Extracted By Ronald L. Woodward

From FAMILY BRANCHES, Newsletter of the Wabash county Genealogical society, Volume 22, No 9, May 2017, Ron Woodward - Editor

The following list of burials was taken from the Wabash Plain Dealer and the Paper of Wabash County obituaries. Obituaries are prime source of family information but one needs to be careful as information can sometimes be wrong or lacking. Obituaries are often written by family members who don't care much for genealogy hence errors can be made. Some people I know even write the obits beforehand so that they will be more accurate. In some cases obits do not appear because the newspaper charges to have them included. It is always a good idea to get a death certificate. Information included here includes name, date of birth, date of death pertinent information and burial site. If a man's obit has his parents then he was born in Wabash County. If a woman's obit has her maiden name then she was born in Wabash County.

I have compiled a book BURIAL RECORDS OF WABASH COUNTY INDIANA 1972 TO 2011 which alphabetically lists the above information. You May have used it or might find it useful. I have also placed the same information on the Wabash County USGenWeb site. You might also find FIND A GRAVE useful in your search. Ron Woodward, 574 Ferry St. Wabash, IN 46992.

ARROWOOD, DEIDRA 9-29-1962-1-17-2016 wife of Mike bur Mem Lawns
ATKINSON, HAROLD L. 9-28-1935-9-15-2016 bur Mem Lawns
BAILEY, ROBERT S. 2-19-1922-1-27-2016 WWII USMC chief mech F4U Corsair, bur Laf IOOF
BAKER, MARY F. MCCLURE 1-13-1923-2-3-2016 wife of Nathan bur Oaklawn
BALDRIDGE, LENVIL 1-5-1930-4-25-2016 Army Korea bur Falls
BALL, BEVERLY K. GSRABLE 3-215-1941-9-12-2016 bur Miss Mem
BANISTER, KASSANDRA 4-15-1943-6-22-2016 wife of John bur Center Grove
BARRUS, CINDICE STUBBS 8-10-1954-2-10-2016 wife of Glenn bur Mem Lawns
BASICKER, EILOEEN M. 12-21-1917-6-15-2016 wife of Elbert bur Fairview
BEACHLER, HERMAN 3-23-1928-10-13-2016 bur Old Ger Bapt
BEAVER, VERA I. 5-12-1921-3-31-2016 wife of John bur Fairview
BECHTOLD, DIANNA 12-2-1946-12-20-2016 wife of Larry bur Fairview
  ROBERT R. 12-22-1942-7-21-2016 bur Fairview
BELMAREZ, PAMELA A. 8-25-1961-9-14-2016 bur Friends
BETTEN, CHARLES W. 3-24-1928-7-15-2016 Army vet WWII bur Fairview
BIDWELL, KAREN S. 1-22-1962-2-8-2016 dau of K&L bur Miss Mem
BLACKBURN, DOROTHEA A. MARTIN 1-2-1928-11-10-2016 wife of Robert bur Falls
  ROBERT L. 8-19-1927-5-23-2016 WWII USN bur Falls
BOLINGER, RALPH L. 4-13-1930-4-1-2016 son of A&O founder, partner CFC Distributing Inc
  bur Pleasant Hill
BOOCHER, DORIS T. NICCUM 1-20-1925-6-16-2016 bur Old Ger Bapt
  ROGER 3-19-1943-76-4-2016 bur Fairview
BOWMAN, DOROTHY A. 2-14-1925-7-27-2016 wife of J. bur Roann Corn
