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Name:  ANDREW, Jesse
Date/Place of Death:  16 May 1900, Friday, West Lafayette, IN
Survivors:  Sons: J. Charles Andrew, Thomas M. Andrew;  Daughters: Katherine L. Andrew,
                Mary E. Gray, Cyrilla J. Dinsmore, Martha A. Pierce, Laura E. Andrew,
                [Note: deceased son John Nichol Andrew was not listed]
Other Info:  Was past 94 years of age, he was one of the earliest settlers of this county, and
                  he had resided for many  years at Andrew Place in West Lafayette.  The wife of
                 Mr. Andrew died in October 1895.
Source:  Lafayette Daily Courier, Friday, 16 May 1900
Submitter:  Katrina Weed

Name: ANDREWS, Jacob
Date/Place of Death: 1933, Iona MI, burial at Farmers’ Institute cemetery
Survivors: Two daughters of Lafayette, one son of Iowa, 21 grandchildren,
                 15 great-grandchildren
Other Info: Was born in West Point, Tippecanoe Co., IN, 8 May 1856, farmer
                   in South Raub.  His wife, Evaline (Cullum) preceded him in death in 1918.
Source: Unknown newspaper article
Submitter: Diane Vanderpool Younker

Name: ANDREWS, Thomas V.
Date/Place of Death: November 14, 1931, Tippecanoe Co., IN, burial at
                                   Farmers’ Institute cemetery
Survivors: Father, Jacob of Iona, MI, two sisters of Lafayette, widow Julia
                  (Whitley), Four daughters, two sons all of West Point, 3 grandchildren
Other Info: Was born in South Raub, IN, 27 August 1880
Source: Unknown newspaper article
Submitter: Diane Vanderpool Younker

Name: BAER, Orth G.
Date/place of death:  Orth G. Baer died February 21, 1983 in Glyn Elyn,
Survivors:  Daughter Marty (Martha) Schroeder 2 grandchildren.  His wife
Mary predeceased him.
Other Info:  Born in Dayton, Indiana October 26, 1897.  Son of Franklin
Morton Baer and Martha Boyles. Bandmaster at Glenbard High School for 40
years.  Member of the Probation Department of Dupage County until 1977.
Source:  Glyn Glyn Newspaper
Submitted by: Maureen Johnson

Name: FEETE, Charles Duane
Date/place of death: July 28, 2000 in W. Lafayette IN.  He
was 30 years old.
Burial: Interment at Tippecanoe Memory Gardens
Survivors: A daughter, Alacia D., aged 4, a stepson, Harry R.J., aged 10,
two adopted brothers Joseph and David, a half-brother, Brett Ashley
Kochert,and his father Charles B. Feete of California.
Other Info:  Born on Sept. 5, 1969.  Charles "Chuck" was an active member of Victory Christian Center,
a loving father, and a very giving person.
source: Lafayette Journal and Courier Aug. 3,2000
Submitted by: Lisa K. Feete

Name:  GATES, Anna (Martin)
Date/Place of Death:   8 June 1943/Lafayette, IN
Survivors:  Daus: Mrs. Walter Hawkins, Lafayette; Mrs. W.E. Alexander, Los Angeles, CA
                  Brothers: Claude Martin, Chalmers; Homer Martin, Dayton, OH
Other Info:   She was the widow of Benjamin Franklin Gates and was married 8 July 1883.
                    She was a member of  the Congress Street Methodist Church
Source:  Lafayette Journal and Courier, 9 June 1943
Submitter: Adina Dyer

Names:  GATES, B. Frank
Date/Place of Death:  26 Jan. 1936/West Lafayette, IN
Survivors:  Widow; Daus: Mrs. Walter Hawkins, Lafayette; Mrs. W.E. Alexander, Hollywood, CA;
                   five grandchildren and 5 gr.grandchildren.
Other Info:  Born near Number Ten, 17 Jan. 1869, he was the son of Henry and Rebecca (Cain) Gates,
                    and married Miss Anna M. Martin, 8 July 1883. He was an employee of the Purdue chemical
                    engineering dept. He was a member of the Otterbein U.B. church. Funeral services from the home
                    of his daughter Mrs. Walter Hawkins.
Source:  Lafayette Journal and Courier
Submitter:  Adina Dyer

