISAAC, MARGIE   12-30-1927-7-16-1989 bur Friends
ISAACS, HOBERT N.  11-2-1915-10-2-1973 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                ROBERT N.  11-2-1915-10-1973 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                SARAH   3-28-1910-5-9-1975 wife of Hobert bur Lafontaine IOOF
ISENBARGER, LENNA H.  1-24-1892-7-10-1978 wife of Ray bur Oaklawn
ISENHOUER, METTA   4-28-1888-5-18-1977 wife of Lee bur Miss Mem
ISHELL, NATHANIEL L.  l day old died 10-27-1976 son of A&B bur Swank
ISRAEL, FRANCES   died 10-1972 bur Friends
IVANS, KENNETH J.  1-14-1902-12-8-1981 son of J&M bur Speicher
JACK,  HAZEL J.  6-13-1902-5-17-1979 day of J&E bur Roann Com
             SARAH E. COX   3-5-1892-6-1-1982 owner of Jack’s Dog Kennels wife of Glen bur Center Grove
                  JACOBS, ALBERT   8-20-1905-1-23-1980 son of S&E bur Pleasant Hill
                 RUTH D.  5-21-1915-12-23-1986 wife of Albert bur Oaklawn
                 WANDA L. PENCE   2-4-1923-2-27-1985 wife of Willard bur Falls
JACKSON, AUSTIN T.  5-9-1986-5-20-1986 infant of R&W bur Swank
                    JULIE A.  1 day old died 2-3-1980 dau of M&J bur Oaklawn
                    MERRILL   9-7-1919-11-2-1989 WWII Army NM Post Office bur Oaklawn
                    OVIE   5-16-1920-6-5-1986 WWII bur Fairview
JACOBS, CARL   6-20-1912-3-7-1975 son of S&A bur Pleasant Hill
JACOBSEN, LENA E. PRETORIUS   7-10-1901-5-27-1979 wife of M. Mylin & H. Jacobsen bur St. 
JACOBY, ROBERT S.  12-22-1897-6-28-1982 bur Friends
                  WILSON E.  7-12-1900-1-31-1977 bur Falls
JAMERSON, VERA B. OVERMAN   7-29-1903-4-2-1974 wife of Delbert bur Miss Mem
JAMES, ALONZO F.  died  9-19-1972 bur Falls
               JULIA C.  died  4-24-1978 bur Center Grove
             VERA ANN ALLISON   10-26-1903-3-1976 wife of Elvin bur Falls
JEFFERSON, ALFRED A.  10-7-1877-8-27-1973 son of H&E bur Falls
                        ERTHA   11-10-1897-3-16-1985 wife of L. Bush & T. Jefferson bur Fairview
                        LAWRENCE 1-30-1899-4-4-1977 son of W&E bur Fairview
                        THOMAS F.  1-28-1920-11-27-1982 son of A&M WWII Army bur Falls
                        VERA MAY WALTERS   10-27-1917-10-19-1973 wife of Lawrence bur Fairview
JEFFRIES, IRA L.  1-21-1890-10-26-1979 bur Falls
                   LOUISE N.  1-1-1892-12-17-1978 wife of Ira bur Falls
JENKS, BERNICE RHOADS   12-19-1894-8-27-1973 wife of Elmer bur Mem Lawns
JENKINS, ETHEL MCDONALD   3-22-1887-3-15-1986 wife of Lamoine bur Friends
                  FORREST M.B.  5-5-1988-7-16-1989 son of D&C bur Falls
                  LAMOINE M.  6-20-1890-3-24-1972 son of H&R bur Friends
                  OTIS   12-27-1895-3-1976 son of J&A WWI vet bur Oaklawn
JENNINGS, JOSEPH S.  5-3-1924-7-9-1981 WWII bur Center Grove
                     SARAH E.  5-9-1924-10-26-1977 wife of Joseph bur Center Grove
JERSEY, PAULINE L. FANNING   1-13-1908-3-27-1984 wife of Vernon bur Fairview
JESTER, CECIL   1-25-1915-4-4-1974 bur Fairview
JEWEL, ETHEL M.  age 55 died 8-2-1984 bur Friends
               PAUL M.  2-26-1908-12-4-1976 bur Mem Lawns
JEWETT, DORIS O’BRIEN   7-18-1899-9-28-1975 bur Mem Lawns
JINES, LESLIE T.  1-31-1916-10-24-1974 son of E&V WWII vet bur Friends
JINKS,  JOSEPH V.  7-31-1897-12-8-1982 son of J&L bur Oaklawn
              KATHRYN B.  1-9-1888-5-1973 wife of Harry bur Oaklawn
JOHN, RUTH A.  6-22-1893-2-20-1978 dau of H&C bur Oaklawn
JOHNS, MAZIE J. MORROW   6-2-1898-10-27-1984 wife of Raymond bur Lafontaine IOOF
JOHNSON, ALICE E. RAVENSCROFT   9-21-1917-4-2-1980 wife of Donald bur Falls
                    ANTOINETTE HAHN   died 10-8-1981 wife of Edward bur Falls
                    DELBERT A.  10-13-1908-7-16-1980 bur Oaklawn
                    DONALD E.  6-20-1905-5-26-1975 WWII Seabee bur Falls
                    ESTHER C. TAYLOR   9-14-1901-7-1972 wife of Harold bur Oaklawn
                    ETHEL BOWMAN   1-15-1916-10-16-1986 wife of Victor deputy Co. Superintendent of 
                                                    Schools Wabash Co. bur Roann Com
                    FRANKLIN   1-23-1912-5-22-1974 WWII vet bur Miss Mem
                    FRANKLIN D.  5-23-1933-2-3-1978 Korea vet bur Lafontaine IOOF
                    HENRY L.  4-28-1902-2-10-1974 bur Mt Pleasant
                    JAMES H.  1-25-1899-9-26-1977 bur Oaklawn
                    JOHN   8-17-1943-12-3-1985 son of H&A bur Mt Pleasant
                    MARY L. HAYES   2-23-1913-10-25-1975 wife of Gillen bur Falls
                    NETTIE M.  6-18-1895-12-28-1975 wife of Forest bur Oaklawn
                    OAUL   10-1-1924-10-3-1983 Army WWII bur Mem Lawns
                    WILLIAM D.  7-10-1949-12-31-1979 son of P&D veteran bur Mem Lawns
JOHNSTONE, LEITA S.  4-8-1912-6-17-1981 wife of Ross matron Wabash City Schools bur Mem Lawns
JONES, ADA E.  11-17-1899-5-23-1977 wife of Leroy bur Friends
              CHARLES V.  3-8-1881-5-18-1975 son of G&M bur Matlock
              CLARENCE L.  2-8-1901-1-16-1986 bur Mem Lawns
              	CLARK E.  8-18-1891-2-2-1977 son of Z&I WWI vet bur Friends
              CORA A. LAVENGOOD   age 96 died 4-11-1982 wife of Orville bur Miss Mem
              ELIZABETH REED   7-21-1903-9-13-1980 wife of Sherman bur Friends
              EMMA 3-10-1893-2-15-1983 wife of Russell bur Murphy
              ETHEL A.  12-31-1890-5-26-1980 wife of Raymond bur Lagro
              GEORGIE   7-3-1893-8-12-1979 wife of Oliver bur Miss Mem
              GILBERT O.  12-24-1885-8-25-1976 son of A&I bur Miss Mem
              HARRY   died 1-28-1975 bur Miss Mem
              HOWARD C.  8-2-1876-7-9-1980 son of W&L Wabash Co. Rep, Central Com treasurer
              IDA L.  age 89 died 10-7-1979 wife of Warren bur Friends
              JENNIE L. GARNER wife of Paul 7-18-1900-11-3-1988 coowner Jones & Sons Garage bur
              LEO Z.  6-10-1902-6-17-1979 son of Z&I bur Friends
              LEONA MCKINLEY   12-10-1889-6-12-1979 wife of L. Harvey & R. Jones bur Center Grove
              LUTHER   age 80 died 2-11-1974 son of Z&I bur Friends
              MABEL BURKHOLDER   9-27-1899-2-18-1975 bur Friends
              MARTHA H. HUTCHENS   7-12-1908-9-26-1984 wife of Leo bur Friends
              MARY S. SCHAAF   2-20-1903-1-27-1986 wife of Treaver bur Friends
              OLIVER A.  5-17-1893-8-26-1989 son of A&I bur Miss Mem
              ROSE M. DOWLING   6-18-1943-6-14-1983 bur Mem Lawns
              RUSSELL   4-17-1894-11-30-1976 son of A&C JP Lagro Twp, Lagro town marshall bur Murphy
              RUTH   age 78 died 4-14-1977 bur Friends
              TREAVER L.  3-10-1901-2-5-1983 son of T&E bur Friends
              WARREN H.  12-6-1895-2-4-1985 son of A&S WWI bur Friends
JORDAN. JULIE J.  9-11-1908-1-25-1986 dau of T&J bur Falls
JUDY, HANNAH   2-11-1884-6-8-1978 wife of Arthur bur Pleasant Hill
            MARK   3-17-1962-5-25-1981 son of J&M bur Hopewell
JUSTICE, KENNY R.  stillborn 5-21-1979 son of W&M bur Oaklawn
KABALT, GEORGE F.  6-6-1913-1-1976 bur Fairview
KAFOURE, GLADYS   age 80 died 10-1973 wife of Philip bur Falls
KAHLENBECK, E. LORENE   3-30-1915-5-18-1986 wife of H. Urschel & G. Kahlenbeck bur Fairview
                             LOUIS H.  4-24-1909-2-14-1980 USN 1927-33 bur Fairview
KAISER, FRANCES E.  12-30-1913-3-17-1975 wife of John bur Falls
KALLMEYER, BESS C.  age 84 died 7-1976 bur Jewish
KAMPEN, ANNA J.  8-15-1886-10-27-1981 wife of Garmen bur Fairview
                   GARMEN G.  11-23-1887-12-28-1972 WWI vet bur Fairview
KANTZER, GOULD   6-23-1886-2-8-1974 son of C&E bur Falls
                     ODETTE L.  3-14-1896-1-30-1987 wife of Gould bur Falls
KARN, FERN E.  5-21-1922-12-29-1985 dau of W&L bur Old Ger Bapt
             LAWRENCE H.  8-29-1943-2-1976 son of H&J USN bur Falls
             LULU M. METZGER   1-1-1895-3-1-1982 wife of Walter bur Old Ger Bapt
             WALTER A.  7-13-1892-10-10-1980 son of J&A bur Old Ger Bapt
KARNE, LOREN V.  died 10-1972 bur Oaklawn
KARNS, CORA E. GRIMM   9-24-1893-12-26-1978 wife of Jacob bur St. Peters
                JOSEPHINE L.  9-10-1885-2-1974 wife of George bur St. Peters
                RALPH R.  4-9-1913-9-21-1987 bur St. Peters
KASE, ALTA   age 84 died 5-1978 wife of Harold bur Fairview
KAUFMAN, HOMER   9-13-1887-5-9-1977 son of D&E bur Lafontaine IOOF
KEAFFABER, CLAUDE H.  9-8-1909-5-23-1987 son of C&F bur Mem Lawns
                         DALE R.  11-20-1915-12-11-1984 son of C&F bur Oaklawn
                         EDNA A. SCOTT   10-23-1896-10-2-1983 wife of Charles bur Friends
                         REUBEN H.  12-13-1897-7-11-1987 son of J&M bur Fairview
                         THELMA E. AUGHINBAUGH   1-27-1904-2-4-1973 wife of Reuben bur Fairview
                         THEODORE E.  6-20-1895-4-28-1981 son of J&M WWI bur Roann
KEEFER, ADALINE MAPLE   3-6-1943(?)-10-29-1979 age 56 wife of Gilbert bur Miss Mem
KEEL,  PHILIP H.  12-28-1904-7-26-1981 bur Falls
KEEN,  AARON C.  2-21-1978-3-27-1982 son of M&P bur Falls
KEFFABER, BLANCHE RICHARDSON   age 90 died 3-9-1979 wife of C. Prewitt & F. Keffaber bur 
                       DAISY   7-19-1893-12-23-1976 wife of Harry bur Fairview
                       DELPHENE DYE   6-3-1911-5-18-1983 wife of A. Carter & G. Keffaber bur Falls
                       HARRY V.  10-11-1893-4-13-1981 son of V&M bur Fairview
KEISTER, CHARLES C.  11-10-1898-9-11-1973 son of J&L bur Old Ger Bapt
KELLAMS, ONDALEA L.  3-20-1933-5-14-1978 wife of Homer bur Lafontaine IOOF
KELLER,  CHAD A.  7-11-1980-12-22-1984 son of M&K bur Mem Lawns
                  KATHY A. CASE   12-20-1960-12-22-1984 wife of Mark bur Mem Lawns
                  LEW W.  10-31-1904-7-15-1988 son of W&A bur Falls
                  TIMOTHY R.  5-28-1982-12-22-1984 son of M&K bur Mem Lawns
KELLEY, ALBERT W.  1-8-1920-11-2-1988 WWII bur Lafontaine IOOF
                 GEORGE A.  3-30-1907-6-17-1981 bur Friends
                  LLOYD T.  10-20-1978-12-24-1978 son of L&S bur Lafontaine IOOF
KELLIS, CLAIRE L. ENDRESS   10-12-1905-8-3-1985 wife of Joseph bur Falls
KELLY, DUANE J.  2-11-1912-5-1976 owner Kelly’s Furniture Store bur Falls
               ESSIE   1-6-1908-8-14-1987 wife of R. Ferrie & D. Kelly bur Falls
               MARY U.  8-2-1901-5-3-1979 wife of M. Bolton, J. Creamer & G. Kelly bur Friends
               THOMAS   9-30-1937-8-14-1983 bur Harper
KELSEY, DAVID L.  9-15-1958-1-24-1989 son of D&D bur Oaklawn
KENDALL, ALTON J.  6-17-1905-5-20-1989 bur Falls
                     ANN M. 11-3-1924-1-22-1989 wife of Merrill bur Mem Lawns
                     CHARLES E.  3-30-1901-4-3-1987 register professional engineer bur Center Grove
                     INFANT   stillborn dau of A&M died 7-25-1973 bur Roann Com
                     KENNETH A.  11-26-1916-10-12-1988 son of H&V WWII Army bur Mem Lawns
                     MARGUERITE M. MATTERN   1-24-1902-4-9-1984 wife of Charles bur Center Grove
                     VESTA E. BRANE   2-8-1883-6-7-1982 wife of Homer bur Friends
                     WILHELMINA   2-27-1887-3-1976 bur Falls
KENNEDY,  ALTA  died 5-29-1967 ashes interred 11-1973 bur Roann Com
                     CHARLES R.  10-12-1909-1-17-1977 WWII vet bur Fairview
                     CYNTHIA   3-14-1967-4-13-1980 dau of R&D murdered bur Roann Com
                     PAULINE   died 11-18-1973 ashed interred 11-1973 bur Roann Com
                     SILAS S.  3-2-1888-6-1975 son of A&A bur Pleasant Hill
KEOWN, JOHNNY M.  age 9 died 1-24-1981 bur Mem Lawns
KEPPEL, HELEN M.  1-26-1905-11-9-1980 dau of J&A bur Roann Com
                 LEAH R. DUNFEE   1-12-1913-4-21-1980 wife of Cecil bur Roann Com
KEPPLER, RILLA R. ROBERTS   10-30-1883-1-28-1973 wife of Samuel bur Oaklawn
KERR, ADA A.  3-8-1915-2-19-1972 wife of Clark bur Oaklawn
             ANDREA L.  stillborn 7-8-1972 infant of L&D bur Oaklawn
             CLARK   2-27-1907-6-18-1985 son of H&N bur Oaklawn
             ELIZABETH L.  2-18-1918-6-11-1978 dau of K&E bur Lafontaine IOOF
             ETHEL A.  1-29-1916-5-9-1989 wife of James bur Lagro
             EVA K.  10-4-1922-9-17-1987 wife of Everett bur Lafontaine IOOF
             JAMES H.  1-29-1905-9-10-1982 son of H&N bur Lagro
             JAMES W.  age 89 died 1-9-1988 WWI Army bur Falls
             JOHN E.  7-29-1915-8-11-1978 son of H&N bur Lagro
             LEO E.  3-21-1911-1983 son of H&N bur Lagro
             MARY E. TITUS   1-28-1931-3-14-1975 wife of John bur Lagro
KESSLER, AGNES   10-10-1892-1983 dau of C&A bur Miss Mem
KESTER, AGNES M.  11-15-18972-16-1984 wife of Glen bur Falls
                 BEATRICE   10-31-1901-9-17-1982 wife of L. Rau & H. Kester bur Hopewell
                 CARL R.  6-25-1894-2-16-1984 son of I&P bur Fairview
                 CHARLES W.  1-22-1887-2-1972 son of L&L bur Fairview
                 EFFIE N. BROWER   11-30-1891-11-5-1977 wife of Carl bur Fairview
                 HOMER W.  1-9-1898-2-1-1982 son of M&M bur Fairview
                 OAKLEY A.  10-5-1903-1-7-1984 son of M&M bur Fairview
                 REX E.  4-12-1931-4-8-1985 bur Fairview
                 STELLA M.  11-29-1891-1-24-1977 dau of J&L wife of Guy bur Fairview
KIDD, JAMES G.  6-24-1889-4-3-1973 son of G&M WWI bur Roann
            JOSEPH M.  4-4-1930-8-16-1986 son of J&L bur Roann Com
            ORLENA   2-27-1893-3-7-1980 wife of James bur Roann Com
KILANDER,  BILLY L.  7-26-1918-6-30-1977 son of E&L bur Falls
                       DORA I.   2-25-1897-11-13-1986 wife of L. Phillips & W. Kilander bur Falls
                       EFFIE M.  5-28-1918-7-21-1981 wife of Kenneth bur Falls
KINDLESPARKER, ELSIE   8-5-1914-10-8-1981 dau of C&B bur Richvalley
                                   NORA E. HENRY   8-12-1888-6-1980 wife of Gayle bur Falls
                                   VIRGIL W.  3-1-1909-7-1973 son of G&N bur Falls
KINERK, ROBERT   3-21-1905-11-28-1981 bur Falls
                 VER A.  1-27-1902-8-13-1986 wife of Robert organized Wabash Players Club bur Falls
KING, BUDDY J.  6-8-1934-2-25-1986 WC deputy Coroner owner B&B King Inc bur Lafontaine IOOF
            ELBERT   7-26-1938-12-25-1985 bur Falls
            EVELYN   12-19-1883-5-20-1979 wife of E.O. bur Oaklawn
            FRANK M.  age 79 died 10-22-1980 bur Lafontaine IOOF
            GAIL   5-15-1910-3-28-1978 son of W&D bur Mem Lawns
            HARRY S.  3-22-1908-2-23-1984 son of H&R bur Falls
            JOE   age 73 died 3-1976 veteran bur Miss Mem
            LEWIS A.  age 55 died 1972 son of L&D WWII vet bur Ogan
            MERRITT D.  2-21-1927-11-10-1979 son of C&N bur Mem Lawns
            NELLIE O. RANDOLS   11-13-1907-6-20-1974 wife of Clarence bur Mem Lawns
            NORMA   11-6-1912-11-19-1974 wife of Donn bur Oaklawn
            NORMA J.  8-9-1933-7-2-1985 wife of Robert bur Mem Lawns
            RAYMOND E.   8-1-1913-3-23-1974 son of J&E bur Friends
            WILLIAM E.  7-2-1911-2-6-1974 bur Falls
KINLEY, EDNA R.  5-8-1926-2-25-1983 wife of Doyle WWII WAVE bur Falls
KINTNER, R. EDWARD   1-28-1917-34-1-1975 head of Manchester Col. Biology dept bur Pleasant Hill
                    GLADA O.  6-26-1884-5-13-1972 wife of R. Edward bur Pleasant Hill
KIRBY, CATHERN D. MILLER   3-11-1905-7-7-1978 wife of Marvin bur Friends
              ETHEL MARIE JONES   5-12-1919-1-28-1984 wife of Everett bur Friends
              L. WAYNE   2-12-1915-10-18-1985 son of F&M bur Friends
              PEARL   9-12-1888-6-30-1979 wife of George bur Mt Pleasant
KIRCHER, DEMARIS VIOLA   5-25-1887-1-3-1975 wife of Garl bur Oaklawn
KIRKPATRICK, CAROL A.  RADABAUGH   9-7-1949-12-9-1988 wife of J.L. bur Miss Mem
                             JAMES R.  9-28-1927-6-6-1985 bur Miss Mem
KIRSHMAN, M. EILEEN   3-25-1905-2-20-1981 wife of Russell bur Oaklawn
                       RUSSELL L.  7-22-1899-11-17-1985 veteran bur Oaklawn                  
KIRTLAN, ROSCOE R.  10-31-1917-11-17-1985 son of E&R bur Roann Com
                   RUTH B. KIRBY 2-22-2892-7-9-1985 wife of Everette bur Roann Com
                   RYAN A.  12-13-1985-6-7-1987 son of S&C bur Roann Com
KISNER, HAZEL E. EARLY   9-18-1892-8-4-1972 wife of Homer bur Friends
                VERA   7-2-1897-9-7-1976 wife of R. bur Falls
KISS, LOUIS A.  11-29-1902-1-1976 bur Friends
KISSINGER, FREDERICK S.  7-18-1900-2-25-1979 son of F&A owner Building Specialties Service bur 
                       HOMER F.  1-8-1916-3-31-1980 bur Oaklawn
KITSON, LOWER F.  5-1-1897-4-21-1984 son of F&H bur Oaklawn
                 MATHILDA R. SCHMALZRIED   2-29-1896-12-15-1978  wife of Lower bur Oaklawn
                 RICHARD S.  11-8-1921-6-17-1986 son of L&M owner Kitson Phillips 66 station bur Oaklawn
KIZER, DEVON DAIHL 7-18-1914-3-14-1982 wife of Rex bur Friends
KLARE, WILLIAM R.  7-13-1905-4-1-1989 bur Falls
KLENK, ROBERT   4-27-1890-11-2-1976 owner Williams Grocery bur Falls
KLINE, ADA WILHELM   8-30-1904-8-29-1972 wife of Albert bur Falls
              CHARLES C.  4-30-1886-7-19-1985 son of H&S bur Pleasant Hill
              F. LUCILLE LEWIS   9-10-1905-11-6-1984 wife of Albert bur Mem Lawns
              HUGH   4-15-1915-10-5-1986 son of D&I bur South Pleasant
              JAMIE   1-26-1979-2-8-1981 dau of J&M bur S. Pleasant
              RAY L.  7-14-1900-11-26-1980 bur Laketon
KLING, FREDERICK J.  6-27-1931-10-31-1980 son of J&M Korea vet bur Oaklawn
              RAYMOND C.  11-13-1923-11-17-1987 bur Miss Mem
KLOSTERMEYER, RALPH H.  10-26-1901-1-20-1981 bur Falls
KLUTZ, DONALD E.   6-29-1919-8-28-1987 son of R&P bur Oaklawn
               MARY E.  9-18-1906-9-21-1986 wife of Ralph bur Fairview
KNABLE, GOVERNOR   4-23-1906-11-5-1974 bur Friends
KNAPP, EDNA HOOVER   8-25-1894-10-21-1975 wife of Howard bur Fairview
KNAUFF, MARJORIE L.  5-25-1915-3-16-1988 wife of M.D. bur Fairview
KNECHT, ALMA E. RUDIG   2-4-1902-9-24-1987 wife of J. Bechtold & H. Knecht bur Fairview
                  HAROLD A.  4-14-1896-5-3-1987 son of G&E WWI Army bur Fairview
KNEE, HARRY   age 89 died 2-1975 bur Miss mem
             JOHN C. 5-22-1887-4-24-1978 son of S&A bur Wallace
             MARIE I. HOWELL   3-3-1888-2-8-1978 wife of Harry bur Miss Mem
             PEARL ULSHAFER   7-6-1893-12-28-1982 wife of Lewis bur Mem Lawns
KNEILEY, MARGARET M.  2-18-19=871-1-19-1972 dau of George bur Roann Com
KNIGHT, JENNY F.  12-19-1896-8-14-1979 bur Center Grove
                 RICHARD J.  11-17-1901-1-24-1982 bur Center Grove
                 WILBUR D.  12-21-1917-2-6-1982 bur Center Grove
KNOTT, CHARLES F.  7-17-1931-4-8-1975 Korea vet bur Mem Lawns
KNOTTS, EVERETT   8-30-1896-5-1976 son of W&O bur Falls
                  IONA M.  7-30-1893-6-30-1980 wife of James bur Miss Mem
                  ROBERT L.  7-13-1921-8-2-1975 son of E&E WWII bur Falls
KNULL, MIRIAM   7-24-1905-4-1976 wife of L. Henry & F. Knull bur Gsreenwood
KOCH, CHARLOTTE M. WOLFE   3-27-1885-1-17-1979 wife of William bur St. Peters
             LARRY L.  6-7-1943-11-9-1981 son of L&A bur St. Peters
KOEHLER, ANN CULLERS   11-22-1887-3-30-1972 wife of Harmon bur Hopewell
                     JOAN M. WELSH   6-19-1919-9-16-1986 wife of Phillip bur Falls
                     JOHN L.  8-25-1919-6-26-1986 son of H&A WWII Army bur Hopewell
                     ROBERT H.  10-9-1925-9-22-1980 German POW WWII bur Hopewell
KOLLER, VIOLET M. NABER   8-15-1881-2-21-1980 wife of William bur Oaklawn
KOONS, ELSIE   12-29-1896-9-5-1980 wife of C. Elshire & D. Koons bur Falls
                HELEN E. ANDERSON   10-21-1913-2-19-1982 wife of Richard bur Mem Lawns
                JAMES W.  11-21-1923-12-1-1980 son of D&H bur Friends
KOSKI, CHARLENE   7-9-1918-1988 wife of C. Reed & J. Koski bur Miss Mem
KOTHER, ERIC   3-25-1906-4-7-1981 bur Oaklawn
KOUGHN, BRENDA J.  7-25-1962-11-25-1988 dau of W.E. & J bur Hopewell
KOZEE, CHARLES Q.  11-15-1926-10-18-1978 WWII vet bur Falls
               NORMA   8-9-1932-6-1976 wife of Charles bur Falls
KRAMER, BEULAH I. LAUDENBARGER   12-17-1893-9-16-1979 wife of Harry bur Falls
                   HAROLD D.  10-10-1914-10-1-1979 son of H&B bur Falls
                   LEROY P.  11-16-1902-2-1976 son of P&K bur Falls
                   PAULINE E.  11-1-1903-1-7-1985 bur Mem Lawns
KRATZER, KEITH   age 76 died 3-1973 bur Speicher
                     MRYVAL E.  6-23-1898-8-26-1986 son of E&M bur Mem Lawns
KRAUSE, JULIA   2-20-1887-12-2-1984 wife of William bur Center Grove
KREAMER, MARY H. HATHAWAY   5-21-1900-12-27-1983 wife of Russell bur Oaklawn
KREIDER, CLARA   9-6-1906-1-28-1983 wife of Dean bur Fairview
                   LYDIA C. WENDEL   4-3-1892-3-1-1989 wife of Shirley bur Fairview
                   NETTIE L.  6-8-1882-8-21-1972 wife of Isaiah bur Fairview
                   SHIRLEY L.  1-19-1890-8-4-1972 bur Fairview
KREIGHBAUM, WILLIAM   6-8-1908-2-5-1984 WWII Army bur South Pleasant
KREITER, HELEN J.  3-20-1902-9-30-1983 dau of J&E bur Roann Com
KRESGE, BESSIE   10-21-1897-8-1975 wife of Luther bur Oaklawn
KRICHBAUM, FLOYD L.  7-30-1914-7-9-1981 son of G&L WWII bur Fairview
KRIEG, PHYLLIS A. RICE   6-25-1929-2-26-1981 bur Oaklawn
KRILE, EARL   age 72 died 9-9-1979 bur Miss Mem
KROFT, MARY L.  3-2-1905-12-21-1987 wife of Roy bur Falls
              ROY L.  8-28-1905-11-11-1982 bur Falls
KROM, ALVA H.  6-14-1888-8-27-1978 bur Falls
              FRANCIS W.  2-14-1887-7-20-1981 bur Fairview
              JENNIE L.  5-3-1889-6-3-1980 wife of Francis bur Fairview
              LEWIS C.  8-25-1894-7-23-1974 bur Fairview
              MARY M. MORFORD   11-8-1892-12-13-1978 wife of Wm bur Fairview
              VERA G. FANNING   6-29-1903-1-20-1980 wife of Myron bur Fairview
               WILLIAM R.   5-21-1892-12-22-1974 bur Fairview
KYLER, MATILDA J.  age 98 died 9-22-1976 bur Oaklawn
LAFERNEY, JAMES G.  2-16-1944-6-1-1986 bur Lagro
LAFORGE, JACQUES M.J.  4-1-1897-8-17-1981 son of L&M bur Oaklawn
LAFUZE, CHARLES R.  4-30-1904-7-31-1973 bur Oaklawn
LAKE, FOREST E.  10-28-1906-3-5-1986 bur Matlock
             LOUISE B. WILSON   11-20-1911-9-26-1975 wife of William bur Falls
             MABEL M. ALLISON   11-8-1907-8-28-1980 wife of Forest bur Matlock
             ROBERT   6-7-1905-11-11-1985 WWII bur Oaklawn
LAMB, MARY E.  6-12-1893-3-1972 wife of Christopher bur Lafontaine IOOF
LAMBERT, ELDORA M.  6-15-1892-4-26-1979 wife of W. Johnson & T. Lambert bur Friends
                     GILBERT   2-27-1910-1-27-1987 son of W&G bur Pleasant Hill
                     INA T. RINEHART   2-24-1907-10-18-1978 wife of Riley bur Oaklawn
                     KAYLA   stillborn 11-20-1988 dau of D&J bur Mem Lawns
                     KENNETH   8-29-1899-8-31-1974 bur Friends
                     MANNIE A.  5-5-1896-4-9-1972 son of M&L WWII vet bur Fairview
                     MAURICE D.  2-6-1918-4-23-1988 WWII Army bur Mem Lawns
                     RANDALL L.  7-9-1955-6-12-1973 son of R&M bur Oaklawn
LANCASTER, FLORA J.  4-15-1941-10-28-1979 bur Falls
                          MICHAEL R.  2-24-1942-10-8-1980 bur Oaklawn
LANDIS, DAVID A.  age 21 died 5-5-1978 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                GRACE   7-14-1889-4-19-1989 wife of Oscar bur Falls
                MARY A. SAILORS   11-12-1885-10-1-1974 wife of Aaron bur Oaklawn
                MOYNE   5-2-1890-8-1976 bur Pleasant Grove
                SHAE ANN   stillborn 7-11-1985 dau of J&M bur Falls
LANE, IVA E.  died 4-20-1973 bur Falls
             JAMES L.  8-21-1941-11-17-1978 son of L&V with Chicago Symphony, Indianapolis Symphony;
                                made recordings for TV commercials and movie soundtracks bur Roann Comm
LANKFORD, CARBON   11-19-1927-11-4-1984 bur Mem Lawns
LANTZ, HERBERT E.  age 65 died 10-1975 WWII bur Falls
LARRISON, LAZORA M. HETTMANSPERGER   5-26-1888-11-17-1974 wife of Glenn bur Falls
                      SUE SHOCK   died 12-13-1978 wife of Henry bur Falls
LASALLE, ELINOR   7-9-1899-11-4-1976 dau of G&D bur Falls
                    RICHARD M.  age 53 died 4-5-1985 bur Falls
                    ROBERT M.  7-16-1901-11-30-1977 son of G&D bur Falls
LASHURE, ROBERT E.  10-3-1954-81--1975 son of R&E bsur Oaklawn
LASSOND, BERNICE   11-4-1901-10-15-1989 dau of C&M bur Falls
LATCHEM, LAMOINE   6-12-1910-9-4-1973 son of E&G bur Falls
                     ROSANNA   5-10-1885-6-20-1973 wife of Paul bur Falls
LAUER, CECILE   10-30-1897-7-3-1987 wife of L. Zook & H. Lauer bur Friends
               ESTHER WARD   3-19-1905-11-13-1989 wife if Melvin bur Oaklawn
               FLOSSIE   1-8-1899-2-2-1977 bur St. Peters
               JAMES O.  7-24-1926-3-3-1983 son of C&F Korea vet bur Pleasant Hill
               JEFFREY C.  6-15-1958-4-24-1980 son of J&B bur Pleasant Hill
               JOYCE SMITH   1-25-1938-2-15-1982 wife of Larry bur Mem Lawns
               MELVIN J.  12-9-1903-3-2-1979 son of D&A bur Oaklawn
LAUGHMAN, ALBERT   4-24-1891-6-19-1984 WWI bur Roann Com
                         ELEANOR B. ERB   2-24-1915-10-22-1979 wife of Cecil bur Falls
                         RHODA   6-23-1898-9-14-1984 wife of Albert bur Roann Com
LAUNDER, MABEL RENNER   1-24-1896-11-27-1983 wife of Raymond bur Falls
                     RUTH ANN   6-16-1918-9-25-1974 wife of Mark bur Friends
LAURENCE, ANNA O.  1-19-1898-9-7-1983 wife of George bur Falls
LAUTZENHISER, ESTHER M.  11-17-1895-9-15-1982 dau of D&L bur Oaklawn
                                LEHR E. LANDIS   2-13-1892-2-22-1973 wife of Maurice bur Center Grove
                                MARIAN E.  8-24-1893-12-24-1985 wife of Hazen bur Oaklawn
LAVENGOOD, AUGUSTA DOWNEY   6-28-1909-12-22-1983 wife of N. Ritter bur Mem Lawns
                          BERT B.  2-22-1905-7-25-1974 bur Roann Com
                           JOHN D.  6-12-1910-11-23-1987 graduate FBI National Academy bur Roann Com
                           OLGA CURNUTT   11-24-1906-11-18-1986 wife of J. Dudley 1st Kindergarten teacher in 
                                                             Wabash, operated Tiny town bur Roann Com
                           PAULINE EBY   7-14-1893-10-13-1972 wife of Norman bur Falls
LAWRENCE, CLARA   4-19-1892-9-1972 wife of Norval bur Lafontaine IOOF
                        CORA   died 9-1973 wife of Cash bur Falls
                        NORVAL C.  7-2-1889-3-1974 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                        RUSSELL E.  5-5-1909-12-30-1977 son of W&F bur Friends
LAWSON, BERTHA M.  5-30-1890-6-25-1978 wife of Frank bur Lagro 
                   WARNER   4-24-1915-6-24-1978 son of F&B bur Lagro
                   KENNETH M.  3-2-1904-11-23-1981 son of C&L bur Lafontaine IOOF
                   MIRIAM M.  12-15-1901-9-22-1982 wife of Kenneth bur Lafontaine IOOF
LAYCOCK, DELPHA L.  5-29-1916-12-28-1988 bur Roann Com
LAYTON, DOMER   2-27-1908-9-6-1984 son of J&M bur Mem Lawns
                  GERALD W.  8-16-1916-4-18-1979 bur Roann Comm
LEACH, ETHEL M. HIPPENSTEEL   11-28-1892-10-27-1983 wife of Samuel bur Friends
                KEITH W.  6-23-1971-12-18-1981 son of R&G bur Mem Lawns
                NORMA J.  6-3-1931-9-18-1980 bur Falls
                RICHARD L.  1-19-1913-9-13-1986 son of S&E bur Miss Mem
LEAZENBY, FRANK L.  age 81 died 6-1976 bur Friends
                       MABEL P. ELTZROTH   12-15-1897-2-10-1980 wife of Frank bur Friends
LECKRONE, DELMAR   3-29-1917-3-24-1985 bur Mem Lawns