  GARY 11-21-1957-10-11-2016 bur Friends
BRADLEY, CONNIE 8-7-1955-6-28-2016 bur Fairview
BRANE, DAVID L. 1-17-1952-8-12-2016 son of R&G Ind Natl Guard bur Mem Lawns
BRIDEGROOM, MARLAND R. 9-25-1930-2-6-2016 son of M&M bur Laf IOOF
BROOKS, DEWAYNE L. 6-2-1947-10-13-2016 son of J&A Army Wolfhound Unit Vietnam purple heart,
  4 bronze stars bur Friends
BROWER, EUNICE L. PROVINES 12-28-1923-12-6-2016 wife of Berl bur Roann Corn
BROWN, MATTHEW FAHS 11-3-1995-5-17-2016 son of A&J bur Oaklawn
BRUBAKER, KAEDEN E.A. 8-12-2009-3-26-2016 son of B. Mettler & K. Brubaker bur Oaklawn
BUCHER, CAROLYN A. 3-25-1933-5-25-2016 wife of Kenneth bur Fairview
  EUGENE F. 6-9-1918-3-30-2016 in charge of production of gas masks at General Tire
   during WWII; founding member Wabash Cannonball Motorcycle Club bur Falls
BURCHETT, LANA SUE 2-7-1942-5-20-2016 wife of William bur Mem Lawns
BURTON, MARY E. GAHL 6-27-1920-8-1-2016 wife of F. Michel &J Burton bur Fairview
BUSS, SANDRA L. KLINE 11-29-1951-9-21-2016 wife of Randy bur Fairview
BUSSARD, PEGGY J. 12-1-1947-10-30-2016 wife of Wm; missionary to Philippines bur Roann Corn
BUTCHER, HERSHEL 5-23-1937-7-8-2016 bur Mem Lawns
CAMPBELL, LARRY E. 4-17-1941-1-30-2016 son of H&R owned Campbell's Pumpkin Patch bur Mem Lawns
CARPENTER, LACY 2-16-1925-12-10-2016 Army Vet bur Falls
CARROLL, EUGENE 9-27-1938-9-2-2016 bur Fairview
CARTER, GERALD L. 3-5-1939-3-9-2016 son of C&E owned Carter Sales & Service bur Friends
  MAX E. 6-13-1940-10-13-2016 USAF bur Falls
CAUDILL, ARLI9E P. 5-30-1927-2-9-2016 WWII USN bur Mem Lawns
CHRIST, FLORENCE L. 11-15-1919-9-20-2016 wife of Paul bur Fairview
CLARK, SHARON A. CREAGER 1-4-1936-1-28-2016 wife of Jerry bur Oaklawn
COE, DOROTHY L. 3-27-1926-12-5-2016 bur Old Ger Bapt
CONRAD, LOSRENE L. MASTAGH 4-5-1945-1-16-2016 wife of George bur Falls
COOK, EVELYN L. CONING 2-7-1923-10-29-2016 wife of Morris bur Old Ger Bapt
  MORRIS E. 2-14-1931-3-16-2016 son of A&M started Cook's Carpet Care bur Old Ger Bapt
  REBECCA A. 8-19-1959-12-27-2016 wife of Eldon bur Oaklawn
COON, MOZELLE WEISS 11-8-1924-7-21-2016 wife of John bur Falls
CORN, JAMES 6-4-1925-1-21-2016 son of B&H bur Center Grove
CORRELL, BEUOLAH F. 2-10-1926-5-26-2016 wife of Arthur bur Fairview
COX, EDNA L. HOWELL 4-1-1925-6-21-2016 wife of David bur Mem Lawns
GLENNA S. BRANSON 3-3-1964-8-5-2016 wife of David bur Mem Lawns
  HELENA B. 947-1932-3-22-2016 wife of Clarence owner Cox's Aquarium 1967-79 bur Lagro
CRAIG, RUBY 2-24-1923-8-9-2016 wife of Raymond bur Center Grove
CRIPE, DORIS I. 1-11-1926-5-28-2016 wife of Daniel bur Old Ger Bapt
DAVIS, DELLA P. 7-17-1909-11-17-2016 wife of Walter bur Pleasant Hill
DAWSON, ERMA L. 11-3-1923-8-14-2016 wife of Clyde bur Mem Lawns
