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Indiana Marriages to 1850Indiana Marriages 1993-2002 (Indiana State Library)


MARTIN, William Henry JONES, Emma Quinia 12 Jan 1864 Mrg. Rec. 10, pg. 341 Adina Watkins Dyer
MERRITT, William C. CULLUM, Sarah 08 Nov 1847 none Diane Vanderpool Younker
MILLS, James F. SHERRY, Silence 29 Oct 1843 Other Information: This was James' second marriage; his first to Jemima Lucas in Butler Co., OH.  James and Silence married in Tippecanoe Co. but lived in Fountain Co. IN. Adina Watkins Dyer
MITCHELL, John L. GATES, Samantha Elvira 07 Jul 1867 see document Adina Watkins Dyer
MONTGOMERY, James W. KESTERSON, Spicy Ann 01 Nov 1860 none Walter Miller
MONTGOMERY, John KESTERSON, Delphina 31 Mar 1868 none Walter Miller
MOOR / MOORE, Elijah HARMON, Catherine 15 Dec 1855 Catherine was the d/o Henry Harmon. Children: Sylvestor, David, Geo., Curtis and William Betty VanLeer
MOORE, James M. or W. VASSER, Susanna 25 Jun 1831 license dated 25 June 1831 marriage on 27th June 1831.  Rec. bk 1,  page 122 Diane Vanderpool Younker
JoAnn Cantrell 
MOORE, Thomas RAWLES, Sarah 20 Feb 1834 none Nina Scotti
MOORE, William Dawson DOLLY (DAWLEY), Maria 06 Dec 1832 none Nina Scotti
MOORE, William Henry ILCKENHANS, Catherine Ann 07 Aug 1842 Bride born in Harrison Co., IN, October 3, 1822; dau. of Georg W. Ilckenhans.  Groom born in Washington Co., IN December 30, 1812; son of Henry Hudson Moore and Sallie Brightman Donald H. Ebbeler
MOORE, Wm. H. ILCHENHONS, Katherine 07 Aug 1842 Wm. came from Adair Co. Ky. possibly; No info. on bride only that they were married in Tippecanoe Co., In. Betty Battreal
MUNN, James JONES, Leah 25 Jan 1842 Mrg. Rec. 2 1/2, pg. 241 Adina Watkins Dyer
NEUMANN, Christian Carl Friedrich WAHRENBURG, Anna Sophie Auguste 09 Oct 1873 Bride born in Altenplathow, Germany August 28, 1852; dau. of Karl August Wahrenburg and Johanna August Marie Huch.   Groom born in Wilsnach, Germany March 13, 1844;  son of Christian Neumann and Dorothea Plagemann. Donald H. Ebbeler
OLIVER, William M. FROGG, Jane 05 Nov 1840 none Adina Watkins Dyer
PARKER, John Silas VICK, Salinda Cecelia 2 Jun 1872 John Parker b.21 Jun 1850, Medaryville, Pulaski, IN; d.11 Mar 1916, Lafayette, Tippecanoe, IN Pamela R. Smith
PARKER, Oscar Owen HERRON, Anna Jane  06 Mar 1895 Oscar Parker b. 24 Jan 1873, Lafayette, Tippecanoe, IN; d. 8 Aug 1925, Medford, Jackson, OR; Anna Herron  b. 11 Sep 1875  Pamela R. Smith
PARKER, William Watkins RIEHLE, Phillippena Amelia 04 Oct 1899 William Parker b. 23 Jun 1875, Lafayette, Tippecanoe, IN; d.17 Jun 1967, Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ; Phillippena Riehele b. 16 Oct 1877, Lafayette, Tippecanoe, IN; d. 12 Feb 1967, Scottsdale, Maricopa, AZ Pamela R. Smith
PATTON, Thomas Jefferson ANDREWS, Naomi 24 May 1840 none Diane Vanderpool Younker
PENNINGTON, Geo. M. GAINES, Maggie A. 16 Jul 1896 see document Calista Sanderson
PETTITT, William  TALADY, Lillian 30 Jan 1832  none Diana Tolladay