                       DUANE   2-4-1934-4-9-1972 son of H&L bur Oaklawn
                       DWIGHT G.  12-26-1906-5-15-1985 bur Oaklawn
                       HAROLD A.  age 74 died 11-4-1987 bur Oaklawn
                       HOMER   3-11-1891-10-9-1984 bur Pleasant Hill
                       JUANITA   1-19-1910-9-26-1977 wife of Herbert bur Oaklawn
LEE, MAURICE C.  age 66 died 10-31-1980 bur Falls
         OMER   11-26-1916-10-1-1977 son of D&D WWII AAC owner Wilkinson Lumber Yard baur Falls
LEEDY, HILDA B. YOCUM   5-10-1897-10-11-1985 wife of Oren bur Roann
               JOHN L.  4-19-1917-12-10-1986 bur Fairview
               MARY L.  8-21-1889-8-14-1978 wife of Homer DAR bur Oaklawn
LEEKA, M. ESTHER   8-3-1893-7-2-1984 wife of Hugh bur Friends
LEFFEL, FRANCES E.  10-9-1892-1-13-1977 wife of George bur West Manchester
                 HARRY L.  4-9-1894-4-17-1983 son of J&C WWI vet bur Oaklawn
                 JOE   6-14-1909-4-4-1981 son of W&B WWII bur Oaklawn
                 LOLA E. SICKS   7-1-1895-7-29-1986 wife of Harry bur Oaklawn
LEFFLER, RUBY ELTZROTH   10-12-1915-1-18-1987 wife of W.W. bur Miss Mem
LEFFORGE, ROXY   10-27-1888-7-7-1977 dau of L&M missionary in China and the Philippines (internee
                                     of Japanese) bur Oaklawn
LEHMAN, HARRY J.  8-19-1900-5-22-1985 bur Falls
                   PEARL I. BITZEL   11-27-1912-8-2-1986 wife of Christie bur Mem Lawns
                   REBECCA A. ELSHIRE   12-5-1929-10-30-1989 wife of John part owner Hoosier Point and
                                                              Green Gables bur Falls
LEHMBECK, MARIE C.  9-2-1894-10-9-1985 wife of Heinrich bur Lagro
LEIENBERGER, PAULINE K. MYERS   1-8-1906-12-19-1978 wife of F. Daffer and M. Leienberger bur
                                                                     Miss Mem
LEIST,  GENIEVE E.  8-23-1916-5-1975 wife of Vincent bur Fairview
              MILDRED A.  8-12-1919-12-26-1982 wife of Vincent bur Fairview
LEISURE, RICHARD W.  1-24-1914-9-5-1975 son of R&O bur Hopewell
LEITER, RUTH   7-30-1906-3-2-1989 bur Mem Lawns
                WILLIAM 1-15-1897-12-5-1989 Fairview
LELAND, HARRY R.  11-9-1898-3-31-1983 son of A&A USN WWI bur Friends
LEONARD, BETTY YOUNG   1-12-1926-12-18-1980 wife of Charles bur Falls
                     CHARLES   6-8-1922-9-14-1988 WWII bur Falls
                     DOROTHY M. ENYEART   1-19-1911-2-15-1974 wife of Russell bur Falls
                     EUNICE PLY   11-4-1893-12-7-1986 wife of Wallace bur Matlock
LESH, MILDRED   5-17-1906-11-4-1979 wife of H. Preiser & S. Lesh bur Friends
LESTER, CARA L.  died 3-1972 infant dau of R&C bur Oaklawn
                 MARY F.  1-3-1916-5-2-1986 wife of Earl bur Falls
LEWELLYN, MOSALENE   4-24-1885-5-11-1978 bur Friends
LEWIS, AMY A.  2-12-1886-1-1975 bur Lafontaine IOOF
              BEATRICE   10-23-1913-4-28-1986 wife of Edward bur Pleasant Hill
              BESSIE   7-7-1887-10-19-1976 wife of Homer bur Lafontaine IOOF
              CLEALAND   12-15-1897-4-1-1973 bur Falls
              DANIEL W.  1-28-1914-12-30-1981 son of L&R bur Center Grove
              DESSIE L.  12-19-1906-10-16-1985 wife of Clealand bur Falls
              DOROTHY I. AIRGOOD   1-22-1934-2-28-1977 wife of William bur Fairview
              EDNA M. MILLICAN   9-26-1889-3-24-1978 wife of Loy bur Lafontaine IOOF
              EDWARD F.   12-26-1913-10-14-1974 bur Pleasant Hill
              ELBERT R.  6-30-1905-7-15-1985 bur Old Ger Bapt
              EVA M.  10-25-1925-1985 wife of Joe bur Friends
              FLORENCE E.  7-14-1901-3-31-1975 wife of O. Clark & K. Lewis bur Falls
              GRACE   8-17-1906-9-21-1989 wife of Isom
              HOMER W.   9-5-1890-4-16-1973 son of W&C bur Harper
              TIMOTHY J.  3-4-1964-3-3-1984 bur Friends
LHAMON, DAILY F.  age 75 died 8-6-1986 bur Miss Mem
LIBEREK, CLARA E.  8-25-1908-4-9-1980 wife of John bur Falls
                   JOHN   12-7-1897-12-22-1974 bur Falls
LIEBO, INFANT   born and died 7-26-1978 infant of J&C bur Falls
             JOHN W.  7-22-1916-1983 WWII Army bur Falls
LIGHTFOOT, REBERTHA   age 77 died 10-27-1977 wife of Willis bur Falls
LIGHTHALL, ALFRED D.  1-26-1906-5-3-1978 bur Oaklawn
LILES, JAMES L.  1-31-1918-4-25-1983 bur Mem Lawns
LILSE, INFANT   age 3 mos died 1976 bur Friends
LILVES, ANNA E.  4-10-1895-12-29-1989 wife of Benjamin bur Falls
LINDER, RUTH E.  10-12-1913-12-15-1988 wife of Ralph bur Mem Lawns
LINDZY, HARVEY D.  3-18-1941-11-28-1975 son of K&A bur Oaklawn
                 L. MARIE BUSSARD   12-6-1903-2-8-1986 wife of Stewart bur Oaklawn
                 RUSSEL R.  7-1-1914-4-18-1987 son of H&S bur Oaklawn
                 SYLVIA F. SOPHER   11-23-1890-10-22-1983 wife of Harve bur Oaklawn
LINES,  CHARLES F.  8-9-1891-2-24-1973 bur Pleasant Grove
              OVID   age 76 died 7-1972 bur Lafontaine IOOF
LINN, NINA L.  10-26-1909-7-1974 wife of Herbert bur Laketon
LINTNER, HELEN E.  1-19-1898-3-15-1975 dau of W&P bur Falls
                    MARY G.  7-15-1887-9-20-1972 wife of H. Axe & P. Lintner bur Falls
                   PAUL   1-23-1904-9-18-1987 son of W&P bur Friends
                   WILLIAM H.  age 72 died 3-28-1978 bur Roann Com
LIPPLY, EZRA B.  1-5-1910-12-14-1985 bur Pleasant Hill
LITTLE,  GRETCHEN A.   9-27-1950-3-28-1988 wife of J.W. bur Lafontaine IOOF
                 HENRY A.  4-24-1897-5-22-1978 WWI vet bur Falls
                 HESTER E.  4-30-1895-7-6-1979 wife of Ivan bur Fairview
                 OPAL   11-7-1902-7-1974 wife of Virgil bur Fairview
                 ROBERT O.  7-31-1922-11-23-1975 WWII vet bur Falls
                 ROXY D. DAVIS   12-10-1899-9-12-1983 wife of Walter bur Oaklawn
                 WILLARD   7-25-1898-7-27-1979 bur Fairview
LITTLEFIELD, CLYDE C.  5-4-1904-4-4-1976 bur Fairview
                           FERN MILLER11-13-1893-1-19-1989 wife of R. Blickenstaff & D. Littlefield bur
                                                     Pleasant Hill
                           IRENE A. BIEHL   11-24-1906-5-1976 wife of Clyde bur Fairview
LITTON, STANLEY B.  9-17-1900-5-1973 bur Lafontaine IOOF
LLOYD, LEON M.   2-19-1900-9-8-1973 bur Oaklawn
                MARY L.  2-9-1906-3-9-8-1973 wife of Leon bur Oaklawn
LOBDELL, ALVA J.  2-6-1892-3-1973 bur Renicker
                    NORA B.  3-4-1892-7-10-1987 wife of Alva bur Lafontaine IOOF
LOCHNER, FRANCIS G.  12-14-1927-2-2-1989 USN WWII bur Oakalwn
LOCKE, DELLA   age 76 died 3-14-1977 wife of R. bur Lafontaine IOOF
               ELBERT P.  age 73 died 3-28-1987 bur Fairview
LOCKWOOD, MARY PETTIT   10-19-1898-7-4-1978 bur Falls
LOFFLAND, OLIN L.  11-23-1900-5-15-1983 bur Fairview
LOGAN, CLEO B. WATTS   2-4-1895-1985 bur Falls
                EDITH A. LAUTZENHISER 8-20-1894-4-18-1988 wife of Raymond bur Fairview
                FANNIE M. MCGINNIS   8-13-1896-4-1974 wife of G. Wilbur bur Lafontaine IOOF
                G. WILBUR   5-30-1897-8-3-1983 WWI vet bur Lafontaine IOOF
                LAWRENCE E.  5-2-1889-8-29-1984 son of H&A bur Falls
LONG, CARL M.  2-6-1904-9-6-1979 son of S&A bur Half Acre
             DANNY D.  8-12-1938-5-26-1974 son of C&E bur Half Acre
             ELMER L.  8-15-1921-8-5-1989 USN WWII bur Miss Mem
             ELVAH R. ANDERSON   5-21-1906-1-20-1981 wife of Forest bur Roann
             FOREST R.  12-18-1906-1-27-1980 bur Roann Com
             HOWARD J.  2-9-1899-9-22-1980 son of A&E WWI vet bur Falls
             JASON L.  2-7-1972-6-30-1984 son of J&D bur Falls
             LEONE   11-28-1899-4-29-1982 wife of Loyd bur Falls
             LAYMAN E.  died 5-6-1978 son of S&E WWI Army bur Falls
             LLOYD   8-30-1893-7-7-1972 WWI USN bur Falls
             RICHARD J.  12-14-1935-3-4-1988 son of F&E bur Mem Lawns
             RICHARD V.  4-23-2925-4-8-1985 son of H&V bur Wallace
LONGENECKER, ETHEL E. MOYER   2-22-1891-11-30-1987 wife of Randall bur Pleasant Hill
LONGFELLOW, GLEN   3-7-1912-6-14-1972 WWII vet bur Lagro
LONGSTRETH, ELOISE S.  8-19-1900-12-10-1985 wife of Lowell bur Falls
                            LOWELL E.  age 92 died 5-28-1989 vp Container Corp of America bur Falls
LOSH, HELEN BAUSMAN   6-13-1907-2-14-1986 bur Miss Mem
LOUCKS, CLARA M.  10-23-1891-7-29-1987 wife of Walter bur Oaklawn
LOWER,  CARL H.  8-13-1893-2-14-1983 son of A&B bur Falls
                 FANNIE BEEKS   11-23-1900-3-18-1975 wife fo Frank bur Lagro
                 JAMES R.   11-5-1926-8-16-1984 son of C&R WWII USN USS WASP bur Falls
LOWMAN, ARTIE L.  4-26-1907-1-28-1984 NM Town Marshall bur Oaklawn
                    CLARA L. LOTZ   12-23-1906-12-15-1982 wife of Artie bur Oaklaw
LOY, HAZEL VANDEGRIFT   3-13-1898-1-1976 wife of Harvey bur Center Grove
LUCAS, BEULAH B.  8-30-1913-4-7-1987 wife of Armor bur Friends
               LEONE E.  1-27-1875-9-21-1977 wife of H. Truss & O. Lucas bur Falls
LUCKENBILL, CHARLES R.  2-5-1909-9-9-1973 son of A&N WWII Sgt 1400th AAC base unit APO 
                                                    887 bur Oaklawn
                           GENEVA A. SROUFE   7-22-1917-2-27-1973 wife of Albert bur Pleasant Hill
                           GRACE V.  PENCE   3-20-1892-7-301973 wife of Lewis bur Oaklawn
LUCKEY, EDGAR W.  5-28-1905-1-5-1974 bur Friends
LUKENS, FRANK R.  9-15-1899-2-11-1981 son of L&M bur Roann
                  HAZEL KREITER   3-28-1900-10-8-1984 wife of Frank bur Roann Com
LUMAREE, PHOEBE   3-26-1895-11-12-1979 librarian Western Michigan U. dau of C&L bur Falls
LUMM, ATHUR   4-12-1900-6-22-1983 bur Mem Lawns
LUNDEEN, LAWRENCE   12-18-1907-4-29-1984 bur Center Grove
LUTKENHAUS, MARGARET A.  6-9-1926-3-30-1978 wife of Harry bur Friends
LUTTRELL, RUBY   9-1-1915-12-29-1985 wife of William bur Mem Lawns
LUTZ, HAZEL   4-9-1889-6-1972 wife of Reuben bur Falls
            KATHERINE B. POGUE   3-11-1895-1-21-1982 wife of Donald bur Falls
            LAWRENCE   5-29-1902-1-17-1977 son of A&N bur Falls
            MILDRED S. SCHUMACHER   6-20-1893-2-11-1984 wife of Moine bur Falls
            ROBERT   9-30-1904-10-20-1978 son of A&N bur Falls
LYNCH, GREGORY A.  1-2-1959-1-20-1973 son of J&B Frye bur Mem Lawns
                STEPHEN W.  11-12-1950-4-12-1988 son of W&P bur Mem Lawns
LYNN, LEROY C.  2-28-1881-2-9-1972 son of R&E bur Matlock
             ZELLA M. HUBBARD   10-9-1884-7-15-1972 wife of Leroy bur Matlock
LYONS, BETTY   7-7-1914-3-17-1978 wife of Mitchell bur Fairview
LYTLE, MILDRED M. CARNEY   7-7-1912-4-27-1983 wife of Raymond bur Friends
MACDONALD, AMA L.  12-24-1912-3-29-1988 wife of F.D. bur Oaklawn
                            FERN B. ENYEART   3-24-1887-1-1-1972 wife of Fred bur Oaklawn
MACKINNON, JAMES D.  10-21-1919-3-3-1987 WWII AAC bur Friends
MCALLISTER, JOHN F.  3-23-1914-8-20-1975 WWII Army bur Falls
                           RONALD   5-17-1932-4-10-1988 son of J&M bur Mem Lawns
                           VELMA L. ENYEART   7-23-1905-8-3-1985 wife of John bur Falls
MCBRIDE, SANDRA K.  stillborn 4-28-1978 dau of T&L bur Roann Com
MCCAFFERY, JANET J.  age 88 d. 10-31-1988 bur Falls
MCCALLISTER, ELLEN C. DEVINE   11-7-1939-10-3-1986 wife of Rolland bur St. Patricks
MCCALLUM, MARAGET A. WILDONER   12-23-1898-7-6-1977 wife of Robert bur Falls
MCCALMENT, H. WILLIAM   1-7-1921-9-1-1979 WWII Army bur Falls
MCCARTY, JACQUELYN   3-2-1927-5-21-1985 wife of John bur Falls
MCCLANAHAN, ALFRED L. 11-21-1901-3-13-1983 son of R&L bur Falls
MCCLINTIC, MARGARET MCVICKER   4-4-1898-3-6-1984 wife of Walter bur Friends
                        WALTER J.  3-21-1918-6-21-1975 son of W&M bur Friends
MCCLURE, DELBERT   4-10-1921-8-22-1977 WWII vet bur Miss Mem
                      FREDERICK K.  1-11-1916-2-3-1978 bur Oaklawn
                      MARJORIE R.  6-9-1915-12-15-1980 wife of Frederick bur Oaklawn
                      NINA E.  8-2-1908-2-18-1988 wife of Delbert bur Miss Mem
                      WALTER R.  5-17-1934-4-1972 bur Oaklawn
MCCOLLEY, MARJORIE S.  1-5-1898-6-20-1980 wife of Emerson bur roan Com
MCCOMBS, JOE H.  3-14-1913-7-20-1975 son of C&L owner of McCombs Drapery & Blind Shop bur 
                                    Mem Lawns
MCCORD, RICHARD F.  10-31-1917-2-1973 bur Falls
MCCOY, MARGIE M.  5-25-1921-8-3-1985 wife of Luther bur Falls
                 WILLIAM B.  5-26-1929-4-14-1986 bur Mem Lawns
MCCRACKEN, ARTHUR D.  10-5-1888-5-1972 bur Lafontaine IOOF
MCCRAY, MARY O.  12-5-1893-3-16-1979 wife of Guy bur Lafontaine IOOF
MCCUNE, SUSIE E. DOOLEY   10-16-1895-10-26-1983 wife of George bur Falls
MCDANIEL, DONALD   2-21-1923-8-24-1986 son of O&M WWII Army bur Roann Com
                       ESTHER   8-10-1900-4-4-`979 wife of Walter bur Falls
                       HAZEL   3-4-1913-7-13-1973 wife of Leland bur Matlock
                       ROLAND J.  6-20-1899-7-19-1974 son of E&N bur Falls
                       RUFUS M.  7-8-1903-7-11-1986 bur Falls
                       THERESA LYNN   8-4-1915-4-3-1988 wife of P.W. bur Center Grove
MCDONALD, BETTIE   1-7-1923-4-1-1987 dau of J&E WWII WAVE bur Miss Mem
                         ETHEL G.  7-2-1898-1-12-1977 wife of John bur Miss Mem
MCDOWELL, DONALD M.  7-5-1912-10-12-1975 son of G&J bur Falls
MCFARLAND, HOWARD L. LLOYD   3-22-1884-6-1-1972 son of S&E bur Fairview
                           LILLIE M.  6-23-1892-10-30-1984 wife of Howard bur Fairview
                           WILLIAM L.  12-22-1940-1-25-1980 Vietnam vet bur Oaklawn
MCFARREN, HARRY V.  5-24-1921-8-24-1978 WWII vet bur Lafontaine IOOF
MCGINNIS, EARL A.  4-6-1916-10-20-1986 son of A&E owner McGinnis Gravel Co. bur Lafontaine
                      FREIDA M.  3-10-1900-11-18-1983 dau of B&O bur Friends
                      HAROLD   2-9-1910-12-21-1987 son of L&E WWII director of med admin VA Ft. Wayne
                                          bur Friends
                      PAUL E.  11-24-1932-7-14-1979 son of T&M Korea vet bur Friends
                      WILLIAM R.  4-13-1978-4-18-1978 son of R&B bur Falls 
MCKAND, EDNA SNYDER   11-7-1894-10-8-1973 wife of Adam bur Oaklawn
MCKEE, AGNES   10-28-1940-8-25-1976 wife of David bur Falls
                ANGELENE   I day old died 9-30-1989 dau of J&P bur Lafontaine IOOF
                FRANCIS D.  3-8-1899-12-25-1980 bur Oaklawn
                MILDRED M.  6-3-1903-2-22-1986 wife of Francis bur Oaklawn
MCKENZIE, DEBBIE L.  l day old dau of William bur Friends 
MCKILLIP, ALVIN J.  4-13-1897-8-7-1978 founder McKillip Seed Inc bur Falls
                     JENNIFER R.  born and died 3-6-1980 infant of C&C bur Falls
MCKINLEY, ARNOLD L.  2-22-1929-6-3-1974 son of C&E bur Lagro
                       BONNIE   8-14-1931-8-2-1981 wife of Kenneth bur Falls
                       CHARLES   8-28-1905-2-1-1979 son of C&Z bur Lagro
                       KENNETH M.  4-12-1952-8-16-1975 son of K&B bur Falls
                       ROBERT H.  11-6-1902-7-1975 son of C&Z owner Marion cafeteria bur Lafontaine IOOF
MCKINNEY, ? L.  2-4-1893-6-27-1982 WWI bur Friends
MCLAUGHLIN, HAROLD L.  10-7-1918-5-1976 WWII Army bur Falls
                             JENNIFER S.  age 16 died 8-23-1987 dau of W&P bur Falls
                             LEO J.  6-20-1894-2-14-1989 son of J&M bur Mem Lawns
                             LONA E.  2-18-1894-10-18-1984 wife of Leo bur Mem Lawns
                             LOWELL C.  10-1-1916-1-10-1987 son of L&L bur Mem Lawns
                             MARY E. HIPPENSTEEL   7-20-1916-11-8-1984 wife of Lowell bur Mem Lawns
MCLELLAND, MALCOLM J.  age 70 died 3-31-1983 bur Falls
MCLEOD, SARAH F.  12-16-1886-9-8-1975 wife of Pearl bur Falls
MCMILLAN, ALLEN K.  11-2-1950-12-3-1980 bur Pleasant Hill
MCNAMEE, MAY   age 92 died 2-1973 wife of Henry bur Falls
MCNEAR, LELA   6-18-1886-1-17-1980 wife of Benjamin bur Oaklawn
MCNEELEY, JOHN D.  7-4-1911-5-9-1973 bur Friends
                        LEE G.  7-27-1914-1-6-1979 bur Mem Lawns
                        MARGARET L. ELTZROTH   6-23-1913-1-8-1980 wife of John D. bur Friends
MCNEELY, GEORGE   10-8-1906-4-12-1981 bur Falls
                     GEORGE W.  2-22-1918-6-19-1984 WWII bur Oaklawn
MCPHEETERS, RAYMOND L.  3-25-1901-3-16-1978 son of R&L bur Falls
MCPHERSON, GALEN E.  6-1-1909-2-14-1973 son of H&M bur Pleasant Hill
                           FRANCES S. CRAFT   9-16-1897-3-28-1985 bur Falls
MCQUILLEN, CHRISTOPHER A.  stillborn 1976 son of H&M bur Fairview
MCVAY, RACHELLE M.  7-21-1974-10-7-1974 dau of G&E bur Friends
MCVICKER, FLORENCE LAKE   6-3-1888-6-14-1980 wife of Joseph bur Friends
                       GEORGE N.  age 35 died 10-23-1983 USN hospital corpman killed Beirut bombing bur
                       HARRY L. MCVICKER   1-7-1893-7-26-1972 son of D&I bur Friends
                       JOHN   1-31-1919-4-7-1988 son of J&E bur Lafontaine IOOF
                       MARY   9-18-1908-12-16-1987 dau of J&E bur Lafontaine IOOF
                       ROBERT V.  10-9-1927-5-1976 son of P&E USN WWII bur Mem Lawns
MABEE, SAMUEL E.  9-22-1911-6-13-1985 son of E&M owner Mabee’s Café veteran bur Falls
MACHMER, WILLIAM   4-18-1889-7-14-1974 son of J&E  WWI vet bur Falls
MAGNER, PHILIP   8-14-1894-3-19-1983 WWI Wabash Distinguished Citizen 1950 bur Falls
MAHAN, SHAUN M.  12-12-1879-11-7-1983 son of W&B bur Mem Lawns
MAHONEY, MILDRED E. 7-19-1926-7-16-1974 wife of William bur Matlock
                      WILLIAM J.  4-16-1916-1-5-1985 bur Falls
MAIN, MATTHEW   age 6 died 1-8-1983 bur Mem Lawns
             MATTHEW   4-5-1976-12-27-1982 bur Mem Lawns
MAISH, JAMES W.  2-14-1912-5-3-1985 bur Falls
MALE, CARRIE M. HINER   10-5-1883-7-27-1977 wife of O. Jack & T. Male bur Roann Com
MALINOWSKI, GERTRUDE   3-12-1907-8-3-1988 wife of Wm bur Falls
                            WILLIAM   10-24-1900-11-9-1982 bur Falls
MALLICOATE, EVERETT   3-12-1895-11-1973 bur Friends
                            VANIE   6-20-1904-1-9-1978 wife of R. Hays & E. Mallicoat bur Friends
MALONE, HERMAN   10-18-1903-10-31-1985 bur Falls
                   OPAL L. MARTIN   11-7-1909-1-27-1980 wife of Herman bur Friends
MALOTT, GAIL W.  6-25-1898-7-2-1972 bur Roann Com
                   IRA D.  7-22-1906-11-4-1988 bur Falls
                   JANA   died 6-20-1978 wife of Stanley bur Oaklawn
                   LOLA E.  4-12-1925-2-11-1987 wife of Ronald bur Oaklawn
                   MILLARD   12-21-1904-2-4-1983 son of W&L bur Miss Mem
                   STANLEY   died 6-20-1978 bur Oaklawn
                   WARREN F.  age 16 died 10-1973 son of M&P bur Miss Mem
                   ZENNO   12-12-1889-11-18-1979 deputy sheriff 1925; sheriff 1930-3, Wabash police chief 
                                   under Timmons, Smallwood and Mitten bur Falls
MANN,  MARY I.  8-26-1894-8-31-1986 dau of M&H DAR bur Friends
MANNING, ALVA   2-23-1913-7-3-1982 son of T&Z bur Miss Mem
                     ESTER I. JOHNSON   7-9-1922-4-1-1972 wife of Gordon bur Miss Mem
                     EVERETT L.  12-28-1916-9-27-1981 son of C&M bur Miss Mem
                     GORDON   7-17-1910-4-14-1986 son of C&V WWII AAC bur Miss Mem
                     MELVIN H.  3-4-1910-12-16-1975 bur Friends
MANSELL, EDMOND J.  2-10-1900-8-30-1975 bur Falls
                     RUTH   age 62 died 3-1976 bur Falls
MANSFIELD, MARK   7-11-1907-1-13-1986  1982 Dairy Family of the Year; cochair 1980 Holstein State
                                       Conv.; Dairy Herd Improvement Assoc. tester 1926; ran for legislature 1958 bur
MAPLE, CHARLES E.  10-14-1919-5-7-1979 WWII bur Miss Mem
                SHIRLEY C.  1-9-1947-11-6-1973 dau of C&M bur Miss Mem
MARBURGER, JOHN H.  12-17-1906-7-10-1973 bur Fairview
MARCUM, JOSHUA R.  6-2-1984-1-3-1986 son of T&T bur Oaklawn
                    MARY   8-26-1917-4-20-1986 wife of Roland bur Oaklawn
                    ROLAND   2-26-1915-3-3-1988 bur Oaklawn
MARKER, ETTA L.  2-18-1890-9-10-1985 wife of C. Mariker & J. Everhart bur Oaklawn
MARKS, BESSIE E.  3-10-1890-8-23-1979 wife of Jean Red Cross WWII bur Jewish
                ELIZABETH BRICKER   5-10-1892-2-1972 wife fo Thomas bur Lafontaine IOOF
                HAROLD L.  12-13-1900-7-1976 owner Mark’s Drug store bur Oaklawn 
                HILDRETH M. MASON   8-21-1896-7-3-1979 DAR bur Oaklawn
                LAURA   10-16-1902-6-1975 wife of Hiley bur Lafontaine IOOF
                LOUISE E.  9-1-1903-6-11-1986 wife of Harold DAR bur Oaklawn
                MARY D.  9-28-1909-10-2-1984 bur Falls
                RUTH A.  9-1-1881-3-1976 wife of Arthur bur Friends
                SUSAN A.  7-8-1934-5-1974 dau of H&L bur Lafontaine IOOF
MARSH, GAYLE E.  7-2-1917-9-30-1981 bur Mem Lawns
MARSHALL, MICHELE R.  5-1973-5-25-1973 dau of K&L bur Fairview
                        THELMA A.  5-19-1904-1-3-1977 wife of O.G. bur Lafontaine IOOF
MARTENS, EDWARD F.  9-27-1894-11-7-1973 bur Pleasant Hill
MARTIN, ALENE   2-19-1909-7-20-1989 wife of Max bur Lafontaine IOOF
                  AUDREY L. RICHARDSON   1-13-1898-2-15-1982 wife of Howard owner Lagro Restaurant 
                                                                      bur Roann Com
                  CECIL E.  5-27-1914-3-12-1972 son of J&L bur Roann Com
                  CHESTER F.  age 69 died 6-1976 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                  EARL C.  5-13-1913-4-1973 bur Renicker
                  EDITH E. YOUNG   1-11-1900-12-1-1982 wife of Walter bur Falls
                  HERMAN H.   10-25-1890-7-21-1974 son of J&F bur Oaklawn
                  JOHN W.  age 64 died 8-12-1976 owner Martin’s Reliable Used Cars bur Fairview
                  LEONA C.  7-5-1909-2-21-1987 wife of Dalice bur Friends
                  LEVI L.  5-15-1909-5-27-1982 bur friends
                  LUCILLE   9-21-1892-12-8-1989 wife of Ben bur Oaklawn
                  LUKE   12-20-1883-1-10-1978 wife of Homer bur Lafontaine IOOF
                  MARCY N. WATSON   3-23-1896-9-21-1978 wife of Cec9il bur Roann Com
                  MARY E. WILLIAMS   9-4-1900-5-10-1978 wife of Tyler bur Falls
                  REX   7-1-1925-2-5-1983 son of W&L WWII vet bur Oaklawn
                  ROBERT E.  2-20-1908-7-1-1986 Col WWII Army bur Lafontaine IOOF 
                  ROSE C. BRECKNER   11-4-1883-5-23-1977 wife of C. Derf & C. Martin bur Greenwood
                  ROSS   age 88 died 9-29-1978 bur Falls
                  RUTH E.  age 82 died 1-14-1978 bur
                  STEWART   9-6-1904-7-26-1977 bur Falls 
                  WILBUR   11-16-1915-3-7-1989 bur Falls
MARVIN, ETHEL L. HARE   6-12-1907-3-9-1973 wife of E. Stamate, W. Kistler & P. Marvin bur 
MASON, ADA R.  8 mos dau of of T&M died 4-22-1977 bur Mem Lawns
                JUDITH E.  age 41 died 9-23-1984 wife of Jon bur Roann Com
                MATTHEW J.  3-15-1969-9-23-1984 son of J&M bur Roann Com
MASTAGH, HELEN L. MILLER   6-11-1921-3-3`1-1986 wife of Julius bur Mem Lawns
MATHES, VERNON M.  age 71 died 5-23-1989 bur Matlock
MATHEWS, EFFIE M. WEBB   10-14-1903-6-4-1972 wife of Carl bur Falls
MATTERN, ARBUTUS MAE   2-9-1916-5-28-1973 wife of Jack bur Friends
                     DELBERT   10-28-1909-2-3-1973 son of J&E bur St. Peters
                     DONALD E.  7-29-1920-10-21-1988 son of C&G Army WWII bur St. Peters
                     ELIZABETH   5-14-1883-10-1975 wife of John bur  St. Peters
                     HAROLD   10-5-1921-4-3-1984 owner Natl Cement Burial Vault Co. bur Roann Com
                     MARCELLA GARPOW   8-16-1902-2-22-1987 wife of Elmer bur Falls
                     MARIAN E.  7-17-1906-7-9-1988 dau of J.H.&L bur Center Grove
                     MERLIN S.  11-13-1915-1-1976 son of C&G bur St. Peters
                     OLIVE L. BRANE   2-6-1910-7-29-1977 wife of Delbert bur St. Peters
MAURER, LOUISE KEPPEL   1-19-1891-11-1-1986 wife of Clarence bur Roann Com
                   MARY   7-12-1917-11-11-1980 wife of Thurman VFW auxiliary state president bur Matlock
                   MAURICE F.  8-29-1915-7-12-1982 son of G&M bur St. Peters
MAXWELL, PAUL J.  4-21-1907-8-28-1975 bur Falls
MAY,  DANNY E.  12-16-1946-11-27-1979 bur Mem Lawns
MAYNE, AGNES H. DEVINE   6-18-1886-10-9-1978 wife of Guy bur St. Patricks
MEADE, EARL	  11-12-1917-11-9-1981 USN WWII bur Falls
MEDRANO, ALMA M.  8-1973-8-1973 dau of H&L bur Friends
                      JUAN J.  newborn son of H&L died 6-1974 bur Friends
MEEK,  EVERETT N.  1-21-1879-2-1975 son of P&L bur Swank
              IVEL M.  11-18-1926-2-28-1981 bur Falls
MEEKS, MARIE   12-14-1923-6-22-1974 wife of Raymond bur Falls
MEES, BERTHA   died 4-1972 bur Mem Lawns
MEESE, RUBY A.  7-24-1895-2-5-1972 wife of Carl bur Laketon
MEHRING, DOROTHY J.  9-5-1929-5-6-1985 wife of Jack bur Friends
                     EDNA R.  2-12-1900-3-27-1982 wife of Harry bur Friends
MENDENHALL, BYRON E.  5-9-1915-4-1976 son of C&M owner Richvalley Filling Station bur Friends
                              CARTON L.  10-17-1909-4-11-1979 son of C&M bur Friends
                              CHARLES   2-9-1882-1-1976 son of D&J bur Friends
                              D. PAULINE   2-18-1904-11-30-1988 wife of Walter bur Lafontaine IOOF
                              MARVIN J.  10-8-1917-12-1-1980 son of C&M USN WWII on West Va. at Pearl
                                                    Harbor 12-7-1941 bur Friends
                              WALTER   5-12-1900-8-7-1985 son of D&J bur Lafontaine IOOF
MERCER, GLEN T.  11-20-1904-6-16-1986 bur Pleasant Hill
MERRICK, AARON M.  stillborn 10-21-1984 son of R&R bur Falls
MERRITT, CLARA M.  7-30-1906-6-1975 wife of Leroy bur Miss Mem
                   HELEN F.  died 10-11-1974 bur Falls
MESIROW, ELIZABETH   9-24-1897-1021-1988 bur Center Grove
MESSER, DELORES A.  9-28-1943-3-9-1977 bur Friends
                 HARRY   10-10-1911-10-15-1983 WWII owner Messer’s Greenhouse 1949-74 bur Oaklawn
METZGER, ALBERT H.  9-30-1887-8-9-1982 bur Oaklawn
                     BRIAN JOE   age 13 died 7-3-1985 son of L&A bur Old Ger Bapt
                     CECIL A.  9-14-1910-3-12-1987 son of W&N bur Old Ger Bapt
                     CECIL P.  2-9-1919-9-2-1983 owner Sidney Grocery Store WWII bur Oaklawn
                     CHARLES D.  5-11-1898-3-25-1983 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                     FLORA H. BOOCHER   8-26-1900-8-17-1988 wife of R.E. bur Old Ger Bapt
                     GLENN L.  2-5-1906-10-6-1986 son of D&L bur Old Ger Bapt
                     HOMER D.  8-10-1891-5-1-1987 bur Oaklawn
                     IVA M.  5-6-1893-12-26-1980 wife of Homer bur Oaklawn
                     JOANNA K.  8-25-1947-12-13-1988 dau of H&M bur Fairview
                     LEWIS C.  12-21-1936-9-1976 Korea vet bur Lagro
                     MARSHALL A.  9-8-1912-3-26-1980 bur Oaklawn
                     ORVILLE E.  10-2-1905-2-6-1988 bur Old Ger Bapt
                     RALPH E.  6-3-1900-11-7-1988 son of D&L bur Old Ger Bapt
                     ROY L.  7-12-1894-2-17-1983 bur Pleasant Hill
                     TRESSA E.  12-26-1904-3-13-1981 dau of W&N bur Old Ger Bapt
                     WALTER R.  5-23-1895-11-12-1972   bur Pleasant Hill
MEYER, ALICE E. KEPPEL   10-7-1896-1-7-1989 wife of Hazen taught at Stone School, Dutch Corner 
                                                   and Urbana bur Roann Com
                BETH L. JACK   3-29-1898-10-11-1981 wife of Harold bur Roann Com
                BEAULAH M. SCHROLL   5-21-1907-3-21-1979 wife of Herman bur Fairview
