The following information from "Family Branches" Vol 4, No. 11, June, 1999, newsletter of the Wabash County Genealogical Society, published monthly and mailed to members.
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This cemetery was located East of Richvalley and just East of the entrance to Richvalley cemetery. For many years the small family plot had not been used and stones had been removed for building purposes. About the year 1985, the cemetery was plowed over and is now a cornfield. One major stone was recovered by Ben Smith who lives across the road. Occasionally small pieces of gravestone appear on the surface. The following has been compiled from Family records and newspaper accounts.

BROOKS, Caroline CLAYSER wife of Dexter; died at age 69 buried in
                         family burial ground born 1816 died Nov 1883

        Dexter born 1814 died Apr 1881

        Doric died prior to 1850

        Jenette daughter of Norman and grandaughter of John born
                1859 died abouot 1861

        John captain in War of 1812 born 1791 died 13 Jan 1856 age 66 yrs

        Rosina daughter of Dexter and Caroline died 12 May 1858 age 14 yrs

        Willard T. brother of John born 1809 died about 1855

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