Extracted By Ronald L. Woodward

From FAMILY BRANCHES, Newsletter of the Wabash county Genealogical society, Volume 23, No 6, Feb 2018, Ron Woodward - Editor

The following list of burials was taken from the Wabash Plain Dealer and the Paper of Wabash County obituaries. Obituaries are prime source of family information but one needs to be careful as information can sometimes be wrong or lacking. Obituaries are often written by family members who don't care much for genealogy hence errors can be made. Some people I know even write the obits beforehand so that they will be more accurate. In some cases obits do not appear because the newspaper charges to have them included. It is always a good idea to get a death certificate. Information included here includes name, date of birth, date of death pertinent information and burial site. If a man's obit has his parents then he was born in Wabash County. If a woman's obit has her maiden name then she was born in Wabash County.

I have compiled a book BURIAL RECORDS OF WABASH COUNTY INDIANA 1972 TO 2011 which alphabetically lists the above information. You May have used it or might find it useful. I have also placed the same information on the Wabash County USGenWeb site. You might also find FIND A GRAVE useful in your search. Ron Woodward, 574 Ferry St. Wabash, IN 46992.

ARMSTRONG, CAROLYN S. THOMPSON 7-17-1938-8-6-2017 wife of James R. bur Mem Lawns
ARMSTRONG. JOHN 6-4-1950-9-16-2017 son of J & I bur Friends
AYERS, MARY E. BADSKEY 2-15-1921-10-31-2017 wife ofArden E. bur Oaklawn
BALZER, DOROTHY M. 7-9-1918-2-11-2017 wife of Kenneth bur Fairview
BARTON, IMOGENE P. KULB 12-20-1930-11-14-2017 wife of Gene bur Center Grow
BECHTOLD, ROZELLA M. 12-7-1923-9-8-2017 along with sister gave music programs known as the
 Bechtold Sisters bur Fainriew
BENEDICT, PATRICIA A. 10-21-1953-9-18-2017 wife of P.W. bur Mt. Pleasant
BENJAMIN, BARBARA SUE DELONG 5-1-1952-10-25-2017 bur Falls
BIGGS, LINDA D. 7-4-1952-5-30-2017 BUR Mt Pleasant
BLEVINS, PATTy 10-5-1955-5-2-2017 bur Laketon
BLOCHER, ESTHER L METZGER 12-22-1935-11-5-2017 wrfe of Btllie G. bur OU Ger Bapt
BLOCHER, JOHN L 5-16-1940-2-1-2017 son of J&l bur Falls
BOGGS, GARRY L 2-19-1955-10-7-2017 bur Mem Lawns
BOLEN, BARBARA L. 2-4-1940-10-21-2017 bur Mem Lawns
BORING, MICHAEL L 12-31-1991-11-7-2017 bur Lagro
BOWLBY, PAUL J. 4-11-1923-1-18-2017 son of S&M AAC bur Friends
BOWMAN, JAMES D. 2-2-1947-1-5-2017 USAF bur Friends
BOZARTH, ALVIN 7-26-1924-3-22-2017 WWII AAC bur Roann Corn
BRADLEY, OPAL 7-23-1927-4-30-2017 wife of Aaron bur Oaklawn
BRISBIN, GUINEVERE J. 5-19-1922-4-11-2017 wife of James bur Mem Lawns
BROWN DOTTIE 9-29-1950-4-28-2017 wife of Charles E. bur Falls