                CLINTON F.  1-13-1915-12-10-1980 son of H&M bur Falls
                FLORENCE L. EASTERDAY   10-20-1916-2-27-1978 wife of Jaye bur Hopewell
                GORDON E.  3-7-1908-9-29-1979 bur Fairview
                HAZEN   6-16-1897-8-2-1975 son of C&A bur Roann Com
                HERMAN W.  7-12-1904-2-17-1986 bur Fairview
                JAY W.  12-15-1914-9-1-1989 son of C&M bur Hopewell
                MARY B. WINEBRENNER   6-10-1912-4-27-1989 wife of Gordon bur Fairview
                VERA E. CROSS   2-29-1896-2-23-1974 wife of Russell L. bur Mem Lawns
MICHAEL, C. BLANCHE YOUNG 8-8-26-1896-6-1975 wife of L. Lefforge & O. Michael bur 
                     HARVEY M.   11-17-1894-1-5-1974 WWI pvst 14th Co 159th Depot Bri bur fairview
                     PEARL A.  2-6-1896-11-16-1976 wife of Harvey bur Fairview
                     RUSSELL   4-24-1897-6-5-1985 bur Oaklawn
MICHAL, AMBER L.  10-16-1977-8-22-1979 dau of M&L bur Oaklawn
MICHEL, FREMONT E.  age 61 died 4-7-1978 bur Fairview
MIDDAUGH, MILDRED E.  10-17-1912-5-13-1986 dau of E&H bur Lagro
MIDDLETON, BLANCHE   4-29-1893-9-24-1986 wife of Herschel bur Fairview
                          CASSIE E.  6-14-1989-7-2-1989 dau of B&J bur Mem Lawns
                          JOHN B.  12-6-1892-4-15-1977 son of R&S WWI vet bur Oaklawn
                          KENNETH N.   5-23-1904-8-6-1975 son of M&D bur Laketon
                          PAUL R.  1-10-1908-8-4-1974 son of M&D bur Falls
MILAM, GARNET SABO   1-16-1910-3-16-1977 bur Mem Lawns
MILEY, ALICE C.  8-8-1895-9-6-1979 wife of Harry bur Lutheran
               KIZZIE J.  age 82 died 11-1975 bur Miss Mem
               MERRIT   8-11-1914-4-26-1988 son of J&K bur Frances Slocum 
MILLER, ALFRED T.  6-1-1927-11-21-1981 son of I&G WWII bur Lafontaine IOOF
                 ANNA L.  2-16-1897-10-11-1984 bur Oaklawn
                 ARDEN   4-29-1916-6-22-1986 son of G&I WWII bur Pleasant Hill
                 AARON   19 mos son of T&C died 1-20-1977 bur Oaklawn
                 BARBARA OBRINGER   2-5-1891-4-1973 wife of Minden bur Falls
                 BENJAMIN   8-6-1888-9-20-1973 son of G&S bur Matlock
                 BERTHA A. MARTIN   9-26-1886-2-1976 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                 BESSIE   4-29-1899-7-4-1979 wife of J. Connell & J. Miller bur Mem Lawns
                 BESSIE E.  1-9-1901-11-16-1986 wife of Charles bur Roann Com
                 BEULAH M. EMERICK   9-29-1905-11-8-1977 wife of Lloyd bur Miss Mem
                 BEULAH RICHARDSON   9-9-1894-2-6-1981 wife of George bur Pleasant Hill
                 BILLIE S.  1-6-1936-2-21-1985 wife of Beryle bur Mem Lawns
                 BLANCHE I.  6-12-1902-6-7-1989 wife of Fred bur Fairview
                 CARL   11-30-1922-4-6-1985 bur Pleasant Hill
                 CLARENCE   8-14-1926-4-22-1984 son of C&N WWII bur Falls
                 CLARENCE E.  11-28-1907-3-1976 son of R&S bur Matlock
                 CLIFFORD D.  11-22-1898-11-10-1986 bur Miss Mem
                 CONSTANCE CURNUTT 11-10-1913-11-22-1989 wife of Jack bur Friends 
                 CORA M.  12-2-1904-7-8-1988 wife of Rolland bur Miss Mem 
                 CORA M. UNGER   4-25-1895-7-6-1981 wife of John bur Pleasant Hill
                 CRAIG P.  12-26-1949-11-24-1973 son of J&B Vietnam vet bur Mem Lawns
                 DAISY I. MILLER   2-8-1886-3-25-1974 dau of G&S bur Matlock
                 DANIEL T.  10-6-1883-7-14-1972 bur Pleasant Hill
                 EDITH A.  10-16-1888-5-9-1975 dau of A&S bur Pleasant Hill
                 EDITH E.  12-31-1907-11-9-1975 wife of Francis bur Friends
                 EDNA SCHANLAUB   9-22-1889-5-21-1978 wife of Ollie bur Pleasant Hill
                 ELLA B. SUNDHEIMER 12-2-1891-6-12-1984 bur Falls 
                 ELMER C.  4-7-1907-11-26-1975 son of A&R bur Mem Lawns
                 EMORY M.  2-21-1910-5-21-1989 bur Miss Mem
                 ESTELLA D.  3-14-1890-3-28-1974 wife of Fred bur Oaklawn
                 ESTHER I.  9-17-1911-6-17-1986 wife of Frank bur Pleasant Hill 
                 ESTHER M. TEAGUE   7-2-1898-5-11-1984 wife of John bur Friends
                 FLOYD H.  5-6-1902-5-31-1982 son of A&C bur Falls
                 FOREST L.  12-1-1912-8-31-1977 WWII vet bur Miss Mem
                 FRANCIS D.  1-10-1905-8-1-1980 son of J&M bur Friends
                 FRED A.  3-27-1909-1-4-1977 bur Oaklawn
                 FRED J. age 88 died 2-9-1989 bur Fairview
                 GENE   8-3-1914-3-18-1973 son of G&L bur Pleasant Hill
                 GENE K.  2-2-1912-11-8-1982 bur Falls
                 GLEN A.  10-11-1894-3-31-1978 son of J&E WWI vet bur Oaklawn
                 GRACE E.  3-4-1896-3-16-1977 bur Pleasant Hill
                 GUY O.  1-14-1893-11-16-1974 bur Pleasant Hill
                 HARRY E.  2-13-1920-3-1-1982 son of E&A bur Mem Lawns
                 HUGH G.  10-17-1895-2-7-1977 son of G&L bur Huff
                 IDA P.  2-10-1891-4-1976 wife of Gorman bur Pleasant Hill
                 INFANT   born & died 3-25-1975 infant son of A&C bur Falls
                 JACK P.  age 66 died 4-12-1976 bur Friends
                 JAMES R.  11-3-1907-9-4-1981 son of J&E bur Pleasant Hill
                 JESSE L.  8-12-1907-9-12-1977 bur Oaklawn
                 JESSE T.  5-10-1892-3-21-1973 son of T&A WWI pvt 135th Fld Arty bur Oaklawn
                 JOSEPH H.  9-30-1901-3-20-1978 bur Mem Lawns
                 JOSEPH W.  11-3-1889-8-30-1973 son of W&F bur Lafontaine IOOF
                 JULIA A. CAMPBELL   1-16-1974-7-28-1973 bur Falls
                 KENNETH A.  2-4-1906-1-23-1979 son of J&R bur St. Peters
                 KENNETH M.  9-16-1901-8-27-1986 bur Miss Mem
                 LANE E.  born and died 12-21-1989 son of G&L bur Miss Mem 
                 LENA M.  1-4-1892-7-11-1975 wife of Azell bur Lafontaine IOOF
                 LEONARD S.  1-8-1907-1-9-1986 bur Falls
                 LEWIS H.  12-16-1899-5-1976 son of J&M WWII vet bur Falls 
                 LILLIAM L. BEAM   4-23-1908-10-14-1977 wife of Lloyd bur Roann Com
                 LLOYD   4-9-1903-3-8-1989 son of R&S WC treasurer 1961-1968, Co Comm 1951-1956 bur 
                                  Miss Mem
                 LOUISE BARKER   1-31-1897-5-17-1981 wife of Ernest bur St. Peters
                 LOWELL W.  2-9-1923-1-8-1973 son of C&B WWII vet bur Mem Lawns
                 MARIE   12-5-1903-7-26-1983 son of J&M bur Falls
                 MARY E.  1-21-1885-11-19-1974 wife of Daniel bur Pleasant Hill
                 MARY E. HOLDERMAN   9-30-1901-7-17-1979 wife of Dwayne bur Falls
                 MATTHEW J.  born and died 12-21-1989 son of G&L bur Miss Mem 
                 MAUDE E.  7-20-1890-2-16-1984 wife of R.H. bur Oaklawn  
                 MILFRED M.  9-1-1907-11-2-1973 son of J&M bur Falls
                 MINDEN G.  1-17-1883-1-1975 son of G&S bur Falls 
                 MOIN E.  9-3-1909-6-28-1972 son of O&E bur Pleasant Hill
                 MURREL DAWES   1-6-1888-3-10-1972 wife of C. Rife & R. Miller Wabash Clerk-Treasurer 
                                                    1935-1947 bur Friends 
                 NELLIE   age 85 died 11-1972 wife of J. Penn & C. Miller bur Laketon                                          
                 NELLIE F. HOLCOMB   12-10-1899-7-12-1988 wife of Clarence bur Falls
                 NELLIE H. KEPPEL   10-17-1889-10-23-1985 wife of Abraham bur Roann Com
                 NORMAN G.  10-26-1919-4-11-1985 bur Miss Mem  
                 OPAL J.  9-7-1906-7-18-1984 bur Pleasant Hill                               
                 PEARL   3-18-1923-7-17-1988 bur Center Grove
                 PERMELIA LONG   6-1-1902-3-1-1984 wife of Hiel bur Falls
                 RALPH E.  6-30-1892-10-18-1983 son of J&E WWI vet bur Pleasant Hill
                 RICHARD L.  7-6-1928-10-16-1986 son of C&F Army Intel. Div. Korea bur Mem Lawns
                 RILLIE R.  6-7-1900-7-1976 wife of Ralph bur Pleasant Hill
                 ROBERT   6-13-1913-7-9-1982 owner Miller’s Hideway Campground bur Miss Mem
                 RODNEY R.  11-7-1966-10-18-1988 son of G&J bur Lafontaine IOOF
                 ROLLAND L.  12-6-1900-8-1972 son of E&E bur Miss Mem
                 ROY   2-3-1904-10-1-1978 son of T&T bur St. Peters
                 ROY   7-12-1937-3-14-1987 son of C&N bur Friends
                 RUBY E. METTLER   10-28-1921-12-23-1975 bur Miss Mem
                 RUBY I. FANNING   10-2-1902-3-11-1979 wife of G. Grumpp & J Miller bur Oaklawn
                 RUSSELL L.  7-17-1892-1-4-1980 son of J&A bur Pleasant Hill
                 RUTH A.  11-23-1896-2-9-1985 wife of Glen bur Oaklawn
                 RUTH M.  8-11-1894-3-1973 wife of Claude bur Falls
                 TOMMY S.  9-18-1951-11-11-1982 Army vet bur Oaklawn
                 TRUMAN W.  4-8-1916-2-7-1982 son of R&S bur Oaklawn
                 VIRGINIA M. NICCUM   1-4-1910-10-8-1984 wife of Robert bur Miss Mem
MILLINER, GOLDA   died 2-1976 bur Falls
                     JEAN   7-3-1891-5-6-1981 dau of J&L bur Falls
                     MICHAEL   age 22 died 11-7-1977 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                    OLIVE   died 12-1975 bur Falls
MILLOW, GLADYS I.  7-17-1901-7-26-1983 wife of C. Sausaman & R. Millow bur Oaklawn
MILLS, CHARLES E.  9-9-1916-6-26-1988 WWII Army bur Roann Com
              JOSEPHINE P. PRETORIUS   5-24-1912-4-10-1985 bur St. Peters
              LUCY BENT   8-10-1877-9-23-1975 wife of JOHN DAR bur Friends
MILNER, RUTH E.  12-16-1894-9-11-1980 wife of E. Estes & J. Milner bur Oaklawn
MILTONBERGER, JESSIE   9-13-1889-6-11-1972 dau of W&M bur Lafontaine IOOF
                                 RUTH J. HUNT   3-29-1907-10-15-1988 wife of L.O. bur Lafontaine IOOF
MINEAR, RUTH M.   died 3-10-1973 bur Falls
MINNICK, REX M.   12-7-1910-12-31-1980 son of J&B bur Miss Mem
MIRACLE, ALVA L.  12-14-1931-4-4-1983 USAF bur Falls
                    ELVIN   5-27-1933-10-24-1979 USMC Korea bur Falls
                    JOSHUA S.  b&d 9-1-1984 son of P&L bur Falls
MISER, BLANCHE S.  7-11-1887-9-8-1983 wife of Curtis owner Wabash Machine & Tool Co. bur Falls
              HARRIET   11-25-1897-5-11-1984 wife of Chester bur Friends
MISHLER, ESCEL F.  10-14-1901-12-5-1985 wife of Harry bur Pleasant Hill
                   HARRY   5-14-1902-7-17-1984 son of J&M sang Saturday mornings on WOWO for several 
                                   years bur Pleasant Hill
                   LAUDIE   2-11-1893-12-1-1973 dau of D&S bur Pleasant Hill
                   VIOLA   5-2-1898-4-3-1973 dau of D&S bur Pleasant Hill
MISNER, MARY K. KNEE   11-30-1896-5-12-1978 wife of P. Stouffer & E. Misner bur Friends
MITCHELL, RUBY A.  8-15-1983-1-31-1984 dau of B&M bur Falls
                      VERNA M.  age 89 died 1976 bur Hopewell
MITTING, MAUD M.  6-12-1887-1-24-1977 cowoner Mittings Greenhouse bur Falls
                   ROBERT H.  8-5-1917-1-15-1985 owner Mitting’s Greenhouse bur Falls
MODICA, VERA HARVEY   8-10-1912-12-28-1979 wife of Sam bur Falls
MODRICKER, PEARL   3-7-1883-2-3-1986 wife of Adolph bur Falls
MONCE, DANIEL RUPERT   3-17-1899-4-23-1983 bur Oaklawn
                MARY A. GROSSNICKLE   4-20-1918-8-20-1985 wife of Oscar bur Oaklawn
MONROE, BURR F.  5-23-1919-10-4-1975 WWII tech 5 hq co 121 4th SCU bur Fairview
MONTEL, ALBERT   4-23-1887-4-6-1975 bur Pleasant Hill
MONTGOMERY, JAMES E.  2-14-1922-7-6-1977 son of W&D USN WWII bur Miss Mem
MOODY, ROSCOE W.  10-12-1887-4-16-1980 bur Falls
                 RUTH C. WARD   10-20-1887-6-1-1980 wife of Roscoe bur Falls
MOORE , AGNES E.  11-23-1905-4-28-1977 wife of William bur Friends
                 CLORIS L. WILLIAMS   11-24-1903-3-9-1979 wife of Harry bur Falls
                 FLORENCE E. MARTIN   11-3-1886-7-19-1977 wife of Lee bur Lafontaine IOOF
                 JAMES B.  1-29-1942-4-20-1983 owned Moore Enterprises bur Friends
                 JAMES H.  6-4-1903-10-12-1987 bur Falls
                 LARRY W.  11-29-1944-2-16-1978 bur Mem Lawns
                 LEE E.  7-20-1885-2-1972 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                 LEONARD L.  9-7-1901-3-16-1986 bur Oaklawn
                 LEWIS E.  12-12-1932-4-17-1987 bur Oaklawn
                 MARY M.  11-16-1896-8-1-1977 wife of Elmer bur Oaklawn
                 OLA E.  2-15-1887-12-9-19764 wife of Clarence bur Falls
                 ROLAND J.  7-28-1924-4-17-1987 wife of Cleo bur Old Ger Bapt
MORFORD, ELLEN   9-18-1889-6-22-1977 wife of Harry bur Fairview
                      TRELLA E.  3-2-1886-4-11-1975 wife of R. Brookins & H. Morford bur Pleasant Hill
                      WAYNE L.  7-24-1905-4-26-1989 son of H&B bur Oaklawn
MORPHEW, EFFIE E.  7-20-1901-10-23-1979 wife of Paul bur Pleasant Hill
MORRIS, ANN   age 61 died 10-13-1978 bur Falls
                 ARTHUR F.  9-24-1899-5-13-1988 bur Fairview
                 ELIZABETH D.  7-13-1896-9-1976 wife of Orrien bur Fairview
                 JERRY D.  7-3-1945-8-27-1982 bur Falls
                 JOHN C.  1-16-1886-10-15-1973 WWI Corps of Eng. Presented gold medal by King Paul of 
                                  Greece for restoring school in Papre Greece bur Falls
                 KENNETH L.  age 69 died 7-1975 bur St. Peters
                 MARY SMITH   10-18-1890-8-24-1979 wife of Clement bur Swank
                 THOMAS O.  11-6-1885-9-6-1977 bur Miss Mem
MORRISEY, CHARLES E.  2-5-1904-2-22-1988 son of J&R bur Swank
                       FRANCES F.  6-13-1909-12-11-1984 wife of Arthur bur Oaklawn
MORRISON, CORA   4-4-1892-7-15-1982 wife of Wm bur Mem Lawns
                       DALE   9-15-1893-1-31-1987 WWI Army Wabash City Assessor bur Mem Lawns
MORROW, HOWARD R.  8-11-1892-4-6-1984 son of J&M WWI Army bur Matlock
                    LAURA M.  11-17-1903-5-22-1986 wife of Arthur bur Fairview
                    LENORE K. GURTNER   11-25-1897-5-30-1987 wife of Howard but Matlock
MORT, LOUIS B.  11-25-1910-1-8-1984 son of J&O bur Oaklawn
MOSACK, FLORENCE ALBER   age 82 died 1-1972 bur Falls
MOSER, ELIZABETH   3-8-1894-7-1976 wife of Leslie bur Pleasant Hill
                JOHN L.  6-7-1915-3-21-1987 bur Oaklawn
MOSHER, MARY L.  12-8-1912-10-24-1983 wife of Cletus bur Fairview
MOSIER, PAUL E.  7-24-1919-4-13-1983 USN 1st president Wabash Humane Shelter bur Miss Mem
MOSSMAN, MARY ANNA BANISTER   11-3-1897-9-23-1986 WC treasurer, Wabash city clerk
                                                                       treasurer bur Lafontaine IOOF
MOUBRARY, WILLIAM E.  6-30-1891-11-1-1976 WWI vet bur Pleasant Hill
MOUNT, ARTHUR H.  age 72 died 10401976 bur Friends
MOWRER, BERTHA H. HEETER   12-1-1885-6-10-1979 wife of Edwain bur Pleasant Grove
                    CHARLES E.  9-9-1910-8-14-1986 son of M&J bur Fairview
                    ELDIN E.  9-8-1910-4-28-1984 son of J&E bur Fairview
                    EVELYN BECHTOLD   9-27-1918-1-27-1983 wife of Roy bur Fairview
                    EVERETTE   11-3-1912-11-21-1988 son of J.C.&E WWII bur Fairview
                    MARIE H. GIDLEY   3-28-1906-8-3-1981 wife of Eldin bur Fairview
MOYER, GRACE K.  8-14-1905-6-30-1972 wife of John coowner Laketon Nursery bur Laketon
                 JESSIE   4-23-1905-6-25-1978 son of R&T bur Laketon
MULLETT, RUSSELL W.  1-11-1913-11-10-1988 son of H&M bur Miss Mem
                     SANDRA SUE   5-5-1953-10-15-1979 dau of V&M bur Falls
MULLINS, MARY M.  12-21-1919-10-23-1987 wife of Raymond bur Friends
                   RAYMOND   12-24-1913-5-18-1986 bur Falls
MUCKAWAY, PAULINE M.  6-1-1906-7-3-1985 wife of D. Hoffman & A. Muckaway bur Falls
MUGFORD, DAWN D.  12-8-1974-12-9-1974 dau of J&D bur Mem Lawns
                      SHAWN D.  12-8-1974-12-9-1974 dau of J&D bur Mem Lawns
MUIR, ROBERT   3-12-1899-12-10-1978 bur Pleasant Hill
MULKEY, MARTIN E.  9-13-1956-7-4-1979 bur Mem Lawns
                   MARY M. FULTON   12-7-1957-7-4-1979 wife of martin bur Mem Lawns
MULLENIX, RICHARD E.  age 47 died 5-13-1978 bur Friends
MULLETT, ANNA M. MILLER   3-1-1886-12-2-1981 wife of Homer bur Miss Mem
                     JOSEPHINE H.  age 56 died 12-1972 wife of Garl bur Miss Mem
MUNCY, CLYDE B.  8-4-1929-11-12-1987 WWII bur Oaklawn
MUNDAY, WILBUR E.  age 85 died 12-1-1982 bur Fairview
MUNRO, MURIEL RAPP 2-27-1911-4-19-1989 wife of John bur Center Grove
MURNAN, JOSEPH F.  6-28-1912-1-15-1988 son of J&M WWII bur St. Patricks
MURPHY, FERN E. FRAME   6-19-1885-1-1975 wife of I.B. bur Falls
                   GEORGE   age 70 died 5-4-1979 son of L&F bur Falls
                   JOSEPH T.  age 80 died 12-28-1981 bur Falls
                   LORETTA ELLISON   3-7-1873-7-19-1972 wife of Irvin bur Fairview
                   RALPH G.  1-19-1896-5-9-1985 son of F&E bur Fairview
MUSIC,  ANGELA S.  7-16-1981-12-28-1989 dau of L&D bur Friends
               CHAD A.  d. 3-8-1988 infant of G&B bur Friends
               GEORGE W.  1-31-1900-1-1976 bur Laketon 
               HATTIE M.  5-6-1908-4-24-1972 wife of George bur Laketon
               JOHN H.  11-16-1919-3-13-1988 USN WWII bur Falls
               PATRICIA A. CHAPLIN   10-9-1937-9-6-1981 wife of James bur Falls
               ROSALIE POOLE   8-13-1938-11-24-1978 wife of Charles bur Laketon
               ROXIE   3-2-1916-4-1-1988 bur Falls
MUSSELMAN, DONALD D.  3-13-1926-12-18-1986 bur Roann Com
MYERS, DONALD E.  10-20-1923-10-22-1981 WWII bur Friends
                EDITH V.  4-23-1904-9-6-1979 wife of Eugene bur Falls
                FLOYD   12-12-1913-1-15-1983 bur Mem Lawns
                JAY B.  4-10-1911-3-6-1973 son of H&M bur Friends
                JEAN H. HIPSKIND   1-31-1903-6-3-1987 wife of Lawrence bur St. Patricks
                MILDRED SHOCK   5-6-1892-8-2-1975 wife of Orr bur Fairview
                ORR H.  11-9-1888-5-30-1974 son of E&S bur Fairview
                PAULINE   3-21-1914-11-19-1989 wife of Lawrence bur Falls
                SERIVLLA M.  9-6-1902-4-21-1977 wife of Paul bur Falls
MYLIN, ANNA H. LEFFEL   1-29-1899-9-1-1982 wife of Glenn bur Laketon
NABOR, HELEN E.   1-6-1895-4-30-1972 dau of H&O bur Oaklawn
NAIL, GAILARD G.  11-12-1896-5-17-1987 WWI Army bur Friends
            MARY A. JONES   7-18-1900-8-1-1972 wife of Gailard bur Friends
NANCE,  PEARL I.  5-28-1910-8-2-1988 wife of Herbert bur Oaklawn
NAPIER, RONALD L.  born and died 4-28-1974 son of R&D bur Speicher
NAYLOR, IRENE J.  8-28-1894-12-2-1978 wife of Earl bur Oaklawn
NEAL, CLARA E.  9-16-1874-9-9-1972 wife of William bur Pleasant Hill
             LETHA L. WHISLER   6-21-1903-7-17-1986 wife of Richard bur Falls
NEEDHAM, FERN   8-13-1891-1-3-1984 wife of James bur Roann Com
                      HOWARD W.  5-1-1905-8-3-1980 son of G&C bur Roann Com
                      MABLE V. SHILLINGER   3-27-1891-3-29-1977 wife of Cary bur Roann Com
NEFF, ALICE M.  4-20-1881-1977 wife of Clarence bur Harper
            SUSAN   age 76 died 1-24-1977 bur Lafontaine IOOF
NEHER, ETHEL M.  5-22-1896-1-21-1975 wife of Oscar bur Pleasant Hill
                J. ERNEST   6-2-1911-7-15-1983 son of J&A bur Lafontaine IOOF
                LUCILLE E. THOMAS   8-10-1910-8-10-1983 wife of J. Ernest bur Lafontaine IOOF
                PAUL   7-24-1912-5-9-1983 son of S&E bur Pleasant Hill
                TACY L. TOMBAUGH   10-8-1882-8-14-1973 wife of E. Hedrick & S. Neher owner of Berry’s
                                                           Orchard bur Pleasant Hill
NEIGHBORS, IDA B.  age 98 died 12-19-1977 wife of Owen bur Falls
NELSON, BLANCHE W.  4-5-1884-4-6-1973 bur Oaklawn
                  DONNIE R.  5-24-1951-7-17-1985 Army Korea bur Mem Lawns
                  DORIS A.  age 70 died 1-18-1983 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                  JOSHUA T.  2-28-1918-11-16-1981 WWII bur Mem Lawns
NETRO, MILDRED   9-5-1916-4-9-1988 wife of John bur Mem Lawns
NEWMAN, JESSE L.  died 10-21-1972 bur Roann Com
NICCUM, ERNEST   3-16-1916-7-23-1986 son of I&D WWII Army bur Falls
                  IRVIN R.  5-30-1891-2-7-1977 bur Old Ger Bapt
                  MARGARET DYSON   10-14-1907-3-27-1988 wife of Lloyd bur Mem Lawns
                  MARIE B. GARST   9-8-1887-2-28-1987 wife of Lewis bur Miss Mem
                  MARLAND F.  10-9-1921-8-21-1983 son of T&J WWII vet bur Friends
                  MARY K.  5-8-1888-3-1976 wife of Albert bur Old Ger Bapt
                  ROBERT L.  2-11-1932-10-1-1982 son of L&M bur Mem Lawns
                  TRUMAN   2-2-1896-10-28-1978 son of O&N bur Friends
NICELY, DOROTHY   5-24-1919-11-9-1983 wife of Paul bur Fairview
                MARY L.  9-26-1907-2-16-1975 wife of Wilbur owner Nicely Oil Co. bur Roann Com
                PAUL L.  12-29-1916-12-22-1976 owner Dairy Queen AAC WWII bur Fairview
                ROBERT L.  12-6-1929-5-21-1986 son of W&L bur Roann Com
NICHOLS, LEE L.  3-12-1905-2-11-1974 son of C&C bur Friends
                   LEONA I.  6-4-1903-7-4-1972 wife of Lee bur Friends
                   LEW E.  11-18-1894-10-5-1980 son of C&C WWI vet bur Fairview
                   MELVIN L.  10-19-1922-5-9-1986 Army bur Friends
                   WILLIE J.  10-3-1981-10-10-1981 son of L&D bur Pleasant Hill
NIE, HOWARD H.  age 77 died 9-17-1985 bur Fairview
         LEATHA M.  age 77 died 3-15-1988 bur Fairview
NIEMERSHIEN, JOHN P.   4-21-1923-4-1975 WWII bur Lafontaine IOOF
NITZSCHKE, MARY C. HURLEY   5-6-1925-7-1-1980 wife of Major bur Oaklawn
NIVERSON, PATRICIA A.  5-25-1941-4-1976 bur Lagro
NIXON, CHARLES C.  2-21-1910-5-9-1974 WWII pvt 716th Tra gp AAF tech tra center bur 
                                        Pleasant Hill
NOLTEMEIER, ALICE M.  died 5-1972 wife of Ralph bur Hopewell
NORDMAN, HANNAH M.  2-14-1900-10-18-1978 wife of Herman bur Laketon
                       JOHN A.  10-20-1894-8-18-1972 bur Fairview
NORMAN, JOHN R.  10-15-1896-1-11-1987 bur Roann Com
NORRIS, M. EVELYN 5-13-1924-4-30-1984 wife of Dean bur Pleasant Hill
                 WILBUR   11-27-1905-2-12-1982 bur Pleasant Hill
NORTHROP, LEO F.  9-16-1910-6-8-1984 bur Mem Lawns
NORWOOD, GEORGE   9-15-1899-9-18-1981 bur Pleasant Hill
                       REBECCA P. FRANTZ   1-20-1902-7-23-1983 wife of George bur Pleasant Hill
                       WILLIAM   3-3-1913-4-4-1986 WWII Army bur Falls
NOVAK, MARCK C.  5-6-1960-6-15-1981 bur Mem Lawns
NULL, NEOMA N.  12-14-1908-7-13-1979 wife of Omer bur Miss Mem
             OMER L.  3-17-1910-5-1975 bur Miss Mem
             OMER L.  10-23-1929-4-13-1983 Army vet bur Miss Mem
NUZUM, JUNE   7-6-1902-9-4-1986 bur Falls
NYCE, IDA M.  5-16-1904-11-19-1978 wife of Hamilton bur Fairview
OBERHEISER, HAROLD E.  5-28-1898-6-18-1984 WWI vet bur Miss Mem
O’BRIEN, EUGENE J.  4-30-1918-5-6-1977 son of E&F WWII Army bur Falls
                  MARGARET   age 18 died 8-25-1979 dau of R&R bur Lafontaine IOOF
O’CONNOR, EDWARD A.  age 57 died 10-24-1977 bur Mem Lawns
ODUM, DESSIE FRUSHOUR   7-12-1883-9-29-1988 wife of D.H. bur Falls
              HELENE V.  3-7-1917-12-15-1980 dau of H&B bur Falls
              OLIVE G.  12-9-1884-12-10-1976 wife of Victor bur Friends
OGAN, FAYE GARST   8-22-1893-1-26-1972 wife of Clyde bur Miss Mem
              HOMER R.  3-31-1900-7-1973 bur Oaklawn
              J. KENNETH   9-12-1905-9-26-1985 son of J&E bur Miss Mem
              LORA LAWSON   6-4-1896-9-4-1986 wife of Warren bur Miss Mem
              MABEL GRISSO   9-23-1889-1-22-1989 wife of H. Winebrenner & C. Ogan bur Pleasant Hill
              PAUL C.  11-22-1912-11-3-1988 son of J&E owned Ogan’s Grocery bur Miss Mem
OGDEN, ELWOOD H.  8-31-1897-9-14-1984 son of E&L bur Pleasant Hill
                FREDA E.  9-14-1900-3-31-1984 wife of Augustus bur Laketon
                HAZEL MCKINLEY   3-20-1899-3-8-1980 wife of John bur Laketon
                VIOLET M.  7-5-1897-3-8-1977 wife of Warner bur Laketon
OGLE, HOMER R.   3-31-1900-7-5-1973 bur Oaklawn
O’HAIR, MARY BARADY   6-10-1885-5-3-1979 WC Historical Museum curator DAR bur Matlock
OHM, INEZ   9-17-1890-7-14-1978 wife of Jesse bur Oaklawn
OHMART, BOB E.  1-4-1916-12-10-1986 son of R&T bur Oaklawn
                   RALPH H.  9-28-1896-3-1976 son of L&A bur Pleasant Hill
                   WILBUR L.  2-12-1914-5-3-1975 son of C&M bur Falls
OLDENKAMP, THOMAS E.  infant of T&P died 7-1-1977 bur Falls
OLDFATHER, INA M.   5-11-1888-7-1-1972 wife of Wilfred bur South Pleasant
OLINGER, GEORGE A.  age 85 died 3-1974 bur Oaklawn
                    LOIS P. ULREY   3-4-1900-10-11-1981 wife of Devon bur Oaklawn
                    MARTHA D.  5-24-1904-8-6-1983 wife of Roy bur Oaklawn
                    MAX   8-19-1923-5-27-1982 son of D&L WWII & Korea vet bur Oaklawn
                    ROY H.  11-24-1901-2-17-1973 son of C&C WWII pvt MP Det #1 1570th S.U. bur Oaklawn
OLIVER, ETHEL   11-2-1908-7-30-1985 wife of Sam bur Lafontaine IOOF
                 JAMES R.  1-6-1914-7-2-1989 WC engineer (city and county) WWII Army bur Friends
                 MABLE STOUFFER   7-12-1915-2-15-1986 wife of James city council bur Friends
                 SAM   5-9-1908-4-18-1979 bur Lafontaine IOOF
OLMSTEAD, RALPH    8-14-1909-6-27-1974 bur Mem Lawns
ORPURT, CARL   1-29-1925-11-12-1985 bur Falls
ORR, BLANCHE   age 101 died 5-22-1986 bur Oaklawn
          JESSE L.  1-10-1910-8-28-1983 bur Mem Lawns
          LUCILLE H.  9-20-1913-10-1-1987 wife of Jesse bur Mem Lawns
ORTON, ELIZABETH M.  10-31-1883-5-1-1979 wife of Francis bur Oaklawn
OSBORNE, DENVER   3-15-1915-8-18-1982 bur Friends
OSMON, GLADYS   2-10-1897-4-29-1989 wife of Ralph bur Mem Lawns
OSTHEIMER, HARRY H.  1-30-1880-12-15-1972 Sp Am Vet bur Falls
OSWARD, EUNICE   9-29-1901-5-17-1981 wife of Roy bur Falls
                   ROY M.  12-26-1899-2-24-1981 son of J&S bur Fairview
OSWALT, BURNETTE COCHRAN   age 80 died 1-10-1985 wife of Joseph bur Mem Lawns
                   HUBERT F.  age 64 died 2-3-1977 partner Richards Tire Store, city councilman bur Mem
                   JOSEPH   4-10-1901-10-19-1974 bur mem Lawns
                   ROLAND C.  7-15 1900-9-26-1973 son of D&M bur Wallace
                   TRUMAN J.  6-4-1905-3-2-1980 son of O&S bur Roann Com
OUSLEY, DOLLIE   5-3-1910-1-17-1987 wife of Leonard bur Pleasant Hill
OVERAA, ARTHUR J.  5-19-1926-9-31-1973 Korea vet bur Falls
                  IRENE V.  died 12-26-1974 bur Falls
OVERHOLD,  JAMES J.   age 62 died 8-11-1988 USN WWI bur Fairview
OVERHOLSER, EFFA   7-6-1886-1211-29-1975 wife of Howard bur Pleasant Hill
                            HOWARD   6-24-1889-8-31-1974 bur Pleasant Hill
OVERMAN, LOUISE G. WIDMEYER   7-17-1911-10-19-1979 wife of Walter bur Matlock
                      VERN J.   3-27-1906-9-10-1985 son of J&P owner South Side Garage bur Mem Lawns
OVERMYER, GRACE M.  11-22-1898-10-19-1978 wife of William bur Laketon
                         NETTIE I.  1-15-1896-12-14-1981 bur Oaklawn
                         WILLIAM 4-30-1896-2-4-1989 owner Laketon Elevator WW I bur Laketon
OWEN, AGGIE   11-15-1891-9-1973 wife of James bur Falls
              DONALD C.  2-9-1907-5-1973 son of E&L bur Falls
              LEONARD E.  9-6-1910-8-14-1978 son of C&C bur Friends
              MELVIN L.  8-9-1910-8-18-1976 son of J&M bur Center Grove
              RAYMOND W.  10-22-1915-3-25-1984 son of J&M bur Center Grove
              W. VICTOR   10-17-1908-12-27-1979 son of J&A bur Lafontaine IOOF