Name:  JENNERS, Alba
Date/Place of Death:  27 Feb 1880/ Lafayette, IN
Burial:  Greenbush Cemetery, Lafayette, IN
Survivors:  Charles H. Wallace, son-in-law; David Jenners, brother; Mrs. Charles H. Wallace, daughter;
                 John Jenners, son
Other Info:  One of Lafayette's early settlers; Died of pneumonia; Born in Loudoun Co., VA in Jan 1811;
                   69 yrs old at death
Source:  Unidentified newspaper clipping with handwritten date of Feb 1880
Submitter:  Sue Beach

Name:  JENNERS, Cyrenius [Saurine]
Date/Place of Death:  2 Jan 1879/ "The Wea," Tippecanoe Co., IN
Survivors:  Alba Jenners, brother Born 1809
Other Info:  Came to Lafayette in 1829
Source:  Lafayette Daily Courier, 2 Jan 1879
Sumbitter:  Sue Beach

Name:  JENNERS, James D.
Date/Place of Death:  2 Apr 1915/ West Lafayette, IN
Burial:  Greenbush Cemetery, Lafayette, IN
Survivors:  Mary Jenners, sister; unnamed wife; Mary Jenners, daughter; Jennie Jenners, daughter;
                   Albertha Jenners, daughter;  Mrs. Jennie Black, sister
Other Info:  Born in Washington, DC on 23 Dec 1854; Farmer
Source:  Lafayette Daily Courier, 2 Apr 1915
Submitter:  Sue Beach

Name:  JENNERS, Mary B.
Date/Place of Death: 10 Dec 1828/ West Lafayette, IN
Burial:  Greenbush Cemetery, Lafayette, IN
Survivors:  Mrs. Jennie Black, sister; Mrs. John Haan, niece; Miss Albertha Jenners, niece;
                   Mrs. Gorman Brown, niece
Other Info:  Born in Vermillion Co., IL 3 Oct 1861
Source:  Lafayette Courier and Journal, 10 Dec 1828
Submitter:  Sue Beach

Name:  JENNERS, Ruth (DeNeale)
Date/Place of Death: 14 Feb 1891/ Lafayette, IN
Burial:  Greenbush Cemetery, Lafayette, IN
Survivors:  Mrs. Clark Black, daughter; Maud [Mary] Jenners, daughter; James Jenner, son
Other Info: Killed by natural gas explosion
Source:  Lafayette Daily Courier, 13 Feb 1891
Submitter:  Sue Beach

Name: LITTLE, Mrs. Daisy M. (Lowry)
Date/place of death:  January 13, 1964, Kokomo Convalescent Center.
Survivors:  Two sisters, Mrs. Katie Little, Thorntown and Mrs. Ora Loveless,
Other Info:  Daisy Maybelle Lowry was born in Tippecanoe County March 15,
1875 the daughter of Nelson Lowry and Rebecca (Mann) Lowry.   In 1899 she
married Charles Little who preceded her in death in 1946.  She was a member
of the Main Street Methodist Church, Eastern Star, the Royal Neighbors of
America and the Mizpah Class of the Church  Burial in Memorial Park
Cemetery, Kokomo.
Source:  Kokomo Gazette
Submitted by: Maureen Johnson