BRUSS, RAYMOND P. 5-12-1940-2-19-2017 SAR bur Falls
BUCKINGHAM, JANET M. 8-31-1940-3-18-2017 dau of R&L bur Fairview
BUTTERBAUGH, EUNICE E. HANLEY 12-19-1924-1-1-2017 wife of Bob bur Fairview
CAMPBELL, SHERRY L. 12-28-1946-8-5-2017 dau of G&E bur Fairview
CARPENTER, DONNA MATHER 4-29-1930-9-30-2017 bur Mem Lawns
CARROLl, MARK D. 6-22-1951-12-11-2017 son of W&G owner Carrol's Snow Removal bur Lagro
CARROLL, THOMMY J. 10-29-1942-3-1-2017 bur Falls
CARTER, PATRICIA A. 2-18-1946-6-22-2017 bur Falls
CAVINS, ROGER 8-6-1952-3-17-2017 bur Friends
CHAIN, LOIS SUE 3-23-1938-12-29-2017 wife of Willard bur Friends
CHAPMAN, JACOB A. 10-16-1980-5-25-2017 bur Oaktawn
CLARK, FRANKLIN C. 8-12-1932-5-16-2017 son of C&M Army 1952-4 Korea bur Mem Lawns
CLARK, JANET L. 3-20-1958-9-27-2017 dau of F&E bur Mem Lawns
CLIFTON, DAVID A. 7-22-1987-3-19-2017 son of M&M Reed bur Mem Lawns
COOPER, BETH 12-12-1941-9-17-2017 bur Laketon
COPLEA, VIRGINIA ORR 7-31-1928-9-4-2017 wife of R. Daihl and H. Coplea bur Center Grove
COX, GLENDA L BRUNN 4-17-1943-11-22-2017 bur Falls
CRAFT, SANDRA SUE SMITH 1-3-1941-4-23-2017 wife of James bur Falls
DAILEY, CHAD E. 4-16-1971-8-19-2017 bur Falls
DALE, AUBREY N. 3-30-1990-2-15-2017 dau of T&A bur Laf IOOF
DANGERFIELD, DON T. 9-18-1970-11-28-2017 bur Mem Lawns
DANIELS, LUCILLE M. 4-16-1940-6-8-2017 wife of Russell bur Friends
DAVIDSON. PENELOPE M. 5-19-1951-8-19-2017 bur Mem Lawns
DAVIS, CHARLES H. 7-27-1923-6-25-2017 son of C&C WWII bur Mem Lawns
DAWALD, CATHERINE ALLMAN 7-9-1918-56-31-2017 wife of Norman bur Fairview
DECKER. HENRY A. 8-25-1941-3-13-2017 bur Falls
DEETER, CHRISTINE E. WILSON 8-31-1935-10-17-2017 wife of Ronald bur Friends
DEFORD, NINA M. 5-24-1924-2-28-2017 wife of R.J. bur Falls
DEKAU, JESSYE L 4-4-1919-1-1-2017 wife of Bernard bur Mem Lawns
DICKEY, HELENY 3-20-1918-6-17-2017 wife of Robert E. bur South Pleasant
DOLLARHIDE, LORA MIDDLETON 1-9-1961-5-6-2017 wife of Rodney L. bur Swank
DOSTER, MARY LOU SCHNEPP 10-28-1930-5-6-2017 wife ofWm bur Fairview
DOTSON, CLAUDE J. 3-5-1930-7-14-2017 bur Falls
DOUGLAS, ANGELA A. BURCHETT 5-23-1970-4-10-2017 wife of Church bur Friends
DUHAMELL, PHYLLIS F. 10-4-1933-7-4-2017 wife of Leonel bur Mem Lawns
DUNNAGAN, ALLEN L 6-26-1995-7-18-2017 son of W&F bur Frances Slocum
DYSON, MARILYN J. 10-10-1932-12-9-2017 wife of Keith bur Roann Corn
DZIABIS, KIMBERLY age 59 wife of David bur Oaklawn
EAKRIGHT ANNA M. CHERRY 7-31-1921-8-3-2017 wife of Robert bur Roann Corn
EASTERDAY, CARL L 11-24-1960-7-27-2017 son of C&B bur Friends
EASTERDAY. THURMAN E. 5-25-1934-11-5-2017 son of F&O US ARMY bur Laketon
EDMONDS, ZELLA 10-3-1940-2-10-2017 bur Mem Lawns
EDWARDS. ARLENE 10-9-1943-5-4-2017 wife of Henry bur Mem Lawns