OWENS, JOSEPHINE   3-4-1888-8-3-1980 wife of M. Price & J. Owens bur Oaklawn
OWSLEY, LILLIAM J.  7-26-1926-12-3-1982 wife of Earl bur Falls
OYLER, ANNA   age 58 died 6-2-1983 bur Lafontaine IOOF
               CHRISTINA H.  5-12-1892-2-1976 wife of Reed bur Miss Mem
               JOHN D.  age 44 died 6-1974 bur Miss Mem
               JOHN P.  11-16-1901-3-1975 bur Miss Mem
               REED N.  age 93 died 8-23-1987 bur Miss Mem
PALMER, DOLLIE F.  12-20-1897-1-28-1979 wife of Glen bur Lafontaine IOOF
                  LAURA   9-27-1886-3-18-1980 wife of Samuel bur Falls
                  LUCY E. SUNDHEIMER   12-16-1887-1-31-1981 wife of Harry bur Falls
                  MOLLIE H. ROSEN   10-21-1886-12-22-1977 wife of Gurney bur Friends
                  ROSA   12-29-1892-6-7-`984 wife of William bur Lafontaine IOOF
PARKE, ALFRED   2-2-1905-8-22-1977 bur Lagro
               FLOYD F.  12-8-1915-5-14-1972 bur Mem Lawns
               TERRY L.  7-19-1967-7-2-1987 son of R&P USN bur Mem Lawns
PARKER, D. WAYNE   6-3-1906-10-28-1981 bur Oaklawn
                  DALE L.  2-28-1911-10-19-1974 bur Oaklawn
                  DELANA D. GAMSBY   6-24-1963-9-22-1989 bur Hopewell
                  FRED B.  10-19-1893-8-1-1973 WWI vet bur Lagro
                  GRACE I.  1-4-1911-3-2-1981 wife of Henry bur Lagro
                   IONA LANDIS   9-16-1908-6-19-1979 wife of Wayne bur Oaklawn
PARKS, RALPH W.  6-7-1914-3-22-1978 bur Friends
PARMERLEE, TREVA   2-2-1897-6-11-1981 wife of Otto bur Oaklawn
PARRETT, EMMA M.  2-28-1895-3-18-1986 wife of J. Waldo bur Falls
                    JACKL L.  4-8-1932-8-2-1986 son of J&A USAF bur Mem Lawns
                    LILLY M. SABO   7-28-1911-4-28-1974 wife of Cyril bur Falls
                    ORAS   4-6-1903-8-18-1972 bur Falls son of A&M owner Parrett Salvage Yard bur
                    WALDO J.  4-4-1896-6-26-1986 son of J&E WWI Army bur Falls
PARSON,  ESTELLA  10-26-1884-11-8-1974 wife of Abner bur Friends
                   ROBERT E.  12-24-1928-1-16-1984 son of V&R Vet Korea bur Friends
                   RUBY P.  4-3-1910-1-21-1983 wife of Verlin bur Fairview
                   RUTH HEINNICKEL   8-3-1911-11-6-1989 wife of Earl bur Fairview
                   VERLIN   1-20-1907-6-8-1979 bur Fairview
PARTRIDGE, CHARLES   4-13-1902-10-3-1980 bur Fairview
PASCHALL, MELVIN   11-14-1920-1987 bur Mem Lawns
PASKOVITZ, PEGGY   3-12-1928-11-15-1972 wife of Jerome bur Oaklawn
PATRICK, POLLY N.  4-17-1899-7-6-1977 bur Mem Lawns
PATTERSON, FRIEDA J.  6-26-1899-8-1-1980 wife of C. Tilberry & H. Patterson “A Blaker Girl” bur 
                         PAUL E.  11-19-1917-7-31-1987 WWII AAC bur Oaklawn
PATTON, JOHN M.  3-20-1898-6-3-1975 bur Falls
                  SHIRLEY L.  8-3-1902-11-11-1984 coowner French and Patton Salvage yard bur Falls
PAUL, EMMA A.  age 81 died 4-9-1986 bur Friends
             PAULINE M.  5-17-1912-5-10-1978 wife of Garnett bur Fairview
             RAYMOND W.  age 79 died 3-1-1986 bur Friends
PAULLUS, HAZEL   2-4-1888-1-13-1985 wife of Ernest bur Falls
                    HOWARD E.  1-18-1912-12-10-1985 son of E&H bur Falls
PAVEY, CLYDE A.  12-13-1898-9-1972 operated Pavey Saddle Shop bur Fairview
PEABODY, CORA MILLER   9-11-1881-11-28-1972 wife fo Edward bur Hopewell
                     ETHEL   2-2-1888-7-29-1973 dau of C&A bur Hopewell
PEARSON, DORWIN S.  3-25-1900-9-11-1983 owned South Side Drug Store 1956-1970 son of E&B bur 
                    EDNA L. ELWARD   10-30-1912-11-30-1989 wife of Wm bur Friends
                    JOHN W.  11-20-1957-2-9-1985 son of W&E murder-suicide bur Friends
                    ORA   age 85 died 9-1973 WWI vet bur Center Grove
                    TAMMY S.  9-21-1960-2-9-1985 wife of John murder-suicide bur Friends
                    WILLIAM   9-20-1902-3-7-1983 son of E&B WWII Capt Army Med Corps 38th Div, bronze 
                                        star bur Friends
PEDEN, CHARLES F.   5-16-1890-11-2-1974 bur Pleasant Grove
PEEBLES, ESTELLE   7-2-1909-2-22-1982 wife of Guilford bur Friends
                   GUILFORED R.  died 7-7-1977 son of J&E bur Friends
                   PRESTON W.  5-5-1903-2-10-1982 son of J&E bur Friends
PEFLEY, AMAGENE   8-13-1932-11-6-1986 wife of Homer bur Center Grove
                 FLOSSIE I. LEWIS   12-9-1907-2-25-1978 wife of Homer bur Center Grove
                 HOMER UDENE   9-27-1928-4-19-1977 son of H&F bur Center Grove
                 MYRA C.  10-21-1904-11-11972 dau of A&S bur Center Grove
PELL, EDWARD L.  3-24-1916-6-22-1984 son of F&M owned Pell’s Electric Service WWII Army bur
            ROSS   11-30-1912-9-25-1981 bur Falls 
PELPHREY, ERNEST L.  6-9-1935-2-9-1988 bur Friends 
PENCE, ALMA   12-9-1908-5-26-1987 wife of L. Grandstaff & T. Pence member of Roann Threesome 
                              bur Roann IOOF 
              ANNA   10-21-1880-7-1974 wife of John bur Lutheran
              CORDELIA   age 89 died 8-29-1986 bur Friends
              EDITH M.  6-17-1909-3-29-1973 wifeof Max bur Fairview 
              ETHEL L.  7-31-1892-2-15-1981 wife of Lawrence bur Lafontaine IOOF 
              LARRY A.  7-27-1935-5-12-1987 son of T&L bur Roann IOOF 
              UPTON D.  12-4-1895-6-1-1972 WWI vet bur Lafontaine IOOF
PENISTEN, JOHN H.  1-19-1885-12-14-1981 bur Friends 
PENIX, DONALD E.  6-9-1964-11-30-1978 son of H&C bur Falls
PENN, GRACE D.  3-7-1914-6-23-1983 wife of John bur Mem Lawns
             JOHN W.  3-8-1903-9-14-1977 bur Mem Lawns
             MURRAY J.  11-21-1902-1-1976 son of D&M bur Pleasant Hill
             THURL E.  9-26-1912-4-27-1984 bur Laketon
PENNYCOFF, ROBERT A.  5-28-1973-7-12-1984 son of W&B bur Roann Com
PENROD, HAROLD   12-11-1919-3-9-1984 WWII bur Oaklawn
                  HAZEL M.  1-5-1895-2-25-1989 wife of Ernest bur Oaklawn
                  PAULYNE M. STROBEL   10-2-1914-6-1973 wife of Forest bur Pleasant Hill
PERCHBAKER, LEORA M.  10-8-1881-2-23-1973 wife of Ord bur Swank
PERKINS,  ANGELA D.  10-26-1972-10-27-1972 infant dau of O&S bur Falls
                   FREDERICKA A.  11-16-1890-11-14-1975 bur Oaklawn
                   MADELYN T.  born & died 6-27-1987 dau of D&L bur Friends
                   MANDY L.  age 1 died 10-20-1977 bur Falls
PERRY, DONALD E.  5-7-1929-12-19-1984 owner Perry’s Body Shop WWII bur Miss Mem
               FAIRY M.  2-8-1881-1-31-1979 wife of W. Smith & I. Perry bur Oaklawn
               GLADYS E.	  10-23-1922-8-3-1981 dau of O&B bur Friends
               NORA E. HELVEY   8-31-1879-3-17-1974 wife of Otto bur Oaklawn
               OSCAR A.  4-1-1892-7-16-1975 WWI Army bur Friends
PERSLEY, ANNA   10-8-1886-4-1976 wife of John bur Center Grove
                   SAMMIE J.  12-9-1955-6-16-1972 dau of Rita Curtis bur Center Grove
PETERS, RUTH G.  age 87 died 7-5-1982 wife of Joel bur Fairview
PETERSON, CECIL   4-20-1908-6-9-1980 son of E&H bur Roann Com
                      HELEN D. WAGGONER   1-16-1913-3-1974 wife of Cecil bur Roann Com
PETRIE, MAYNARD L.  11-14-1922-1-29-1983 bur Old Ger Bapt
PETRY, ADELINE M. MILLICAN   4-20-1911-4-13-1974 wife of Stewart bur Falls
               MINNIE M. THOLKE   2-4-1904-10-31-1988 wife of W.R. bur Falls
               SELMA   3-18-1918-3-15-1977 bur Pleasant Hill
PETTIFORD, MARVIN L.  7-28-1904-11-9-1977 also called Monte Blue bur Falls
PETTIT, CHARLES E.  7-8-1889-10-10-1975 bur Falls
               DAVID H.  7-22-1926-10-4-1974 WWII vet bur Falls
               DONALD C.  1-10-1929-5-10-1984 son of John bur Friends
               EMMA K. MATTERN   9-9-1886-9-30-1981 bur Falls
               HARRISON   4-18-1918-5-15-1984 WWII Army bur Friends
PETTY, BLANCHE   age 88 died 1976 wife of Charles operated grocery and store bur Roann Com
              BLANCHE E.  9-15-1895-4-12-1977 bur Falls
              WALTER M.  9-11-1883-12-21-1973 bur Falls
PFEIFFER, CHARLES M.  8-17-1891-9-16-1979 bur Fairview
                    MARY K. HOGMIRE   6-7-1900-2-6-1987 wife of A. Weesner & C. Pfeiffer bur Fairview
PFISTER, WILLIAM H.  1-22-1890-7-24-1974 son of S&E WWI vet bur Falls
PHILLIPS, AMELIA J.  1-20-1900-2-21-1977 wife of Harley bur mem Lawns
                   LEORA M.  4-12-1917-10-30-1986 wife of Robert bur Falls
                   LEVI A.  12-21-1896-2-5-1977 bur Friends
                   ROBERT L.  11-27-1915-2-12-1973 bur Falls
                   THEODORE   age 77 died 8-3-1977 bur Friends
PICKLE, WILLIAM F.  2-8-1913-7-23-1986 WWII USN bur Mem Lawns
PIERCE, HARRY W.  1-12-1922-12-12-1982 WWII USN bur Oaklawn
                LOIS   6-5-1920-8-30-1977 wife of Harry bur Oaklawn
PIETY, EDITH A.  1-26-1898-8-27-1986 wife of Floyd bur Lafontaine IOOF
             VESTA   age 87 died 1-3-1978 bur Lafontaine IOOF
PIKE, ELSIE M.  7-20-1889-1-31-1978 dau of A&A bur Falls
PILGRIM, GARLE   4-17-1892-8-24-1973 son of W&A WWI vet bur Miss Mem
                   MERLE   2-15-1903-3-27-1982 wife of Garl bur Miss Mem
PINKERTON, WILBUR W.  5-20-1914-8-15-1982 bur Miss Mem
PIPER, ETHEL   age 89 died 6-12-1987 bur Lafontaine IOOF
             ETHEL M.  2-21-1885-7-24-1972 wife of Edward bur Pleasant Hill
             GLADYS M. SMITH   1-24-1903-1-20-1981 bur Fairview
PITTS, MAUDE M.  9-11-1898-10-7-1977 wife of Vane bur Friends
PLANK, EDITH A.  8-26-1894-3-1-1973 bur Falls
PLOTTS, MAUD I.  11-11-1885-2-22-1984 bur Falls
PLUMMER, CLARA I. JOHNSON   11-1-1886-11-13-1978 wife of V. Harrell & W. Plummer bur
                                                            Lafontaine IOOF
PLY, ALICE PORTER 8-19-1881-12-30-1973 wife of William bur Falls
          ELIZABETH J. GLAZIER   1-1-1910-12-11-1979 wife of Marvin bur Falls
          JOHN W.  2-19-1902-11-22-1983 son of H&I bur Falls
          VIRGINIA M.  8-9-1912-7-8-1981 dau G&I bur Falls
POBST, JAMES W.  4-13-1910-4-2-1988 bur Mem Lawns
POE, WILLIE R.  9-2-1900-12-1-1989 bur Lafontaine IOOF
POER, LOWELL S.  6-24-1905-6-21-1980 bur Fairview
POGUE, VAUGHN R.  8-26-1925-7-29-1987 son of L&G WWII USN bur Lafontaine IOOF
POLK, JAMES A.  2-1-1926-11-18-1976 USN WWII & Korea Army bur Mem Lawns
POND, FLORENCE A. VOTAW   10-7-1906-4-6-1987 wife of Darwin bur Mem Lawns
PONDER, BLAINE G.  2-3-1949-8-5-1989 son of S&E bur Falls
PONTIUS, ERNEST   5-20-1900-3-12-1983 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                   HELEN M. HAGGERTY   4-22-1907-1-6-1989 wife of Ernest bur Lafontaine IOOF
POOL, LEONARD D.  7-18-1889-9-5-1987 son of W&E bur Alger
POOLE, GERALD   1-5-1916-8-27-1984 son of Rowa bur Mem Lawns
               MAURICE L.  11-17-1910 son of J&M WWII and Korea AAC bur Mem Lawns
POOR, ELIZABETH A.  6-19-1925-6-20-1989 wife of Carl bur Miss Mem
PORE, JOHN   1-2-1914-8-1976 WWII Army bur Falls
PORMEN, GENE E.  6-28-1921-5-1976 son of R&G bur Miss Mem
                   GOLDA   7-25-1897-12-29-1979 wife of Roy bur Miss Mem
                   LARRY R.  age 30 died 4-24-1978 bur Miss Mem
PORTER, GORDON W.  3-7-1906-9-2-1979 bur Falls
                  HARRIET E.  8-3-1914-12-25-1973 1973 wife of H. Horner & O. Porter bur Falls
                  HERRICK C.  3-13-1900-11-19-1977 bur Friends
                  KATHRYN J. EASTERDAY   12-16-1936-3-4-1983 wife of John bur Falls
                  LAWRENCE E.  8-23-1937-4-16-1987 son of H&M bur Friends
                  LILLIAN M. TYNER   7-24-1918-10-4-1983 wife of Donald bur Falls
                  MIRIAM G. WOLFRUM   9-13-1905-12-27-1977 wife of Herrick bur Friends
                  ORVILLE H.  12-14-1898-1-14-1975 WWII vetson of O&D bur Falls
POTTENGER, ELIZABETH M. GRIST   7-23-1894-9-17-1975 wife of William bur Fairview
                         EVERETT R.  6-8-1911-6-21-1975 USN WWII bur Falls
                         FANNIE C. OHMART   10-7-1884-6-29-1979 wife of Cloyd bur Pleasant Hill
                         HOWARD A.  12-26-1910-12-31-1985 bur Falls
                         JOHN B.  4-6-1889-3-14-1975 bur Oaklawn
                         MARTHA M. RIFE   4-14-1912-8-18-1989 bur Friends
                         WILLIAM Y.  6-11-1893-2-14-1979 son of W&A bur Fairview
POTTER, GORDON L.  age 76 died 7-1976 WWI vet bur Falls
                 PAULINE G.  6-22-1901-12-4-1978 bur Falls
POTTERF, BLANCHE   9-2-1894-8-13-1973 dau of C&C bur Matlock
POULSON, LEON F.  2-6-1913-5-26-1985 bur Laketon
POWELL, DOROTHY   age 83 died 12-2-1984 bur Miss Mem
                  EDNA B.  9-14-1919-1-6-1977 wife of Glenn bur Falls
                  JOYCE L. BOWMAN   4-29-1949-12-5-1981 wife of Steven bur Roann Com
                  PAULETTE   10-16-1953-7-5-1978 wife of David bur Falls
                  SARAH E. BADGER   6-18-1903-1-23-1974 wife of Meade bur Miss Mem
PRATER, AUBREY   8-14-1922-1977 wife of Tom bur South Pleasant
                 DEWAYNE   stillborn 1-20-1984 son of D&T bur Oaklawn
                 EVA   8-17-1910-7-26-1983 wife of Taylor bur Oaklawn
                 JOHN   3-14-1925-12-18-1984 bur Falls
                 JUNIE D.  5-30-1916-10-20-1981 wife of Oliver bur Fairview
                ROXIE M.  11-19-1913-10-11-1976 wife of Robie bur Fairview
                 SHEILA F.  6-6-1968-2-18-1986 bur Oaklawn
                 STELLA M.  1-20-1905-5-31-1982 wife of S. Howard & J. Prater bur Oaklawn
                 TAYLOR   10-30-1908-7-9-1980 bur Oaklawn
PRATT, JEREMIAH   1-2-1927-3-24-1983 USAF bur Friends
              VINCENT J.  6-23-1958-2-28-1979 son of L&E bur Fairview
PREISER, ALBERT L.  10-5-1900-8-5-1987 bur Miss Mem
                  GLADYS BOWMAN   6-14-1908-1-9-1982 wife of Leo bur Miss Mem
PRESSLER, EVELYN   6-11-1913-2-3-1982 wife of Waldo bur Miss Mem
                     HAZEL M. WHITE   12-19-1893-9-27-1977 wife of Earl bur Miss Mem
                     LOUISE RISH   10-1-1896-9-18-1976 wife of Warren bur Falls
                     WALDO   9-24-1908-9-2-1982 son of C&M WWII Army bur Miss Mem
                     WILLIAM S.  9-27-1891-12-17-1978 son of George WWI vet bur Falls
PRESTON, FERN L. WINES   4-22-1907-7-26-1987 wife of James bur Roann Com
                   IMOGENE E.  8-27-1921-6-12-1981 bur Hopewell
                   RAY   10-5-1893-10-31-1973 veteran bur Roann Com
PRETORIUS, LEAH RIFE   9-3-1889-5-9-1979 wife of George bur Falls
                        MATILDA MATTERN   4-25-1888-2-1976 wife of Jacob bur Falls
PRICE, EUGENIA M. REED   6-11-1912-1-19-1987 wife of Gail bur Oaklawn
             EULA BARNETT   11-20-1886-8-9-1981 wife of Max bur Falls
             GAIL A.  8-19-1915-10-31-1988 WWII bur Oaklawn
             GOLDA R.  6-20-1889-3-9-1974 wife of James bur Laketon
             HELEN S.  8-22-1904-8-6-1973 wife of W. Chalmer bur Falls
             JAMES E.  2-13-1913-1-10-1982 bur Laketon
             JOHN   9-28-1921-9-28-1984 WWII bur Laketon 
             JOSEPHINE STONE   3-4-1883-3-4-1981 wife of Charles bur Laketon                                                                              
             JULIA A.  2-22-1892-2-25-1988 wife of F.A. bur Laketon
             OMA E.  3-8-1917-8-27-1987 wife of James E. bur Laketon
             ROGER I.  11-15-1931-11-29-1989 son of F&J Korea vet bur Oaklawn
PRICKETT, AGNES ELLIS   8-1-1899-10-8-1975 wife of William H. bur Mem Lawns
                     SARAH K. SIDERS   7-16-1930-10-15-1981 wife of Richard bur Friends
PRIETO, MIQUEL   age 2 died 10-1975 bur Friends
PRINTY, DOROTHY   2-24-1915-7-29-1974 wife of Robert bur Lagro
                ROBER T   8-11-1901-12-31-1981 son of E&R WWII vet bur Lagro
PRISER, HERBERT   8-17-1908-4-18-1972 owner Priser’s Cleaners 1946-62 WWII vet Silver Beaver 
                                     Award bur Oaklawn
                KENTON L.  10-29-1900-1-29-1974 bur Oaklawn
PROFFITT, FRANK   11-14-1925-9-25-1982 Army vet bur Friends
                    INFANT   stillborn 7-1976 son of D&L bur Lafontaine IOOF
PROSSER, GLENN A.  9-2-1902-11-6-1988 bur Oaklawn
PROVANCE, EDWARD L.  2-10-1908-8-10-1978 bur Falls
                        VELMA H.  1-28-1906-1-16-1974 wife of Edward bur Mem Lawns
PROVINES, JOHN S.  8-26-1890-10-14-1985 son of J&L bur Roann Com
PUDIS, ANSIS E.  2-12-1913-7-14-1982 bur Falls
PULLEY, LULA M. CRUMRINE   10-18-1890-12-30-1977 wife of Clarence bur Mem Lawns
                 WILBUR   10-8-1895-10-5-1977 WWI vet bur Miss mem
PURDY, HATTIE SIPOLE 6-6-1901-6-20-1989 wife of Guy bur Fairview
                HAZEL   6-27-1892-4-22-1975 dau of G&S bur Friends
                HOMER E.  6-3-1927-3-17-1989 son of H&C WWII Army bur Falls
                JOE A.  2-19-1929-9-1-1986 son of J&H bur Fairview
                PAUL G.  10-30-1909-3-19-1984 son of J&D bur Oaklawn
PURVIS, ABRAHAM   4-19-1907-12-13-1987 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                DAVE W.  1-22-1921-3-1975 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                LEAH ULSHAFER   10-3-1945-12-27-1977 bur Fairview
                MAMIE L.  7-20-1921-3-26-1980 wife of Abraham bur Lafontaine IOOF
PYLE, EMMA WHITE   2-17-1883-10-4-1981 wife of John bur Falls
            HAZEL J. BAKER   7-27-1905-9-24-1986 wife of Virgil bur Oaklawn
            VIRGIL K.  5-18-1904-9-1-1986 bur Oaklawn
QUICK, HELENE C. CLARK   3-30-1913-1-1975 wife of Irvin bur Oaklawn
QUILLIN, VERNON   1-18-1927-11-22-1982 WWII USN bur Fairview
QUINN, ALMA F.   9-4-1888-3-16-1972 bur Pleasant Hill
QUINTANA, FRANCISCO A.  3-7-1889-8-2-1973 bur Oaklawn
RACKAUSKAS, MARY P.   10-12-1908-12-4-1987 wife of G. Parker & J. Rackauskas bur Fairview
RAGAN, ETHEL KIRCHER   7-5-1896-2-11-1981 wife of James bur Falls
RAGER, ETHEL L. WHITE   10-4-1893-3-15-1979 wife of Harry bur Pleasant Hill
                JOHN F.  11-16-1886-8-2-1973 son of A&L bur Fairview
RAIKES, BRIAN D.  7-2-1962-7-12-1981 bur Mem Lawns
RAILSBACK, EDWARD A.  26-1907-9-5-1981 bur S. Pleasant
RAMEL, CARRIE I.  8-19-1895-4-4-1986 wife of Clarence bur Falls
                CLARENCE A.  3-14-1896-12-6-1978 WWI vet bur Falls
RAMER, ELIZA ECKELBARGER   9-20-1897-2-12-1982 wife of Montana bur Miss Mem
RAMEY, JEAN R.  9-30-1922-10-24-1975 son of D&I bur Pleasant Hill
RAMSEY, CLAUDE W.  2-17-1878-8-22-1975 bur Falls
                   ETHEL   1-3-1888-9-13-1978 wife of Wm bur Lafontaine IOOF
                   HARLEY E.  10-10-1906-9-28-1982 son of W&E bur Lafontaine IOOF
                   MAURINE L. HIPPENSTEEL age 86 died 12-20-1986 bur Fairview
                   ORVILLE G.  4-22-1909-12-25-1988 manager Lafontaine Elevator bur Lafontaine IOOF
RANCK, IVAN V.  4-1-1897-3-8-1982 son of M&S bur Lafontaine IOOF
                LEONA A.  1-11-1910-8-7-1987 wife of Royal bur Miss Mem
                LOIS E. SLOOP   1-30-1901-11-7-1984 wife of Ivan bur Lafontaine IOOF
RANDOL, DEANNA S.  3-15-1975-8-19-1976 dau of D&B bur Roann Com
RANGEL, CYNTHIA   12-17-1960-4-7-1974 bur Friends
RANTZ, ETHEL   12-22-1915-5-4-1972 dau of O&E bur Roann Com
               JOHN R.  9-8-1914-5-13-1978 bur Roann Com
               ROBERT F.  3-1-1921-12-5-1972 son of O&E artist and novelist wrote “The Black Hat” set in 
                                     Roann bur Roann Com
               THELMA V.  6-5-1902-3-28-1978 wife of Loren bur Roann Com
RAPP, 	AGNES F. MATTOX   1-2-1904-3-12-1980 wife of George bur Center Grove
              CLARENCE   5-5-1906-1-15-1982 son of E&M bur Lafontaine IOOF
              ELIZABETH   8-6-1908-11-7-1977 wife of Orville bur Mem Lawns
              GENEVA RAPP DILLON   11-20-1906-12-21-1985 wife of Clarence bur Lafontaine IOOF 
              GEORGE C.  9-21-1900-7-28-1982 son of C&M bur Center Grove 
              HAROLD   age 82 died 11-9-1981 bur Lafontaine IOOF
              JOSEPHINE   age 83 died 7-17-1988 bur Lafontaine IOOF
              LORIN L.  2-8-1904-1-23-1979 son of C&M served in Greece with South Conference after WWII 
                                 bur Center Grove
RAPOSA, FRANCES E.  3-1-1906-2-19-1975 wife of E. O’Brien bur Falls
RATEKIN, ERNEST   5-30-1895-6-12-1986 bur Mem Lawns
                    NELLIE P.  4-1-1904-6-6-1979 wife of Ernest bur Mem Lawns
RAUTENKRANZ, JOHN A.  1-9-1926-10-14-1975 bur Oaklawn
                                ROBERT   12-9-1918-12-30-1977 USN bur Pleasant Hill
RAVENSCROFT, NICOLE   born & died 6-24-1985 dau of T&J bur Falls
RAY, CATHERINE I.  age 91 died 11-13-1989 bur Falls
           GARLAND E.  8-31-1906-2-2-1974 son of T&I bur Laketon
           GENEVIEVE R.  5-13-1907-1-7-1980 wife of James bur Matlock
           JAMES D.  4-3-1914-10-9-1983 son of T&I WWII Army bur Matlock
           LAWRENCE E.  8-26-1904-12-8-1975 bur Roann Com
           LILLIE B.  9-9-1888-2-11-1984 wife of J. Rogers & K Ray bur Fairview
           MATTIE SPIECE   7-13-1886-12-11-1973 wife of Richard bur Roann Com
           RICHARD J.  died 12-23-1986 bur Roann Com
           ROBERT M.  5-9-1953-12-29-1984 son of R&E bur Falls
           RUTH L.  7-17-1915-7-29-1974 wife of Garland bur Laketon
READY, DONN   8-4-1902-8-22-1987 wife of H.P. Vickery bur Center Grove
REAHARD, GEORGE F.  12-26-1912-2-15-1975 son of C&P bur Mem Lawns
                      IDA E. MILLER   8-3-1898-1-5-1986 wife of Walter bur Fairview
                      PAULINE HENSLER   11-15-1912-3-20-1978 owner Snack Shop wife of Hugh bur Falls
                      PEARL M. RAMEY   8-27-1883-8-18-1972 wife of Charles bur Laketon
                      RICKY A.  2-28-1962-5-25-1981 son of G&S bur Mem Lawns
                      SHIRLEY G. PATTON   12-18-1937-5-20-1973 wife of Charles bur Mem Lawns
REAM, C. KENNETH   4-15-1899-9-29-1975 bur Oaklawn
              ESTELLA I.  1-14-1901-5-1976 wife of C. Kenneth bur Oaklawn
              JOHN K.  6-4-1914-11-11-1988 son of J&C owner Village Hamlet Trailer Court WWII USN
                              Seabees bur Oaklawn
REBONE, CLAIRE   1-3-1918-5-28-1987 wife of Joseph bur Oaklawn
REED, ANCIL O.  3-17-1906-9-1-1984 bur Roann
            BETTY J.  7-2-1930-12-28-1985 wife of Donald bur Oaklawn
            EDWARD D.  1-18-1896-1-31-1979 WWI vet bur Oaklawn
            HOWARD W.  6-30-1914-10-10-1983 bur Oaklawn
            IVA   died 10-1972 wife of Raymond bur Falls
            JERRY A.  5-22-1952-8-21-1983 son of C&E bur Falls
            LAWRENCE T.  age 76 died 1-20-1986 bur Center Grove
            LEE   4-21-1893-8-21-1978 bur Oaklawn
            SUSAN N.  12-24-1894-8-6-1973 wife of Harry bur Falls
REEVES, MABEL GAMBLE   12-14-1882-5-2-1972 bur Falls
REFFITT, ETHEL O.  8-24-1921-11-16-1988 wife of Hobart bur Fairview
REHAK, FALDY V.  1-27-1895-12-9-1976 owner Rehak Bakery bur Falls
REIKEN, EVA M.  3-17-1903-3-14-1975 wife of Richard bur Fairview
                 FRED D.   2-27-1903-5-10-1974 bur Fairview
                 HENRY D.  11-15-1893-6-8-1973 WWI vet bur Laketon
                 WILLIAM R.  3-26-1900-1985 bur Fairview
REIFF, AUDREY D.  10-14-1898-11-11-1987 wife of Oscar bur Fairview
             DORA I. WONDERLY   7-28-1877-7-18-1977 wife of Henry bur Oaklawn
             JACK O.  4-7-1921-12-28-1988 son of O&A owner Reiff TV bur Fairview
             SUSIE SMITH   2-28-1883-5-1975 wife of Alfred bur Fairview
RENBARGER, ELBERT   6-14-1903-3-15-1989 son of C&O bur Miss Mem
                          LENA M.  1-8-1900-11-10-1982 bur Miss Mem
                          LUCILLE C. KEAFFABER   4-21-1911-10-26-1986 wife of Robert bur Mem Lawns
                          OLIVE   age 89 died 5-1972 wife of Clyde bur Miss Mem
RENICKER, CLARA K. METZGER   6-6-1894-3-25-1973 wife of Fred Old Order Ger Bapt
                      DOROTHY LESTER   12-10-1906-6-12-1984 wife of Ray bur Oaklawn
                      ELDO M.  2-11-1898-5-13-1977 bur Old Ger Bapt
                      KENNETH H.  6-21-1903-1-13-1986 bur Old Ger Bapt
                      MARTHA S.  7-2-1898-8-24-1989 wife of Eldo bur Old Ger Bapt
                      SUSIE M.  3-17-1909-12-24-1987 bur Old Ger Bapt
RENN, FREDERICK C.  12-6-1927-2-19-1983 WWII bur Miss Mem
RENNAKER, FRED   4-5-1907-2-17-1987 son of E&M bur Miss Mem
                        M. MARIE   1-7-1902-10-17-1988 dau of W&M bur Emery
                        SARAH E. DEAL   5-16-1907-6-1-1989 wife of Fred bur Miss Mem
RENO, GOLDA M. HENRY   2-5-1891-3-9-1975 wife of Arthur bur Falls
RENSBERGER, H. LYLE   8-10-1928-6-22-1983 Korea vet bur Roann Com
RENZ, WILMA E.  7-17-1950-12-15-1984 wife of Richard bur Fairview
REPLOGLE, HAROLD H.  7-14-1894-2-1975 son of A&E attorney with Interstate Commerce Com. for 30
                                              years bur Lafontaine IOOF
RESLER, EDITH B. KEITH   11-7-1902-3-26-1989 wife of Floyd but Wallace
RETTIG, EDITH   4-26-1921-4-27-1977 wife of George bur Mem Lawns
                ETHEL GARNER   9-7-1899-9-4-1978 wife of Frank bur Friends
                GEORGE O.  age 74 died 9-13-1977 bur Falls
REYNOLDS, EDWARD S.  11-14-1883-11-18-1974 bur Falls
                        MARJORIE J. EMRICK   3-29-1926-6-13-1985 wife of James bur Mem Lawns
RHOADES, CHAUNCEY   3-17-1941-8-19-1988 son of C&H Natl Guard bur Mem Lawns
                     CHAUNCEY   3-2-1909-4-26-1983 son of C&S owner Rhoades Trailer Ct bur Mem Lawns
                     CHERYL L.  age 20 died 8-11-1978 bur Old Ger Bapt
                     HELEN G. LEHMAN   3-30-1914-10-26-1977 wife of Chauncey bur Mem Lawns
                     WAYNE L.  9-1-1926-5-4-1978 Korea vet owner Rhoades Auto Repair bur Oaklawn
RHODES, HAZEL HEETER   2-17-1900-1976 wife of L. Flitcraft & R. Rhodes bur S. Pleasant
RIBLEY, ARLO E.  6-16-1898-12-27-1977 bur Pleasant Hill
                LEON J.  9-25-1894-10-9-1983 bur Fairview
RICE, CORA KEAFFABER   9-7-1900-6-16-1983 wife of Jacob bur St. Peters
           DORTHY I.  1-28-1912-1-9-1983 wife of Elmer bur St. Peters
           ELMER I.  10-301909-2-10-1989 son of L&E bur St. Peters
           GEORGE P.  12-21-1907-7-2-1982 pub Middletown News bur Greenwood
           LAWRENCE R.  8-12-1901-9-29-1978 son of G&S bur Falls
           MARY E.  1-18-1913-12-8-1985 wife of mark bur Falls
           RUTH WINESBURG   11-28-1891-7-24-1973 wife of Lozier bur Oaklawn
           WALLACE E.  age 68 died 9-16-1978 bur Fairview
RICHARDS,   ANSON L.  6-22-1899-8-29-1986 son of J&A bur Miss Mem 
                        CARL E.  11-8-1891-4-27-1898 son of W&M bur Fairview
                        CLARA E. BROOKS 10-17-1893-10-7-1988 wife of C. Hettler & H. Richards bur Laketon
                        DORIS SMYERS   11-6-1913-10-3-1980 wife of W. Freeman & J. Richards bur Falls 
                        HERBERT F.   9-21-1883-10-15-1974 bur Oaklawn
                        PAUL A.  8-23-1906-3-26-1980 son of W&E bur Friends
                        VERSEL L. RIDENOUR   11-3-1909-8-23-1989 wife of Paul bur Friends
RICHARDSON, E. LAONORA YENTES   5-7-1904-4-29-1985 wife of Harold bur Roann Ccom
                            EARL L.  5-21-1924-10-1-1987 bur Friends
                            ELVIN G.  9-8-1915-7-5-1985 son of H&L bur Falls
                            HAROLD   7-31-1902-8-31-1989 son of E&C bur Roann Com
                            HUGH E.  7-19-1892-12-23-1978 son of E&C bur Mem Lawns
                            JOSHUA T.  born & died 7-7-1988 son of T&B bur Falls
                            LOUIE J. DAWES   1-24-1892-1976 wife of Hugh bur Mem Lawns
RICHWINE, ARLA V.  11-25-1882-10-25-1973 wife of Otto bur Center Grove
                      KENNETH L.  1-2-1905-1-4-1981 son of O&A bur Falls
                      MARIE M. KRAMER   1-9-1909-1-20-1983 wife of Kenneth bur Falls