DAYWALT, KATHLEEN D. PRESSLER 7-8-1928-10-16-2016 Gladolia Queen of Wabash 1947 bur Laf lOOF
DEFORD, ROBERTJ. 3-6-1926-12-17-2016 son of J&G USN WWII USN aboard Hospital Ship "Relief"
  1944-6 postmaster management instructor USPS Academy bur Falls
DENNISON, THELMA 8-12-1935-7-26-2016 wife of Purvis bur Mem Lawns
DILLON, DOUGLAS 11-10-1932-11-3-2016 bur Mem Lawns
DINGESS, MAKEILA 6-3-2016-7-28-2016 dau of Skyler & Amy bur Fairview
DROOK, PAMELA E. TRISLER 6-25-1942-10-4-2016 wife of Tom bur St. Peters
DUBOIS, GSRETCHEN L. 12-28-1918-10-28-2016 wife of Wm Young & R. DuBois bur Oaklawn
DYSON, JOANN HAMILTON 11-14-1937-7-7-2016 wife of John bur Roann Corn
EARHART, REX E. 1-15-1970-3-28-2016 bur Falls
EGNER, DONALD E. 1-18-1936-1-26-2016 bur Laketon
ELLIOTT, KENNETH L. 5-11-1940-8-2-2016 son of E&M bur Mem Lawns
ENYEART, SROBERT 9-24-1935-5-7-2016 son of C&G bur Friends
FAWCETT, LARRY L. 12-10-1940-3-11-2016 bur Oaklawn
FEARNOW, JOSEPH 3-17-1936-4-26-2016 son of Arlie & M bur St. Patrick's
FERGUSON, MISRIAM L. NEHER 9-22-1935-10-23-2016 wife of Gordon bur Pleasant Hill
FIERSTOS, MARY E. died 11-13-2016 age 83 wife of James bur Miss Mem
FISHER, JESSICA 8-7-1980-11-24-2016 dau of J. Booth & T. Fisher bur Falls
FORBES, DORIS B. 1-21-1929-2-12-2016 wife of Junior bur Falls
FRENCH, CHARLES R. 8-13-1936-4-26-2016 bur Oaklawn
  ELIZABETH V. 1-19-1933-2-12-2016 wife of William bur South Pleasant
GABRIELE, PASQUALE D. 3-21-1956-2-23-2016 championship wrestling Hall of Fame;
  drew Space Giants cartoon bur Falls
GAFF, DOROTHY L. WRIGHT 7-8-1918-5-9-2016 wife of Merritt bur Roann Corn
GARNER, HELEN J. 9-27-1926-2-24-2016 wife of Warren bur Pleasant Hill
GARRETT, FAITH N. 11-8-1987-9-19-2016 bur Fairview
GILLESPIE, RAMON E. 10-9-1928-10-28-2016 son of V&D Korean War, sec/tress Ford Meter Box
  1955-93 bur Mem Lawns
GILPIN, RUTH A. HUDLOW 6-5-1919-4-4-2016 wife of Oscar bur Laf IOOF
GIORDANO, WILMA KOCHLER 4-25-1921-8-16-2016 wife of Joseph bur Hopewell
GOFF, VIRGINIA L. GUTHRIE 6-14-1927-12-4-2016 bur Friends
GOOD, EARL 4-23-1937-5-12-2016 son of D&A Ind Natl Guard started Good Appliance Service
  in 1963 opened store
  in 1976 bur Center Grove
GRAVES, LOU A. 3-19-1955-4-24-2016 bur St. Peters
GSREATHOUSE, LOSSRELLA LAMBERT 5-17-1932-7-19-2016 wife of Milton owned
  Cottage Crafts bur Mem Lawns
GRIBBEN, JAMES J. 7-14-1964-3-17-2016 son of J&R bur Falls
GRIER, RICHARD K. 10-31-1947-4-4-2016 Army Vietnam infantry unit Brotherhood of the
  Big Red One bur Frances Slocum
GROSSMAN, IDA M. 4-2-1928-6-19-2016 wife of William bur Hopewell
GROVER, BERNICE 11-3-1916-3-16-2016 wife of W. Miltenberger & R. Grover bur Laf lOOF
HAECKER, NORMA J. FREY 5-3-1935-10-24-2016 wife of Charles bur Pleasant Hill