EILER, BRYCE 3-27-1932-7-31-2017 son of D&l VFW bur Fairview
ELLOER, MILDRED M.3-21-1933-7-14-2017 Roann Postmaster, Library Board bur Roann Com
ENYEART, ANNABELLA 8-20-1924-11-5-2017 wife of H. Enyeart and J.E. Enyeart bur Oaklawn
ENYART, CAROLYN A. IHNEN 5-11-1933-6-18-2017 wife of Harold F. bur Oaklawn
ENYEART, PHIL L 6-8-1926-4-9-2017 son of G&T USAF 1944-6 bur Oaklawn
ENYEART, STEVEN W. 1-31-1969-9-8-2017 bur Laf IOOF
EPPLEY, DALE L 4-20-1944-9-24-2017 son of H&H Army Vietnam Code Signal Corp bur Friends
ERVIN, DAVID L. 4-3-1939-7-16-2017 son of F&M bur Mem Lawns
EWING, TERRY D. 10-24-1956-2-15-2017 bur Pleasant Hill
FAIRCHILD, PATSY C. IHNEN 2-21-1935-2-5-2017 wife of Ronald bur S. Pleasant
FANNIN, STACEY V. 10-10-1979-1-7-2017 bur Friends
FIELDS, KRISTINA 11-1-1989-9-17-2017 dau of K&B bur Friends
FIERSTOS, LEROY G. 6-28-1943-8-29-2017 son of L&M USAF bur Mem Lawns
FILIP, MICHAEL A. 5-3-1953-2-21-2017 USAF Air traffic controller 1971-3 bur Falls
FINCH, VIRGINIA N., WHITE 8-17-1927-3-9-2017 wife of Rex bur Miss Mem
FINGERLE, ELBERT 12-9-1925-2-2-2017 son of H&E veteran bur Mem Lawns
FINGERLE, GLADYS E. GREER 10-7-1929-10-24-2017 wife of Robert H. bur Old Order Ger.
FINGERLE, HELEN MAE FRANTZ 5-13-1930-10-23-2017 wife of Chester Old Ger Bapt
FISCHER, MARILYN L. 2-6-1938-12-24-2017 bur Mem Lawns
FLEMING, JACK H. 7-12-1933-1-16-2017 son of T&K Natl Guard, director Wabash Chamber of Commerce,
  owned Fleming's New & Used Furniture & Appliance store for 29 years bur Miss Mem
FORRESTER, MARY JANE DEVINE 12-25-1924-12-5-2017 wife of George bur St. Patrick's
FRANTZ, RICHARD G. 3-27-1931-6-13-2017 son of O&M USAF Korea coowned Frantz Lumber Co.,
  board of directors Ind. Lawrence Bank bur Oaklawn
GAMSBY, SALLY J. AIRGOOD 8-25-1948-3-24-2017 wife of Robert bur Oaklawn
GASTON, ARTHUR A. 3-10-1926-11-8-2017 son of R&L bur Fairview
GATCHEL, RANDALL E. 12-24-1953-7-12-2017 son of R&M bur Friends
GATES, ALLISANDRA C. GATES 10-5-1988-4-15-2017 bur Laf IOOF
GEISER, FRANKLIN 1-27-1923-9-2-2017 bur Oaklawn
GIEGOLD, ALBERTA MARTIN 12-18-1920-6-13-2017 wife of A. W. burOaklawn
GILLESPIE, INES M. 2-3-1928-3-7-2017 wife of Robert bur Matlock
GILLESPIE, JOHN A. 8-5-1935-4-22-2017 son of E&B US Army bur Center Grove
GILPIN, JOHN S. 8-30-1941-11-27-2017 owner Wabash Animal Hospital Capt Army Veterinary Corps, one year Vietnam,
 received Bronze Star, Past president Wabash Valley Medical Assoc., Wabash City Council bur Mem Lawns
GRANDSTAFF, DAVID D. 3-31-1940-11-19-2017 owned Grandstaff Rendering Service bur Oaklawn
GREY, JOHN D. 5-20-1939-1-19-2017 son of G&M US Army bur Mem Lawns
GRIMM, JOYCE A. 10-5-1940-4-10-2017 wife of Larry bur Mem Lawns
