Will of
Henry Moore
19 February 1834
Tippecanoe Co., Indiana

I ordered this will thinking that it might tie into my Moore Family.  I don't believe that it does, but would like to share it in case it might help someone else. I have tried to type it exactly as written.   Nina Scotti.

In the name of god Amen, knowing that all men receves there breath from the almighty god and must serrender it into his hands again  I Henry Moore of Tippecano County State of Indiana, being in my right mind do in the presence of these witnesses of my own will make this my last will and testament for the distribution and settling my woly affairs begining as follows. After paying my just debts and funeral expenses-I bequeath to my wife Racheal Moore hir thirds of the neil estate her life time also one third of the movable property I also bequeath unto William Moore, my Sun the balance of all the real property that I may digh in possen on of under consideration of three hundred and twenty doll the said William -----Moore is to pay the following aynes thirty five dollars and fifty five cents each heir to John R Moore lobias Moore my daughter Nancy Coner William Moore Henry Moore Hannah Ingesull there Shares in two years after my decease the others. Ephraigus Moore Mary Moore elizabeth Moore, to be paid there shears as they come of age, the Said Ephrargm Moore is to have one mare commonly cald his en also one saddle and bridle and the fourth of the crop now on the ground provided he helps to harvest and save the Same also one young yoke of cattle there are three of the aynes that has had forty dollars each wit namely Tobias Moore and Nancy Conner and Hannah Ingersull and John R Moore  twenty dollars whitch is to bee taken ought of there Shares the balance if any to bee de equally divided among each and every one of them  I.Henry Moore do make void all wills and testaments previous to this date  I Henry Moore  doth appoint William Moore my sun my executor of this last will and testament   In testimony whereof I Set my hand and seal this nineteenth day of February in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty four signed and acknowledged
in the presance of
     Joseph See                                 his
     John White                     Henry------------Moore--Seal

State of Indiana
Tippecanoe County--Be it remembered that before me Samuel Hoover Clerk of the Probate court of Tippecanoe County in the Sate of Indiana personally, on this eleventh day of March eighteen hundred and thirty four, come Joseph Lee and John White the Subsenbing witnisses to the above last will and testament of Henry Moore late deceaded who bring duly sworn upon their oaths say that they-------------

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