PFUNDT,  Rev. Hermann A. WAHRENBURG, Anna Johanna Elisabeth 30 Oct 1879 Bride born in Altenplathow, Germany April 4, 1859; dau. of Karl August Wahrenburg and Johanna Auguste Marie Huch.   Groom born in Genthin, Germany December 25, 1850; son of  Wilhelm Pfundt and Hermine Steinweg. Donald H. Ebbeler
POGUE, William HILL, Sahah Louisa 26 Jul 1866 none Lawrence Martin
PROVOLT, Ezekiel IRELAND, Eliza Ann 25 Jun 1829 none Dot Butz
RAWLS, Joseph BILDERBACK, Cynthia 23 Jun 1831 Mrg. Rec. bk 1, pg. 122 JoAnn Cantrell
RELPH, William ADAMS, Rebecca Jane 01 Jan 1861 none
Sharon McCurry
REULE, Johannes Georg WUERSTER, Dorothea Caroline 16 Apr 1853 Bride born in Altensteig, Germany, July 11, 1832; dau. of Samuel Wuerster and Dorothea Rentschler.   Groom born in Hornberg, Germany August 2, 1833; son of Johannes Reule and Anna Maria Kuebler Donald H. Ebbeler
ROCK, James BILDERBACK, Eleanor 18 Jan 1831 Mrg. Rec. bk 1, pg. 101 Adina Watkins Dyer
JoAnn Cantrell
ROCK,  William WHITCOMB, Eliza 11 Jan 1848 none Adina Watkins Dyer
ROUTH, Albert Isaac  McDONALD, Jeannette "Jennie"  10 Dec 1879 married at the First Baptist Church in Lafayette, IN.   Alexander Blackburn, Pastor of the First Baptist Church officiated. Dana Olson
RUSSELL, John Wm.  DHABOLT, Francis M. 5 Nov 1910
RUSSELL, Joseph NELSON, Lydia J. 10 Feb 1890
RUSSELL, Paul E. GENTMEYER, Beatrice A. 01 Feb 1912
SAYERS, Robert Floyd FROGGE, Elizabeth 28 Jul 1839 none Adina Watkins Dyer
SCHEURENBRAND, Johann WAHRENBURG, Anna Franziska Luise 14 May 1876 Bride born in Altenplathow, Germany, May 20, 1854; dau. of Karl August Wahrenburg and Johanna Auguste Marie Huch.   Groom born in Stuttgart, Germany, February 5, 1848. Donald H. Ebbeler
SCHOONOVER, Jesse WIGGINS, Mary Ann 28 Oct 1847 none Ginette Wiggins VanenOever
SERAPHIM, Heinrich C.
WAHRENBURG, Bertha Hermine Amalie
02 Oct 1889 Bride born in Altenplathow, Germany October 16, 1861; dau. of Karl August Wahrenburg and Johanna Auguste Marie Huch.   Groom born in Militsch, Germany October 20, 1865 Donald H. Ebbeler
SEXTON, Orville Clinton HAYTH, May Della 23 Apr 1919
Lois Sparks
SHAFFER, Marvin Hugh MALONEY, Mary Victoria 11 Aug 1969 none Marvin Shaffer
SHAW, William SHAW, Martha 20 Oct 1833 "legally bound in marriage by me ....Given under my hand at Lafayette this 21 October 1833. Cyrus Ball J.P." Pat Brown
SHOEMAKER, Ambrose CAMPBELL, Nancy 23 Aug 1839 none Donna Brede
SMITH, Adam H. BRYAN, Sarah H. 24 Mar 1861 Mrg. Rec.  9, pg. 378 MGrayson@aol.com
SOUTH, William Wayland HARNETT, Delilah 26 Jun 1836 none Mari Nielsen
SOVERNS, Wiliam (also spelled SEVERNS in same document) DYE, Martha 05 Nov 1852 by Samuel H. Beckner Justice 
of the Peace
Patsy Skeels
SPARKS, Cletis Russell GAY, Bettie Louise 14 Jun 1943 Trintity Methodist Church, 
Lafayette, IN
Lois Jane Cassman Sparks
SPARKS, Cletis R. CASSMAN, Lois Jane 17 Aug 1957 Trinity Methodist Church, 
Lafayette, IN
Lois Jane Cassman Sparks
STALLARD, Charles Thomas CASSSMAN, Henrietta 14 Jun 1904 Lafayette, IN Lois Sparks
STANLEY, Joseph BILDERBACK, Lidia 16 Jul 1829 Mrg. Rec bk 1, pg. 51  JoAnn Cantrell
STARRETT, Harter ARNETT, Mary 28 Mar 1833