HAECKIER, WILLIAM H. 5-17-1951-7-24-2017 son of H&V bur Mem Lawns
HAIST. ARTHUR H. 5-15-1918-3-12-2017 bur Falls
HALL, BRADLEY W. 10-5-1957-12-8-2017 son of B&B bur Friends
HALL, BRIDGETTE 1-22-1966-4-19-2017 dau of Phyllis bur Murphy
HALL, HERBERT J. 2-13-1942-10-22-2017 bur Friends
HALL, VIOLET J. BAKER 1-10-1934-1-7-2017 wife of Wilbur bur Center Grove
HAMMOCK, KATHY L. 1-7-1947-6-22-2017 wife of D. York and J. Hammock,
  owner Miss Kath/s Country Cottage bur Roann Corn
HARRIS, DAVID LEE 3-2-1955-8-2-2017 son of J&M Last Brig. Gen Commander of the 76th IBCT retired,
  Major Gen deployed to Afghanistan 2004-5; chief of staff NATO forces in Kosovo 2009-10,
  Pentagon Natl Guard Bureau 2010-12 bur Falls
HARRIS, DELORES A. 4-19-1937-11-19-2017 BUR Mem Lawns
HART, BARBARA A. BUMGARDNER 7-20-1949-1-20-2017 wife of Robert bur Fairview
HATHAWAY, TED F. 4-20-1929-5-10-2017 son of P&O Army 1947-9 occupation of Japan bur Oaklawn
McDONALD- MARILYN H. 7-31-1934-9-13-2017 wife of Jack bur Oaklawn
McFADDEN, BARBARA age 81 died 1-14-2017 bur Manchester Church of the Brethren Memorial Garden
MCGtNNIS, BARBARA A. BOWMAN 12-31-1934-12-26-2017 bur Miss Mem
MCKEE, CAROL ANN SCHENKEL 12-12-1935-10-20-2017 wife of Richard bur Oaklawn
MCLAUGHLIN, CRAIG M. 2-14-1973-11-29-2017 son of P&L bur Mem Lawns
MCVICKER, VIRGINIA R. 1-28-1925-5-10-2017 wife of John bur Laf IOOF
MAPLES, PHYLLIS J. 8-13-1940-3-11-2017 wife of Merle bur Friends
MARSHALL, KENNETH D. 1-3-1943-5-22-2017 bur Lagro
MARTIN, DELBERT L 7-23-1931-6-30-2017 USAF Korea bur Friends
MAURER, LILLIAN M. 3-10-1920-3-15-2017 wife of Maurice bur St. Peters
MENDOZA, JESSICA 9-15-1977-8-7-2017 dau of R&C bur Miss Mem
MELVIN, BERTIE J. 2-9-1928-6-13-2017 wife of Andrew bur Falls
MILLER, ARDIS E. 11-3-1929-11-26-2017 son of P&G USN bur Miss Mem
MILLER, PATRICIA died 1-23-2017 age 96 bur Laf IOOF
MILLER, VIVIAN 8-1-1920-6-12-2017 wife of James bur Oaklawn
MITTANK, PHYLLIS WILSON 4-7-1929-9-13-2017 wife of Clyde bur Falls
MONCE, NORMA J. SINCROFT 12-4-1928-2-4-2017 wife of E. Flohr and D. Monce bur Oaklawn
MOORE, ROGER W. 6-12-1937-8-15-2017 owner Coast to Coast in North Manchester bur Fairvlew
MORGAN, TANNA CONRAD 4-11-1953-11-2-2017 wife of Chuck bur Oaklawn
MOYER, DORA E. BETTEN 3-17-1933-10-29-2017 wife of Herbert bur Oaklawn
MURACH, TRACY L WHEELER 3-5-1959-7-12-2017 wife of Philip bur Falls
MUSIC, JOHN M. 10-9-1961-2-7-2017 son of S&S bur Lagro
OWEN, CODY 6-8-1973-1-26-2017 son of D&N bur Murphy
OYLER, LOWELL E. 8-9-1922-11-22-2017 US Army WWII bur Miss Mem
OYLER, MARVIN 6-30-1941-10-23-2017 US Army bur Laf IOOF
PEARCE, THOMAS H. 7-14-1926-6-11-2017 WWII 511th Signal Co. Airborne Div bur Laf IOOF
PEGG, REX G. 9-11-1948-9-10-2017 bur Falls