HALL, CARL 10-27-1941-8-2-2016 bur Mem Lawns
JULIE A. MISER 10-18-1963-8-14-2016 wife of Gary bur Mem Lawns
HARLAN, DIDI L. WEIMER 1-26-1974-1-23-2016 wife of Richie bur Falls
HARNER, LOWELL A. 8-14-1928-6-5-2016 son of L&J Army Korea bur Mem Lawns
HARPER, BETTY J. 7-21-1920-1-14-2016 wife of Howard bur Laf 100F
HARRINGTON, INA L. 6-9-1933-3-9-2016 wife of Warren bur Oaklawn
  LARRY A. 4-5-1936-10-17-2016 USMC owned Larry's Pastry for 11 years bur Falls
HARVEY, VICKIE L. 4-11-1957-2-8-2016 wife of Kit bur Falls
HAUPERT, ROBERT A. 2-14-1944-10-13-2016 son of H&H bur St. Peters
HEETER, GENEVA I. 9-15-1924-4-26-2016 wife of Max L. bur Pleasant Hill
HENSON, WILL 4-24-1936-12-10-2016 bur Oaklawn
HITE, CHARLENE ROYER 11-16-1934-9-23-2016 wife of Henry bur Friends
HOLLENBACK, CHARLES E. 3-14-1936-8-19-2016 bur Roann Corn
HONEYCUTT, EULA 11-17-1939-11-23-2016 wife of Tommy bur Center Grove
HOOVER, JAMES 7-6-1967-12-13-2016 son of K&D bur Fairview
HOULIHAN, PAUL J. 12-31-1933-3-23-2016 Army vet bur Falls
HOWARD, MITCHEL D. 12-15-1926-2-8-2016 bur Falls
  SALLY R. H4E 10-7-1938-8-17-2016 wife of Billy bur Falls
HUBBARD, LEROY 3-2-1957-6-19-2016 son of T&M bur Mem Lawns
IRELAND, GORDON L. 1-30-1953-1-13-2016 son of M&E Army vet bur Laketon
JEFFERSON, MARGARET C. 10-4-1926-10-23-2016 wife of R bur Falls
JOHNSON, KATHY CLARK 5-21-1949-11-19-2016 wife of D. Good & E. Johnson bur Oaklawn
KELLY PAUL E. 1-8-1933-4-6-2016 son ofJ&E USAF bur Falls
  WANETA J. 4-6-1938-9-3-2016 wife of Donald bur Miss Mem
KENDALL, RONALD W. 7-18-1947-3-3-2016 son of K&E Army 1966-8 bur Mem Lawns
KING, ANNA B. 9-10-1935-3-1-2016 wife of Donald bur Mem Lawns
  EMILY A. KING 9-22-19834-3-5-2016 wife of Hal bur Mem Lawns
  HELEN R. 6-16-1932-5-20-2016 wife of Marvin bur Oaklawn
KIRKPATRICK, NORMA R. 12-6-1931-3-6-2016 wife of James bur Miss Mem
KISNER, PATRICIA A. CONNELL 1-29-1935-8-9-2016 wife of John owned the Homestead
  Restaurant in Lafontaine bur Falls
KIZER, I. ARLENE ROW 4-14-1918-1-4-2016 wife of M Manning & C. Rex Kizer bur Friends
KNIGHT, GLADYS 5-11-1930-7-22-2016 wife of Wilbur bur Center Grove
LAUER, LOUISE E. DIERINGER 1-21-1928-1-15-2016 wife of Donald bur Mem Lawns
LAYCOCKI, L. MAE 3-3-1942-11-21-2016 wife of R. Martindale & P Laycock bur Falls
LEARNED, PEGGY J. 10-6-1958-8-9-2016 wife of Michael bur Mem Lawns
LEAZENBY, BSRIAN K. 9-29-1967-12-25-2016 son of F&N bur Miss Mem
LEISURE, MELYNDA 8-9-1987-10-11-2016 dau of L&L bur Oaklawn
LENDMAN, JACQUELYN died 7-23-2016 age 90 bur Miss Mem
LINSBURG, VERA M. 12-5-1927-8-17-2016 wife of H. Eugene coowner of Linsburg Fabrics
  1972-7 bur Mem Lawns
LUNDEEN, DOROTHY L. BURNSWORTH 11-10-1920-11-17-2016 wife of Lawrence bur Center Grove