Name: LOVELESS, Ora Alice (Lowry)
Date/place of death:  February 13, 1986, Sycamore Heath Care Center, Kokomo,
Survivors:  Two daughters, Mercedes Lear and Vinetta Thunberg.  Four sons
Ernest, Leo, Chalbert, and Morris.  34 grandchildren, 26 great-grandchildren
and 12 great-great grandchildren. Two sons, eight sisters, a brother and a
great-grandchild are deceased.
Other Info:  Ora Alice Lowry was born July 14, 1885 in Tippecanoe County
daughter of Nelson Lowery and Rebecca (Mann) Lowery.  On October 15, 1903
she married David Joseph Loveless who died May 8, 1969.
Source:  Kokomo Gazette
Submitted by: Maureen Johnson

Name:  MARTIN, Emma (Jones)
Date/Place of Death:  26 Nov. 1924/Osborn, OH
Burial:  Montmorenci Cemetery, Tippecanoe Co., IN
Survivors:  Sons: Edward Martin, W. Lafayette; Claude Martin, Brookston; Homer Martin, Toledo, OH;
                   Jesse Martin, Chicago  Dau: Mrs. B. F. Gates, W. Lafayette
Other Info:  She was born 9 Dec. 1846 near Cairo, and her maiden name was Emma Jones.
                    She was the widow of Henry Martin. She was a member of the West Side Baptist Church.
Source:  Lafayette Journal and Courier, 27 Nov. 1924, pg. 1
Submitter: Adina Dyer

Name:  MARTIN, William Henry
Date/Place of Death:  11 April 1909/Indianapolis, IN
Burial:  Montmorenci Cemetery, Tippecanoe Co., IN
Survivors:  Widow; Sons: Edward Martin, Montmorenci, Claude Martin, Pine Village;
                Homer and Jesse Martin, Indianapolis Dau: Mrs. Frank Gates, Otterbein
                Brothers: O. J. Martin, Williamport; D. G. Martin, Columbus, KS
                Sisters: Mrs. Katherine Young, Attica; Mrs. Alex S. Fulks, W. Lafayette.
Other Info:  Was 75 years old on January 13 last and nearly all his life was spent in Tippecanoe Co.
Source:  Lafayette Morning Journal, 13 April 1909
Submitter:  Adina Dyer

Name:  MUSTON, David
Date/Place of Death:  26 Jan 1929/ Lafayette, IN
Burial:  Springvale Cemetery
Survivors:  wife Cora, sister Mrs. Sarah Fisher, and the following children:
                Orville, Grover, Edward, Mrs Eugene Herb, Mrs Earl Shuler,
                17 grandchildren and two greatgrandchildren
Other Info:  b. 11 May 1854 Guilford County N.C. married Rebecca Pruitt who died 1906;
                  well known timber man
Source:  Journal and Courier Evening pg 2, 26 Jan 1929
Submitter:  Cheryl Runkle

Name:  MUSTON, Henry Wyatt
Date/Place of Death:  27 Jan 1905/ Lafayette, IN
Burial:  Sand Ridge Cemetery
Survivors:  two daughters and three sons
Other Info:  born 20 June 1814 N.C. retired farmer and came from Hamilton County
Source:  Lafayette Morning Journal, pg. 5, Sat 28 Jan 1905;
             Lafayette Weekly Courier pg. 9, Friday 3 Feb 1905
Submitter:  Cheryl Runkle

Name:  PERDIEW, George W.
Date/Place of Death:  4 AUG 1920 in a Railroad Yard accident
Other Info:  lived in Lafayette; was originally from Washington County, Indiana
Submitter:  Linda Young

Name: PLATT, Mrs. Bertha M. (Baer)
Date/place of death:  April 5, 1937, Lutheran Hospital in St Louis, Missouri
Survivors:  Claude Haven Platt (her husband) five sons Reverend Harold Daer,
Clarence C., Luther J. Chester M. Claude Jr. 4 daughters Mrs. Ida Grace
Farmer, Edna, Arla and Ruth.  Her step mother Mrs. Martha J. Skinner, a
sister Mrs. Bertie Barnett and two brothers Roscoe A. and Joseph A.Baer.
Other Info:  Bertha Magnolia Baer was born February 28, 1890 in Stockwell,
Indiana.  Services from the Christian Church .  Burial in Johnson Cemetery.
Source:  Stockwell Newspaper