PELPSHREY. NANCY M. 4-23-1925-2-5-2017 wife of Richard bur Friends
PERKINS, GENEVIEVE E. 2-16-1932-1-20-2017 wife of Wm bur Mem Lawns
PLY, KAREN S. HEAGY 4-12-1948-3-29-2017 bur Friends
PORTER, COLENE F. 10-28-1921-3-3-2017 wife of Paul bur Friends
POTTENGER, BRUCE E. 12-11-1930-7-8-2017 Army 1951-9 Korea bur Oaklawn
PRATER, MILDRED M. EASTERDAY 12-22-1932-3-20-2017 wife of John bur Falls
PRESSLER, VIRGINIA RANCK 8-6-1921-9-3-2017 wife of Marvin bur Laf IOOF
PURDY, MARTHA E. HUTCHENS 9-17-1920-2-4-2017 wife of Homer bur Falls
RENSCHLER, JEAN F. 5-31-1919-9-20-2017 wife of D. Grubb, R. King and C. Renschler bur Oaklawn
RIDENOUR. RUTHANNA KNOTTS 9-19-1915-4-3-2017 wife of Paul bur Friends
RIDER, RONALD H. 5-1-1929-9-2-2017 AAC 1946-9 radar & radio operator cryptoanalyst bur Falls
RIFE, JAMES K. 12-28-1961-12-19-2017 son of C&L bur Mem Lawns
ROBINSON, EUNICE MARHSALL 1-5-1936-6-18-2017 wife of Oscar bur Oaklawn
ROSE, BRENDA L. CONLEY 10-16-1966-5-21-2017 bur Fairview
ROSE, MARIE A. CAMP 6-25-1944-6-8-2017 wife of Thomas bur Mem Lawns
ROYER, ROSEMARY B. 4-7-1931-9-10-2017 bur Mem Lawns
SANDERS, VICKIE L. 6-15-1947-11-6-2017 bur Mem Lawns
SCHLEMMER, MARILYN JO 11-3-1929-9-21-2017 wife of T.P. bur Mem Lawns
SCHULER, DANIEL G. 8-30-1952-2-23-2017 son of J&L bur Roann Com
SEARS, RICHARD H. 6-5-1930-7-14-2017 USAF Korea bur Falls
SHAFER, BLAKE D. 1-19-1982-8-20-2017 bur Mem Lawns
SHANABARGER, ANTHONY M. 4-28-1992-10-7-2017 bur Miss Mem
SHEARS, SCOTT D. 8-18-1958-4-3-2017 son of J&R bur Friends
SHENEFIELD, CORY D. 1-19-1985-11-8-2017 son of D&S bur Laf IOOF
SHENEFIELD, JANICE J. 8-4-1932-1-1-2017 wife of Don bur Laf IOOF
SHEPHERD, BONNIE 9-13-1955-6-15-2017 wife of Larry bur Oaklawn
SHEPHERD, EDWARD 9-8-1938-9-7-2017 bur Mem Lawns
SHEPHERD, LILLIAN M. 5-16-1934-12-22-2017 wife of Delbert bur Mem Lawns
SHEPHERD, RAY 3-15-1948-9-12-2017 bur Oaklawn
SHIVELY, VERNA M. HOOVER 9-14-1928-1-14-2017 wife of Roger bur Pleasant Hill
SIFRED, CHARLOTTE H. 1-19-1927-5-20-2017 wife of John A, bur Matlock Cem
SMITH, DARMA R. 9-16-1926-8-5-2017 wife of Jack bur Mem Lawns
SMITH, ELMA R. 6-27-1922-12-3-2017 wife of Thurman bur Roann Corn
SNYDER, SAMMY 4-4-1941-7-30-2017 bur Oaklawn
SPEICHER, CHARLOTTE M. 12-3-1916-3-8-2017 wife of William bur Laf IOOF
SPEICHER, JAMES E. 5-16-1933-5-30-2017 son of L&K US Army Korea owned Speicher's Custom Gun
 Shop bur Friends
SPRIGGS, JOHNNY R. 9-22-1944-10-22-2017 bur Oaklawn
STAMPER, STERL 5-15-1943-5-28-2017 bur Mem Lawns
STETZER, CHARLES F. 4-18-1938-2-23-2017 bur Friends
STELLAR, CARLA A. 6-5-1949-3-2-2017 dau of C&l bur Fairview
STONE, MARILYN 8-29-1927-11-18-2017 wife of Donald bur Hopewell
STRANGE, CHARLES C. 4-24-1930-10-6-2017 USAF Korea bur Lagro