LUNDQUIST, MARGARET A. BUMGARDNER 11-5-1935-2-25-2016 wife of Robert bur Friends
LYNN, JOHN M. 4-26-1931-6-13-2016 Army and USMC vet bur Friends
MCCUNE, DAVID K. 9-21-1949-3-19-2016 bur Swank
MCGINNIS, BETTIE WASS 7-19-1918-10-30-2016 owner McGinnis Paint and Wallpaper wife of
  Jerry bur Friends
MCILWAIN, CHARLES T. 5-6-1927-11-11-2016 bur Laf 100F
MCKEE, BETTY J. HARE 1-4-1931-4-20-2016 wife of Bobbie J. bur Oaklawn
MCKILLIP, JACK E. 4-19-1930-9-9-2016 son of A&A coowner McKillip Seeds bur Falls
MCNABNEY, DONALD W. 10-26-1936-12-9-2016 USAF bur St Peters
MCWHIRT, RAYMOND W. 5-1-1961-5-26-2016 bur Falls
MALOTT, ESTHER CLARK 5-29-1923-12-28-2016 wife of K. Clark & R. Malott bur Mem Lawns
MARTIN, ROBERT E. 8-28-1924-1-21-2016 son of W&E WWII Army Normandy and
  Battle of the Bulge bur Falls
MEYER, A. EILEEN HAYMOND 11-9-1918-9-17-2016 wife of Everett bur Falls
  DAVID C. 1-5-1945-9-22-2016 Army vet son of E&A bur Falls
MIDDLETON, CHESTER E. 1-8-1940-1'2-11-2016 son of C&E bur Mem Lawns
MORFORD, MARGARET A. 7-20-1919-2-20-2016 wife of Harold bur Fairview
MORNINGSTAR, MARCIA A. 1-23-1946-1-21-2016 wife of John bur Mem Lawns
MUSIC, BSILLIE L. 8-21-1931-12-12-2016 wife of George bur Laketon
NARAGON, RALPLH 9-10-1936-10-7-2016 owned Gilbert & Naragon Co. in North
  Manchester bur Fairview
NEARHOUSE, JON C. 12-30-1944-9-26-2016 son of C&B bur Center Grove
NEEDHAM, MICHAEL W. 4-10-1963-4-26-2016 son of R&H bur Friends
NELSON, BETTY R. PARKE 2-9-1942-9-28-2016 wife of Floyd bur Falls
  RICKEY 1-31-1959-6-18-2016 Army vet bur Mem Lawns
NEWCOMER, HUBERT R. 6-27-1922-3-10-2016 bur Brethren Memorial Garden
NIXON, JOAN E. 7-1-1941-10-24-2016 dau of J&M bur Falls
NOLAND, CHARLES F. 2-7-1944-11-7-2016 Army vet bur Friends
  FLOYD 10-20-1959-1-18-2016 Army Vet bur Friends
ORR, JACKIE D. 7-1-1947-6-26-2016 son of E&E bur Falls
PANKKOP, GERALD 1-1-1926-1-13-2016 WWII Army Battle of the Bulge 99th Inf Div;
  purple heart bur Mem Lawns
PEEBLES, JOHN R. 7-22-1941-12-20-2016 son of J&M bur Miss Mem
PENIX, GEORGE 3-24-1946-3-16-2016 bur Friends
PERSLEY, ALLEN 7-22-1935-6-26-2016 bur Mem Lawns
DONNA M. PATTON 10-11-1934-7-7-2016 bur Mem Lawns
PIETY, NORALENE 7-18-1926-11-15-2016 wife of Albert bur Mem Lawns
PIPER, RICHARD 5-25-1930-1-20-2016 USAF 1951-3 SSGT Ind. Basketball Hall of
  Fame 2013 bur Fairview
PLY, DAVID L. 2-4-1943-1-6-2016 son ofJ&M USN bur Falls
PORCENALUK, CAROL 12-6-1962-1-18-2015 bur St. Peters
POTTENGER, NORMA J. DURHAM 1-8-1931-6-6-2016 wife of Everett bur Falls
POWNALL, JACQUELINE R. LOWER 7-27-1930-12-10-2016 wife of E. bur Falls
PRATT, KENNETH R. 1-7-1939-12-28-2016 son of W&M raised chickens for Strauss
  for 45 years 1991 received Grower of the Year Award bur Pleasant Grove