                      MICHAEL T.  2-22-1968-10-5-1988 son of T&R bur Mem Lawns
RICKERT, HOMER A.  5-27-1903-6-18-1981 son of F&M bur Fairview
                   MARY P.  1-31-1906-7-1-1989 wife of Homer bur Fairview
RICKMAN, MARY   12-26-1916-12-15-1984 dau of O&H bur Falls
RIDENOUR, AMANDA SPENCE   11-11-1883-8-29-1977 wife of S. Thompson & F. Ridenour 
                                                            grandparents J&R McClintock and P&A Spence DAR bur Rennaker
                       BARBARA A.  2-21-1928-4-3-1987 wife of Glenn bur Friends
                       DONALD   5-18-1910-2-23-1983 son of G&N bur Friends
                       EDITH M. PETRY   5-23-1881-3-4-1981 wife of Ira bur Matlock
                       ELSIE C.  11-10-1898-12-9-1973 dau of E&J bur Friends
                       EURAH B.  1-5-1886-4-30-1979 wife of Elmer bur Friends
                       JOHN S.  8-17-1900-10-29-1975 son of J&L bur Roann Com
                       LOLA B. DURNBAUGH   2-27-1902-4-1976 wife of John bur Roann
                       LUCILLE I. CATTIN   9-12-1901-3-7-1987 wife of Eldo bur Friends
                       MARVIN E.  2-3-1903-12-27-1976 bur Friends
                       MARY E. DUNPHY   10-2-1892-2-22-1983 wife of Levi bur Friends
                       MYRON   3-17-1904-1-1972 bur Friends
                       NELLIE S. VOTAW   12-27-1884-10-27-1978 wife of David bur Lutheran
                       ROBERT L.  3-9-1905-4-12-1980 son of E&E bur Friends
                       RUSSELL E.  3-14-1907-8-18-1984 son of W&E bur Miss Mem
RIDGEWAY, ANNA M.  age 78 died 6-1974 bur Lagro
                       GERTRUDE CUSTER   3-10-1893-4-13-1977 wife of Ralph bur Matlock
                        HANNA M.  died 6-2-1974 bur Lagro
                        MAX L.  2-24-1940-9-29-1979 son of M&M murdered bur Mem Lawns
                        THERLE D.  12-8-1896-9-7-1980 son of O&L WWI vet bur Friends
                        VESTA M. UNGER   1-4-1897-6-27-1989 wife of Therle bur Friends
RIDGWAY, DONA   age 77 died 4-4-1982 wife of Glen bur Mem Lawns
RIFE, CLAUDE   11-3-1921-5-23-1979 son of Merle bur Friends
           ELTA M. SWIHART   6-29-1903-12-26-1986 wife of Lozier bur Roann Com
           ERNEST   4-12-1901-9-15-1974 bur Friends
           JENNIE L.  1-12-1892-10-31-1984 wife of J. Weber & W. Rife bur Laketon
           JENNIE P. WELLER   3-23-1891-5-1-1973 wife of Wilford bur Pleasant Hill
           LORAN G.  6-4-1885-3-18-1978 son of D&M bur Friends
           LOZIER L.  8-21-1895-8-25-1973 son of D&M bur Roann Comm
           MABEL V. MURPHY   10-20-1894-7-9-1980 wife of Earl bur Friends
           RUTH MILTONBERGER   8-18-1906-6-17-1972 bur Falls
           WILFORD E.  5-23-1890-12-8-1976 Richland twp trustee bur Pleasant Hill
RINEARSON, EDNA M.  4-20-1902-7-1-1981 wife of Walter bur Mem Lawns
                         FLORA J.  age 54 died 7-1976 bur Friends
                         GERALD B.  6-7-1942-12-15-1989 son of I&F bur Friends
RING, ETHEL M.  3-6-1898-12-16-1979 wife of R. McDaniel & A. Ring bur Falls
            GERTRUDE A. ARMSTRONG   11-30-1906-11-26-1988 wife of E.J. bur Lafontaine IOOF
            MARY M.  8-21-1891-10-29-1977 dau of C&L bur Falls
            WILLIAM J.  11-25-1922-10-31-1984 WW II AAC bur Mem Lawns
RINGBAUGH, BERNICE GARST   6-5-1891-3-11-1984 wife of V. Shellhamer & S. Ringbaugh bur Miss
                          S.J.  2-28-1895-2-28-1979 bur Miss Mem
RINGEL, LEWIS R.  11-7-1911-12-5-1982 bur Mem Lawns
RINGENBERG, NELLIE E.  12-26-1885-6-5-1975 wife of D bur Oaklawn
                            ROBERT W.  9-20-1925-11-24-1988 bur Oaklawn
RISH, EDITH M. MIPE   12-28-1891-6-18-1974 wife of Omer bur Falls
           ELOISE BARKER   6-9-1916-11-28-1977 wife of Howard bur 
           HOWARD E.  5-3-2929-8-15-1974 son of O&E USN WWII bur Friends
           ROBERT O.  3-17-1912-10-5-1979 son of O&E owned Rish Moving & Storage Co. and
                                  partner Bob Rish Home Insulation since 1947 bur Friends
           RUTH H. MONTGOMERY   1-17-1908-8-18-1983 bur Falls
           WINIFRED L. 6-3-1891-1-20-1984 wife of Sherman bur Falls
RISHLING, VIONA L.  5-19-1903-1-19-1982 wife of Linley bur Falls
RITTENHOUSE, LOUISE B. BRADY   7-26-1904-6-8-1981 wife of Wayne bur Falls
                              WAYNE M.  3-3-1904-1977 son of E&E bur Falls
ROBBINS, LOWELL B.  4-28-1914-12-29-1976 bur Falls
ROBERSON, JOSEPHINE HALL   12-13-1915-11-18-1982 wife of Charles bur Miss Mem
                       MARY A.  5-27-1906-8-3-1981 bur Matlock
ROBERTS, DONALD C.  5-26-1909-2-23-1984 son of P&M bur Oaklawn
                    DORIS J.  8-28-1902-10-2-1989 dau of P&M bur Pleasant Grove
                    ELIZABETH   9-8-1890-11-25-1978 wife of Horace bur Oaklawn
                    GOLDA M. FREY   10-8-1882-7-5-1975 wife of H. Johnson & O. Roberts bur Oaklawn
                    HAROLD   10-22-1897-11-19-1973 son of E&L bur Matlock
                    KENNETH   11-21-1898-10-28-1986 bur Hopewell
                    MARY M. JUDY   1-17-1905-12-8-1989 wife of Kenneth bur Hopewell
                    RUTH H.  8-1-1891-4-11-1984 wife of Frank bur Emery
ROBERTSON, BEULAH C.  3-19-1924-6-12-1989 wife of C. Warmuth & F. Robertson bur Laketon
                          ROE   age 70 died 6-9-1988 bur Miss Mem
ROBIANA, ROSARIO   3-5-1905-9-12-1974 bur St. Patricks
ROBINSON, CHARLES F.  5-29-1918-8-20-1986 bur Oaklawn
                       ERVIN W.  8-10-1892-1-2-1984 WWI USN bur Roann Com
                       IVY   10-23-1907-6-22-1972 wife of Clayton bur Lagro
                       SHERWOOD   3-5-1910-5-16-1987 WWII Army bur Miss Mem
ROBISON, HELEN HENRY   7-9-1915-12-14-1978 wife of Walter bur Falls
                    NEVA P.  8-16-1913-11-27-1987 wife of Ervin bur Roann Com
                    WALTER A.  5-22-1910-2-11-1972 bur Falls
ROBY, ELIZA FRANTZ   9-17-1874-1-9-1974 wife of Ira bur Miss Mem
             HOWARD   10-9-1907-10-23-1983 son of I&E bur Miss Mem
             OREN   8-12-1894-9-12-1980 son of I&E bur Miss Mem
ROCKWELL, JOHN D.  4-25-1892-2-1976 bur Old Ger Bapt
                        LAURA B.  7-1-1904-1-17-1982 wife of John bur Old Ger Bapt
                        THOMAS   age 88 died 11-9-1979 bur Falls
RODOCKER, ELNORA KLICK   1-24-1888-10-30-1972 wife of Adam bur Fairview
ROGERS, GREGORY L.  1-13-1966-10-22-1982 bur Oaklawn
                  JOHN   7-22-1913-8-2-1987 bur Mem Lawns
                  LILLIE V. SPEICHER   11-19-1886-4-1975 wife of J. Frank bur Speicher
                  MARJORIE M.  8-9-1901-11-6-1973 wife of James bur Falls
                  MEREDITH   11-1-1916-5-15-1986 bur Falls
                  PEARL E.  8-11-1878-7-18-1972 wife of S.A. bur Roann
                  RESSIE E.  5-28-1923-11-4-1975 wife of John bur Mem Lawns
ROGGE, ERNEST G.  3-2-1881-4-10-1972 son of J&B bur Falls
ROHRER, MARY E.  3-11-1898-12-23-1977 wife of Charles bur West Manchester
                  WILLARD P.  1-29-1906-11-25-1987 bur Falls
RONK, ALBERT T.  6-2-1886-10-1972 author bur Oaklawn
             GOLDIE E.  5-11-1888-8-1975 wife of Albert bur Oaklawn
ROONEY, MABEL   4-30-1917-10-5-1981 wife of Travis bur West Manchester
                  MARION   age 65 died 1-1972 owner Leghorn Farm & Hatchery bur Oaklawn
ROOT, HAZEL M.  12-13-1901-7-4-1983 wife of Joel bur Old Ger Bapt
ROSE, ROBERT O.  5-2-1900-12-10-1973 son of E&E bur Falls
ROSEN, JANET M. HARTSOUGH   2-26-1943-12-28-1982 wife of James bur Fairview
ROSENTHAL,  AMILLA I.  8-27-1900-8-21-1986 wife of W. Gaff & D. Rosenthal bur Roann Com
                          DWIGHT T.  5-11-1898-2-1976 son of H&W bur 
ROSER, CARL   12-13-1901-12-9-1979 bur Friends
               GRACE WOLFE   1-25-1899-11-26-1978 wife of A. launder & E. Roser bur St. Peters
ROSS, CLAUDIA J.  6-13-1886-5-21-1975 wife of Clarence bur Miss Mem
            CLIFFORD E.  2-28-1912-5-29-1979 son of C&C bur Mem Lawns
            DAVID J.  7-4-1956-12-24-1984 son of J&W bur Miss Mem
            FORREST B.  3-21-1928-3-23-1984 son of C&C Army vet. Bur Falls
            HOMER E.  8-30-1908-5-30-1981 bur Mem Lawns
            HUGH D.  age 50 died 4-1-1987 bur Falls
            JACK D.  4-16-1919-4-13-1973 bur Center Grove
            JUDSON K.  12-5-1895-3-1973 WWI Army vet bur Falls
            KENNETH J.  8-9-1910-5-26-1981 son of C&C WWII bur Friends
            MICHAEL L.  5-12-1949-4-7-1989 bur Miss Mem
            MYRTLE M. HANLEY   1-11-1881-8-17-1972 wife of C. Christman & C. Ross bur Fairview
            RICHARD M.  12-18-1890-5-9-1975 bur Oaklawn
            WILLIAM   8-2-1902-11-16-1984 bur Falls
ROTH, HELEN E. STOOPS   7-12-1901-11-28-1982 wife of Paul bur Hopewell
             PAUL   5-21-1898-12-1976 bur Hopewell
ROTHERMEL, RICHARD   10-25-1920-3-15-1981 WWII Army bur Falls
                          MARTHA NEEDHAM   9-3-1920-7-27-1974 wife of A. Kramer & R. Rothermel bur Falls
ROUSH, LURA I. HAYES   12-2-1897-1-1976 wife of Lamoine bur Laketon
ROW, GORDON L.  4-21-1904-8-23-1975 son of C&T bur Miss Mem
ROYER, BETTY L. FANNING   1-26-1894-4-8-1980 wife of Howard bur Fairview
                LYDICE   1-6-1896-2-9-1983 dau of M&I bur Fairview
RUCH, ELSIE M.  3-11-1894-1-27-1974 wife of Walter bur Roann Com
RUCKER, DEAN   10-5-1957-1-1972 bur Friends
                  JAMES T.  3-16-1906-5-20-1980 bur Friends
                  MABEL A.  3-6-1925-1-1972 bur Friends
RUCKMAN, PAUL D.  3-26-1908-1-11-1985 bur Laketon
RUDICEL, BERTOLD   age 74 died 3-1974 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                   ESTHER M. COX   9-23-1902-7-5-1986 wife of Alvah bur Falls
RUDIG, AMANDA SCHENKEL   1-25-1890-1-1976 wife of George bur Falls
RUMPF, AUGUST   3-17-1903-11-10-1974 son of D&M bur Falls
               CHARLES   6-4-1900-11-11-1974 son of D&M bur Falls
               HERMAN   10-3-1895-4-18-1975 son of D&M bur Falls
RUNKEL, FLOSSIE A.  12-27-1893-2-14-1979 wife of Roy bur Mem Lawns
RUNNER, GLADYS NOFTZGER   4-29-1891-8-11-1979 wife of Claude bur Oaklawn
RUPPEL, GLENN W.  5-18-1905-8-26-1986 son of C&M NM Jaycees outstanding citizen 1969 bur
                 JOSEPH W.  3-3-1911-2-28-1977 son of C&M WWII owner Ruppel’s Gifts & Electric 1928-64, 
                                       vp Trick’s Supply Co 1951-74 bur Oaklawn
RUSE, BUFORD A.  age 57 died 8-1973 bur Fairview
            HARVEY L.  11-20-1888-3-18-1986 bur Fairview
            HAZEL H. SHIVELY   8-23-1889-12-27-1973 wife of Roy bur Fairview
            HOLLY G.  10-1-1895-6-17-1989 son of A&E bur Fairvieiw
            SYLVIA   8-10-1897-6-12-1986 wife of Holly bur Fairview
RUSH, EUGENE F.  11-6-1914-12-21-1974 bur Oaklawn
            RUTH A GROSSNICKLE   4-24-1922-4-10-1989 wife of Eugene bur Oaklawn
RUSSELL, A. LUCILE   12-29-1912-9-1-1986 wife of George bur Mem Lawns
                   BLANCHE CAMPBELL   1880-5-1972 wife of William bur Lagro
                   CHARLES L.  11-14-1903-3-7-1989 son of D&D bur Hopewell
                   KENNETH B.  9-27-1900-1-5-1981 bur Miss Mem
                   MARY S.  2-11-1883-6-10-1973 wife of Robert bur Laketon
                   NELLE B.  age 82 died 3-6-1985 bur Miss Mem
                   ROBERT W.  1-28-1916-3-10-1984 bur Falls
                   THELMA   3-1-1909-6-1976 wife of William bur Mem Lawns
                   VERA S.  6-16-1911-11-4-1980 wife of Charles bur Hopewell
                   WILLIAM B.  3-14-1906-3-19-1974 bur Mem Lawns
RYBARCZYK, THOMAS F.  12-28-1911-12-18-1985 bur Oaklawn
SAGER. RICHARD L.  6-28-1944-5-25-1989 son of J&H bur Friends
SAILORS, DERWARD   11-1-1901-7-18-1973 son of O&G WWII vet bur Mem Lawns
                   DONALD B.  6-25-1926-7-17-1989 son of D&B USN WWII bur Falls
                   ERTHA KLINE   2-8-1899-12-11-1983 wife of H. Lilves & D. Sailors bur Mem Lawns
                   GRACE   3-2-1903-7-15-1986 wife of Harry bur Lafontaine IOOF
                   HOWARD R.  4-22-1904-3-1975 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                   RUSSELL L.  5-13-1952-11-6-1987 bur Lafontaine IOOF
SALYERS, WILBUR H.  11-21-1949-11-17-1977 Army 1969 bur Mem Lawns
SAMONS, DORA   12-10-1908-7-15-1986 wife of Brown bur Falls
SAMPLE, AUDRY   1-17-1898-9-29-1973 bur Falls
                 BETHANIE K.  5-26-1949-2-25-1979 bur Miss Mem
                  FLOYD   1-17-1898-10-1973 bur Falls
                  PANSY R.  3-24-1899-11-4-1983 wife of Audrey bur Falls
SAMPSON, MAIZIE HUDDLESTON   11-7-1893-4-26-1978 wife of Willard bur Friends
                     WILLARD B.  11-12-1894-4-1976 son of F&E WWI vet bur Falls
SANDBERG, GEORGE W.  2-10-1922-4-24-1978 bur Friends
                        IRMA E.  4-12-1913-4-17-1980 wife of George bur Friends
SANDERS, GARNET   11-16-1892-5-29-1987 wife of Loy bur Fairview
SANDLEBACK, EVERETTA E.  8-16-1917-12-17-1978 wife of Harold bur Falls
SANDOZ, MARJORIE   9-16-1901-2-17-1984 wife of Harry bur Oaklawn
SANDS, BLANCHE L.  8-17-1889-2-4-1984 wife of Lee bur Falls
               RICHARD O.  5-16-1908-5-1976 bur Fairview
SANGER. MARY E. FULTON   11-22-1887-9-9-1974 wife of V. Heckman & P. Sanger bur Pleasant Hill
SARK, CECIL A. KANOWER   8-8-1889-5-13-1972 wife of Harry bur Hopewell
SAUL, JESSIE   age 74 died 10-21-1978 bur Lafontaine IOOF
SAULMAN, ALMA P. BEEKS   12-11-1903-7-9-1982 wife of Lilburn bur Friends
                      JAMES D.  11-27-1951-4-23-1973 son of J&M USMC Vietnam bur Friends
                      LILBURN   10-10-1901-3-2-1975 bur Friends
SAUSAMAN, CARRIE   10-30-1890-11-19-1981 dau of F&L baur Oaklawn
                         CHESTER E.  2-20-1896-7-31-1988 bur Roann Com
                         MARY R.  11-12-1898-7-16-1989 wife of Ralph bur Roann Com
                         RALPH H.  2-17-1898-2-5-1986 bur Roann Com
SAVESKY, JEROME H.  age 67 died 5-15-1985 WWII bur Jewish Cem
SAWYER, JOHN C.  9-6-1910-1-21-1982 son of C&G WWII Army bur Mem Lawns
SAYLOR, FRANK   3-7-1914-7-16-1981 bur Friends
                  OPAL   1-8-1916-6-1-1984 wife of Frank bur Friends
SCHAFFER, DEXTER   2-2-1888-10-16-1976 bur Friends
SCHAULAUB, EMET   7-2-1892-10-20-1983 USN WWI bur Fairview
                           NELLIE STAVER   7-4-1897-3-31-1986 wife of Ernest E. bur Fairview
SCHAUS, ORVILLE C.  7-14-1923-5-1974 WWII bur Miss Mem
SCHEERER,  ANNA E.  11-27-1898-10-29-1979 wife of Lewis bur Falls
                       CARL F. 5-6-1895-4-29-1982 owner Diehl Swimming Pool WWI bur Falls
                       CARY E. ALEXANDER   11-1-1889-6-17-1988 wife of Charles bur Fairview
                       LILLIAN E.  2-8-1898-12-17-1987 dau of J&C bur Falls
                       WENDEL M.  3-19-1909-4-1976 son of J&C Manchester town board 1952-6 bur Oaklawn
SCHEFFER, BETTE L.  9-24-1924-1983 wife of Lawrence bur Mt Pleasant
SCHEIBEL, MARY L. MCCARTER   10-21-1915-9-26-1975 wife of Ewald bur Falls
SCHENKEL, CARL J.  5-25-1910-2-20-1973 son of P&T bur Roann Com
                       CHARLES A.  8-17-1884-11-30-1977 son of P&M bur Falls
                       EDNA SINCLAIR   7-10-1907-8-12-1985 wife of Arthur bur Center Grove
                       MARY C.  12-28-1913-6-11-1988 wife of C.J. bur Roann Com
SCHEPLER, DONALD H.  4-11-1928-9-12-1984 vet Korea bur Half Acre
SCHETZSLE, LEONARD G.  3-1-1907-6-28-1987 bur Falls
SCHEUMANN, GLADYS   10-15-1904-2-4-1983 wife of D. Fawley & L. Scheumann bur Oaklawn
SCHILING, BONNIE CRIPE   1-6-1922-3-19-1988 wife of Dean bur Oaklawn
SCHIPPER,  E. ARNOLD    9-9-1903-2-2-1982 bur West Manchester Cem.
SCHLEMMER, DAVID J.  age 30 d. 7-1976 bur Laketon
                           ELIZABETH J.  age 4 mos died 7-29-1985 dau of J&M bur Friends
                           EMMA   4-1-1881-1-11-1977 dau of A&A bur Falls
                           JON   2-26-1951-7-28-1985 son of B&M president Schlemmer Bros Metal Works bur
                           JOSIE B.  9-20-1890-4-27-1985 wife of Paul bur Falls
                           KATHALEEN L.  3-4-1920-5-21-1979 wife of Edward bur Mem Lawns
                           MABEL A.  12-16-1894-12-5-1985 wife of Walter bur Falls
                           MARJORIE   age 78 died 10-28-1977 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                           PAUL H.  12-14-1892-12-16-1977 son of J&E bur Falls
                           WALTER   1-7-1893-5-27-1984 son of J&E WWI bur Falls
SCHLOOT, PHYLLIS J.  5-7-1930-8-19-1985 wife of William bur Friends
SCHMALZRIED, CARL O.  10-11-1899-7-19-1986 son of J&L bur St. Peters
                              JAMES A.  9-17-1954-11-20-1983 son of N&R graphic artist but Hopewell
                              PAUL H.  2-12-1911-10-8-1977 son of A&E bur St. Peters
                              ROBERT L.  3-2-1917-9-20-1988 son of J&T Independent Sporting Goods Retailer of
                                                     the Year 1976; Ntl Sporting Goods Assoc. Hall of Fame 1987 bur
                              SARRAH E. EADS   7-1-1915-12-13-1976 wife of Paul bur St. Peters
                              TRESSA V. TALBERT   5-18-1891-9-27-1981 wife of Jacob bur Hopewell
SCHMELING, CATHERINE   7-22-1902-10-11-1980 wife of B. Robinson, H. Poland & R. Schmeling bur 
SCHMIDT, JEREMY   1-23-1984-12-28-1984 son of K&A bur Oaklawn
SCHNAR, HARRY A.  6-29-1891-8-5-1975 son of T&M WWII bur Matlock
SCHNEIDER, EMMA   1884-9-1973 wife of Fred but St. Peters
                        ESTHER L. PLY   2-9-1899-3-17-1976 wife of Earl bur Falls
                        RICHARD M.  1-6-1922-11-2-1981 son of E&E USN WWII bur Falls
SCHNELL, VICTOR A.  2-13-1893-2-5-1979 son of C&R bur Falls
SCHNEPP, LOWELL D.  1-23-1921-2-13-1979 bur Fairview
SCHOLES, GEORGE H.  11-22-19127-4-18-1980 son of J&L Army vet bur Falls
SCHOOLEY, MARGARET HOLCOM   8-15-1904-1-30-1989 wife of Perry bur Miss Mem
SCHORNICK, MARY E.  died 6-26-1982 bur Falls
SCHRADER, BETTY J.  6-19-1923-6-12-1987 wife of Earl bur Friends
                       DALE D.  7-6-1934-1-22-1975 son of L&T veteran 1956-8 bur Roann Com
SCHROLL, DORA E. STELLER   4-15-1887-2-6-1972 wife of Ellery bur Fairview
                    GENE E.  6-29-1928-1-7-1987 son of S&R research chemist bur Fairview
                    HELEN L. VROOMAN   9-12-1909-6-30-1983 wife of Ross bur Fairview
                    STUART B.  8-11-1895-2-8-1974 son of W&A WWI pvt Batry B 69th Fld Arty bur Fairview
SCHUBERT, ILO G.   2-8-1898-9-2-1974 wife of Milton bur Oaklawn
SCHUCKARD, RUTH M.  2-2-1917-3-15-1987 wife of Walter bur Falls
                           WALTER F.  3-9-1909-11-24-1978 WWII vet bur Falls
SCHULER, CLARENCE B.  3-4-1905-5-24-1975 son of R&M bur Roann
                    MAUDE E. SMITH   1-12-1878-4-22-1973 wife of Ralph bur Roann Com
                    ROBERT J.  8-26-1910-6-30-1988 son of H&M WWII Army bur Falls
                    VIRGIL P.  5-1890-6-15-1973 son of J&J USMC WWI & WWII bur Roann Com
SCHULTZ, IRENE SMITH   9-15-1912-10-13-1982 wife of Paul bur Friends
                    PAUL H.  6-8-1915-12-17-1988   son of H&E WWII USN Seabees; owner of Jonathan’s bur 
                                      St. Peters
                    ROBERT R.  9-18-1939-3-21-1984 bur Roann Com
                    VIOLA   died 5-4-1972 bur St. Peters
                    VIRGIL L.  7-7-1917-1-8-1987 son of H&E WWII USN bur St. Peters
SCHUMACHER, HERMAN   10-29-1891-3-31-1987 bur Matlock
SCHUSTER, DAISY L.  12-7-1907-12-12-1980 wife of Roy bur Matlock
SCHUTZ, RICHARD A.  7-14-1920-1-12-1977 son of J&S WWII bur Oaklawn
                  SALENA S.  12-29-1893-6-15-1979 wife of J. Raymond bur Oaklawn
SCHWAB, CARL   6-22-1880-2-8-1973 bur Falls
SCHWALM, FLORENCE R.  5-14-1890-3-7-1982 wife of Vernon bur Oaklawn
                      VERNON F.  4-10-1887-5-10-1972 president Manchester College bur Oaklawn
SCOTT, CECILIA GARPOW   9-14-1912-10-31-1980 wife of Gainor bur Falls
               GAINOR   age 71 died 5-9-1977 bur Falls
               HATTIE M. SCHMALZRIED   4-29-1891-11-18-1972 wife of Earl bur Oaklawn
               IDA L.  age 87 died 4-16-1980 bur St. Peters
               KELLY D.  6-5-1959-3-7-1978 son of R&D bur Wallace
               MINOS C. 4-30-1920-7-4-1984 bur Mem Lawns
               MONTRUE E.  age 79 died 6-1976 bur Lafontaine IOOF
               OWEN M.  9-8-1895-4-6-1986 bur Center Grove
               RAYMOND J.  3-18-1909-1-8-1980 bur Falls
               RUTH H. MATTERN   11-23-1898-6-7-1986 wife of Oliver bur Falls
               VERNA A.  1-30-1883-3-16-1975 wife of H. Brooks & J. Scott bur Oaklawn
               WILLIAM J.  12-28-1888-9-29-1973 bur Friends
               ZELMA T. RING   10-6-1904-5-4-1982 bur Falls
SCRAMBLIN, MARY   5-30-1888-2-1-1975 wife of J. Marshall & F. Scramblin bur Oaklawn
SCUDERI, CHLORIS HALE   11-23-1907-11-1-1974 wife of F. Gouvan & S. Scuderi bur Fairview
SEARS, THOMAS P.  12-1-1963-12-5-1985 son of R&M bur Falls
SEE, MINNIE   2-7-1891-11-25-1984 bur Lafontaine IOOF
SEIDEL, MILDRED B.  age 65 died 8-5-1978 wife of Gilbert bur Falls
SEITNER, MARIE HEETER   12-3-1896-2-21-1980 wife of Darley bur Pleasant Hill
SELE, ERMA M. HAAS   2-27-1908-2-21-1977 wife of Joseph bur Falls
            JOSEPH   4-11-1900-5-20-1975 bur Falls
SELL, WOODROW   7-15-1913-1-13-1986 bur Fairview
SELLERS, CHESTER L.  7-22-1917-6-29-1982 bur Lagro
                   JEANNE M. COBURN   1-2-1922-7-14-1988 wife of R.A. bur Falls
                   RICHARD A.  3-10-1920-6-11-1987 bur Falls
SEMANS, BERT L.  3-3-1892-1973 son of Ila Sackman WWII vet bur Mt Pleasant
                  LANSON V.  died 9-6-1972 bur Lagro
                  THOMAS G.  10-2-1885-4-28-1978 bur Mt. Pleasant
SENDELBACH, HAROLD D.  7-29-1943-9-10-1974 Vietnam vet bur Falls
SENTMAN, LINDA FISHBACK   6-30-1947-7-27-1972 wife of Orville bur Falls
SETTLEMYRE, VIRGINIA E.  age 70 died 3-8-1986 bur Fairview
SEWARD,  GEORGE W.  12-27-1906-2-11-1975 AAC WWII 1942-6 major bur Oaklawn
                    PAULINE   8-19-1900-1983 wife of George bur Fairview
                    TANNER B.  12-15-1977-11-20-1987 son of G&C bur Oaklawn
SEXTON, JEANNETTE H. HUNT   2-4-1909-6-20-1988 wife of Orville bur Friends
                 JUDY K. WARREN   12-15-1945-5-29-1989 wife of Lincoln bur Falls
SHADINGER, HERBERT E.  11-20-1900-11-13-1984 bur Lagro
SHAFFER, ADELIA L. MOORE   3-24-1906-2-13-1989 wife of Charles bur Laketon
                    CECIL W.  1-3-1915-12-26-1989 son of R&M bur Lafontaine IOOF
                    D. HOUSTON   9-12-1916-2-13-1980 son of A&S bur Mem Lawns
                    EFFIEL COON   12-14-1889-2-26-1981 wife of Elmer bur Lafontaine IOOF
                    ROWLAND   12-3-1893-1-2-1983 son of H&I bur Lafontaine IOOF
                    VIRGINIA E.  12-20-1915-10-1973 wife of Cecil bur Lafontaine IOOF
SHAMBAUGH, JESSE   12-17-1882-4-9-1973  son of L&M bur Friends
SHANAFELT, CLARA A.  1-11-1888-3-4-1977 wife of Frank bur Pleasant Hill
SHANAHAN, AUDRA I. HOOVER   6-15-1886-1-27-1979 wife of Louie bur Fairview
                         GLADYS E.  7-14-1912-3-30-1974 wife of Paul bur Fairview
                         JOE L.  5-14-1912-4-6-1986 FBI principal son of L&A bur Fairview
SHARRIT, MARGARET BOTKIN   age 76 died 11-1973 bur Lafontaine IOOF
SHARP, FLORENCE   1-23-1892-8-18-1977 wife of Harry bur Falls
              RAYMOND   10-27-1921-12-10-1979 son of J&R WWII bur Roann Com
              STELLA   age 83 died 5-6-1977 bur Lafontaine IOOF
SHAW, DARRELL W.  10-7-1908-8-17-1988 son of R&E bur Miss Mem
              JUANITA S.  1-8-1897-1-14-1985 wife of Walter bur Falls
              MARTHA E. MCKINLEY   7-31-1910-2-17-1981 bur Center Grove
              MARTIN W.  age 69 died 7-1975 bur Friends
              RHONDA L.  2-20-1862-12-27-1974 dau of R&L bur Roann Com
SHEAK, ADELINE M.  4-10-1900-3-16-1972 owner Sheak Trucking Co. wife of Donald bur Oaklawn
SHEAR, CHARLES R.  1-12-1910-6-25-1975 bur Hopewell
SHEARER, GERALD B.  9-20-1942-12-27-1988 bur Oaklawn
SHEETZ, DEAN M.  8-31-1922-2-22-1972 bur Mem Lawns
SHEFFIELD, WARREN   11-12-1902-11-4-1989 bur Lafontaine IOOF
SHELLENBARGER, EDNA V. 9-10-1886-8-9-1977 wife of J. Brewer & J. Shellenbarger bur Roann Com
SHELLHAMER, LEMOIN A.  11-9-1892-10-24-1975 son of S&M bur Friends
SHELTON, RAYMOND M.  10-18-1924-5-13-1982 WWII bur Oaklawn
SHEPARD, GLADYS L.  10-5-1908-1-2-1987 wife of Clarence bur Mem Lawns
SHEPHERD, ANNIE M.  2-20-1904-5-24-1979 wife of Clay bur Oaklawn
                       DEWEY E.  8-6-1983-7-14-1985 son of D&S bur Fairview
                       MILDRED C.  2-17-1892-3-14-1979 wife of Henry bur Falls
                       TOY   4-14-1906-12-8-1974 bur Oaklawn
                       VIVIAN   11-27-1894-4-30-1976 bur Miss Mem
SHEPLER, RICHARD L.  10-26-1948-12-12-1988 son of W&M bur Friends
SHERMAN, KATHERINE A.   10-5-1959-7-12-1972 dau of G&O bur Fairview
                     ORMAJENE   10-4-1929-7-12-1972 wife of George bur Fairview
SHILLINGER, HUGH J.  2-22-1893-2-1-1975 son of L&M bur Roann Com
SHIRLEY, CLARA A.  6-19-1907-10-27-1986 wife of Leon bur Miss Mem
SHIVELY, CLARENCE E.  5-21-1912-4-3-1982 son of H&G bur Miss Mem
                   CLEMENTINE KIRCHER   8-23-1906-6-22-1980 wife of William bur Oaklawn
                   D. MARIE   3-19-1895-2-17-1988 dau of G&W bur Pleasant Hill
                   GOLDIE M. REYNOLDS   3-31-1885-5-1976 wife of Howard bur Miss Mem
                   HAROLD R.  9-15-1903-5-1976 projectionist Eaqgles Theater 50 years bur Fairview
                   MARY K.  7-20-1890-6-1974 wife of Nilas bur Oaklawn
                   WILLIAM H.  4-26-1903-8-29-1887 owner Shively Dairy Co 1922-62 bur Oaklawn
SHOCK, PEARL WRIGHT   1-20-1895-5-1975 wife of Ernest bur Fairview
               RALPH   5-16-1897-2-22-1973 son of H&M bur Fairview
SHOCKEY, IRENE   7-17-1897-12-24-1973 wife of Harvey bur friends
                    LEROY R.  8-16-1891-6-1972 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                    ROSA J.  6-30-1918-3-19-1987 wife of Robert bur Roann Com
SHOEMACHER, ANNA L. GERLACH   4-19-1881-1978 wife of Arthur bur Laketon
SHOEMAKER, CURTIS E.  10-21-1915-5-25-1986 bur Falls
                           ELVA S. RAGER   4-14-1892-11-16-1972 wife of Floyd bur Laketon
                           GERALD 7-10-1940-1-5-1989 bur Laketon
                           LEXIE L.  10-9-1911-7-30-1987 bur Miss Mem
                           LUCILLE SAILORS   11-14-1899-7-16-1979 pub The Snickers & Wabash Shoppers 
                                                                Guide bur Falls
                           MILDRED   1-23-1902-12-12-1985 wife of Waldo bur Mem Lawns
                           PAUL D.  9-10-1947-9-9-1972 Vietnam vet son of P&H bur Friends
SHORT, GLADYS H.  9-16-1901-1-17-1978 bur Falls
               IRA G.  10-1-1889-4-1972 WWI vet bur Falls
SHOULTS, EVELYN E. BROWN   11-8-1915-10-19-1988 wife of Paul bur Mem Lawns
                    PAUL T.  1-11-1907-12-7-1986 WWII Army bur Mem Lawns
SHOWALTER, ARTHUR K.  11-19-1905-10-21-1986 bur Oaklawn
                           HELEN B.  age 72 died 12-24-1982 bur Falls
                           MARY WERTENBERGER   10-15-1894-10-20-1980 wife of Orlie bur Pleasant Hill
SHROCK, JOHN A.  1-3-1907-11-18-1976 bur Miss Mem
SHROYER, CHARLES D.  2-28-1888-3-1974 bur Miss Mem
                     JULIANNA J.  1-3-1915-3-22-1979 wife of Maurice bur Miss Mem
