The following information from "Family Branches" Vol 2, No. 11, April, 1997, newsletter of the Wabash County Genealogical Society, published monthly and mailed to members.
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"This burial ground was established in 1846, not in connection with any religious society, or any house of worship, but simply because the people of the region needed a convenient place in which to bury their dead. It has been in constant use for the purposes of its creation and is so employed at the present day. We have no detailed account for publication in this work. The cemetery is located in the northeast part of the township in the vicinity of the residence of Martin Alger, northwest of the town of Urbana." Helms, HISTORY OF WABASH COUNTY, 1884 p. 418. The cemetery is located about 20 miles southeast of Laketon on the north side of county road 750N and 200W in Paw Paw township.

ALGER, BERTHA M. dau of T.J. & M.J. died 5-2-1880 aged 8y2m13d
       DAISEY DELL dau of Leander & Mary J. died 2-2-1880 aged 3y10m7d
       MARTIN died 4-15-1886 aged 66y11m29d
       MARY F. dau of L. & M.J. died 8-8-1880 aged 0y4m11d
       MARY J. wife of Leander died 4-6-1880 aged 36y2m29d

BAER, AARON died 5-30-1879 aged 34y10m10d
      ALICE dau of A & M died 8-22-1881 aged 13y3m18d
      CATHARINE (DAVIS) wife of Garrison 3-8-1837  9-18-1916 aged  78y6m10d
      EPHRAIM died 9-26-1856 aged 52y2m29d
      GARRISON   son of Joel & Rosina 9-7-1837 . 3-17-1902 aged 64y6m10d
      HANNAH wife of Ephraim died 4-1-1880 aged 73y8m15d
      JOEL 6-28-1808-4-10-1861 aged 52y9m12d
      ROSINA wife of Joel 5-16-1807 . 3-16-1877 aged 69y10m0d
      WILLIAM H. son of Ephraim & Hannah died 8-16-1850 aged 2y4m0d

BAKER, ALHERT son of Andrew & Vinnie V. 2-11-1901 . 3-18-1901
       CATHERINE died 2-22-1896 81y0m14d wife of Daniel
       DANIEL died 5-8-1875 aged 61y3m0d
       HEZEKIAH son of Daniel & Catherine died 4-13-1869 aged 14y3m9d
       ISAAC son of D & C died 9-14-1851 aged 5y6m12d
       JACOB 3-19-1838 . 7-6-1907
       JUDITH wife of Jacob 6-14-1835 . 2-7-1879
       MABLE V. dau of A.E. & V.V. 4-24-1902 . 10-9-1902
       MARY C. dau of John & Lydia died 8-25-1877 aged 6y8m3d
       TILDEN H. son of John & Lydia died 9-4-1877 aged 10m14d

BROWN, UNKNOWN child of Dan died Sept 1878
       BERTHA M. dau of Daniel & Ellen died 11-13-1876 aged 1y3m13d
       MABLE C. dau of D.W. & E. died 9-13-1878 aged 1y?m15d
       MANERVA (SEWELL) wife of Wm. M. died 3-2-1871 aged 24y9m5d

CARLISLE, JOSEPH died 8-20-1890 aged 68y5m6d
          RACHAEL died 9-9-1881 aged 44y5m17d wife of Joseph

DAVIS, ADAM 2-15-1805 . 10-11-1881
       MARCY wife of Adam 8-31-1809 . 7-10-1882

FREEMAN, GEORGE Son of George & Margaret 2-18-1832 . 2-19-1879
         PERMELIA dau of George 8-31-1857. 7-14-1880

HOOVER, CHESTER E. son of Oliver H. & Ida 1888-1910
        IDA wife of Oliver 1867-1913
        INFANT no information
        JOHN A. son of W. & Rebecca J. died 12-21-1860 aged 1m5d
        MARY no information
        OLIVER 1862-1916
        REBECCA wife of Wm died 9-6-1896 aged 64y10m11d
        SOLOMON died 8-28-1854 aged 64y4m11d
        VERGIE M. no information
        WILLIAM died 1-22-1904 aged 69y4m7d

KELLY, CATHARINE died 2-29-1892 aged 78y4m3d
       LEWIS died 4-22-1862 aged 55y6m22d

LAUTZENHISER, AUDREY dau of O & R.A. 1883-1894
               GEORGE son of O & R.A. 1877-1897
               ORLANDO 1852-1936
               RACHEL A. (BROWN) wife of Orlando 1852-1936

F.J.M. footstone - no further information

MARTIN, MABEL 11-?-1897
        MARION 1872-1953
        MILDRED C. 1904-1918
        PEARL wife of Marion 1875-1936

MEYER, BENJAMIN son of R & L. C. died 3-28-1883 aged 1y5m25d
       GEORGIA E. dau of R. & L. C.
       LYDIA C. wife of Rudolph died 3-8-1885 aged 21y1m7d

POOLE, ARORA son of Wm & Eliza A. died 8-13-1883 aged 1y3m15d
       ELIZA A. 1858-1928
       LENNIE 1889 - ?
       ROWA 1887-1957
       WILLIAM 11-7-1850 . 3-28-1923

G.M.R. footstone no further information

REECE, HANNAH wife of George died 1-5-1886 aged 74y8m17d

SEWELL, BERTHA E. dau of Wm & S.L. died 1-26-1876 aged 9m8d
        LILLY dua of Wm & S.L. died 3-17-1874 aged 1y7m9d
        SARAH LUTITIA wife of W.M. died 2-8-1894 aged 52y3m29d
        WILLIAM died 10-15-1901 aged 82y4m0d

SICKAFUS, MARGARET J. wife of D.J. died 6-4-1864 aged 23y10m6d

SNYDER, CYRUS son of George W. S. Elizabeth died 10-11-1862 aged 4m18d
        ELIZABETH wife of George W. died 10-14-1863 aged 21y10m12d
        INFANT son of Geo. W. & E. born and died 3-23-1860
        S.S. died 10-27-1877 aged 35y1m13d

WHITE, ELMER son of George W. & Eleanor died 8-27-1872 aged 11m27d
       LIDDIE M. dau of G.W. & Eleanor died 6-3-1873? 10days
       OMA E. dau of B.S. S. E. 4-17-1885 . 9-18-1887

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