PRICE, LINDA LOU 10-3-1942-6-23-2016 bur Fairview
REX E. 7-6-1931-2-17-2016 son of E&G Army Korea bur Mem Lawns
PROFFITT, DEAN A. 9-19-1953-6-16-2016 son of D&V bur Laf IOOF
PURDY, JERRY L. 4-3-1935-8-26-2016 son of P&M Army vet bur Oaklawn
RAGER, TODD S. 1-11-1926-4-3-2016 son of H&E bur Pleasant Hill
REED, JESSE L. 5-9-1925-4-13-2016 bur Mem Lawns
RENICKER, DONNA J. 7-19-1934-11-27-2016 wife of Wayne bur Old Ger Bapt
RHOADS, RODNEY L. 2-8-1967-8-31-2016 son of C&J bur Mem Lawns
RICHARDS, BEVERLY BARRETT 8-26-1940-6-9-2016 wife of Ralph bur Mem Lawns
RIDENOUR, AUDREY L. TATE 9-30-1924-5-24-2016 wife of Gordon bur Friends
  GORDON J. 4-4-1928-9-7-2016 son of L&M USMC bur Friends
RING, BETTY J. HOLMES 8-13-1929-5-5-2016 wife of William bur Mem Lawns
ROBERTS, LUCILLE D. 12-19-1922-10-20-2016 wife of Alfred bur Laf IOOF
ROBINSON, OSCAR 5-7-1931-8-19-2016 Vet Korean War bur Oaklawn
ROSE, MICHAEL S. 1-15-1983-7-14-2016 son of T&A bur Murphy
  TOM 8-7-1961-6-24-2016 bur Mem Lawns
RUNKEL, ROBERTA M. 5-8-1927-9-27-2016 wife of Rex bur Mem Lawns
RUSSELL, DONNA M. 12-24-1923-11-17-2016 wife of C Ogalsbee & G Russell bur Mem Lawns
SAGARSEE, BETTY 9-1-1929-10-8-2016 bur Mem Lawns
  RAYMOND 7-13-1936-12-28-2016 bur Mem Lawns
SATCHWILL, A. WENDEL 4-3-1923-8-22-2016 bur Mem Lawns
EVA M. 1-8-1923-8-30-2016 wife of A. Wendel bur Mem Lawns
SCHOBY, WILLIAM E. 2-5-1918-1-15-2016 son of C&L bur Fails
SCHULTZ, THOMAS 4-9-1934-11-18-2016 son of W&M USAF bur Falls
SCHUTZ, KEVIN D. 5-25-1949-12-27-2016 bur Oaklawn
SHARP, JANE E. 10-26-1931-2-18-2016 wife of Raymond bur Roann Corn
SHELTON, GLEN 10-24-1941-11-21-2016 bur Laf IOOF
SHEPHERD, ERNEST 2-22-1940-11-14-2016 bur Mem Lawns
  GISELA E. 10-25-1934-11-16-2016 wife of William manager of KFGC bur Mem Lawns
  LOIS 4-3-1939-5-24-2016 wife of R. bur Oaklawn
SHEPPARD, WILLIAM F. 8-11-1930-12-8-2016 son of F&G bur Mem Lawns
SHIVELY, ROGER E. 5-30-1925-3-16-2016 bur Pleasant Hill
SIERS, CHRISTINE 4-15-1939-3-6-2016 bur Mem Lawns
SIGNS, EVALEE 10-11-1936-8-12-2016 wife of Frank bur Pleasant Hill
SILVERS, MARY E. 5-25-1918-9-28-2016 wife of George bur Laf 100F
SINGLETON, JANET 8-5-1953-11-7-2016 wife of Terry bur Falls
SLONE, RUSSELL R. 11-4-1944-12-18-2016 Army Vietnam bur Mem Lawns
SMEDLEY, JEANNE S. 6-28-1952-1-22-2016 bur Friends
SMITH LYMAN L. 10-6-1924-11-13-2016 bur Miss Mem
  VELMA HAWLEY WHITE 6-13-1922-2-12-2016 wife of C. White & J. Smith bur Laf IOOF
  WAYNE 1-8-1939-12-17-2016 bur St. Peters
SNAPP, WILMA J. 9-23-1924-8-23-2016 wife of Rex bur Miss Mem
SORRELL, WILMA F. 1-9-1935-4-23-2016 wife of Mearl owner Auto Renewal bur Roann Corn
SPEELMAN, RICHARD L. 6-1-1921-7-24-2016 son of J&B WWII Army Iron Men of Metz bur Lagro