SHULTZ, CORA   2-26-1895-7-14-1973 wife of Lawrence bur Pleasant Hill
                  MARY J. PINKERTON   9-12-1924-6-2-1985 wife of Robert bur 
SHUMAKER, REBECCA S.  10-14-1951-3-21-1985 wife of Steve bur Oaklawn
SHUMAR, ARTHUR   10-19-1917-11-10-1977 bur Laketon
SHUMWAY, ELSIE M. MATTERN   6-23-1939-5-9-1989 wife of Hal bur St. Peters
SICKAFUS, JESSE W.   2-26-1915-9-28-1974 son of T&A bur Laketon
                     PHYLLIS MARTIN   7-18-1922-6-10-1982 wife of Vernon bur Laketon
                     RAPLH E.  9-4-1911-4-11-1988 son of T&A bur Laketon
                     WILLIAM A.  12-4-1958-10-15-1981 bur Laketon
SICKS, HAZEL   8-15-1890-12-5-1974 wife of L. Settler & C. Sicks bur South Pleasant
SIDERS, ADA MARKS   9-11-1895-4-4-1981 wife of Carl bur Lafontaine IOOF
                CARL L.  1-5-1891-9-4-1980 son of E&I bur Lafontaine IOOF
                EDMUND A.  10-13-1879-2-4-1973 son of S&M bur Friends
                MEREDITH D.  9-28-1908-1-26-1983 son of J&J bur Roann Com
                PEARL J.  age 72 died 8-4-1982 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                ROBERT D.  1934-9-2-1974 bur Roann Com
SIEMIK, JOHN G.  5-9-1921-8-9-1985 WWII Army bur Oaklawn
SIGNS, FRANK C.  12-18-1905-6-9-1986 son of C&C bur Laketon
             FRED W.  12-27-1901-7-11-1981 son of C&C Seabee at Guadalcanal WWII bur Laketon
             GERTRUDE   7-2-1899-3-17-1985 wife of R. Lipstur & F. Signs bur Laketon
SILVERS, ALVIN L.  7-4-1925-11-2-1986 son of V&Z WWII Army 2 bronze stars  & purple heart bur
                                     Lafontaine IOOF
                  LAURA HARNISH   3-3-1901-4-1973 wife of Dewey bur Lafontaine IOOF
SIMCOE, KENNY D.  1-20-1975-3-6-1987 son of K&P bur South Pleasant
SIMMONS, BEN C.  8-19-1905-9-10-1983 bur Falls
SIMPSON, BERTHA J.  10-25-1888-8-27-1980 bur Falls
                   BURBLE H.  11-11-1909-6-1976 bur Laketon
                   CHELSIE N.  stillborn 11-29-1986 infant of R&M bur Mem Lawns
                   CLARENCE L.  7-26-1897-10-26-1976 bur Friends
                   FLOYD R.  7-17-1924-6-18-1981 WWII bur Falls
                   LINBERGH   9-6-1932-1-17-1978 Korea vet bur Falls
                   MARIS N. ALLEN   11-7-1948-3-24-1987 bur Friends
                   MAURICE E.  10-16-1885-8-1-1975 bur Falls
                   PERRY O.  3-8-1894-12-30-1976 son of W&C WWI vet bur Huff
                   RICHARD   4-11-1918-2-4-1989 Wabash City street commissioner bur Friends
                   SARAH   8-28-1897-10-15-1977 wife of Clarence bur Friends
                   WANDA J. BANKS   6-19-1924-5-17-1988 wife of Richard bur Friends
                   WILLIE   8-18-1918-2-1976 son of C&A bur Friends
SIMS, BIRTIE M.  11-28-1890-11-14-1983 wife of Floyd bur Fairview
SINCLAIR, PAUL G.  1-12-1912-5-2-1986 son of C&E bur Center Grove
SINCROFT, SHANE   6-15-1974-5-9-1977 son of R&R bur Oaklawn
SINGER, LESTER A.  11-25-1889-2-15-1982 bur Pleasant Hill
                VICTOR H.  10-21-1898-3-8-1986 bur Fairview
                WILLIAM E.  7-24-1905-4-2-1977 son of E&M bur Oaklawn
SINGLETON,  ARNOLD K.  9-24-1915-11-13-1986 bur Oaklawn
                          JORDAN A.  5-2-1979-6-14-1979 son of J&S bur South Pleasant
SINK, ETHEL L.  11-3-1892-10-18-1985 wife of E. Rautenkranz & O. Sink bur Pleasant Hill
           HELEN E.  10-23-1912-4-11-1983 wife of Harvie bur Mem Lawns
SITTS, CANDACE   age 66 died 8-24-1979 bur Laketon
SIZEMORE, KYLE H.  1-21-1921-9-28-1988 bur Laketon
SKEPPER, LYDIA   9-30-1895-1-13-1978 wife of Earl baur Oaklawn
SKILES, LENA MERRITT   2-21-1889-5-1973 wife of W. Drumm & W. Skiles bur Miss Mem
SKINNER, LIZZIE B.  1-9-1890-1-20-1980 wife of Frank bur Oaklawn
SLACK, EARL   2-27-1893-11-13-1985 bur Oaklawn
               FLORENCE E.  12-12-1898-8-24-1977 wife of Earl bur Oaklawn
               RUSSELL M.  1-10-1920-6-14-1980 bur Oaklawn
SLAGLE,  EDITH P.  9-6-1899-5-15-1979 wife of J. Sterling & J. Slagle bur Lafontaine IOOF
                  HAZEL P.  9-13-1897-6-9-1989 wife of Loyd DAR bur Center Grove
                  LOYD E.  9-2-1889-1-1972 bur Center Grove
SLAYBAUGH, BRANDY C.  died 12-11-1976 infant of J&R bur Falls
SLAYMAN, HARRY A.  2-1-1896-7-19-1982 son of E&L established Cradle & Tot Store, WWI 150th fld
                                           art; 67th Fld Art Bri; 42nd Rainbow Div bur Falls
SLEDGE,  WALTER A.  stillborn 1-14-1978 son of L&N bur Oaklawn
SLEE, MONES L.  1-27-1911-12-14-1986 wife of Hugh bur Roann Com
            THOMAS W.  10-3-1885-7-28-1978 bur Half Acre
SLETTEN, ERVIN   10-2-1922-11-12-1984 WWII & Korea Army bur Friends
SLOAN, CHARLES   6-3-1919-5-26-1981 bur Falls
               RAYMOND B.  age 76 died 8-28-1985 bur Mt Pleasant
               NELLIE M.  5-1-1900-4-6-1977 wife of Raymond bur Mt. Pleasant
SLOOP, GERTRUDE   1-30-1900-7-9-1978 bur Roann
               JOSEPH V.  4-17-1905-11-2-1978 son of J&V bur Roann
SLUSHER, ANITA M.  1-13-1929-1-5-1987 bur Mem Lawns
SLUSSER, BEULAH I. ISENHOUR   10-21-1892-2-27-1978 wife of Luther bur Miss Mem
SLUTZ, EVE M.  8-5-1909-10-11-1980 wife of E. Grater & W. Slutz & R. Brower owner House of Eve 
                              Women’s Apparel bur Oaklawn
SMALLWOOD, CARRIE E.  5-17-1892-5-16-1978 son of J&I 1st Div WWI wounded in France, 1947
                                                 doorkeeper House of Rep. Washington D.C. bur Center Grove
                            EDITH L. YOST   8-4-1889-7-1-1972 wife of Charles bur Falls
                            VAUGH F.  4-28-1912-3-2-1982 son of H&C bur Roann Com
SMELSER, LESTER S.  7-27-1912-6-15-1983 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                    ROGER M.  5-29-1889-12-1973 son of C&S bur Rennacker 
                    THELMA G.  6-30-1920-2-27-1983 wife of Lloyd coowner Coachhouse Restaurant bur 
SMELTZLEY, ERNEST D.  4-25-1908-6-2-1977 son of W&M, Lagro town marshall, superintendent
                                                Salamonie State Forest bur Lagro
                         HALEEN B. MARTIN   8-25-1917-4-22-1980 wife of Ernest bur Lagro
SMITH, ADELINE J.  11-5-1907-2-28-1978 wife of Barton bur Falls
              ALBERT H.  10-8-1885-7-9-1977 bur Falls
              ALTA   9-8-1903-7-8-1981 wife of J. Meek bur Mem Lawns
              ANDREW J.  2 days old son of J&C died 8-18-1980 bur Fairview
              ANNA   10-30-1894-9-1-1981 bur Falls
              BEATRICE   12-3-1900-12-14-1983 wife of Celia bur Center Grove
              BETTY J. TETER   9-20-1919-2-15-1979 wife of Rollin WC Democrat Central Com chairman;
              CARL E.  age 79 died 7-10-1989 bur Friends
              CAROLINE   5-23-1899-8-20-1981 wife of Larry bur Falls 
              CHARLES A.  6-16-1950-6-1973 son of G&T bur Mem Lawns
              CHARLES E.   3-13-1901-11-5-1981 son of J&E bur Lafontaine IOOF
              CLETIS   7-29-1915-4-6-1984 bur Oaklawn
              CLIFFORD M.  12-26-1896-8-18-1979 son of E&C bur Friends
              CORA C.  8-7-1890-4-16-1981 wife of Clyde bur Fairview
              DEAN B.  3-4-1909-8-14-1989 superintendent Lakeland Con. Schools bur Oaklawn
              DWIGHT   age 82 died 1973 bur Miss Mem
              E. LOUISE DAWES   11-11-1910-5-6-1987 wife of Glen bur Friends
              ELVIN E.  4-18-1918-7-16-1981 WWII bur Fairview
              EARL D.  5-14-1908-12-10-1987 bur Fairview
              EDNA   3-7-1892-6-11-1985 wife of Robert bur Mem Lawns
              ETHEL E. MATTERN   11-4-1903-5-7-1988 wife of Ernest bur Falls
              ETTA C.  8-20-1889-8-24-1984 wife of Carver bur Fairview
              EVA UNGER   7-20-1882-7-18-1973 wife of William bur Lutheran
              F. IMOGENE   9-13-1916-7-27-1979 wife of Allen bur Roann
              FLORENCE F. MCCLINTOCK   5-6-1893-5-28-1979 wife of Harry bur Falls
              FLOYD L.  5-9-1896-9-20-1979 WWI vet bur Friends
              FRANCES J.  9-13-1896-2-21-1975 wife of W. Harlan bur Pleasant Hill
              HOWARD A.  10-3-1895-2-13-1987 son of A&E WWI Army bur Falls
              HERMAN   11-6-1898-2-18-1983 son of P&A bur Falls
              GEORGIA   age 62 died 9-2-1977 bur Friends
              GERALD   7-15-1905-3-12-1989 director of purchasing Am. Rock Wool Corp.; vp Crown Tool &
                                 Instrument; 1st president United Fund in Wabash Co.; semifinalist 1932 Olympic wres-
                                 tling tryouts; 1936 Amateur Athletic Union state wrestling champion bur Mem Lawns
              GLENN   12-3-1893-11-6-1984 bur Matlock
              GRACE H. GREEN   11-7-1888-3-23-1972 wife of Perry bur Miss Mem
              HARLEY   1-1-1901-3-1-1986 son of E&C bur Friends
              HARRY S.  6-30-1907-2-6-1989 son of H&M bur Falls
              HERMAN   4-18-1930-7-15-1977 Korea vet but Oaklawn
              JACK R.  9-17-1924-3-10-1975 veteran bur Lagro
              JACK T.  2-13-1919-12-19-1982 son of P&M USN WWII bur Mem Lawns
              JAMES E.  1-29-1916-5-13-1985 bur Friends
              JESS R.  3-29-1898-1973 bur Pleasant Hill
              JOHN L.  12-30-1906-1-4-1980 bur Lafontaine IOOF
              JOSHUA P.  9-20-1981-4-6-1988 son of R&V bur Mem Lawns
              KENNETH E.  11-6-1905-9-4-1989 son of D&L bur Mem Lawns
              LAWRENCE W.  11-4-1934-3-7-1985 son of C&E Korea Army bur Falls
              LENA G. LEWIS   5-21-1895-11-6-1986 wife of Howard bur Falls
              LOLA WARNER   1-6-1905-4-19-1978 wife of Raymond bur Pleasant Hill
              LOWELL   6-29-1925-4-13-1986 son of R&E WWII Army, Wabash Co. Plan Com. Bur Mem
              MARIAN E.  age 66 died 6-18-1974 wife of Gerald bur Mem Lawns
              MARIELLEN BUTTERBAUGH   12-28-1921-7-23-1985 wife of Howard bur Mem Lawns
              MARY   age 72 died 12-29-1976 bur Fairview
              MARY B.  age 72 died 5-13-1983 bur Friends
              MARY F.  3-10-1908-10-23-1976 wife of Carl bur Roann Com
              MICHAEL P.  12-31-1985-1-24-1986 son of M&C bur Fairview
              MINNIE 10-20-1898-12-31-1987 wife of R. Weller & C. Smith bur Center Grove
              MINNIE A. HARVEY   1-13-1896-1-15-1985 wife of Glenn bur Matlock
              MINNIE E.  age 83 died 8-1972 wife of Harry bur Lafontaine IOOF
              N. ONEIDA 4-16-1916-10-23-1985 wife of A. Jerome bur Oaklawn
              PAUL W.  2-2-1910-8-24-1987 owner Walnut St. Barber Shop bur Oaklawn
              PAULINE R.  12-21-1909-2-16-1977 wife of Harry bur Falls
              RAMON E.  5-2-1912-8-9-1982 bur Falls
              SARA   5-3-1876-1-15-1974 dau of I&E bur Lutheran
              TERRELL   died 1-18-1983 bur Friends
              THURMAN C.  3-14-1919-5-9-1981 PawPaw twp adv. Board bur Roann Com
              TRESSIE L. CRUMLEY   4-15-1887-5-14-1978 wife of E. Martin & R. Smith bur Lafontaine 
              VIRGIL C.  10-24-1896-10-28-1972 bur Oaklawn
              VIRGIL R.  10-8-1908-2-5-1973 bur Oaklawn
              VIRGINIA WHITESIDE   1-20-1922-11-14-1979 wife of Raymond bur Falls
               WENDELL L.  9-7-1956-8-1-1985 son of D&M USMC bur Falls
               WILLIAM H.  12-22-1893-5-18-1977 bur Pleasant Hill
               WILMA P.  1-31-1920-1-20-1975 wife of Hiram bur Mem Lawns
SMITHEE, EDWARD L.  age 78 died 10-1975 bur Falls
SMOOT, JOHN W.  3-28-1909-8-10-1973 bur Mem Lawns
SNAPP, RUSSELL D.  10-27-1906-10-16-1988 son of F&M teacher, principal, coach asst Wabash County 
                                       superintendent of schools bur Center Grove
SNAVELY, EDITH PETERS   4-17-1883-7-1976 wife of Wayne bur Miss Mem
                     LESLIE W.  2-6-1899-2-10-1983 son of O&R bur Miss Mem
                     THEODORE R.  7-19-1911-5-18-1984 son of E&H bur Falls
SNEED, ARCHIE L.  3-10-1930-10-27-1987 Army vet bur Lafontaine IOOF
SNELL,  FLOYD H.  10-26-1904-2-9-1977 son of A&M bur Fairview
               GRACE P.  9-2-1908-12-6-1977 wife of Floyd bur Fairview
               HOMER R.  6-3-1898-4-19-1972 son of A&M bur Pleasant Hill
               MARY H. GROSSNICKLE   2-20-1901-9-23-1983 wife of Homer bur Pleasant Hill
               RILEY   5-25-1925-1-2-1987 bur Oaklawn
               SOPHRONIA   9-26-1898-9-20-1980 wife of E. Spradlin & M. Snell bur Pleasant Hill
SNEP, BERTHA A.  4-10-1891-3-1-1986 wife of Fred bur Oaklawn
SNOW, CARL G.  7-9-1930-1-30-1981 bur Mem lawns
SNYDER, AMOS G.  3-20-1880-10-1-1973 son of M&A bur Pleasant Hill
                  BENJAMIN F.  11-17-1905-3-7-1987 bur Fairview
                  CHARLINE H.  age 88 died 6-1-1989 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                  DENNIS J.  10-25-1951-8-9-1981 son of J&D bur Lafontaine IOOF
                  FLORENCE MILLER   7-18-1924-6-1-1988 wife of C.M. bur St. Peters
                  HERMAN L.  12-28-1898-11-28-1978 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                  MABEL A.  2-24-1900-12-22-1981 wife of Rex bur Miss Mem
                  MARGUERITE ENGELMAN   1-28-1905-10-6-1986 wife of John bur Lafontaine IOOF
                  PAUL R.  11-26-1909-6-9-19896-9-1989 president Synder Market Inc; co-developer 
                                    Manchester Plaza Shopping Center bur Oaklawn
                  PEARL   12-16-1881-4-20-1972 wife of Amos bur Pleasant Hill
SONDA, GEORGE W.  10-4-1902-11-15-1979 owner Sonda’s Greenhouse & Flower Shop bur Mem 
SONDAY, FLOY   10-23-1892-1-19-1972 wife of Olive owner Bud’s Tavern  bur Oaklawn
SOPHER, BASIL E.  4-30-1903-7-8-1984 son of J&L bur Falls
                  ESTA P.  4-16-1907-7-27-1982 son of J&L bur Falls
                  ROBERT E.  age 51 died 9-11-1978 bur Falls
SOUTHWORTH, HELEN D.  7-28-1909-3-30-1981 wife of Earl bur Roann Com
SPACY, BARBARA A.  3-24-1954-7-27-1972 dau of J&C bur Oaklawn
               LAURA SPEICHER   9-6-1888-1-1976 wife of Emmet bur Fairview
SPANGLE, ARLO E.  9-13-1920-4-6-1972 WWII vet bur Oaklawn
SPARKS, MARY E.  3-31-1904-8-14-1972 wife of George bur Fairview
                 MEARLE   10-13-1897-11-2-1985 wife of Kenneth bur Lafontaine IOOF
                 W. KENNETH   1-20-1894-9-1973 son of J&K WWI vet bur Lafontaine IOOF
SPARLING, HOMER E.   8-2-1895-11-28-1987 son of L&S bur Friends
                      MARY   11-4-1895-1-27-1982 wife of Homer bur Friends
SPATH, ERVIN C.  4-2-1894-5-1976 WWI vet bur Fairview
               GLADYS M. BAKER   1-17-1899-5-18-1981 wife of Ervin bur Fairview
SPAULDING, MABEL BEESON   8-31-1897-5-15-1974 bur Falls
SPEELMAN, JUNE   6-28-1924-11-11-1976 wife of Richard bur Lagro
                       VERGIE C.  1-5-1881-8-28-1973 wife of Oliver bur Falls
SPEHN, RUDOLPH   12-3-1895-1-30-1978 WWI vet bur Oaklawn
SPEICHER, CLARENCE   6-10-1917-6-13-1981 son of H&G bur Center Grove
                     DELORIS E. SCHROLL   12-21-1920-10-29-1981 wife of Robert bur Fairview
                     JAMES L.  1-22-1920-3-27-1988 son of H&G bur Lafontaine IOOF
                     HOMER   age 91 died 7-1973 son of W&H bur Lafontaine IOOF
                     HAROLD S.  age 88 died 1-30-1989 bur Speicher 
                     LOIS L. IRELAN   12-25-1917-6-30-1982 wife of Hirmon bur Miss Mem
                     MARIE O. WHITESEL 9-29-1913-3-3-1989 wife of Ralph bur Wallace
                     MARY C.  7-22-1890-10-3-1979 wife of Samuel bur Speicher
                     MONA LEE   12-19-1898-7-2-1974 wife of Harold bur Speicher
                     OTTO C.  10-4-1888-6-13-1974 son of S&S bur Fairview
                     ROBERT C.  3-20-1908-12-1976 son of A&A WWII vet bur Falls
SPEIDEL, GILBERT G.  5-4-1911-11-19-1979 son of G&A bur Falls
SPENCE, INEZ L.  7-10-1908-8-2-1987 wife of Lewis bur Friends
                  WILLIAM   6-4-1897-11-26-1978 son of J&I bur Lafontaine IOOF
SPENCER, BARBARA J.  1-19-1927-4-22-1989  wife of Ralph first president W.C. Mental Health Assoc. 
                                             bur Oaklawn
                    RICHARD   5-12-1974-6-6-1986 bur Falls
                    RUTH E.  4-9-1916-4-28-1982 wife of Wayne bur Falls
                    TWINS   b&d 7-12-1979 daus of R&L bur Laketon
                    WAYNE C.  6-2-1913-3-16-1979 son of J&I bur Falls
SPIECE, WALTER   8-18-1923-10-7-1987 son of W&G WWII AAC bur Oaklawn
SPINNEY, DOROTHEA WILLIAMS   5-26-1907-11-23-1979 wife of Parker bur Falls
SPRINKLE, ADONIS L.  age 72 died 9-1-1977 wife of John bur Lafontaine IOOF
SPRONG, LAWRENCE B.  2-19-1893-1972 BUR Lafontaine IOOF
SPURGEON, BLANCHE KELLY   1-24-1899-8-23-1988 wife of Lawrence bur Roann Com
                       ROY L.  7-22-1912-3-2-1986 bur Laketon
SPURLOCK, ANNA I.  9-26-1888-3-18-1973 wife of Calvin bur Mem Lawns
                      CALVIN   1-30-1884-12-3-1982 Wabash County’s first Olds-Chevrolet dealer, antique 
                                         dealer bur Mem Lawns
SQUIRES,  FRED H.  7-2-1910-2-14-1980 bur Falls
SRIVER, MARJORIE J.  12-30-1924-4-1976 wife of John bur Friends
SROUFE, EVA   1-17-1904-10-18-1987 wife of Loren bur Pleasant Hill
                 LOREN E.  12-23-1920-3-9-1975 son of G&R bur Pleasant Hill
STACK, GERALD E.  4-19-1911-12-1972 son of E&P bur Laketon
STACKHOUSE, LLOYD D.  7-3-1915-1-5-1982 bur Fairview
STADLER, MARTHA   2-27-1885-3-29-1974 bur Falls
STAGGS, DAN   age 76 died 5-14-1988 bur Lagro
                 ROSA B.  1-26-1880-11-24-1973 wife of Allen bur Lagro
STAHL, HELEN A.  9-8-1899-12-22-1982 wife of Winton bur Oaklawn
STAMATE, MAX L.  12-8-1922-4-14-1972 son of E&E WWII & Korea bur Oaklawn
STANDS,  WALTER L.  9-16-1892-9-2-1982 son of W&E owner Stands & Highfill Heating Plumbing &
                                         Well Drilling   WWI  bur Lafontaine IOOF
STANLEY, DONALD M.  7-8-1923-7-31-1986 son of L&M bur Friends
                    DOE E.  3-17-1921-6-20-1986 WWII CPS bur Friends
                    JAMES B.  age 66 died 5-26-1986 bur Fairview
                    MARTHA M.  5-2-1894-2-10-1984 wife of Lawrence bur Friends
                    WILLIAM N.  3-12-1899-1-28-1983 bur Mem Lawns
STARBUCK, CARL P.  3-17-1917-9-3-1983 bur Miss Mem
                        SYLVIA   11-12-1883-3-29-1981 dau of J&M bur Miss Mem
                        WANDA HETTMANSPERGER   1-26-1919-3-21-1972 bur Friends
STARKWEATHER, KENNETH C.  2-23-1912-4-19-1974 WWII AS-S 2c USNTC bur Fairview
STATEN, VONREESE   6-16-1930-10-29-1977 bur Oaklawn
STATZER, BERNICE   7-29-1911-2-22-1986 wife of Bryant bur Friends
STAUFFER, IRENE A.  10-14-1899-12-2-1985 wife of Robert bur Oaklawn
STAVER, STERLING   age 86 died 3-13-1987 bur Fairview
STECK, ERNST   10-30-1909-2-1-1981 WWI bur Roann Com
STEELE, ALFRED R.  10-23-1893-1-5-1978 son of J&E WWI vet bur Oaklawn 
                ELMER W.  8-13-1891-6-10-1977 WWI vet bur Roann Com
                ELSIE L. MARTIN   10-2-1901-11-27-1974 wife of Elmer bur Roann Com
                FRED T.  10-14-1897-7-3-1983 bur South Pleasant
                LARRY G.  5-11-1941-10-31-1981 son of W&B bur Friends
                RUBY P. RINEHART   3-7-1904-8-14-1985 wife of Alfred bur Oaklawn
                STEVEN E.  8-25-1948-6-30-1973 son of R&H USN Seabee Vietnam bur Roann Com
STEINER, FRIEDA M.  11-8-1922-8-13-1988 wife of Carl coowner Lukens Lake Resort bur Roann Com
STEININGER, LAWRENCE J.  2-17-1907-6-12-1973 bur Falls
STELLER, ARNOLD F.  1-4-1893-1976 son of F&D bur Fairview
                   BARBARA A.  born and died 3-27-1973 dau of M&R bur Roann Com
                   DAN J.  10-24-1895-8-3-1977 son of T&M WWI vet bur Fairview
                   ICALO S.   8-1-1900-7-12-1972 wife of William bur Fairview
                   NETTIE M. GREEN   4-8-1890-11-19-1980 wife of Daniel bur Fairview
                   WILLIAM   9-23-1897-7-12-1972 son of T&M bur Fairview
STEPHENS, DANIEL C.  9-8-1958-1-4-1988 USN Falls
                      GAYLORD   4-6-1910-12-7-1989 bur Falls
                      H. CLIFFORD   6-3-1902-4-1974 son of H&F bur Lafontaine IOOF
                      MAUDIE   2-22-1918-1-20-1988 wife of Gaylord bur Falls
                      SHELBY J.  age 33 died 12-10-1977 dau of G&M bur Falls
STERN, MELSINA C.  5-15-1895-4-12-1979 bur Speicher
STETZEL, MYRON D.  4-24-1927-11-13-1983 bur Fairview
STEVENS, ANGELA S.  stillborn 5-1972 dau of D&D bur Lafontaine IOOF
                   CLAUDE I.   4-13-1919-2-8-1989 bur Falls
                    DONALD G.  7-31-1963-8-7-1988 bur Falls
                    HAZEL   3-19-1898-4-5-1978 wife of H. Bowman 7 H. Stevens bur Roann Com
                    LOIS V.  5-11-1921-5-26-1987 wife of Milford bur Lafontaine IOOF
                    MILFORD A.  10-7-1918-11-27-1987 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                    PAUL W.  5-13-1907-6-30-1984 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                    SUE B. SMITH   12-19-1894-8-6-1982 wife of Walter bur Falls
                    VEVA L. STOUT   8-30-1900-7-1973 wife of Paul bur Miss Mem
STEWART, ALVA   2-25-1916-5-17-1980 WWII Army bur Falls
                     HAZEL   6-28-1890-1-29-1981 wife of Walter bur Roann Com
                     LUCILLE V. HILL   12-12-1909-8-13-1985 wife of Russell bur Oaklawn
                     MAUDE M.  10-10-1885-3-2-1972 wife of Ernest bur Half Acre
                     PATRICK J.  6-26-1944-9-4-1985 bur Matlock
                     RUSSEL D.  4-3-1892-4-21-1974 bur Oaklawn
STIEGLITZ, ADOLPH G.  7-5-1927-5-16-1977 bur Fairview
STINE, HATTIE   9-20-1875-3-11-1973 wife of H. Frantz & A. Stine bur Pleasant Hill
STINEMAN, DORA A.  5-5-1871-10-1973 wife of Charles bur Miss Mem
                      EMMA CLUPPER   1-27-1891-1-7-1972 wife of Carl bur Falls
                      RUTH A. PLY   11-30-1904-7-11-1987 wife of Burr bur Falls
STOCKER, JACOB   9-6-1891-5-3-1974 son of L&A WWI 465th Eng pt tn 3-29-1918-5-26-1919 bur
STOFFER, BRUCE   5-9-1923-9-19-1989 bur Roann Com
                   MARY C.  10-27-1903-11-13-1989 wife of Bruce bur Roann Com
STOKES, GERTRUDE M.   died 10-22-1972 bur Falls
                 KRISTINE L.  3-14-1897-11-2-1977 dau of D&M bur Falls
STONE, FAYE GAMBLE   11-10-1891-10-18-1974 wife of George bur Roann Com
               HAZEL V. AMBER   1-28-1889-12-24-1975 wife of Paul bur Oaklawn
               PHILIP G.  11-30-1910-1-25-1978 son of G&R bur Falls
               RALPH E.  1-6-1891-6-27-1974 son of F&J bur Roann
               THELMA R. WHITE   7-27-1905-11-1976 wife of Nelson bur Matlock 
STONER, DINE   6-12-1984-4-4-1987 wife of Harvey bur Lafontaine IOOF
STOOPS,  EMMA M. NICCUM  3-14-1902-11-1976 wife of Everett bur Friends
                  EUNICE PEARSON   6-29-1890-1-19-1973 wife of Homer bur Friends
                  GRACE F.  age 86 di ed 5-1975 bur Laketon
                  RAY W.  11-6-1896-2-8-1975 son of W&E bur Mem Lawns
                  ROBERT J.  2-22-1910-6-29-1983 son of H&E bur Friends
STORY, DONALD M.  11-6-1906-5-13-1988 son of C&D bur Falls
               IRENE C.  5-19-1984-7-16-1986 wife of Ralph bur Falls
               TRUMAN L.  8-11-1928-12-12-1988 son of L&E bur Mem Lawns
               WILLIAM   11-21-1924-11-11-1984 son of W&D owner story Electric Motor Repair bur Falls
STOUFFER, ADRIAN J.  2-26-1918-12-17-1978 son of C&E bur Friends
                      ELWOOD E.  5-11-1900-11-28-1980 son of J&M bur Friends
                      JOSEPH L.  4-22-1908-10-26-1984 son of H&R bur Friends
                      MAHLON   2-20-1902-2-11-1977 son of J&M bur St. Peters
                      MARY   6-5-1891-10-24-1973 wife of Russell bur Friends
                      PAULINE KARNS   1-27-1904-2-11-1982 bur St. Peters
STOUT, BRENDA   8-7-1963-4-23-1973 dau of K&W bur Friends
               DONNA L.  age 82 died 4-10-1979 bur Miss Mem
               JESSIE J.  11-19-1921-4-16-1974 wife of Edgar bur Fairview
               JOHN V.  4-23-1913-1-22-1981 son of C&M bur Miss Mem
               MISTY N.  stillborn 9-22-1979 dau of R&C bur Mem Lawns
STOWE, MARGARET A.   died 11-20-1974 bur Lagro
STRAIN,  MARJORIE I.  1-15-1924-11-25-1978 wife of Richard bur Oklawn
STRAKE, TERRI L.  11-9-1965-6-27-1986 dau of M&E bur Pleasant Hill
STRANGE, FRANK   6-22-1908-3-9-1973 WWII vet son of J&M bur Lagro
                    HENRY   1929-1-27-1974 son of F&Bbur Lagro
STRASSER,  GLADYS M.  1-7-1923-9-22-1987 bur Fairview
STRAUSS, D. ARDEN   2-28-1896-11-14-1978 son of J&F cofounder Warner Brooder Corp.; trustee 
                                         N.M. town board; state Kiwanis treasurer; Jaycees Outstanding Citizen Award, 
                                         WWI vet; Silver Beaver Award bur Oaklawn
                                         EILEEN    11-5-1896-11-11-1984 wife of D.A. founding member NM Fine Arts
                                                           Club and N.M. Tri Kappa bur Oaklawn
STRAYER, EVA B.  2-17-1881-9-14-1972 dau of W&S bur Oaklawn
STREY, DOLIA J. JONES   8-23-1889-4-14-1982 wife of Charles Noble Twp assessor 1950-62 bur
STRICKLER, HOWARD   4-19-1892-2-7-1974 son of W&S bur Falls
STROBEL, EDNA M. BALL   8-4-1892-6-1-1978 wife of Edward bur Fairview
                    EDWARD J.  11-14-1890-2-1-1973 bur Fairview
                    LETO G.  6-21-1892-8-30-1983 wife of Francis bur Fairview
STRONG, ISAAC   5-15-1917-8-14-1978 WWII vet bur Roann Com
STUBBS, MIGNON M.  1889-18-1985 wife of Earl bur Falls
                 RICHARD B.  10-29-1910-9-8-1983 USAF bur Roann Com
STUBER, CLARENCE A.  9-20-1904-5-23-1982 bur Lafontaine IOOF
STUCKER, ROY C.  3-15-1896-5-1-1972 son of C&D bur Oaklawn
                    VIRGIL K.  5-4-1916-7-12-1988 son of R&P bur Oaklawn
STUMP,  HOWARD P.  4-7-1915-10-25-1984 bur Oaklawn
STURDEVANT, BENJAMIN F.  5-22-1899-3-24-1982 WWI NM town board 1968-76 owner Studevant 
                                                       Plumbing Heating & Sheet Metal bur Oaklawn
SUCHER, ELMER D.  12-1-1930-5-17-1977 USAF vet bur Roann Com
SUDDARTH, ELMER C.  12-19-1899-11-23-1987 bur Matlock
                        RICHARD B.  10-29-1972-5-1-1982 son of S&N bur Friends
                        SUSIE L.  4-11-1904-10-15-1987 wife of Elmer bur Matlock
SULLIVAN, HAROLD   10-4-1922-1981 son of D&M bur Laketon
                      JOHN A.  5-31-1913-6-3-1980 bur Falls
                      KIMBERLY R.  5-10-1985-11-18-1985 dau of J&M bur Oaklawn
                      LAWRENCE   1-6-1897-12-1976 son of J&I WWI Army bur Falls
                      LENA   6-15-1894-4-9-1983 wife of Wilbert bur Roann Com
                      MILDRED ANDERSON   7-26-1903-7-3-1983 wife of Lawrence bur Falls
                      WILBERT   8-10-1893-11-1976 chaplain WWII bur Roann Com            
SUMMERLAND, CHARLES E.  1-9-1917-1976 son of H&M bur Falls
                              GENEVA F. MOSSMAN   9-23-1919-11-19-1986 wife of Charles bur Falls
                              GRACE BAKER   6-4-1892-2-8-1974 wife of Burt bur Falls
SUMMERS,  ASBURY P.  7-25-1892-12-30-1983 Waltz Twp trustee bur Mt. Pleasant
                      C. MARIE CRUMRINE   2-17-1897-11-28-1980 wife of Carl bur Miss Mem
                      MATTIE M.  age 78 died 6-21-1977 wife of P. Templin & A. Summers bur Mt. Pleasant
SUNDAY,  FREDERICK V.  3-14-1919-11-17-1985 son of F&M bur Falls
SUNDHEIMER, HERMAN F.  8-10-1908-10-10-1977 son of J&C bur Falls
                            HOWARD   12-9-1899-3-21-1988 son of P&C bur Falls
                            JACOB A.  10-28-1884-5-1974 son of A&M bur Falls