Name:  RICHARDS, Clyde
Date/Place of Death:  26 Oct 1934/ Tippecanoe Co., IN
Burial:  Spring Vale Cemetery, Tippecanoe Co., IN
Survivors:  Mrs. W. A. Coyner, sister
Other Info:  Never married; Former Co. Surveyor; 71 yrs old at death;
                  Son of  Samuel & Susan (Watt) Richards
Source:  undated, unidentified newspaper clipping
Submitter:  Sue Beach

Name:  RILEY, Ira
Date/Place of Death:  27 August 1966, Lafayette Home Hospital
Burial:  Maple Lawn Cemetery, Thorntown, Indiana
Survivors:  Wife Ruth Remington Riley and the following children:
                   Thelma, Louise & Lois and seven grandchildren
Other Information:  b. 23 May 1887 Boone County, Indiana to
Joseph S. Riley and Jilia Etta Ferguson Riley; first
married  Nellie Mae Hughes in 1912 in Indianapolis,
Indiana and Nellie died in 1922.
Source:  The Journal & Courier Evening 29 August 1966
Submitter:  Charlene Saunders

Name:  ROSS, David E.
Date of Death:  Monday, June 28, 1943, Home Hospital, Lafayette, Indiana
                             Stricken with paralysis one year earlier on Thurs, July 16, 1942
Other Info:  Earned E.E. from Purdue in 1893
                      Founder of Ross Gear and Tool Co. in 1906
                      Director of Fairfield Manufacturing
                      President of Purdue University Board of Trustees
                      Engineer, Inventor, Manufacturer, Farmer, Financier and
Invented the rotary plow, steering gear and highway traffic markers.
Patent rights to plow and traffic markers presented to Purdue Research
Foundation of which he was an organizer and Director.
Ross-Ade stadium at Purdue University was made possible by the
generous contributions by David Ross and George Ade (noted Hoosier humorist)
Source: Lafayette newspaper, edition not known
Submitter: Cynthia

Name:  SCHICK, Conrad
Date/Place of Death:  20 Jul 1887, Wednesday, Lafayette, IN
Burial:  German Catholic Cemetery
Survivors:  Two sons in this city (Lafayette) and a daughter and son in
Newark, Ohio
[Note: deceased's sons in Lafayette were Benedict and Conrad]
Other Info:  90 years of age, member of German Catholic Church
Source:  The Lafayette Daily Journal, Thursday, July 21, 1887
Submitter:  Paula Ewing

Name:   SCHICK, Conrad
Date/Place of Death:  4 Aug 1892, Thursday, Lafayette, IN
Burial:  German Catholic Church
Survivors:  None Listed
[Note:  There were survivors, they were just not listed]
Other Info: Born 11 Oct 1830, attended St. Boniface Church and belonged to
the St. Joseph Society.  He was a well known flagman at the Union Street
crossing of Wabash Railway.
Source:  The Lafayette Weekly Journal, Friday, August 5, 1892
Submitter: Paula Ewing

Name:  SCHICK, Margaret (Heinen)
Date/Place of Death:  23 April 1909, Lafayette, IN
Survivors:  Daughters:  Mrs. Martin Johnson of Michigan City; Mrs. Edward
                   Stockton of Chicago; Conrad and George Schick of Chicago; Mrs. William
                   Richards of Rural Route No. 7; and Mrs. James Dooley.  Sisters and brother:
                   Mrs. Gerry Mohlman, Mrs. Catherine Sweeppe/Schwasspie and Gerhart Heinen
                   of Trenton, MO.
Other Info:   Widow of Conrad Schick.  Make her home with Mrs. Elizabeth
Loges in Lafayette.  Born in Germany about 64 years ago and came to
Lafayette when a small child.  Member of St. Boniface Church.
Source:  The Lafayette Daily Courier, Friday, April 23, 1909
Submitter:  Paula Ewing

