Jackson Township

Marker Reads:

Noted during Indian Surpemecy in Indiana. Mound by tradition was used as lookout
 post, also scene of many tortures imposed by Shawnees whose village once lay just west.

Located on State Road 25 about 2 miles south of Odell in 
Jackson Township.

        Shawnee Mound is a natural elevation, 75 feet from base to summit, and is situated on the farm long owned by Jesse Meharry. 
During the days of Indian supremacy in Indiana, it was the noted rendevouz around which clustered the warriors of the powerful
tribes from which its name is derived.

        The Shawnee Village was situated west of this point on what later became known as Longlois Reservation.  It has been stated
 by Peter Longlois, many years since, that he had known as many as fifteen hundred Indian warriors, with their families, to be
congregated at this point making a total of nearly six thousand souls in the village.  On the summit of Shawnee Mound their
 sentinels were constantly posted, casting their vigilant eyes over the level prairie landscape surrounding their position and defying
 the approach of hostile tribes of adventurous white men.

        There is a tradition concerning their cruelty and the torture of their captives, that some were burned alive by slow fires. The
 truth of such tradition is somewhat backed up in recent years by the mound having been opened up and exposed to view.  In places
 where it had been caved away, human bones and the remains of objects having passed through fires have been found, of which
throws some light on the mystery once surrounding these things handed to us by tradition.

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