                            JOHN M.  5-9-1893-8-2-1978 son of J&P WWI vet bur Falls
                            KEVIN L.  9-18-1961-9-23-1984 son of C&P bur Falls
                            LOIS L.  6-2-1903-10-27-1987 wife of Howard bur Falls
                            MARY A.  1-18-1910-4-15-1980 wife of Herman bur Falls
                            PAULINE   1-25-1892-3-11-1981 wife of John bur Falls
                            PEARL   8-9-1908-3-15-1978 wife of Alfred bur Falls
                            RUBEN   10-2-1889-8-26-1973 son of A&B bur Falls
SUTTER  CHARLES E.  8-26-1917-5-16-1975 bur Roann Com
                 ROSELYN M.  5-28-1918-8-22-1977 wife of Charles bur Roann Com
                 VERNA M.  3-2-1886-6-26-1975 wife of Amos bur Roann Com
SUTTON, AGNES M.  12-30-1897-3-7-1980 wife of Samuel bur Lafontaine IOOF
                  BURR E.  9-30-1883-6-5-1978 son of J&E bur Lafontaine IOOF
                  EUGENE D.  9-5-1922-8-8-1973 son of W&M WWII vet bur Mem Lawns
                  IRENE   8-20-1879-1-1972 wife of Arthur bur Lafontaine IOOF
                  WAYNE G.  5-19-1919-6-25-1984 bur Fairview
SWAFFORD, TAMERA   9-11-1981-12-12-1981 dau of J bur Falls
SWAIN, ERNEST J.  10-16-1900-1-15-1986 bur Oaklawn
SWAN, JOHN J.  6-6-1925-6-25-1984 WWII bur Lagro
             JOHN W.  1899-4-12-1972 USN WWI bur Lagro
SWANGO, PATRICIA A.  2-1-1928-9-10-1979 wife of Arthur bur Mem Lawns
SWANHART, LEWIS R.  1-8-1908-9-16-1985 bur Oaklawn
SWARTS, NAOMI   age 95 died 9-27-1982 bur Miss Mem
SWEARES, CLIFFORD S.  12-10-1925-9-8-1977 bur Roann Com
                     ESTHEL S.  3-7-1910-4-15-1982 WWII owner Sweares Plumbing Service bur Roann Com 
                     GRACETON V.  2-14-1902-5-23-1977 bur Falls
SWEAZY, NORA G.  11-18-1886-6-29-1973 wife of Rollie bur Falls
SWEENEY, MARGARET G.  12-3-1891-2-17-1985 wife of Vincent bur Falls
SWEET, DALE G.  7-18-1932-12-4-1989 son of L&M president WC REMC bur Miss Mem
               LEE L.  age 79 died 9-1973 WWI vet bur Miss Mem
               MABEL BOWMAN   4-19-1897-6-28-1977 wife of Lee bur Miss Mem
SWIHART, ALLEN L.  age 97 died 12-15-1986 owner Boys Shop Clothing Store 1935-1954 WWII Army
                                        bur Oaklawn
                    CHARLES E.  2-12-1888-7-28-1972 bur Roann Com
                    EDITH M.  age 93 died 2-8-1982 wife of Allen bur Oaklawn
                    GEORGE H.  9-16-1940-3-24-1972 son of I&O bur Roann Com
                    GLADYS L.  10-8-1909-2-23-1983 dau of E&J bur Roann Com
                    HARVEY W.  12-1-1893-5-18-1975  son of E&E bur Oaklawn
                    MAY E.  12-8-1896-11-17-1987 wife of Harvey bur Oaklawn
                    ORPHA L.  5-9-1900-4-25-1988 wife of Ira bur Roann Com
                    PAUL W.  9-22-1915-12-30-1985 son of G&R bur Roann Com
                    RUTH G.  9-17-1896-4-14-1974 dau of E&E bur Roann Com
                    TRESSA L. THOMPSON   2-24-1899-8-20-1981 wife of Arthur bur Pleasant Hill
                    TIMOTHY S.  infant son of P&C died 11-24-1985 bur Roann Com
SYLER, CLAY   12-23-1893-10-29-1978 owner Big Four Elevator 1921-46 bur Oaklawn
TABOR, BURL   12-27-1902-6-23-1985 bur Mem Lawn
                VICTORIA A.  2-9-1909-11-17-1989 wife of Burl bur Mem Lawns
TAIT, LAWRENCE O.  3-6-1888-10-11-1972 son of F&D WWI vet bur Mt. Pleasant
           ROBERT M.  10-18-1928-1-27-1979 son of H&E bur Friends
TALBERT, ELIZABETH KING   10-16-1898-5-1972 wife of William bur Falls
                     WILLIAM H.  2-11-1894-7-8-1979 son of W&M WWI vet 1st president Wabash Country 
                                             Club, started Dodge dealership in 1922 bur Falls
TALMAGE, RALPH W.  7-4-1902-10-10-1975 son of W&L bur Pleasant Hill
TATE, BLAIR   8-5-1892-8-4-1987 son of F&M bur Roann Com
             MABLE ABSHIRE   11-25-1902-3-12-1988 wife of Chester bur Roann Com
TATUM, JOHN R.  5-10-1911-9-21-1981 bur Falls
TAYLOR,  BERTHA M.  12-14-1916-3-18-1974 wife of Robert bur Fairview
                   BYRON O.  11-14-1888-11-28-1985 bur Fairview
                   CHARLES W.  12-28-1934-9-9-1987 son of O&M Army vet bur Lafontaine IOOF
                   CLYDE W.  4-23-1911-10-24-1974 bur Friends
                   DALE E.  1-21-1933-4-13-1979 Korea vet bur Lafontaine IOOF
                   ESTHER CRIPE 8-29-1904-10-24-1989 wife of Ernest bur Oaklawn
                   IRMA N. HAMILTON   8-11-1887-4-9-1985 wife of Clifton bur Fairview
                   JOELLA S.  7-19-1953-1-12-1988 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                   MADGE S.  6-6-1939-12-22-1989 wife of John bur Falls
                   MILDRED I.  8-27-1902-4-8-1980 wife of Lloyd bur Oaklawn
                   NELLIE J. age 81 died 7-3-1989 wife of Clyde bur Friends
                   ROBERT J.  8-6-1914-6-11-1985 bur Fairview
                   ROGER L.  3-22-1951-3-15-1986 bur Friends
                   STEPHEN L.  5-5-1950-7-28-1981 son of G&P bur Roann Com
TEAGUE, HOWARD K.  7-30-1915-11-15-1988 son of J&L WWII AAC great great grandson of Hugh 
                                           Hanna bur Falls
                  LOUISE C. CONNER   1885-5-26-1978 wife of Joseph bur Falls
                  MARY OWEN   2-8-1895-2-1976 wife of Robert bur Friends
TEEL, IRENE M.   died 4-18-1972 bur Roann Com
            WALTER A.  1-27-1901-1-23-1985 son of W&S bur South Pleasant
TEEMS, GEORGE E.  10-11-1889-12-1975 bur Fairview
TEETER, CORA W.  3-21-1894-3-22-1983 bur Oaklawn
TEMPLE, HOWARD   2-20-1916-10-5-1982 son of R&M coowner United Tool Co. articles published in
                                      various magazines bur Falls
TEMPLETON, HERBERT O.  6-19-1915-1-27-1983 bur Lafontaine IOOF
TEMPLIN, BARRY M.  born & died 7-12-1977 son of M&M bur Falls
                   BRADY   6-14-1976-10-1976 son of M&M bur Falls
TERNOSKY, ANNA M.  5-4-1918-3-12-1988 wife of Paul bur Roann Com
TERREL, CLARENCE   9-10-1905-1989 bur Center Grove
THEOHAROUS, ALEXANDRA S.  6-24-1895-6-8-1974 wife of Noaum bur Falls
THOLKE, LOLA   3-8-1892-7-26-1975 wife of August bur Falls
THOMAS, BERNICE L. WALTERS   2-9-1916-4-17-1987 wife of Harold bur Fairview
                   BUDDY W.  11-17-1972-11-18-1972 infant son of D&L bur Falls
                   CORRALLEE DAWES   12-7-1883-2-14-1973 wife of Walter bur Friends
                   EMMA   1-19-1880-8-25-1980 wife of Burrel bur Lafontaine IOOF
                   EMMETT A.  11896-7-11-1983 son of W&N bur Harper
                   GEORGE A.  4-19-1910-8-28-1976 bur Laketon
                   HARRY A.  11-1-1902-8-31-1977 bur Roann Com
                   HAZEL A.  3-11-1894-2-23-1978 dau of J&P bur Lafontaine IOOF
                   HOMER W.  1-23-1888-2-6-1980 owner of Thomas & Son Coal Yards, Servia bur Fairview
                   JOSEPHINE MILLER   8-15-1901-9-1976 wife of Paul bur Lafontaine IOOF
                   MARY S. HARRISON   5-22-1906-8-24-1986 wife of J. Kling, R. Fitch & G. Thomas bur 
                                                            Miss Mem
                   MINERVA CLARK   12-25-1905-4-17-1987 wife of Harry bur Roann Com
                   WILBUR H.  4-23-1896-8-14-1984 son of J&N WWI Co. Comm. Bur Matlock
                   WILLIAM R.  11-8-1912-8-15-1989 bur Fairview
THOMPSON, CHARLES   8-20-1913-1-12-1973 bur Center Grove
                        HAROLD E.  3-26-1946-8-3-1972 bur Center Grove
                        HAZEL E. OGDEN   9-22-1895-6-3-1982 wife of Daniel bur Laketon
                        HOWARD J.  6-24-1929-7-21-1982 Korea vet bur Fairview
                        J. LLOYD   7-27-1901-9-27-1981 son of F&R owner Thompson electric and Gift Shop; 
                                                                               Wabash City Council bur Mem Lawns
                        JAMES   7-24-1918-3-28-1987 son of M&B WWII Army bur Roann Com
                        JANE E.  2-10-1913-12-18-1980 wife of Robert bur Roann Com
                        KENNETH W.  6-7-1951-8-1976 Vietnam vet bur Mem Lawns
                        MARSHALL H.  3-19-1893-12-6-1986 son of J&M WWI Army bur Roann Com
                        MARSHALL L.  2-15-1920-3-12-1972 son of M&B WWII vet bur Roann Com
                        MARY H.  6-13-1889-7-1975 wife fo Robert bur lafontaine IOOF
                        MINNIE A. EMERICK   4-16-1890-6-1974 wife fo Karl bur Miss Mem
                        PAULINE PAULLUS   3-1-1906-5-1976 wife of Raymond bur Roann Com
                        RAYMOND C.  9-17-1900-19-1978 bur Roann Com
                        ROBERT T.  9-23-1909-7-16-1977 bur Roann Com
                        ROSETTA L.  4-19-1910-7-1976 wife of Walter bur Friends
                        WALTER H.  11-22-1903-6-27-1978 son of C&H bur Lafontaine IOOF
                        WALTER H.  10-25-1911-5-7-1988 bur Friends
THOMSON, JANET L. WALTERS   7-30-1921-11-2-1974 wife of Dale bur Falls
THOSS, KURT P.  5-9-1900-5-8-1987 bur Oaklawn
THRONE, PAULINE S.  age 79 died 6-8-1977 bur Fairview
THRUSH, CHARLES J.  3-31-1916-8-13-1972 son of C&P WWII vet bur Falls
                  GRACE M. MURPHY   1-6-1883-3-1-1981 wife of Joseph bur Mem Lawns
                  J. FRED   10-19-1913-1-27-1972 son of J&G bur Roann Com
                  JOSEPH S.  died 6-1976 bur Mem Lawns
THURMAN, LOTTIE M. RUSSELL   age 85 died 5-12-1978 bur Falls
TIBBS, CORA   3-31-1893-4-25-1977 wife of Everett bur Falls
TIEDE, FRANKLIN S.  5-9-1960-6-24-1980 son of C&J bur Mem Lawns
TILLEY, TONYA L.  2-24-1961-11-6-1988 bur Falls
TILMAN, ALBERT J.  9-17-1898-2-18-1988 bur Falls
                  AUDRA P.  9-7-1884-5-7-1977 bur Oaklawn  
                  FRANCES K.  9-11-1901-12-20-1983 wife of Luther bur Oaklawn
                  LUTHER A.  2-18-1900-4-2-1985 son of A&C USAF bur Oaklawn
TIMMONS, DOROTHY I.  1-31-1898-6-11-1986 wife of Edward bur Falls
                     EDWARD A. 6-4-1897-6-14-1982 mayor of Wabash 1948-52 bur Falls
TITUS, MAUD V.  1896-7-1976 wife of Roy W. bur Roann Com
             ROY W.  7-3-1891-12-30-1973 bur Roann Com
TOBEY, CARL L.  stillborn 9-30-1977 son of C&C bur Falls
TOBIN, RICHARD   8-11-1942-10-10-1987 bur Center Grove
TOMLINSON, LORIN E.  3-8-1912-4-8-1985 son of E&I bur Roann Com
                          MARIE L.  8-?-1900-12-4-1983 wife of Lawrence bur Falls
TOMSON, AUDREY A. CARR   1-7-1890-3-10-1974 wife of Orie bur Falls
                   HOWARD S.  2-14-1922-3-24-1985 son of O&A bur Lafontaine IOOF
                   J. FRED   4-12-1892-3-2-1972 son of J&M bur Falls
                   LOLA R. BAER   4-21-1898-3-16-1972 wife of J. Fred bur Falls
                   MARGUERITE   1-22-1906-2-20-1984 wife of Donald bur Falls
                   ORIE S.  9-12-1887-3-26-1974 son of J&M bur Falls
TOOMEY, JENNIE   1-8-1884-7-1976 wife of Thomas bur Falls
TORDOFF, H. JOAN EGOLF   1-12-1930-11-14-1989 wife of Robert bur Oaklawn
TORRES, MAXIMIA   10-7-1913-1-3-1989 bur Lafontaine IOOF
TOUSCANY, CLIFFORD   9-15-1903-11-27-1989 bur Falls
                        KATHRYN L.  8-31-1902-8-13-1972 wife of Clifford bur Falls
TOWNSEL, ADRIANNE   died 7-14-1978 infant of R&S bur Falls
TRACY, D. LAURETTA   11-6-1887-6-11-1973 wife of Horace bur Oaklawn
                RUSSELL   9-30-1914-2-1976 owner Tracy’s Market & Apex Tool and Die Co. bur Oaklawn
TRAINOR, DAVID A.  2-24-1955-4-7-1974 son of J&M bur Friends
TRANSUE, LAVERN A.  age 56 died 7-2-1982 bur Fairview
TRENT, EDITH M.  4-3-1908-12-9-1977 wife of John bur Miss Mem
               JOHN L.  6-25-1906-10-10-1982 bur Miss Mem
               MARTHA M.  9-19-1903-10-17-1978 bur Friends
               MINNIE C. TRUSS   3-15-1882-7-11-1972 wife of John bur Murphy
               OSCAR S.  1-31-1902-7-9-1978 bur Miss Mem
TRICK, CLARK L.  8-17-1896-56--1975 son of J&L bur Hopewell
TRICKLE, JESSE E.  6-25-1916-6-29-1982 son of J&B WWII owner Laketon garage bur Laketon
TRIPLETT, SAVALIS   2-7-1909-4-9-1985 bur Friends
TRISLER, ANNA L.  9-28-19235-2-281973 wife of Richard bur Friends
                  BERNICE WEBB   5-26-1905-2-1973 wife of I. Ledyard bur Friends
                  I. LEDYARD   9-28-1899-6-25-1972 bur Friends
                  NEVA B. WEBB   5-26-2905-2-5-1973 wife of I. Ledyard abur Friends
                  RAYMOND T.  8-30-1900-12-9-1987 son of F&S WWI bur Mem Lawns
TROUT, MARQUERITE S.  12-23-1890-6-1976 wife of Leslie bur Oaklawn
TROXEL, ELIZABETH   7-5-1892-11-14-1979 wife of Luther bur Hopewell
                  JOHN E.  12-1-1928-2-8-1979 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                  WELLMAN C.  10-23-1914-7-1-1985 son of L&E bur Hopewell
TROYER, ALVAH   7-16-1893-8-14-1985 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                  BETTY E.  age 46 died 4-1973 wife of Charles bur Lafontaine IOOF
                  BYRON   age 71 died 12-23-1980 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                  CLEO S.  1890-5-1972 wife of Chester bur Lafontaine IOOF
                  LOTTIE E. WAGGONER   2-10-1894-4-1976 wife of Alvah bur Lafontaine IOOF
TRUSS, BRITTANY A.  5-22-1985-9-11-1988 dau of S&A bur Miss Mem
              DOROTHY F.  7-15-1905-12-23-1987 wife of Hugh bur Miss Mem
              EUGENE K.  11-16-1915-8-1973 son of R&F bur Lagro
              EWING, A.  5-27-1896-5-1976 son of H&L veteran bur Friends
              HUGH F.   6-14-1904-7-23-1972 son of F&R bur Miss Mem
              LEAH E. UNGER   9-4-1907-12-13-1989 wife of E.A. bur Friends
TUCKER, DUWARD   8-31-1922-5-2-1983 son of R&F WWII Army bur Lagro
                  EUGENE K.  died 8-12-1973 bur Lagro
                  FLORENCE L. KERR   3-11-1896-7-1-1982 wife of Raymond bur Lagro
                  MELISSA F. JACOBY   4-6-1954-1-15-1974 wife of Danny bur Friends
                  RAYMOND   4-5-1891-8—29-1978 son of F&M bur Lagro
                  ZELMA M.  8-22-1916-7-25-1988 wife of Francis bur Lagro
TUDOR, RALPH W.  1-2-1920-9-3-1989 son of R&H WWII Army bur Roann Com
TULLY, GARY L.  died 6-17-1977 bur Mem Lawns
TURNER, ELOISE FAYE   11-19-1931-7-10-1982 wife of Wm bur Lafontaine IOOF
                  FLORENCE M.  2-14-1898-7-6-1980 wife of James bur Roann Com
                  MILDRED M.  age 70 died 5-8-1979 bur Mem Lawns
TYLER, MAUDE   2-19-1886-8-1972 wife of Charles bur Lafontaine IOOF
TYNER, CLARK W.  4-27-1887-5-15-1974 son of L&L bur Miss Mem 
               EUGENE A.  2-26-1905-11-30-1988 son of C&L bur Mem Lawns
               FLOYD O.  2-1892-11-11-1972 son of H&M bur Matlock
               HOWARD   9-23-1895-12-6-1986 son of J&L WWI bur Fairview
               INEZ R.  10-20-1895-5-27-1985 wife of Leonard bur Lagro
               JESSE   age 94 died 9-7-1981 bur Fairview
               LEATHA M.  2-26-1895-7-3-1985 wife of Russel bur Fairview
               LEWIS R.  12-7-1902-9-26-1985 son of F&J bur Matlock
               LILLIAN E.  2-4-1896-2-25-1984 wife of Floyd bur Matlock
               MARY O. FLORA   12-18-1914-4-1-1987 bur Falls
               MAUDE   11-9-1876-6-6-1977 wife of F. Spencer & C. Tyner bur Falls
               PEARL BRUBAKER   4-26-1888-9-9-1972 wife of Clark bur Miss Mem
TYSON, CLIFFORD M.  11-15-1907-10-7-1975 bur Roann Com
               HELEN L.   3-31-1914-5-28-1974 wife of Clifford M. bur Roann Com
               RAYMOND R.  9-30-1917-4-14-1987 bur Roann Com
TYTE, JESSIE M.  9-19-1898-6-29-1985 wife of Clarence W. bur Falls
ULERY, FRANK O.  12-7-1901-11-13-1986 son of J&M bur Pleasant Hill
                FREDA ANDERSON   12-6-1900-2-20-1972 wife of Frank bur Pleasant Hill
                JOSEPH G.  age 63 died 3-22-1987 WWII 1st Armored Div, 16th Armored Eng., principal, bur
                                     Pleasant Hill
ULLOM, NAOMI SPEICHER   8-23-1893-2-17-1979 wife of Ralph bur Speicher
ULREY, DOROTHY 1930-3-17-1983 wife of Fred bur Oaklawn
               GRACE B. WILLIS   12-6-1890-2-14-1975 wife of R. Bonan & W. Ulrey bur Oaklawn
               HAROLD    6-18-1907-12-23-1988 bur Lafontaine IOOF
               INA M.  12-29-1898-4-24-1984 wife of Ray bur Pleasant Hill
               JACOB B.  5-7-1901-10-23-1982 son of S&E bur Old Ger Bapt
               LORRAINE   8-6-1891-1-21-1972 dau of J&P bur Pleasant Hill
               RAY E.  8-26-1896-10-15-1973 son of J&M bur Pleasant Hill
               RUSSEL   10-7-1897-1-20-1986 son of G&S WWI vet bur Oaklawn
               VALLIE   2-22-1896-1-1-1988 wife of F.F. bur Fairview
               WALTER O.  6-1-1885-4-17-1975 bur Oaklawn
               WELDON   died 1-18-1983 bur Falls
ULSH, VERNA E.  4-2-1889-5-1972 dau of M&D bur Laketon
             VIRGINIA AMBER   2-24-1904-8-17-1981 wife of L. Rapp & H. Ulsh bur Center Grove
ULSHAFER, ETHEL M. FRANCE   10-30-1909-8-9-1988 wife of Walter bur Mem Lawns
                       MARY A.  2-10-1912-10-3-1989 wife of Basil bur Fairview
                       URBAN D.  7-9-1907-1-15-1985 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                       WALTER D.  2-1-1908-1-1976 son of R&I bur Mem Lawns
UNDERWOOD, ELMER A.  9-24-1909-4-27-1986 bur Fairview
                            HENRY R.  5-24-1915-2-28-1988 WWII Army bur Fairview
                            OPAL M. SKNAPP   7-27-1901-4-2-1983 wife of Elmer bur Fairview
UNGER, ARTHUR   3-18-1916-10-10-1974 son of I&O bur Friends
                ARTHUR L.  4-23-1938-5-20-1985 son of A&M bur Friends
                BERNICE M. 3-3-1902-7-13-1989 dau of F&L bur Falls
                BONNIE V.  died 9-11-1974 bur Friends
                CHARLES O.  12-17-1899-1-18-1979 son of D&M bur Friends
                DARWIN   10-5-1912-7-26-1978 son of C&M bur Mem Lawns
                EARL E.  4-5-1881-5-31-1977 son of J&M bur Friends
                ELZA   10-9-1886-1-1973 son of S&H bur Friends
                FRANCES W.  8-6-1902-4-7-1982 wife of Richard bur Falls
                HIRAM E.  10-9-1886-1-2-1973 son of S&H bur Friends
                IRVIN   7-26-1889-2-1973 son of S&L bur Friends
                JOSEPH S.  8-4-1919-8-28-1983 son of  I&O owner Mill Creek Stone & Gravel Co. bur Friends
                MARTHA V.  2-21-1916-1-5-1981 bur Friends
                MARY RIDGEWAY   4-6-1901-1-2-1979 wife of Charles bur Friends
                MONTRUE   11-11-1892-11-20-1982 dau of I&I bur Friends
URSCHEL, BRENDA   age 80 died 1-1973 bur Fairview
                    EARL E.  1-7-1895-10-8-1973 son of C&S bur Falls
                    EDITH M.  6-22-1910-4-25-1978 wife of Marion bur Pleasant Hill
                    EDYTHE M.  6-6-1893-11-19-1984 wife of Earl bur Falls
                    ERMA A.  1-4-1887-5-13-1974 wife of Daniel bur Oaklawn
                    JOHN F.  11-1875-6-1973 bur Oaklawn
                    L. HAROLD   4-7-1905-6-13-1979 bur Oaklawn
                    L. LUCILE ROBY   3-15-1902-11-13-1985 wife of Joe bur Oaklawn
                    MARION P.  11-8-1906-10-27-1984 bur Pleasant Hill
                    PAUL A.  10-31-1913-11-5-1984 bur Fairview
                    STEVEN P.  2-5-1956-8-21-1982 son of I&D bur Falls
USHER, DAVID E.  7-14-1902-4-14-1986 bur Center Grove
               LETTIE LOUISE   9-27-1905-1-15-1974 wife of Dwight bur Matlock
UTTER, ANNABELLE   12-15-1920-6-19-1987 wife of Alfred bur St. Peters
VAIR, FRANCES W.  11-18-1906-2-15-1982 wife of Claude bur Falls
VAN BUSKIRK, FRED   5-11-1896-1977 son of D&M bur roan Com
                             FREDERIKA   11-3-1907-3-25-1987 wife of James director State Exchange Bank author
                                                      Roann Remembers bur Roann Com
                             KATHARINE   5-20-1902-7-31-1986 dau of D&M bur Roann Com
VAN CAMP, EMILY E. KIRKPATRICK   6-18-1934-7-26-1988 wife of James bur Matlock
VANCE, BLANCHE M.  5-4-1924-12-4-1982 wife of Marvin bur Pleasant Hill
                CHARLES G.  6-20-1901-11-7-1981 bur Pleasant Hill
VAN CLEAVE, LUTHER C.  1-4-1910-8-7-1983 son of L&C bur Fairview
                            NOREEN   10-15-1911-10-20-1982 well known musician in N. Indiana in late 20s and 
                                               early 30s bur Roann Com
VANDEGRIFT, CLARENCE L.  12-30-1893-1-6-1978 son of E&S county superintendent WWI signal
                                                       corps, 1969-73 WC Veteran’s Service Officer bur Mem Lawns
                            DOLAS   4-30-1899-10-6-1982 wife of Clarence bur Mem Lawns
                            GRACE E. MILLER   1-30-1883-8-27-1972 wife of C.W. bur Lafontaine IOOF
                            J. WARD   2-24-1918-10-28-1981 son of C&D bur Mem Lawns
                            WILLIAM    2-27-1901-2-8-1983 son of E&S bur Friends
VANDIELEN, HANNA B.  1-20-1901-5-12-1984 wife of Bernard bur Friends
VANDINE, BESSIE E. MYERS   10-18-1894-10-11-1972 bur Falls
VANDIVIER, DALSTON   age 66 died 1-1972 bur Friends
VANDUCEN, EDNA L. SCHEPELMAN   1-4-1906-3-14-1975 bur Falls
VANDYKE, EUNICE   4-9-1901-3-24-1981 bur Oaklawn
                      HAZEL F.  4-15-1897-2-1975 wife of Albert bur Falls
VANLANDINGHAM, CHARLES E.  6-9-1885-6-1973 bur Falls
                                      MARY   6-28-1904-4-21-1986 bur Mem Lawns
VANROE, EDNA   11-12-1891-5-15-1983 wife of Morton bur Friends
                   WILMA M. WILLIAMS   6-26-1918-7-4-1984 wife of Robert bur Falls
VAN SCOY, VICTORIA B.   born & died 7-31-1988 dau of F&R bur Falls
VENABLE, FREDERICK   1-19-1921-10-29-1989 WWII Army bur Oaklawn
                    GEORGIA JINKS   3-1891-8-11-1978 wife of George bur Oaklawn
VERGON, MAE   died 7-28-1973 dau of A&R bur Falls
VEVERKA, MAMIE L.  6-6-1905-11-13-1989 wife of Raymond bur Friends
                     RAYMOND J.  6-18-1903-12-30-1973 bur Friends
VICE, EDWARD T.  5-9-1908-12-23-1972 coowner Vice Bros Foundry bur Falls
           ELIZABETH   1-1-194-10-1975 wife of Edward bur Falls
           LOLA E.  1-1-1914-10-7-1975 wife of Edward bur Falls
           RUTH Z. CARNEY   1-25-1893-8-21-1975 wife of Forrest bur Falls
VIGAR, CURTIS J.  6-21-1945-10-6-1986 bur Falls
               RUSSELL J.  9-25-1918-7-6-1984 WWII bur Falls
VISSER, WILLIAM   5-19-1909-2-20-1978 Peabody Home exec. Director, director of NM Community
                                     Foundation bur Oaklawn
VOGEL, MARY J.  3-29-1912-8-16-1989 wife of Harold bur Falls
VOGHT, HARVEY S.  age 92 died 6-19-1988 vp 1975-1984 Bippus Bank bur Fairview
VONDERAHE, VERNON S.  5-3-1912-8-21-1975 bur Pleasant Hill
VOSS, WALTER O.  1-9-1906-1-28-1977 bur Falls\
VOTAW, EMMA L. ELTZROTH   3-1-1881-8-13-1974 bur Friends
VOTRA, RONALD J.  1-29-1919-12-23-1980 son of J&R WWII bur Mem Lawns
VROOMAN, HERMAN N.  1-23-1884-11-9-1972 son of J&E bur Friends
                       MYRVAL E.  12-2-1909-2-25-1983 son of H&M bur Friends
                       ROSE A. SCHMIDT   10-31-1895 wife of LaVon bur Friends
WADE, ETHEL J.  3-7-1907-1-8-1977 wife of Jennings bur Mem Lawns
              JENNINGS L.  9-7-1900-9-18-1984 bur Mem Lawns
WAGGONER, IRETA   8-8-1908-1-21-1984 wife of Milo bur Lafontaine IOOF
                         MARIE A.  9-6-1897-8-27-1984 wife of Alva bur Lafontaine IOOF
WAGMER, DARLENE J.  10-29-1931-1-12-1989 wife of James bur Mem Lawns
                    ELLEN HALL   6-3-1927-2-23-1982 wife of James bur Mem Lawns
WAGNER, ARTHUR A.  5-29-1881-5-9-1972 bur Oaklawn
                   BERNICE J.  8-27-1916-5-17-1982 wife of John bur Oaklawn
                   ELDO   age 92 died 5-6-1989 bur Old Ger Bapt
                   HOBART   2-22-1897-5-1976 son of J&C bur Fairview
                   KENNETH R.  7-17-1957-12-15-1984 bur Roann Com
                   MICHAEL J.  10-19-1953-3-18-1974 son of D&E bur Mem Lawns
                   THELMA B.  5-19-1899-5-26-1985 wife of Hobart bur Fairview
WAGONER,  PEARL E.  5-3-1900-5-31-1986 wife of Eldo bur Old Ger Bapt
WAITE, CARL 12-13-1926-3-10-1989 son of C&J WWII Army bur Miss Mem
               ELDRIDGE R.  age 77 died 7-1972 bur Mem Lawns
WAKEFIELD, FAYE D. DAYWALT   7-5-1888-3-29-1981 wife of William bur Falls
                         JAMES   4-10-1909-6-29-1980 bur Falls
                         JOSEPHINE   8-27-1934-2-5-1975 wife of Michael bur Miss Mem
                         WILLIAM SCOTT   5-1-1960-1-19-1979 son of J&J bur Falls
WALKER, ADAM W.  12-9-1981-4-27-1982 son of D&D bur Mem Lawns
                   CORTHA E. JACK   8-17-1883-10-1973 wife of Orlando bur Falls
                   EVART A.  age 59 died 10-27-1979 bur Fairview
                   GALEN O.  6-23-1906-9-12-1984 bur Roann Com
                   MARIE   8-24-1896-4-2-1984 wife of Estie bur Falls
                   MILDRED R.  6-5-1910-1-1976 wife of Wayne bur Fairview
                   ROSABELLE PURDY   6-11-1871-4-6-1977 wife of Walter bur Half Acre
WALKNETZ, NEVIN   age 76 died 1972 bur Oaklawn
WALLACE, BEATRICE A. MORISSEY   4-17-1892-12-18-1987 wife of William bur Oaklawn
                      ESTHER E.  8-8-1910-5-27-1983 bur Falls
                      IRENE   11-20-1914-3-10-1982 wife of John bur Fairview
                      JOHN A.  1-4-1912-10-1-1985 bur Fairview
                      LEWIS L.  4-21-1937-7-23-1987 Army vet bur Mem Lawns
                      WILLIAM A.  age 90 died 2-1973 son of C&L bur Falls
                      WILLIAM L.  age 69 died 3-10-1984 son of Beatrice bur Oaklawn
WALLER, JESSIE E.  age 88 died 7-1976 wife of E. Kaye-Smith & D. Waller bur Oaklawn
WALLS, GILBERT E.   10-7-1932-7-30-1972 USMC Korea cpl 10 ct 53 9th Rec Dist 195104 bur Fairview
WALROD, WORTH M.  4-9-1899-12-13-1980 WWI vet bur Oaklawn
WALSH, LAWRENCE R.  4-24-1913-5-17-1977 WWII vet bur Pleasant Hill
                LOU R.  11-26-1884-12-26-1984 wife of John bur Friends
WALTER, CHARLES D.  3-10-1889-7-9-1972 son of J&A WWI vet bur Fairview
                   GLADYS M. ROCKWELL   11-11-1895-8-28-1979 bur Oaklawn
                   JEAN GRADEN   1-13-1890-3-1-1972 wife of Fred bur Falls
WALTERS, CLINTON C.  3-31-1893-10-18-1982 son of J&A bur Fairview
                     EFFIE M.  3-26-1887-2-1975 dau of C&A bur Fairview
                     FLOYD   4-16-1891-4-9-1979 son of J&N bur Fairview
                     GEORGE   12-3-1918-5-31-1986 son of G&I bur Fairview
                     GRACE M.  12-1-1883-8-1-1985 dau of L&A bur Fairview
                     IRENE L. HEVEL   9-8-1896-7-7-1972 wife of George bur Fairview
                     LAWRENCE M.  10-28-1913-11-25-1982 son of C&T vet bur Falls
                     MARVIN D.  age 75 died 11-8-1981 bur Fairview
                     MICHAEL W.  10-9-1959-4-3-1985 son of E&M bur Miss Mem
                     MYRTLE B.  10-1-1878-6-6-1974 dau of L&A bur Fairview
                     RAYMOND O.  8-22-1909-1-23-1984 bur Oaklawn
                     RUSSELL D.  8-17-1911-11-8-1988 WWII Lafontaine IOOF
WALTHER, CLARENCE M.  11-17-1888-2-18-1973 son of C&L bur Oaklawn
WAMPLER, MARIAN R.  3-24-1917-9-18-1988 wife of Ernest coowner Wampler Jewelry Store bur
                      PARIS E.  3-7-1896-6-20-1975 WWI vet bur Falls
WARD, BENJAMIN J.  8-17-1918-6-28-1982 WWII Army bur Falls
              CORDIE M.  7-29-1897-12-30-1983 wife of John bur Mem Lawns
              ELLIS B.  11-21-1927-7-24-1989 bur Friends
              EULA M.  age 62 died 3-30-1979 bur Falls
              FRANK   2-22-1924-6-19-1989 bur Mem Lawns
              HELEN L.  7-9-1924-4-5-1986 wife of Burl bur Mem Lawns