SPEICHER, STEPHEN S. 10-2-1944-5-17-2016 Army Vet bur Center Grove
STETTLER, DAVID L. 6-4-1945-2-29-2016 son of W&D bur Falls
STODGELL, CHARLES 2-25-1942-12-5-2016 Army vet bur Laf IOOF
STOUT, CHRISTOPHER J. 7-14-1992-8-16-2016 son of W&K bur Friends
STRICKLER, MARK A. 10-15-1964-3-25-2016 son of C&B bur Mem Lawns
STRIKE, CARL 10-5-1940-12-20-2016 bur Old Ger Bapt
SULLIVAN, JAY D. 9-25-1943-4-13-2016 son of P&B Army vet bur Falls
SUTTON, BEVERLY GAHL 8-27-1939-9-25-2016 bur Fairview
TEERLING, SIERT C. 10-2-1944-10-6-2016 USN bur Friends
TRUSTY, SHIRLEY A. 5-14-1939-6-18-2016 bur Friends
TULLY, CLARENCE L. 2-29-1936-8-22-2016 USMC 1954-7 bur Mem Lawns
TURNER, FRANCIS D. 8-15-1935-1'-29-2016 Army vet bur Laf IOOF
  HARRY W. 1-29-1932-12-9-2016 Army vet bur Emery
  RICHARD P. 4-10-1931-1-1-2016 USMC bur Mem Lawns
TISCH ANN EUBANK 2-7-1970-5-20-2016 bur Miss Mem
TYNER, LYLA D. 9-17-1953-10-4-2016 wife of Timothy bur Mem Lawns
UNDERWOOD, MARTHA L. 11-26-1935-3-23-2016 wife of Henry bur Fairview
VROOMAN, VERONICA 7-30-1965-5-8-2016 wife of Nathan owner Veronica's Closet bur Friends
WALKER, SGEORGE E. 5-14-1937-1-10-2016 bur Laf 100F
WALL, DENNIS W. 8-13-1947-12-20-2016 son of R&R Army Vietnam bur Miss Mem
  RUTH A. OGAN 8-13-1919-9-13-2016 wife of Ralph bur Miss Mem
WALLS, NON D US M. 7-9-1931-7-27-2016 bur Lagro
WATSON, SHAWNA L. WALLACE 5-15-1980-2-13-2016 companion of James bur Friends
WEAVER, MERCEDES J. LONG 1-30-1932-8-9-2016 wife of Roscoe bur Half Acre
WEBB, MARY M. 11-5-1932-1-20-2016 wife of Clyde bur Falls
WEIMER, KAREN SPEICHER 4-18-1958-7-30-2016 wife of Rex bur Friends
WEISS, FRED A. 1-13-1944-2-4-2016 son of E&M bur Mem Lawns
WHINERY, MARTHA M. 12-6-1919-9-17-2016 wife of Earl bur Center Grove
WHITEHEAD, JUANITA F. 11-12-1928-4-17-2016 wife of Daniel bur Friends
WILES, JUDITH A. died 5-4-2016 bur Friends
WILEY, DOHN F. 10-19-1926-11-4-2016 president Soil and Water Conservation Assoc.,
  state president Associated Milk Producers, Inc bur Mem Lawns
WILLIAMS, BUDDY MAC 4-11-1965-2-28-2016 bur Friends
  GRETCHEN E. 2-22-2016-12-15-2016 dau of B&M bur Lagro
  KEITH L. 3-19-1991-111-17-2016 son of K&K bur Friends
WINTERS, JOANNE L. WILSON 6-16-1933-3-3-2016 wife of John bur Roann Corn
WITKOSKE, ARDIS C. BREMBECK 10-29-1923-12-30-2016 wife of Herbert co-owner King
  Hipskind Hardware bur Speicher
WOLFE, DAVID S. 11-10-1930-11-19-2016 Army Korea bur South Pleasant
WOODWARD, AMIE 1-12-1986-7-2-2016 dau ofJ&A bur Center Grove
WRISK, ALLEN R. 12-9-1933-10-27-2016 son ofJ&S Ind Natl Guard bur Mem Lawns
YATES, SROSALIND M. KIRBY 7-22-1917-3-4-2016 wife of Arlie bur Mem Lawns
YENTES, LOUISE B. MILLER 8-11-1932-1-21-2016 wife of William bur Mem Lawns

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