Name:  SCHICK, Philip
Date/Place of Death:  31 May 1882, Lafayette, IN
Burial:  Not Listed        [Note:  Greenbush Cemetery]
Survivors:  None Listed
Source:  The Lafayette Daily Courier, Friday, June 2, 1882
Submitter: Paula Ewing

Name:  SPRING, Mary (Braden)
Date/Place of Death:  9 Feb 1904/ Indianapolis, IN
Survivors:  Annie Horn, daughter; A.B. Braden, brother
Other Info:  Died of cancer; 61 yrs old at death; Family home on S. 8th St.; husband died before her
Source:  undated, unidentified newspaper clipping
Submitter:   Sue Beach

Date/Place of Death:  in Lafayette 24 August 1869.
Burial:  Greenbush Cemetery at LAFAYETTE 25 August 1896
Other Info:  born in the Netherlands at OOLTGENSPLAAT 19 April 1840.
                  She married MARINUS STOOP at Ooltgensplaat 3 November 1866.
                  They've had a son, CORNELIS STOOP, born at DEN BOMMEL
                  (The Netherlands) 2 October 1867. They were Roman Catholics. The
                  family arrived in the USA at the City of Portland in the month of April 1869.
                  Marinus & Cornelius returned to the Netherlands in 1870 or 1871.
Source:   sworn declartion of death of Lena van Etten, issued by the Mayor of Lafayette (Louis Kimmel)
               23 June 1871; the Naturalization Application of Mari(y)nus Stoop of 11 October 1870;
               other documents issued at the occasion of the second marriage of Marinus Stoop,
                in the Netherlands
Submitter:  Wim Beudeker

Name:  WATKINS, Henry C.
Date/Place of Death:  6 Jan. 1918/Battleground, IN
Survivors:  Widow, ten children, and a sister, Mrs. George Lamb of Battle Ground.
Other Info:   Was born in Maryland and came to Indiana when he was seventeen years of age,
                      and for a number of years lived in Green Hill. He was a retired farmer.
Source:  Lafayette Daily Courier, January 8, 1911, page 11
Submitter:   Adina Dyer

Name:  WATKINS, Jane (Gerrard)
Date/Place of Death:  17 December 1934/Lafayette, IN
Burial:  Battle Ground Cemetery, Battle Ground, IN
Survivors:  Sons: Elmer, Lewis, William, and Harley Daus: Alice Riley, Pearl Reynolds,
                 Mrs. Charles Boyles of Pittsburg, IN, Mrs. Clara McNeeley of Glasgow, KY
                 Brother: Oliver Gerrard of Tacoma, WA
Other Info:  Daughter of Samuel and Juliette (Lemming) Gerrard, born August 12, 1853, in
                  Warren Co., IN
Source:  Lafayette newspaper, edition not known.
Submitter:  Adina Dyer

Name: YOUNKER, Joseph C.
Date/Place of Death: 16 Aug 1956, White County, buried West Point Cemetery
Survivors: Wife, Myrtle Chichester, 2 children, 12 grandchildren, 20
                  great-grandchildren, ten children.
Other Info: Was born in Chalmers, White Co., IN, 22 August 1869, resided in
                    Lafayette for 28 years. Employed by Wabash railroad for 44 years
                    and retired as a section foreman.  Member of St. Boniface Catholic Church
Source: Unknown newspaper article
Submitter:  Diane Vanderpool Younker

Name:  ZUFALL, Moses
Date/Place of Death:  27 Dec 1891, Lafayette, Indiana
Survivors:  A widow and eight children who are all grown.
Other Info:  He was born in Pennsylvania and came to Lafayette a number of
                    years ago.  He was a shoemaker on Oakland Hill.  He was a member
                    of the Congress Street Church.  Internment is at Greenbush Cemetery.
Source:  Lafayette Daily Courier, Monday, 28 Dec 1891
Submitter:  Cheryl Zufall Parker

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