              HENRY   9-9-1930-11-27-1983 Korea vet bur Lafontaine IOOF
              JOE B.  5-1-1901-1-8-1983 bur Laketon
              ROBERT L.  3-25-1927-12-29-1982 USN bur Falls
              ZORA   2-22-1903-10-19-1974 wife fo Richard bur Falls
WARICK, CARROLL K.  infant son of C&L died 11-1972 bur Falls
WARNER, ALTHEA WARNER SAUSAMAN   7-11-1895-1-16-1985 wife of Boyd bur Oaklawn
                   MARIE ULREY   7-4-1897-3-10-1988 wife of Glen bur Pleasant Hill
                   MARY K.  10-28-1908-10-7-1987 wife of Lloyd bur Oaklawn
                   MARY L.  5-27-1912-4-25-1989 bur Mem Lawns
                   PEARL FREY   9-10-1890-2-9-19788 wife of Hollie bur Pleasant Hill
WARREN, CALVIN L.  9-17-1975-1977 son of C&L bur Swank
                   EDITH M.  10-21-1929-12-1-1978 wife of Lawrence bur Fairview
                   ELVAH M. CONRAD   9-27-1899-3-4-1973 wife of Charles bur Roann Com
                   FRANK E.  7-8-1903-1-1976 bur Friends
                   LAWRENCE   5-23-1912-8-8-19086 bur Fairview
                   MABEL M.  4-12-1902-4-19-1986 wife of Ray bur Fairview
                   RAY M.  11-8-1899-5-13-1981 son of W&A bur Fairview
                   ROY D.  4-14-1959-3-4-1989 son of D&P bur Falls
WARSCHKO, HAZEL   8-18-1907-4-27-1982 bur Hopewell
                         PAUL   12-7-1903-6-29-1979 bur Hopewell
WARVEL, ETHEL G.  6-13-1886-6-22-1977 wife of Jonas bur Oaklawn
                   HAROLD S.  10-25-1909-7-29-1989 WWII USN, owned Warvel Products 1958-72; owned
                                           Warvel’s Vintage Auto Museum bur Oaklawn
                   MURIEL J. LEGAN   4-4-1908-12-23-1987 wife of Harold owner Warvel Products Inc bur 
WASEM, CARL E.  7-7-1896-4-6-1978 son of C&C bur St. Peters
                 FRANCIS M.  4-1-1919-11-8-1984 son of M&R bur Laketon
                 OCAL   6-15-1897-5-26-1988 wife of C.E. bur St. Peters
WASHBURN, ROBERT L.  1-10-1932-2-1-1984 son of L&AQ Korea vet bur Falls
WASSMAN, GRACE C.   died 4-5-1987 wife of Robert bur Falls
WATKINS, GLADYS M. GROSSNICKLE   7-20-1895-11-29-1982 wife of Charles bur Pleasant Hill 
                    RONDLE   1-2-1921-6-1-1985 WWII Army bur Mem Lawns
WATSON, ALEXANDER   6-2-1904-6-6-1980 bur Falls
                   CLARENCE   9-28-1904-1-14-1975 WWII Army bur Friends
                   EVA ADAMS   age 87 1884-4-11-1972 wife of Alvah bur Friends
                   GORDON L.  11-30-1893-4-3-1983 son of T&A bur Lafontaine IOOF
                   JOHN W.  10-21-1882-4-22-1978 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                   MABEL H.  7-28-1910-4-4-1989 son of W&I bur Falls
                   PEARL E. CRIST   10-14-1891-6-8-1973 wife of William bur Roann Com
                   RAY E.   2-7-1902-6-9-1975 son of C&J bur Laketon
                   ROBERT D.  1-2-1920-12-30-1975 WWII veteran bur Falls
WAYE, MARVIN   7-2-1919-4-9-1985 son of E&B bur Falls
WEAVER,  ARTHUR L.  2-27-1908-10-2-1975 son of G&V bur Pleasant Hill
                    BERTHA L.  7-3-1909-11-6-1979 wife of Joseph bur Lafontaine IOOF
                    CHESTER G.  4-20-1946-12-26-1988 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                    DEWITT O.  11-21-1895-7-27-1985 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                    EVELYN REIKEN   10-4-1925-6-22-1982 wife of James bur Oaklawn
                    ISABEL   9-18-1903-12-29-1980 wife of Hosea bur Falls
                    JACOB J.  7-30-1901-8-8-1980 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                    JAMES W.  11-30-1926-11-7-1987 bur Falls
                    JOSEPH O.  8-19-1910-12-10-1982 bur Lafontine IOOF
                    MAE L.  3-14-1907-11-24-1981 wife of L. Benner & E. Weaver bur Falls
                    NELLIE G.  5-2-1888-9-19-1972 wife of John bur Falls
                    RAY E.  2-7-1902-6-1975 son of C&J bur Laketon
                    RUSSELL   5-17-1921-8-30-1979 son of E&K bur Lafontaine IOOF
                    THERON G.  5-3-1890-5-9-1982 bur Pleasant Hill
                    VIOLA   5-30-1885-3-1973 wife of George bur Pleasant Hill
                    WALTER   6-16-1906-10-21-1975 bur Pleasant Hill
WEBB, CHAD L.  4-21-1974-4-22-1974 bur Falls 
              ESTER   1-18-1900-12-1976 bur Miss Mem
              HELEN B.   age 69 died 7-11-1981 bur Falls 
              INA L.   age 51 died 12-2-1989  wife of Thomas bur Falls
              LEAH L. TIBBS   1-11-1905-12-21-1984 wife of Carl bur Falls
              MADALINE R.  9-29-1919-2-21-1989 wife of Clyde bur Lafontaine IOOF
              MARGIE   6-1-1916-10-29-1979 wife of Tilson bur Friends
              OTTIS   8-16-1916-11-17-1978 bur Falls
              TILSON R.  2-14-1908-12-4-1972 bur Friends
WEBER, HELEN MYLIN   10-19-1895-7-1976 wife of Ralph bur Laketon
                JIMMY   7-27-1962-1-1972 bur Friends
                JOHN E.   age 78 died 11-25-1988 bur Laketon
WEBSTER, RALPH T.  8-29-1912-3-27-1988 bur Friends
WECK, WALTER E.  8-21-1910-9-30-1978 son of A&R bur St. Peters
WEEKS, ALBERT P.  2-5-1920-8-30-1980 WWII owner Lu-Vi Restaurant, topographical draftsman for 
                                      U.S. Army bur Roann Com
                GLADYS M.  age 83 died 12-31-1980 wife of Loren bur Fairview
                LILLIE M. RUDICEL   5-29-1888-3-31-1984 wife of Vallie bur Oaklawn
                LOREN L.   age 85 died 6-27-1981 WWI Army bur Fairview
WEESNER, ANN W. WALSER   2-24-2905-8-30-1982 wife of Eugene bur Friends
                     GILBERT   2-2-1907-11-13-1979 bur Falls
                     HELEN E. UNGER   6-18-1910-1-11-1987 wife of J. Sager & G. Weesner bur Friends
                     JONES A.  9-24-1899-3-30-1982 son of D&A bur Friends
                     RUSSELL   5-31-1894-8-14-1974 son of D&A WWI vet bur Friends
WEHME, GUS   11-1-1915-4-12-1988 son of W&H bur Roann Com                                                             
                 RUTH   8-12-1901-12-3-1988 wife of C. Christiensen & G. Wehme bur Roann Com
WEIBKING, ESTHER L.  8-1-1897-11-24-1984 wife of O. Hawkins & J. Weibking bur Lafontaine IOOF
WELLER, BEATRICE B.  9-28-1903-4-15-1977 wife of Chester bur Roann Com
                  PAUL E.  3-9-1931-9-18-1975 son of R&M USAF bur Pleasant Hill
WEIMER, LEE A.  5-31-1878-124--1975 bur Oaklawn
                  THOMAS F.  7-11-1921-2-24-1987 son of C&D WWII Army bur Miss Mem
WEISS, DALE A.  9-2-1942-11-4-1989 son of M&V Army Vietnam bur Falls
              ELIZABETH M.  11-23-1890-2-2-1977 wife of Paul bur Falls
WEITZEL, HUGH L.  2-26-1899-9-8-1983 son of O&M bur Pleasant Hill
                   JOHN O.  3-10-1908-2-1-1979 son of O&M bur Pleasant Hill
                   LONA M. ZOBROSKY   3-2-1901-9-24-1984 wife of Hugh bur Pleasant Hill
                   ROLAND L.   age 56 died 9-21-1985 bur Pleasant Hill
WELCH, BETTY   4-12-1922-2-1973 dau of J&M bur Falls
                CLIFFORD E.  age 47 died 7-2-1978 son of Henry bur lafontaine IOOF
                KYLE L.  3-25-1981-9-19-1984 son of W&B bur Falls
WELLER, GERALD E.  3-2-1913-12-31-1983 bur Pleasant Hill
WELLS, EDNA M.  11-17-1912-2-12-1987 wife of Nevard bur Laketon
               NEVARD   9-17-1911-4-17-1975 bur Laketon
WELSH, ELIZABETH J.  died 2-8-1973 bur Falls
                MATILDA M.  6-12-1889-11-11-1972 wife of John bur Falls
WENDEL, BERTHA MAY.  died 10-25-1973 bur Hopewell
                   DANIEL   age 86 11-17-1894-11-7-1981 bur Hopewell
                   IVA M. FRANTZ   5-21-1891-6-5-1988 wife of John bur Old Ger Bapt
                   IRVEN W.   3-7-1898-12-2-1974 son of F&E bur Oaklawn
                   PAUL H.  8-4-1913-11-1973 WWII vet son of E&R bur Fairview
                   VIRGINIA RIFE   9-20-1910-2-8-1981 wife of Paul president Wendel’s Décor Shop, grand 
                                                 Marshall 1980 NM funfest parade, bur Fairview
WENGER, ADA A.  8-10-1886-8-27-1978 wife of Russell bur Oaklawn
                   RUSSELL C.  3-23-1887-11-21-1973 bur Oaklawn
WERKING, HAROLD E.  10-8-1922-12-1973 son of D&M bur Fairview
                     RUSSELL E.  3-23-1894-9-4-1980 son of D&C bur Pleasant Hill
WENSLEY, EUGENE H.  1-21-1931-4-29-1983 Korea vet bur Mem Lawns
WERKING,ELIZABETH  12-25-1917-4-1976 wife fo Arden bur Oaklawn
                    HERBERT L.  11-8-1928-3-13-1989 son of D&M owner of The Inn vet Korea bur Fairview
                     IVA A.  3-7-1893-6-19-1985 wife of Sherman bur Pleasant Hill
                     THEDA HAUPERT 6-17-1919-7-26-1989 wife of Arden bur Oaklawn
                     VIRGINIA L.  8-26-1915-1-20-1989 wife of Herbert bur Fairview
WERTENBERGER, EDITH F. RAGER   4-16-1890-1-1972 wife of Arnold bur Laketon
                                   JACK L.  10-19-1918-4-1-1989 son of G&M dairy sanitarian for Ind State Board of
                                                   Health, WWII Army bur Laketon
                                   PHOEBE M. BAKER   5-8-1896-12-1976 wife of Glenn bur Fairview
WESCO, CHARLES   age 93 died 1-1975
WEST, C. WILLARD   4-18-1909-11-19-1989 Wabash Bowling Hall of Fame bur Roann Com
             DARL L.  12-28-1900-11-7-1977 son of J&L bur Laketon
             ESTHER M.  8-11-1913-5-29-1979 wife of Willard member of the Roann Threesome and West
                                    Trio bur Roann
             MARY E.  4-19-1881-1-11-1973 wife of Wesley bur Oaklawn
             OLIVE M. MILLER   3-13-1917-1-21-1981 wife of George bur Mem Lawns
             ROBERT U.  12-15-1926-1-1-1988 son of G&M USN WWII bur Oaklawn
             ROBERTA   7-25-1961-3-21-1982 bur Mem Lawns
WESNER, KATHLEEN D. DUKE   12-21-1901-6-23-1972 wife of M. Wells & H. Wesner bur Mem
WESTAFER, ARDEN L.  4-25-1917-6-20-1974 son of R&G bur Oaklawn
                       GEORGIA D. KUHLE   9-15-1890-9-19-1981 wife of Roman bur Oaklawn
                       LAWRENCE   11-18-1913-7-19-1988 son of E&E bur Pleasant Hill
WESTBERG, ARTHUR W.  12-10-1917-6-27-1987 bur Mem Lawns
WESTENDORF, CYRIL B.  8-2-1907-7-25-1984 bur Miss Mem
                             MAE E.A.  11-19-1910-12-1-1983 wife of Cyril bur Miss Mem
WETZEL, THOMAS M.  2-13-1902-3-2-1979 part owner Wetzel Ins Co. son of J&P bur Oaklawn
WHEATLEY, ETTA K.  12-24-1895-5-31-1978 wife of Walter bur Roann Com
WHEELER, DORA K.  3-23-1913-3-1976 wife of Ralph bur Roann Com
                     LARRY R.  8-4-1944-5-10-1983 bur Oaklawn
                     MARIAN G. GIFT   7-24-1912-12-1975 wife of Halbert bur Friends
WHINERY, EARL L.  11-1-1915-4-12-1988 son of W&H bur Center Grove
                     HATTIE E.  age 88 died 5-1973 wife of William bur Center Grove
WHISLER, GRACE   8-15-1898-9-20-1979 wife of Arthur bur Roann Com
                    JAMES   age 59 died 3-1975 son of F&E bur Falls
WHISTLER, CELIA M. TATE   2-27-1907-12-29-1988 wife of Floyd bur Roann Com
                      ETHEL F. JONES   1-27-1897-6-1-1989 wife of W. Stouffer & W. Whistler bur Friends
                      ETHEL I.  3-31-1904-4-5-1981 wife of Beach bur Mt. Pleasant
                      FLOYD O.  2-21-1903-8-1-1982 bur Roann Com
                      WILLIAM C.  7-1-1893-9-17-1972 bur Friends
WHITAKER, BEACH   10-30-1901-6-2-1988 bur Mt. Pleasant
                       DONALD R.  8-27-1940-12-31-1986 bur Oaklawn
                       REUBEN   4-15-1904-4-8-1979 bur Oaklawn
                       VELIA L.  12-6-1908-4-27-1984 wife of Reuben bur Oaklawn
WHITCRAFT,  HAZEL M.  age 84 died 8-2-1980 bur Lafontaine IOOF
WHITE, CHARLES R.  6-23-1912-3-23-1988 son of R&M bur Friends
               EARL E.  6-24-1903-4-5-1981 son of A&M WWII bur Friends
               EDWIN H.  1-7-1887-10-1973 son of A&L bur Matlock
               ESTELLE   12-21-1927-7-9-1977 wife of Charles bur Center Grove
               ETTA B.  11-7-1898-5-7-1987 wife of Lorrin bur Miss Mem
               HAROLD W.  10-15-1908-6-1976 son of O&M bur Falls
               LAVON   4-10-1911-2-27-1982 bur Lafontaine IOOF
               LENSEN   age 9 died 12-1976 bur Friends
               OTTO L. died 5-21-1973 bur Matlock
               RUTH J.  9-9-1903-1-20-1987 wife of Ralph bur Mem Lawns
WHITEHEAD, DANIEL F.  11-9-1923-11-10-1985 son of D&B bur Friends
                          OLLIE H.  10-28-1901-10-31-1987 wife of J. Eberly & E. Whitehead bur Oaklawn
WHITEHURST, HARRY L.  11-27-1915-10-19-1982 son of D&B WWII bur Pleasant Hill
WHITESEL, HERMAN L.  2-4-1889-5-14-1975 son of J&L bur Mt. Pleasant
                      OLLIE G.  10-17-1881-4-21-1974 president Colt & Horse Show 17 years; Co. Commssioner, 
                                         bur Friends
WHITESIDE, SAMUEL   2-21-1893-12-27-1975 bur Roann Com
WIBLE, HARRY J.  12-13-1910-9-22-1985 bur Oaklawn
WICK,  CLYDE W.  6-10-1889-12-1-1985 son of C&E bur St. Peters
              MARY E. BOYER   5-3-1922-12-10-1983 wife of R. Chaplin & C. Wick bur Roann Com
              NONDUS G. SHULTZ   7-16-1892-11-1-1973 wife of Clyde bur St. Peters
WIDMEYER, ROBERT E.  2-27-1922-6-8-1981 son of A&M owner Widmeyer Siding Co. bur Matlock
WIDEMEYER, MYRTLE   7-19-1887-4-20-1979 wife of Haden bur Matlock
WIESE, CATHERINE L.  11-10-1928-9-25-1978 wifeof Eugene bur Friends
WILKERSON, CHARLES F.  12-21-1894-7-30-1988 bur Falls
WILCOX, AMELIA RICKERT   5-12-1896-6-28-1975 wife of Ernest bur Fairview
                  CHARLES E.  12-17-1899-12-23-1981 son of W&D owner Pyramid Oil co. bur Pleasant Hill 
                  EUGENE D.  6-29-1920-7-1-1985 son of E&A bur Fairview
                  F. JOHN   5-14-1919-6-5-1989 son of H&M bur Hopewell
                  HARVEY R.  died 2-11-1973 bur Mem Lawns
                  HAZEL   10-22-1894-10-25-1973 bur Wallace
                  HILDA   8-4-1897-11-27-1978 wife of Raymond bur Mem Lawns
                  KERRI A.  11 days old died 3-29-1978 dau of W. bur Hopewell
                  LOIS J. HAPNER   2-12-1935-4-19-1981 wife of Garland bur Faiarview
                  MARCELLUS W.  1-27-1918-10-4-1988 son of E&A bur Hopewell
                  MINNIE A.  12-15-1929-2-14-1983 wife of Robert bur Hopewell
WILDONER, ELIZABETH R.  6-27-1906-2-22-1981 wife of Louis bur Fairview
                        LOUIS G.  2-25-1889-3-16-1979 son of W&L bur Fairview
WILES, EUNICE A.  4-12-1911-3-28-1981 bur Center Grove
              G. GILBERT   3-9-1904-6-24-1972 bur Center Grove
              HAROLD   age 70 died 10-22-1982 son of D&L bur Friends
              TESSA R. UNGER   8-6-1951-12-12-1982 wife of Stephen bur Friends
WILEY, HAZEL SAYRE   10-29-1885-7-28-1974 wife of Ora bur Falls
               HUGH V.  died 7-11-1973 bur Lagro
WILHELM, EDITH R. PRETORIOUS 11-11-1896-9-4-1989 wife of Leo bur St. Peters
WILKERSON, ANDREW   stillborn 8-24-1972 bur Friends
WILL, AUSTIN S.  9-12-1901-9-10-1987 bur Pleasant Hill
            NAOMI   8-27-1899-4-7-1973 wife of Harper bur Pleasant Hill
WILLCOX, CHARLES E.  2-8-1893-12-6-1973 son of J&E bur Mem Lawns
                     CLAUDE R.  1-5-1926-1-17-1978 son of C&O WWII vet bur Speicher
                     ELLA B.  10-8-1895-7-20-1974 wife of J. Boehn & E. Willcox bur Mem Lawns
                     GEORGE K.  7-19-1905-4-30-1988 son of W&D owner Central Oil Co. bur Oaklawn
WILLIAMS, ALAN J.  stillborn 10-21-1978 son of T&S bur Falls
                      ALMA L. SMYERS   8-22-1889-3-31-1981 wife of Garl bur Mem Lawns
                      CARRIE B. GIDLEY   3-6-1886-5-26-1974 wife of Edward bur Falls
                      DAVID W.  age 79 died 3-17-1977 bur Falls
                      DONALD W.  4-8-1906-1-19-1987 son of F&C bur Friends
                      EDITH   5-1-1880-12-2-1972 wife of Frank bur Falls
                      EDNA S. SCOTT   10-4-1890-8-6-1988 wife of Von bur Mem Lawns
                      EFFIE   age 85 died 11-28-1977 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                      GARL A.  5-5-1888-3-13-1973 bur Mem Lawns
                      IRMA L.  7-16-1896-10-30-1981 wife of P.L. bur Falls
                      JAMES E.  6-2-1941-2-12-1989 son of L&D Army Vietnam bur Falls
                      JOHN Q.  5-23-1905-1-19-1972 bur Pleasant Hill
                      LARRY P.  4-15-1940-9-28-1987 USAF bur Mt. Pleasant
                      LAURA J. KELLER   12-19-1914-9-10-1983 wife of Bob bur Friends
                      LILLIE   3-26-1900-5-10-1981 wife of Emery bur Greenlawn
                      MAE L.  8-11-1915-11-8-1983 wife of Howard Wabash’s first life master in American
                                     Contract Bridge bur Falls
                      MERLEE F. BROTHERS   1-3-1897-1-29-1988 wife of Harry bur Lagro
                      PHOCIAN   8-29-1896-9-30-1975 son of P&L bur Roann Com
                      THEO L.  3-10-1908-8-12-1972 bur Pleasant Hill
                      VON L.  9-8-1890-1-26-1985 son of C&S bur Mem Lawns
WILSON, A. VAN   12-5-1925-5-4-1980 son of B&M WWII Army bur Mem Lawns
                 ANNA G. STORY   10-8-1899-3-2-1985 wife of Ira bur Friends
                 BESSIE M.  7-23-1894-1-23-1985 wife of Garr bur Falls
                 DORA   6-11-1904-10-27-1979 wife of Lloyd bur Falls
                 EDNA L.   1-23-1889-1-12-1973 wife of Cloyd bur Oaklawn
                 ELIZABETH B. LELAND   2-7-1901-1-16-1982 wife of Daniel manager teen canteen bur
                 GRANT J.  b&d 5-11-1989 infant of S&M bur Oaklawn
                 LAURIE L.  12-10-1921-2-8-1983 WWII bur Old Ger Bapt
                 MILES L.   age 73 died 4-12-1983 bur Falls
                 THEON J. SLOAN   2-26-1938-4-30-1972 wife of P.L. bur Mt Pleasant
                 THOMAS J.  8-10-1891-4-11-1972 bur Falls
WINCHESTER, LEONA   10-22-1904-11-29-1981 wife of Mayberry bur Mem Lawns
                            MAYBERRY   3-19-1904-2-25-1975 bur Mem Lawns
WINE, GROVER L.  6-12-1886-11-1972 bur Pleasant Hill
             MABLE   age 69 died 3-19-1986 bur Mem Lawns
WINEBRENNER, EMELINE P. FIVECOATE   2-14-1915-7-16-1978 wife of George bur Fairview
                               HELEN M.  1-9-1908-10-1976 dau of C&E bur Pleasant Hill
                               REX E.  12-3-1922-7-17-1986 son of G&W bur Oaklawn
                               RUBY   5-11-1917-1-14-1980 wife of Rex bur Oaklawn
WINFIELD, CHARLES   5-1-1903-12-28-1980 son of Charles bur Falls
WING, LORREN C.  12-15-1907-6-18-1979 owner Wings Greenhouse & Wings Floral & Gifts bur
             OSCAR A.  4-10-1908-6-1-1988 bur Fairview
WINGER,  JOSEPH R.   age 86 died 5-20-1989 bur Miss Mem
                   LOFA E.  5-8-1891-11-21-1984 wife of J.O. bur Pleasant Hill
WINTERROWD, ROBERT O.  9-14-1916-3-12-1984 bur Mem Lawns
WINTERS, SARAH E.  4-4-1903-1-22-1974 wife of Roger bur Lafontaine IOOF
WINTRODE, ROBERT J.  10-1-1901-3-27-1975 bur Fairview
                       WALTER   12-2-1905-11-1975 bur Center Grove
WIRE, RALPH L.  12-1-1899-11-1976 bur Falls
            RICHARD L.  8-22-1934-5-29-1983 son of R&K bur Falls
WIRICK, CARROLL K.  infant son of Claude died 11-1972 bur Falls
WIRSING, ROBERT A.  6-24-1936-11-2-1986 bur Oaklawn
WISE, EDITH S.  age 94 died 10-25-1986 bur Friends
            ESTHER L.  7-30-1901-3-4-1973 wife of Raymond bur Miss Mem
            RAYMOND C.  3-31-1903-12-1976 bur Miss Mem
WITHAM, RICHARD W.  7-22-1913-11-27-1980 bur Fairview
WITT, MINNIE E. BOWMAN   3-5-1900-2-8-1985 wife of Raymond bur Frances Slocum
            RAYMOND F.  3-27-1897-9-14-1980 WWI vet bur Frances Slocum
WOLF, ESTHER   age 66 died 1-1975 wife of Walter bur Pleasand View
             HAROLD   3-7-1906-8-14-1984 son of B&E bur Jewish 
             HARRY S.  age 73 died 1977 son of L&G bur Jewish
             LOUIS A.  12-7-1887-7-15-1974 son of J&M WWII vet  bur St. Peters
             RAE   3-26-1884-5-11-1974 wife of Eugene bur Jewish
WOLFE, CLAUDE   11-10-1918-2-8-1985 bur Oaklawn
                FRANK   3-4-1880-3-9-1986 bur Pleasant Hill
                VEVIAN F. age 89 died 1-27-1986 bur Miss Mem
WOMACK, C. BRYAN   3-28-1966-4-6-1987 bur Roann Com
WOOD, ALBERT M.  5-2-1912-8-7-1983 son of A&L bur Friends
              DALE A.  9-11-1894-11-11-1984 son of A&M bur Laketon
              DOROTHEA B. HUDDLESTON   6-21-1901-7-8-1982 wife of Earl bur Roann Com
              EARL L.  4-26-1916-10-1976 bur Roann Com
              HUBERT E.  4-1-1918-8-9-1987 son of D&F WWII Army bur Laketon
              KATHRYN L.  1-6-1953-3-2-1988 wife of Kim bur Oaklawn
              RUSSELL C.   age 77 died 12-16-1988 bur Lafontaine IOOF
WOODS, MAXYNE A.  11-20-1925-6-23-1987 wife of Robert bur Oaklawn
                 WILLIAM H.  5-9-1898-7-25-1987 son of W&F WWI Army bur Friends
WOODWARD, BETH   3-31-1898-2-12-1984 wife of G. Vestal & J. Woodward bur Falls
                           EVERETT   5-1902-11-25-1972 son of J&E bur Falls
                           JOHN W.  4-23-1897-2-2-1974 owner J.W. Woodward Roofing Co., WWI vet bur Falls
WOOTEN, ARNOLD   6-13-1898-8-29-1988 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                   LUCINDA   9-9-1904-5-15-1989 wife of Arnold bur Lafontaine IOOF
WORKING,  DONALD E.   age 52 died 8-10-1984 bur Friends
WORKMAN, LUTHER   3-2-1910-12-30-1978 Pleasant twp trustee bur Pleasant Hill
                       RUTH M.  7-23-1889-12-1975 wife of J. Stevens bur Lafontaine IOOF
WRAY, GLADYS L. KEITH   8-31-1891-12-1976 wife of G. Whitesel & H. Wray bur Wallace
WRIGHT, B. EDWARD   1-2-1921-2-8-1989 son of B&C bur Fairview 
                  EDITH E. NICHOLS   1-6-1893-5-31-1973 wife of Walter bur Oaklawn
                  ELIZABETH L.  age 80 died 5-8-1978 bur Wallace
                  GARBER D.  5-29-1890-5-21-1981 son of H&H bur Fairview
                  GRACE E.  1-31-1882-1-22-1982 wife of Glen bur Pleasant Hill
                  GRACE M. HOLLET   9-20-1898-19-1979 wife of Estil bur Lafontaine IOOF
                  HELEN D.  7-29-1917-3-10-1987 wife of Howard bur Center Grove
                  HELEN P.  6-5-1918-1-18-1978 wife of Orland bur Center Grove
                  HOWARD   7-28-1911-12-23-1979 bur Friends
                  JIMMY T.  12-15-1920-1-8-1981 son of D&M WWII Seabees USN bur Friends
                  LOIS F.  5-31-1939-11-12-1989 bur Friends
                  LUCILE   10-24-1904-8-17-1982 dau of M&E bur Fairview
                  MARY A.  3-4-1914-2-19-1974 bur Friends
                  MARY D.  1-26-1923-7-5-1978 wife of John bur Lagro
                  OLIVE M.  3-12-1897-10-22-1989 wife of Galen past president Indiana Chapter of the
                                      American Gold Star Mothers.  Bur Fairview
                  PAUL E.  2-16-1916-1-8-1981 son of E&G WWII bur Friends
                  RALPH W.  8-3-1902-9-29-1979 son of M&E bur Oaklawn
                  ROBERT   1-27-1897-8-9-1975 son of M&E WWI pvt Army Btry C 67th Fld Art bur Fairview
WRIGHTSMAN, ELIZA J.  7-13-1912-2-3-1984 wife of Ralph bur Old Ger Bapt
                              JERRY R.  6-2-1959-11-14-1977 bur Old Ger Bapt
WRISK, FERN HUNT   6-4-1913-5-1976 wife of Joseph bur Lagro
               JOSEPH H.  11-15-1902-8-19-1982 bur Lagro
WYCUFF, VAIDE E.  1-1-1941-12-27-1977 wife of Junior bur St. Peters
WYRICK, BESS L.  6-29-1899-12-26-1982 bur Roann Com
YARIAN, CLAUDE   9-13-1910-3-6-1979 bur Pleasant Hill
YARNELLE, LOIS L.  3-21-1897-9-30-1983 wife of James bur Falls
YENTES, ARNOLD E.  7-6-1920-2-24-1982 son of C&E WWII USN pilot bur St. Peters
                 CLEO D. HITE   6-5-1897-12-1976 wife of Walter bur St. Peters
                 DORIS J.  5-5-1928-7-4-1975 wife of Arnold bur St. Peters
                 MAXINE HOOVER   5-2-1925-8-6-1980 wife of Harland bur Fairview
                 ROSANNA MCALLISTER   8-26-1927-9-4-1986 wife of Ralph bur Mem Lawns
                 WALTER V.  5-18-1895-3-15-1980 son of W&H WWI vet bur St. Peters
                  WILBUR   12-2-1927-10-9-1986 son of W&R owner Yentes Electric bur Mem Lawns
YIKE, WANDA J. COURTER   3-12-1928-9-16-1988 wife of Donald bur Roann Com
YOCUM, BLANCHE M.   10-8-1890-9-20-1974 wife of H. Marks & H. Yocum bur Roann Com
                 EDNA L.   1-3-1897-12-17-1974 wife of Harvey bur Roann Com
                 HAROLD M.  3-10-1890-1-7-1977 bur Roann
                 LEWIS   6-15-1898-3-13-1980 son of T&E bur Roann Com
                 OPAL M. HIGGLEY   8-17-1908-2-13-1979 wife of Ralph bur Mem lawns
                 ROSS E.  7-19-1927-7-30-1988 Army Korea bur Roann Com
YODER, MARY E. SHIVELY   12-9-1893-5-19-1979 wife of Leslie bur Pleasant Hill
YOST, HARVEY W.  3-10-1892-3-11-1989 WWI veteran bur Oaklawn
             MARIE E.  1-28-1902-11-5-1987 bur Oaklawn
             NORMA L.  6-17-1897-11-18-1985 wife of Harvey bur Oaklawn
YOUNCE, RALPH A.  12-14-1890-3-22-1977 bur Friends
YOUNG, DAVID L.  7-16-1964-11-5-1987 bur Mem Lawns
                DONALD D.  5-24-1926-7-13-1978 Korea vet bur Falls
                ETHEL   12-2-1901-1-4-1977 WWAAC Officer WWII bur Oaklawn
                EUGENE W.  2-25-1908-4-6-1986 bur Mem Lawns
                GERTRUDE   2-2-1894-1-14-1987 bur Fairview
                HAZEL STEPHENS   1-22-1899-6-11-1983 wife of Frederick 1st Librarian Troyer Mem. Public 
                                                     Library 1972-1980 bur Lafontaine IOOF
                JAMES A.  3-7-1928-7-1979 bur Mem Lawns
                JEFFREY S.  7-11-1959-11-11-1983 son of A&P bur Mem Lawns
                LLOYD F.  3-21-1906-1-31-1984 son of C&A bur Lafontaine IOOF
                MABEL E.  6-6-1890-12-11-1981 wife of Otto bur Fairview
                MAURICE E.  6-24-1923-5-25-1975 son of R&H WWII USN bur Roann Com
                MICHAEL D.  stillborn 9-12-1986 son of D&D bur Fairview
                PAUL L.  2-6-1918-11-12-1981 son of O&M bur Fairview
                ROSE   11-6-1881-9-1975 wife fo John bur Falls
                ROY P.  7-14-1895-7-6-1981 son of D&S bur Fairview
                RUTH M. FORDYCE   5-18-1895-6-17-1972 wife of Theodore bur Falls
                THOMAS C.  12-13-1923-10-20-1979 WWII vet bur Oklawn
YOUNGLOVE, JACK D.  age 61 veteran bur Falls
ZELLER, ROSCOE   12-10-1914-3-1974 son of E&C bur Friends
ZELLERS, BESSIE M.  12-20-1894-8-11-1979 wife of Roy bur Oaklawn
                   CHRISTOPHER S.  3-6-1977-1-6-1980 son of L&M bur Miss Mem
                   FREDA FRITCHEY   5-11-1897-1-6-1985 bur Falls
                   ROY O.  4-20-1895-1-20-1986 bur Oaklawn
ZIMMER, ALICE   died 8-15-1980 bur Falls
ZIMMERMAN, ALICE   age 91 died 2-7-1979 wife of George bur Matlock
                           LOUISE C.  6-21-1902-3-22-1986 bur Oaklawn
ZIMPELMAN, FERN M.  9-3-1917-6-16-1979 wife of Vilas bur Fairview
                         LYDIA B.  4-26-1889-2-1976 wife of Clarence bur Fairview
                         R. SHERMAN   11-1-1908-1-28-1982 son of G&L bur Fairview
ZINER, HAZEL F. KEPPEL   9-18-1892-10-3-1977 wife of Jose bur Roann Com
              HELEN M.  10-9-1908-2-22-1972 dau of C&E bur St. Peters
              ROSCOE   12-10-1914-3-21-1974 bur Friends
ZINTSMASTER, CHARLES D.  8-1-1928-8-7-1988 Army 1951-6 bur Center Grove
                              DOUGLAS P.  12-4-1956-1-11-1975 son of P&J bur Mem lawns
ZOLENSKI, JOSEPH F.  3-12-1900-3-1976 WWI vet bur Miss Mem
ZORN, MINNIE J.  9-13-1883-7-24-1972 wife of L. Fanning, G. Bell, E. Frost & Alva Zorn bur Fairview

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