STORM, Daniel WRIGHT, Rebecca 14 Aug 1828 none Donna Brede
STORM, Daniel F. SHOEMAKER, Rebecca 03 Sep 1868 none Donna Brede
SUMWALT, John A. FOX, Christina 31 Oct 1854 Mrg. Rec. 5, pg. 571 Adina Watkins Dyer
SUNDERLAND, Francis ARNETT, Elizabeth 22 Jul 1830

SWARTZ, John GRAHAM, Nancy A. 11 Apr 1867 [document] Linda Mankowski
TIMMONS, Austin B. ILCKENHANS, Catherine Ann Moore 28 Jun 1870 Bride born in Harrison Co., IN October 3, 1822; dau. of Georg W. Ilckenhans.  Groom born in Pickaway Co., OH, December 12, 1824 Donald H. Ebbeler
TIMMONS, James NICHOS, Ellyn 10 Jul 1829 Mrg. Rec. bk 1, pg. 51 JoAnn Cantrell

TIMMONS, John Dawson
LEMMING, Mary Jane 10 Dec 1868 Bride born near Milford (Greenhill), IN, October 25, 1850; dau. of Ephraim Lemming and Ann Henry.  Groom born at McCabe Hill, Tippecanoe Co., IN, January 10, 1840; son of William C. Timmons and Catherine Moore Donald H. Ebbeler
TIMMONS, Walker E.  WINKLER, Grace  05 Oct 1904 Bride born in Estill Co., KY, October 2, 1886; dau. John Turner Winkler and Mary Frances Edwards.  Groom born Enos Walker Timmons in Jasper Co., IN, November 6, 1869; son of John Dawson Timmons and Mary Jane Lemming. Donald H. Ebbeler
TIMMONS, William C. MOORE, Catherine 09 Nov 1837 none Nina Scotti
TRIMMER, Reuben DOUGHERTY, Mahala 27 Sep 1832 This was Mahala's first marriage second marriage was to Carmi Jones in 1841 in Clinton Co. IN Adina Watkins Dyer
TUTTLE, Chester MOORE, Nancy 05 Jan 1832 Groom was born Sep 1, 1796, in Onieda Co., NY, the son of Gershom Tuttle III and Permelia Strong Clark.  Bride was born Dec 5, 1805, in PA. Adina Watkins Dyer
VANSCOY, William  ARNETT, Malinda E 19 Jun 1861 Mrg. Rec. Book C-9, pg. 449
VASSER, Joseph EZRA, Martha 18 Jun 1837 none Diane Vanderpool Younker
WAGNER, Wesley W. GANES, Maggie 13 Jun 1897 see document Calista Sanderson
WAHRENBURG, Gustav Wilhelm Carl REULE, Caroline Christina 27 May 1877 Bride born in Lafayette, Indiana June 14, 1856; dau. of Johannes Georg Reule and Dorothea Caroline Wuerster.   Groom born in Altenplathow, Germany, June 28 1849; son of Karl August Wahrenburg and Johanna Auguste Marie Huch. Donald H. Ebbeler
WAIT, Samuel C. JONES, Frances 03 Mar 1844 Mrg. Rec. 2 1/2 pg. 402 Adina Watkins Dyer
WATKINS, Harley Oscar THOMAS, Della Ines 24 Jul 1907
Amanda R. McCormick
WEBER, Friedrich Louis WAHRENBURG, Anna Auguste Marie 01 Oct 1873 Bride born in Altenplathow, Germany March 25, 1851; dau. of Karl August Wahrenburg and Johanna Auguste Marie Huch.   Groom born in Germany March 30, 1846. Donald H. Ebbeler
WEST, Jesse PROVOLT, Margaret 19 Jul 1827 none Dot Butz
WEST, Willam LONG, Permelia Dec 1848
Paul A. Laird
WESTFALL,  Charles N. HICKOK, Alice S. 12 Mar 1863 Alice died ten years and six kids later and Charles remarried         Adillar A. Vineyard in White County.  Lisa Weatherford
WHIPPLE, James  BOHAN/BOWEN, Mary 27 Feb 1865
Barb Rinaldi
WIGGINS, Charles Wesley SCHOONOVER, Jerena (Gerena) A. 13 Feb 1856 First wife Martha A. Benson They married on Oct 7, 1847,
 in Warren Co., IN. Martha died of flux in 1850.  Charles and
 Jerena moved to Keokuk Co., IA  soon after their marriage
Ginette Wiggins VanenOever
WIGGINS, Isaac B. MARSTELLER, Mary 28 Nov 1839 none Ginette Wiggins VanenOever
WIGGINS, Thomas Asbury TIMMONS, Sarah 25 Feb 1841 Sarah Timmons died Apr 1 1870. Thomas Wiggins married Mrs. Hannah A. Hampton, widow of Robert Hampton, 15 Dec 1871 and adopted all their children Ginette Wiggins VanenOever
WILLARD, Charles H. JONES, Carrie D. 06 Aug 1863 Mrg. Rec. 10, pg. 202 [document] Adina Watkins Dyer
WINDSOR, Jeremiah D. SHORT, Mrs. Louisa 23 Feb 1840 none Jim Windsor
WINDSOR, William KELLY, Elvesta 20 Apr 1842 none Jim Windsor
WRIGHT, Thomas Jefferson ANDREWS, ELizabeth 03 Apr 1828 none Diane Vanderpool Younker
YOUNG, John CAMPBELL, Margaret 01 Oct 1840 none Adina Watkins Dyer
YOUNGER, Joseph C. CHICHESTER, Lavina 07 Jul 1891  see document Diane Vanderpool Younker
YOUNGER, Nicholas VASSER, Clara E.  16 Oct 1880 see license   see application Diane Vanderpool Younker

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