STRANGE, FLORETTA L. ANDERSON 6-26-1933-2-17-2017 wife of Harold bur Lagro
SWIHART, RUBY J. WILCOX 8-19-1932-8-27-2017 wife of John bur Roann Corn
SWINGER, CHESTER E. 10-15-1930-9-16-2017 USN owner Swinger Shell and Swinger 4-Way Shop
 bur Mem Lawns
TACKFTT, WENDELL 7-20-1944-3-9-2017 bur Falls
TEAGUE. SHARON K. NICCUM 8-28-1947-6-3-2017 wife of James bur Mem Lawns
TERRY, MAURICE O. 12-1-1932-4-24-2017 US Army bur Laf IOOF
THOMPSON, ALLARD 8-3-1933-3-19-2017 bur Mem Lawns
THOMPSON, BETTY 11-19-1939-11-20-2017 wife of James H. bur Mem Lawns
TIMMONS. CHARLES E. 6-19-1977-3-2-2017 bur Miss Mem
TRESKA, BETTY L. 11-6-1923-1-30-2017 wife of George bur Mem Lawns
TRICKLE, PHYLLIS I. FLACK 6-15-1920-4-5-2017 bur Pleasant Hill
TUCKER, BONNIE J. 6-21-1934-5-31-2017 wife of L Carsten and C. Tucker bur Mem Lawns
TYNER, HOWARD L. 3-15-1924-8-13-2017 son of C&P WWII Army bur Miss Mem
TYNER, JANET L 6-3-1940-10-9-2017 wife of Harold bur Mem Lawns
WAGGONER, JOHN 11-2-1928-8-22-2017 son of Q&M Army WWII bur Center Grove
WALKER, MELVIN L. 7-9-1932-89-27-2017 bur Friends
WEAVER, ROSCOE 5-11-1925-8-24-2017 son of E&K Army WWII bur Half Acre
WEBB. DONALD R. 4-2-1941-10-13-2017 bur Falls
WEBB, VIRGINIA M. 9-5-1950-8-3-2017 wife of Paul bur Mem Lawns
WHEELER, JOHNNY L. 12-30-1951-8-14-2017 US Army bur Oaklawn
WHEELER, SUE A. WHITE 10-5-1940-5-4-2017 mrd Ralph and Greg Thomas bur Falls
WENSIL, JAMES P. 2-18-1944-8-5-2017 bur Falls
WEST, PEARL 12-7-1931-2-15-2017 wife of J. Hare and R. West bur Oaklawn
WHITAKER, BEACH J. 9-9-1929-2-2-2017 son of B&E US Army bur Roann Corn
WILCOX. SHIRLEY 1929-9-11-2017 wife of Marion bur Fairview
WILLIAMS, MATTHEW J. 12-9-1987-12-3-2017 son of M&K bur Friends
WILLIAMS, MELBA W. WILSON 9-25-1920-6-11-2017 wife of M. Wilson and H. Williams bur Falls
WILSON, EVA E. 1-4-1930-2-2-2017 wife H Young and W Wilson bur Mem Lawns
WINTRODE, DONALD L. 3-12-1940-1-15-2017 bur Mem Lawns
WOLFRUM, MARCIA J. SHAFFER 10-8-1933-1-14-2017 wife of Barnette bur Friends
WRIGHT, MARY C. FRY 9-27-1925-3-21-2017 wife of Jimmy bur Friends
WRIGHTSMAN, ESTHER LEWIS 2-16-1934-2-23-2017 wife of Harold bur Old Ger Bapt
YOUNCE, ALICE T. 4-27-1924-1-20-2017 wife of Walter bur Mem Lawns
YOUNG, JOHN L. 1-22-1939-9-3-2017 bur Mem Lawns
YOUNG, WANDA F. age 73 died 2017 bur Mem Lawns
YOUNT, CYNTHIA M. CHRISTLE 8-16-1960-8-25-2017 wife of Mike bur Falls
ZAHALKA, SETH M. 4-2-1998-2-20-2017 son of R&L bur Laf IOOF
ZERNACK, SHARON L. 2-15-1930-1-22-2017 wife of Richard bur Falls
ZECH, ROMAN J. 4-18-1931-12-19-2017 bur Mem Lawns
ZINSMEISTER, MARILYN A. SLEE 10-13-1937-2-19-2017 wife of George bur Roann Com

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